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      Thx! I bet you will do as great!
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      Nice job on the comp You should join expert league in future comps
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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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      I understand. Lately on & off I have had some violent dreams. I think it's because I'm worrying about a project that could potentially make me some money from home. It's not a real job per say but it could pay some bills. This time next year we'll know for sure. Right now I'm just doing stuff for my grandkids but I see other ppl doing it so maybe.
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      You & Nebulus have deserted me, lol. I hope school is going good.
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      I like your new avatar, very cool! I saw Nebulus made one too. Darn you guys w/ the peer pressure. I'm gonna have to think about changing mine now, lol.
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    Recent Entries

    Broken Piano Key

    by DawnEye11 on 08-15-2017 at 02:29 PM
    I was trying to play the keyboard to show someone that I still remembered how to play but no matter what I played the song wasn't coming together....than a key fell off.

    Updated 08-15-2017 at 02:36 PM by DawnEye11


    Hidden Trap

    by DawnEye11 on 08-14-2017 at 01:59 PM
    I had a semi lucid dream where I was trying to escape a collapsing building. Once I got out I was at a snowy town where someone popped out of the ground and called to me. He wanted me to press a button that was apparently going to save the town. But after pressing it small fish that had lived like humans imploded with a poison hidden inside them. The guy I trusted than ran away laughing as I picked up the fish slowly trying to help them but the ones I touched just spun out of control in pain. I than got up and heard a sad music play. A scene than appeared of a man with a pick axe working through a field of spirit monsters.


    Beware The Green Eyes

    by DawnEye11 on 08-11-2017 at 05:32 PM
    My recall isn't so good now. Ive been waking up forgetting most of the dream because im distracted by other things but I do remember a part of my dream last night.

    Mario was going to give a orange book with a red turtle shell on it to a blonde woman covered in Asian/Indian garment. She kind of looked like a mix of shiek and zelda but her bangs made her look more like shiek form while her garments were more of zelda style.The shell was apparently a baby so he hesitated to hand over the infant. However, when the woman took hold of the book and shell her eyes lit up a green color and he pulled the book with the red shell back after punching her with a fist full of fire. I thought I was watching a game as I saw them fight back to back and I felt it was cute how it was a game about mario protecting a baby who was supposed to be his enemy.

    Yesterday Dreams Details

    by DawnEye11 on 08-02-2017 at 09:15 PM
    -Marcus, Jadegreen's dc appeared running past me and I thought that he was created by my younger brother.

    -A electronic dc told me not to walk in the street while looking at my phone cause I could get hit by a car.

    -I met with a receptionist who told me to focus on Nicholas lucas. Than a guy who I thought was Dawn came up from behind me and glomped me. But when the scene changed so did his appearance. He became Eye and I ended up pushing him away.

    Last thing I recall is being non lucid and bathing in a tub near a kind of broken wall and appearing in a room where a young boy was playing a game while talking to his sister.

    Updated 08-02-2017 at 09:18 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid

    Dust Instead Of Dawn

    by DawnEye11 on 07-30-2017 at 08:02 PM
    I was sleeping over at my dad's place and had brought my birds over but I couldn't find them or their cage anywhere. This worried and angered me that I began shouting where they were as I moved through the people around the house. Thankfully I managed to find them but by mistake as I was moving them I dropped the cage and it broke, letting my birds fly around. This made me so angry and frustrated that I hit the broken cage and began screaming how I hated what was happening.

    Fast forward and I'm in a classroom where my old art history teacher is trying to get the students to settle down. We all apparently had unique powers and were about to be assigned our jobs or positions. As we waited though two girls began arguing about their seating and what one said about the other. I tried to calm them down because I had saw what had happened and felt there was no hard feelings, just a concerned friend. But I was told that I wasn't able to understand the situation and I think I was insulted. This made me want to speak Japanese words to taunt her without her understanding but instead I just said "Hontou?" and something else easy to say. Which was kind of embarrassing but no one made fun of me because of it or laughed. I guess I was trying to be silly too.

    When you understand more than one language you tend to want to use what you know too. Anyways, somehow I managed to get them to stop the fight than walked up to a guy student who was assisting the teacher when he called me. I was told something than recall watching him give leader papers for a goddess role who had an important position to lead the members to victory. I walked away quickly unsure if he would hand me one or if I was even right for it. As I walked back to my back seat I saw him approach a taller girl with black hair and hand her a paper. She wasn't sure if she was right either but agreed to give it a try.

    My old art teacher than told the class to move to seats closer to the front. I walked to the third row and sat in a seat where another guy sat one seat across from me to my left. He shook the desk quite a bit and I was wondering why. Than the teacher said that we were suppose to get into partners and take our papers out. I couldn't find my paper but as I open a book I saw the name was "Dust" and felt that was the name of the guy kind of next to me, who shook the desk and was supposed to be my partner.

    "He reminds me a bit of Dawn"I thought than got up when called to go into the battle area."I don't usually play these games with guns, its usually my brother, but ill give it a try". I than went up to the guns on the pink rack and was looking for a sniper so I could hide and not be out in the open. But quickly Dust ran up to me and asked if he could fill in for me. That he knew what he would do to help us win. But I said "I wanna try but you can help" I than was going to run in a corner but felt it was a bad idea. Dust than told me to follow him and I kind of did but than went and jumped a pink board fence and ran down a pair of stairs where a group of FNAF like girl nurse character were. "I don't play FNAF! Why did they have to put them in this game!"After running up I saw the boyfriend or second art history teacher guy who asked me to go back. "Ok, but how did you know i was here?"I asked. "Uh,I wasnt so sure but i had a feeling i saw you run in this direction" he replied. "Oh okay". I than walked back and saw the class over the pink board fence in a classroom. I tried jumping over it but lost the energy to do it knowing I was late. As I hanged on the fence my old art history teacher walked close and opened the fence for me. "Thanks". She told me not to worry about it than asked the other teacher who apparently was her boyfriend "Did I leave my papers in the butter jar?". She asked if he could get it at the house. I didn't question it and watched as they talked. Woke up after that.

    Note:I had another dream before this one where my old best friend was. Shes popping up a lot lately. : I