Is almost over. This makes me sad, but also anxious to read the end. For those of you who haven't read it, probably most, it is a webcomic that fllows a party of characters in the DnD universe that would be classified as 'evil.' (It does not treat the world as an actual gaming universe though, unlike many other roleplaying based comics.) After going on for seven years and is a great read for any fan of fantasy.

One of the best things about the comics is how well not only the story progresses, but the skill of it's creator. The art and writing begins as adequate, (not too much more,) but gains steam fairly quickly. Imagery style goes through frequent changes until something is settled on about 3 quarters of the way through the series. Adaptations are gradual enough that the evolutions don't disrupt the comics flow but they definitely fit the stories style as Darken becomes less and less tongue in cheek.

Character's really start developing a few chapters in as well until you have people/humaniods that you can really understand and care for. The link to the first comic is here and if you haven't read it I would advise getting into it before it ends. The last chapter is on it's way! The end is nigh.