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    Thread: Should I get a sleep mask to see what my REM cycles are

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      Should I get a sleep mask to see what my REM cycles are

      I sleep 11 to 12 hours due to medication. I'm relatively healthy thanks to that. Should I buy a sleep mask to see what my REM cycles are?

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      I do not think it is worth knowing when REM cycles are because there are too many variables that can change the times they occur. For example, the time REM occurs can be influenced by how long it takes to fall asleep, how much delta sleep is needed by the body, and by changing bedtimes. These variables need to be consistent for the times REM occurs to be consistent. In order for these variables to be consistent, not only does the time falling asleep, the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, and the times waking up need to be consistent, but the amount of bodily restoration needed that requires delta sleep to take care of also needs to be consistent, which probably means the level of effort put on the body during the day also needs to be consistent. Even if it were possible to approximate the times REM occurs complete with uncertainties, this would still distract from what is important in the context of lucid dreaming. The dreams themselves are what are important, not the times REM occurs. Besides, later on during the night, a much greater percentage of the sleep is REM sleep due to there being much less of a need of delta sleep. Because of this, later on during the night, it is not going to be as long of a wait for a dream to occur.

      I own a sleep mask, and while I like how it blocks out light, I hardly ever wear it because I find the cons of it being a bit uncomfortable outweigh the pros of the amount of light it blocks. If I were forced to sleep in bright conditions, I would find the sleep mask more desirable to use.
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