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      'Brilliant Dreams' Pills


      Okay, due to the inconvenience of my failure in attempt of acquiring lucid dreams I started to become rather quite desperate in trying to find some other way in doing so. I have to say, I just bought these pills a week or so ago and they arrived at my house new years eve.

      My first night before bed I took one pill and my dreams were extremely vivid, full with color, and I felt as if I dreamt for days because I had so many. Last night, I took one pill two hours before bed, then another one hour before bed. By the time I was getting ready to hit the bed I had this ominous feeling all over me. Almost like a dizzy feeling but it felt good. My body was SO relaxed (I stayed up until about 2:00am, and regardless I'm usually still never so relaxed).

      When I hit the bed, my mind was racing with thoughts. I was concentrated on attempting to dreamwalk to a higher plane. As I laid in bed I slowly fell into a dream but was still believing I was in bed. I kept feeling this pull... like as if some sort of invisible vaccum was hovering over me. I couldn't really see anything but I could feel it. The first thing that amazed me was the fact that my mind was so awake yet I fell asleep while lucid! I kept manifesting this vaccum pull into what felt like a tunnel, but I could still feel myself in the bed. It got to the point where I was spinning around as if there was no gravity in the bed. Eventually, the dream became one giant journey - but needless to say this is the best success I've EVER had with anything.

      If you are having difficulty with remembering your dreams I highly recommend this product. It has been so successful for me for the passed two days. I'm so excited that I can actually do lucid experiences now. 360 vision here I come baby!


      Vitamin B - 50mb
      Lycoris radiata extract - 4mg
      Choline 100mg
      Melatonin - 0.5mg
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      It's damn expensive, though. Can't you just eat a banana and take some G + C?

      Plus i feel like there's not enough Choline in there. But hey, from your experiences, it's something i've definately got to try.

      Did you wake up alright?

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      Quote Originally Posted by b12 View Post
      It's damn expensive, though. Can't you just eat a banana and take some G + C?

      Plus i feel like there's not enough Choline in there. But hey, from your experiences, it's something i've definately got to try.

      Did you wake up alright?
      I agree with b12 that there does not seem to be enough Choline in those pills, but it did seem to work for you this time.

      You can find a lot more about why these pills work and the best way to use them in the Galantamine/Choline threads.

      Be aware also, that they work much better the first three or four times you take them than they do after you have taken them several times as your body can build up a tolerance to them.

      That's why I only use the Galantamine/Choline about every 4th day, so that it continues to be strong.

      The feeling you had of being dizzy, etc, are what is called the transitions, and they can be quite strong at times.

      I often feel like I am laying face down in my bed about to slide right out of my bed, when in fact I am actually laying on my back.

      These pills can also take you to places that may seem a little scary at times too, like places where you will hear voices all around you, so be ready for the unexpected.

      That's interesting that you mentioned eating a banana before going to bed b12.

      I had a banana before going to bed a couple of nights ago and had a ton of dreams, so I am going to have to experiment more with that.

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      sounds interesting... i may try these
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