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    Recent Entries

    drug deal: Sun Butter editon

    by AURON on 04-05-2016 at 09:31 PM
    So as you all know, I occasionally have really effed up dreams right after I eat peanut butter, well this time, I've purchased some sunflower butter (they call it sunbutter). Anyways, dreams weren't as crazy, but still questionable.

    I'm with M and T, and for some reason we're going to get drugs. We arrive at this shady looking spot and the guy has whatever the crap they want. All of a sudden T shoots the guy, and the cops see it all......we spend the remainder of the dream trying to escape them.

    dream two:

    I'm playing a football game, and losing. Oddly enough the losing team is going to get executed if they don't win. I feel sorry for the players, even though they're not real.


    by AURON on 02-24-2016 at 12:34 PM
    I woke up with a weird sensation tracking down my spine. It felt like a small cotton ball rolling down it......i woke up pretty abruptly and forgot all of my dreams.
    side notes

    low crawl

    by AURON on 02-23-2016 at 05:23 PM
    I remember goofing off with a bunch of people and low crawling while humming music to the original metal gear.

    Moshi Moshi?

    by AURON on 02-19-2016 at 03:32 PM
    I'm pulling up to what seems to be a PX with D. I'm in one of those silly moods where I can't stop joking about things. Anyways, we get inside, and there's some big sale going on. They're selling mattresses. I want to buy one, but I know I can't drive off with it (besides, I have no idea what vehicle we took). This sale is so special that theres a host, and we're now sitting with a group who wants to buy them. Meanwhile, D and I are in the back talking about how we want to get in shape, and I point out that my legs are still pretty awesome, but the rest of me still needs some work. I rolled up my pant leg (or shorts) and showed him. Meanwhile the random girl next to me was eyeballing the crap out iit.....AND she had a guy. I think he was up front talking to the main dude. Moments later some girl drove her small Jeep-like vehicle in where we were and they loaded a bed on it. She was talking to us about how she got a good deal, and how they let her park her vehicle in there so she could get in and out quickly. She was kinda cute....had a great smile.

    Anyways. The host stopped talking and looked back at us and did that whole "I'm not going to continue until you guys stop talking" routine. I looked at D and said "you got work tomorrow?". He said "nah". "Then we both don't have anywhere to go", I replied with a grin. The host realized his defeat at that moment, and resumed talking.

    My brother showed up, and I used whatever bonus I had for him, and he ended up getting his car painted with it. He drove off in his bright yellow car, and people were flagging him down because they thought he was a taxi. Not just any people....Asian......all around. My phone rang, and I'm pretty sure the person on the other end was speaking Japanese. I couldn't understand what he was saying, so I hung up. Then I got another call.....same thing. I almost wanted to pick up the next one saying "moshi moshi", but it didn't ring again.

    I started walking and found myself in this beautiful market. The was an old fountain, and the market was was lined up along the walls of a valley. The stores had new things, but this place looked like it had been around for ages, and remodeled, but to the point where you still new that this was something historic. Everyone was speaking Japanese, and trying to get me to buy stuff. I was happy enough to take in the sites.

    side note...this is my second dream about a bunch of Asians in two weeks. Last dream I went up against an Army in a lucid. They both make me wonder why I'm dreaming about this though. I can't piece anything to it.

    Passed the eff out

    by AURON on 02-11-2016 at 09:17 AM
    I got home after work and slept from around 1640 to 0100. I remember the following jumbled mess:

    I'm at crystals house. I've never been there in real life, and I have no idea what to expect, but I think I just spent all day there. It's getting late, and she's in her bed. I don't think there's any other place for me to sleep. I went to the bathroom to have a conversation with myself in the mirror. I can't seem to figure out why I'm here in this situation, and what I should do. A small part of me just wants to have sex with her. The rest of me is still analyzing the situation. She's married...I have no idea where her husband and kids are...we've been facebook friends for a while, but things just aren't adding up. I honestly don't know what her reaction would be. Common sense says yeah...she'll be up for a triple x throwdown, but she's married, and that's not how I roll. It's been so long since I've gotten laid, but that's not an excuse. I don't want to just straight up tell her no, and I don't want to initiate anything. Basically I don't want her upset, so I think of a halfway point. "Maybe I should just cuddle with her tonight, and leave when I wake up".

    I get in the bed, and I'm on top of the sheets, she's underneath, so there's still separation....so many thoughts are running through my head, and it's hard to not just try to go for it. Eventually I give in, and get under the sheets,, and hold her body against mine.

    I had another dream about a blonde girl with curly hair. That's all I remember. I knew it took place before this one, but Ithink it's forever lost.

    Random piece of info. I had a scenario like this occur several years ago. I had a study group with some girls in my A&P class, and when we were finished, she asked me over to "cuddle". That night I wanted to have sex with her so bad, but I didn't, because her daughter jumped at the foot of the bed at around 2 in the morning. When her alarm went off, she hit the snooze button, and we dry humped eachother until the next alarm came on. The next day, she acted like nothing happened....no closeness. Didn't reply to my text messages, and became more distant every day after. To this day, I would still like some closure on what the eff happened.