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      I have fears of Lucid Dreaming, how do I stop being afraid? (Abandoned LDing for months, back)

      I used to be new to this site, and had 1-2 Lucid Dreams in about 2 weeks, but then I abandoned lucid dreaming entirely, for about 3, 4, or maybe 5 months. I forgot all about it then, but now I am trying again.

      See, I'm one of those people who won't do something unless they know it's fine. And I'm terrified of lucid dreaming because of 3 main things which may have been answered before by someone, but again, I forgot almost everything. But I did read up on a few things before I came here again. Here are my fears:

      1.Astral Projection, or whatever
      This sounds frighting, because I don't want to know any secrets of the universe, ghosts, demons, or ANY OTHER CRAP THAT PEOPLE SAY THEY HAVE SEEN! Floating up into oblivion and out my body sounds otherworldly.

      I don't want to encounter my fears in a dream. Usually my dreams are foggy and unreadable, the reason I want to lucid dream is to clear up and control dreams, not watch un-vivid, greyed out and silent motion pictures like my dreams are now. But even now, in my unreadable dreams, lucid dreams could be much worse.

      3.Unintentional control
      This is a fear, but more of a question. I don't know how to control a dream, in a dream, is it controlled mainly by speaking or by thinking? If it's thinking, I may think up something I don't want in the dream, but since I thought of it It would come true.

      How do I get over these? If I don't, I may never ever have a true lucid dream. Please help me.

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      None of these things are exclusive to lucid dreams - they can happen just as well in any dream. Well, if you believe in astral projection of course.

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