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      Thx! I bet you will do as great!
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      Nice job on the comp You should join expert league in future comps
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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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      I understand. Lately on & off I have had some violent dreams. I think it's because I'm worrying about a project that could potentially make me some money from home. It's not a real job per say but it could pay some bills. This time next year we'll know for sure. Right now I'm just doing stuff for my grandkids but I see other ppl doing it so maybe.
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      You & Nebulus have deserted me, lol. I hope school is going good.
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      I like your new avatar, very cool! I saw Nebulus made one too. Darn you guys w/ the peer pressure. I'm gonna have to think about changing mine now, lol.
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    What Did I Sign Up For?

    by DawnEye11 on 06-13-2017 at 07:23 PM

    I was non lucid trying to figure out how you could make your own chocolate treat by melting chocolate. But the melting chocolate changed into hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. My brother and mom told me to not get down about it since it didn't taste bad.

    Next thing I recall I'm at a little girl's house and I open a half vanilla and chocolate Oreo packet. I end up eating most of it so I apologize to the little girl than hand it to her in a friendly manner. She takes it than talks to her older sister. I than go to my younger brother who hands me a paper mentioning that there is enough fruits and vegetables in the yard to share. I tell him that the fruits and vegetables aren't edible though because the soil is not healthy and the wild animals have gotten to it. He ends up making me feel guilty anyways though.

    Afterwards I was taken by my older brother and shown to a group where the little girl from before and her older sister was. "Just watch her" my brother said as we all paused and I began to feel nervous. "Uh...what are we doing?"I asked confused. After some more waiting my brother said "there, I told you she would just stay like that". We than dispersed and I ended up in a huge mall where I felt a magic show of the ancient Egyptian days was being shown, along with artifacts being sold. I was semi lucid now and exited to get in on the excitement.

    After going to the front desk I handed a drawing I made as the entrance item.The crowd on the line wasn't pleased but I felt very lucky that I remembered to bring something. I than ran and opened a door and hopped around a leveled platform and up some stairs where boxes were stacked. Opening the next door I looked to see a huge room with receptionists and people standing on lines that began to laugh."Ha! Look who came late" one of them said. "Too bad she has to go to the back". I than heard an announcement from a man saying that the line had changed to the area where the receptionists were behind glasses and spread out.Running with another group of people I managed to get on a line, where i seemed like the fifth person and where a familiar girl was in front of me. She was shy and talked softly but wasn't afraid to get her way. I jumped on her shoulders with my hands happy and comfortable with her as our turn came.

    However, when we spoke so did two other guys so the receptionist got confused."Okay, hold it. Tell me your names one by one or your not going anywhere" she said with an attitude. I waited and slowly the guys got their name to her, next was the shorter girl in front of me. She wrote her name "Trelt" with something scribbled off. The receptionist couldn't understand how it was pronounced so I said it out loud for her. When trelt was done she ran excitedly and I was next. I said my name but the receptionist couldn't spell it. This annoyed me cause I could wake up at any time so I wrote it for her. When my name was on the paper I left quickly and opened a door to where a spirit hunter test was happening.The place looked liked a library mixed with a store of artifacts and antiques too.

    Walking around i heard a man announce "Alright everyone. Were going to release the demons in a few". Someone else, probably a woman, than shouted for everyone to get behind these black barricades when the spirits were released. As the time of release got close I looked to my hand to see two black coloring pencils."hmm...With no good weapon or defense I won't do any good on the highest level where their released. Maybe if I go down to the first level they'll be worn down by the time they get to me.

    I than ran down the stairs and just as I did bursts of wind and spirits began to come out as many of the competitors began to panic and get ready to fight. Once reaching the first level I looked to my coloring pencils and tried figuring out how they were a weapon but nothing occurred so I figured it wasn't really my weapon. I than tried making my pink barrier appear as I watched a guy jumping up and practicing his reflexes in battle. My barrier wasn't working. I than thought about how would you really fight demons."You would need to ask God for help and have faith in his power...It wouldn't be appropriate to ask him for help in defeating demons or spirits in this kind of test though. Your not even suppose to test him or start a fight with demons".

