Hey! Well, I'm new here. I have always had sleep paralysis, and it had become an issue for me, I had it everyday, it was stressing. After some research I found out I could actually turn my sleep paralysis into lucid dreams. I had managed to have a lucid dream once, but never knew it was one, I just knew it felt immensely real and I tried to jump off the window (I don't even know why, I just wanted to know if it'd hurt--) and then I realized what it was. It took me some time to have another one, but today I finally did it. I had two. First one was pretty good, again, everything felt super real, I could control everything, I could fly, I had superpowers, it was pretty fun, but somehow I could feel my physical body's sensations. I noticed my heartbeat was way too fast and I tried to calm myself down because I didn't want to wake up from the dream, and then I felt the urge, in the dream, to pee. Like my actual body had to go to the toilet, so I woke up and indeed I had to. I went back to bed and tried to have another lucid dream. Now, my celebrity crush is Gong Yoo, and I thought "hey I could just go and meet him in my lucid dream!" and so I tried. However, as soon as I got into the dream, it was really difficult for me to teleport to Korea. I kept imagining a crowded square but before finally getting there I travelled to Paris and then somewhere in China. When I got to my desired destination, I endeavoured to imagine him really hard, but random dudes kept appearing. Dudes dressed up as him, it was really weird. In the end I just gave up and woke up.

Now, what I'm curious about is - is it normal to feel your actual's body's sensations? Like your heartbeat or the urge to pee? And secondly, can anyone please give any tips on encountering/imagining/summoning (however you wanna call it) a certain person since I couldn't? Thank you in advance!