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      Entering WILD. Imagination or concentration?

      Here's a question regarding WILD.

      First I'll describe some special feeling I want to ask about. Recall some times when you've been absolutely tired and had urgently needed some sleep. If you close your eyes in such a state, you'll feel as something will relax in the center of your head behind your eyes - just like a muscle inside your brains. The same moment you'll start to lose your concentration, forget who you are, where and why. Some images will appear behind your internal look and soon you'll fall asleep. I dare to assume that you are not able to relax that thing inside your head without closing eyes. Closing only one eye will not help. Although if you are not tired you will rather not feel this strange relaxation once closing your eyes. In this case you will keep your mind awake. I feel this like a tension of mind, I call it so. That's quite trivial, but I don't understand how to fall asleep and stay awake in the same time.

      If I try to keep my consciousness to enter WILD (counting and repeating "I'm sleeping" for example) - I keep this tension of mind and feel no relaxation, don't fall asleep and don't have a LD. If I don't keep my mind arise - I don't feel tension, I fall asleep, but I lose consciousness and have a non-lucid dreams.

      So the question is - should I maintain this tension to enter WILD and just wait for full physiological relaxation. Or I just have to release my mind and imagine something special. Imagination don't require "mind tension", but concentration does! What is correct?

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      The goal in WILD is not to fall asleep and stay awake at the same time. The goal in WILD is to be conscious during the transition from waking to dreaming while also knowing that it is a transition from waking to dreaming. Falling asleep is necessary to do this but staying awake isn't.

      Both ways suggested can be used to achieve this goal, although a false awakening is more likely when not actively trying to imagine anything.

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      i've never succesfully wilded (that i can remember) , but i think the idea is to repeat something like ' i am aware, i am dreaming ' instead of 'i'm sleeping' which will only help too put you too sleep :-)
      " A real way finder never sleeps " -Maui

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