    With that reasoning in place I left the mall and looked to see a crowd around and that it was night. A Korean or Chinese woman with reddish orange hair was attacked by a spirit as she tried to enter and began twitching until her feet lost feeling. A proctor woman ran to her and held her up as she told her that she shouldn't go in and that she wasn't suppose to get that twitching feeling. In other words she had to go to the hospital I think. I than saw my mom in the crowd and ran up to her. There was a red car next to her, I thought would hit her so I walked her away
    "I shouldn't have put my family at risk"I said than waited to cross the street with my mom. But just as another red car passed I woke up.


    I was looking at an opal wall with green vines and after appearing in what seemed like a small and distorted lay out hospital place I became fully lucid.

    I watched from behind a red door how a janitor and a woman was waiting for someone to open the door.They looked stuck. Once someone opened I saw them leave and walked a few feet to hear children singing behind another red door. "Uh...".I than went in another direction and heard the children singing behind another red door. "This is getting creepy"I thought than walked to what seemed like an open office. Near the door was a waiting area where two teens sat. I made them laugh when I said something so I decided to make them laugh again with a joke. They laughed than I went into the office asking a short woman with another behind her if she could call Dawn for me. She seemed unwilling so I moved forward and was about to take the phone on her desk, reassuring her it would be quick. Suddenly she ran up behind me and sat me down in her lap as if she was giving me a bear hug. "Stop!!"I cried out but she wouldn't listen so I waited quietly wondering if the dream paused. A man than came in, said he was there and sat in a seat behind us.We fell backwards and onto the ground because of that.
    Next thing I recall is a short scene where Dawn is picking me up and that's it.

    These dreams taught me a lot about patience and how you can enjoy the length of a lucid by not worrying.

    non-lucid , lucid


    by DawnEye11 on 06-12-2017 at 05:06 PM
    This dream was kind of weird. I was in a car and somehow managed to get fried chicken for 34 cents than next thing I know I'm in a big store that sells special juice. There a group of guys come in and one seems like the leader because of the way he presents himself. He and the others started to appear as if they had bottles on their head though. Apparently the flavor of juice the guy that interested me had was peach. I don't know why but for some reason that made me like him even more. After I noticed that we kept looking at juices and made small jokes about the way the bottles looked like while looking at them.

    The heat is here and drinking juice sounds like a good idea.

    Updated 06-12-2017 at 05:08 PM by DawnEye11


    The Paper Will Show You The Way

    by DawnEye11 on 06-10-2017 at 10:55 PM
    This dream was semi lucid and non lucid.I don't recall it all but the first thing I remember is being in a landscape with lots of nature. There someone was telling me something but I don't remember what.

    The next thing I remember is I was in a dark Circular area that had tunnels made out of metal connected to it. I was with two girls who seemed like they were witches in cute short dresses.There they handed me a paper folded and told me to read it so I could use its knowledge as a guide to find where I was meant to go. I said okay, left and walked through the narrow dark tunnels feeling uncertain and a bit scared. "I know they told me to read the paper but...I don't really trust them and I want to use something else. Maybe my feelings can show me the way?"I thought than walked through the dark narrow tunnels with a feeling that I would be shown the way. Suddenly the metal flooring began to show rectangles covered in pink light and a white outline of a heart in the middle. I noticed a pattern and followed it till I found another circular area that seemed like it had pink energy in the middle. I quickly flew around it and noticed I was in a huge locker room.
    Someone showed me to a locker that was mine and I pulled out a bag filled with groceries. Another person than took the milk I had while joking about something I said than left. I suddenly heard a little girl crying there and ran to her thinking I was their babysitter. She told me her brother, who looked like he was 5, had pushed her. I tried telling the boy that he should treat his sister kindly but I felt my heart palpitate and thought It was probably stress, so I took the time to calm myself more.

