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    Thread: Goals for December?

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      Goals for December?

      Any interesting goals for December you guys want to share here?

      Mine are:

      1. Aim for a minimum of 2 lucid dreams per week. (Last month I had 5 lucid dreams total, so I'm going to try to increase that). I'm hoping the majority of these are WILDs, since I find my awareness is much more sharp that way, but DILDs are okay too and would be good practice anyway for increasing awareness.

      2. Work on stabilization and dream length. I keep waking up prematurely whenever I get lucid. I've been practicing while awake, looking at my hands, rubbing them together, and saying, "This dream is stable. My lucidity is stable. I will remain within this dream for as long as I wish." (I've tried shouting "STABILIZE!" before and ended up in a series of very annoying false awakenings, so I'm going to give this a try and see if it's better)

      3. Work on sensory exercises to enhance clarity/awareness and focus-- I've been practicing these while awake but haven't had a lucid in a week, so haven't done them in-dream yet. I intend to pay attention to my environment and pick out 2 details for each sense to commit to memory.

      4. Start working towards Persistent Realms lucid experiences. I would love to "visit" the Doctor Who universe and the Dresden Files novels universe for starters. I stumbled on Hyu's journal last week and it was incredibly inspiring! I've been doing waking visualizations to "practice" but have yet to put them in action within dreamspace.

      5. Seek out a dream guide.

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      Great goals! I have been slacking a bit lately as the stress of real life has occupied my thoughts. I have a good break coming up this month though, and during it I hope to:

      1. Refocus on lucid dreaming in general.

      2. Meditate before bed every night (something else I have slipped out of).

      3. Attempt a WILD at least twice a week. MILD on other nights.

      4. Ask some personal questions of my subconscious mind that have been bothering my conscious mind as of late.
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      I've set the goals. Now, can I achieve them?

      1. Finish creating the "summer holidays" dreaming logbook and fill it out.

      2. Raise lucid count from 7 to 9 or above.

      3. Complete one TOTM and get first ever set of wings.

      4. Work on my custom dream "case study".
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      Get back into the groove of things. Been dealing with intense insomnia for years now, but before I would LD on a nightly basis.

      Really, that's my only goal, but it's a big one.
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