    After that the dream shifted and I was in a small narrow hall that was supposedly the room. My dad was in the room next to the hall and my friend was in the other room. I saw a mouse hole covered in something you fill boxes with and than moved a little back. When a hamster came out I tried keeping it away but than it made a cute meow and I felt bad. I wanted to give it a better home but could do nothing about it since it was wild. Once again the dream shifts and I'm watching a faint scene of a important soldier in blue decorated armor being buried. A man than speaks about how the girl next to the grave put a note in his coffin so that no one could ever read it but him or something like that. Woke up after that.


    Recreating The Full Moon

    by DawnEye11 on 06-09-2017 at 04:55 PM
    I was trying to play Mario Kart but when I became toad all of a sudden my nephew asked me why I didn't use drift. I was confused why the game was made so drift would power your car. It would mean you'd have to constantly use the l and R buttons which is annoying. I told him I was going to stop playing but that it was fun for a bit.

    Next I ended up at my old house living room where there was a small brown Chihuahua being trained by someone to bite and attack as a guard dog. A few family members watched as the Chihuahua stopped being aggressive and started playing.The person training him was upset though."Aww, just leave him be. Its not like you need a guard dog really"I said. After walking a few feet, towards the door, the dog jumped up and had the appearance of my dog Max who died in Jan 2015. I held the dog up as she stood than pet her cute face. To my family and I, she was another dog but connected to Max somehow. "Aw, she just wants to go back to the pet place and find her tall owner that she belongs with. Let's take her back?"I said now holding a bag of shopping bags as she stood on all 4 paws. But nope, the guy, now my brother, didn't want to take her back.

    After that the dream shifted and I was in an apartment that was long, narrow and almost empty. We had apparently moved in and it was night. A paper appeared of a painting of an old man and a little boy with a twirling hat that was red and green. The thought of my friend making a cartoon of those characters came to mind. Than the paper disappeared and a woman's voice appeared, talking about how it was time for people to use light to recreate their own full moons and to look at the calendar. I watched as a round light formed on the ceiling than turned to see my dad plugging big gray machines that appeared to have no buttons and were curvy and rectangular, into plug outlets. He would twist the plugs before connecting them to the metal and mentioned that it was to force the power to work for the night.
    Woke up after he entered a room.

    I got curious to check the full moon calendar after this dream and there appears to be a full moon on June 9. A nice coincidence.


    What Would You Do?

    by DawnEye11 on 06-08-2017 at 09:45 PM
    What Would You Do?

    This was a non lucid dream but it got my attention as to what I would do in a violent situation. The first thing I can recall about the dream is entering a store with my mom. My mom wanted to buy a make it yourself cake box so we could have fun making cake together but we couldn't find the right one. Looking around we bumped into a upset crowd of customers complaining to the guys cooking soup. A African man
    had soup thrown at his head as he stood next to me than pointed out how he wasn't going to return. I left with my mom too after that and came across a path that seemed like a crossroad. There a group of kids and teens laughed and threw a dead little girl wrapped in a blanket to the wall. I screamed than jumped back. "They're going to see me and come after me. I want to help that girl but she's dead. I can't just let them get away with that."As I was pondering what to do the taller shouted for them to come after me. Seeing a boy run at me I jumped onto a pole with the intent to climb it but than stopped."Please don't hurt me"I said waiting for them to do their worst but than the taller boy told them to leave me alone than they left. The dream shifted after that and I was in my old house where my father and uncle were moving my stuff to another room. I was upset but distracted when my uncle's daughter put innocent children drawings on the wall that had disease and bacteria on them. She told her father not to touch them as if she reconciled with him and I went to wash my hand that had a cut on it, afraid I'd get infected after touching it. My younger brother was next to me watching.

    Graffiti Artists

    This dream was non lucid and Semi Lucid.I was talking to a guy about how the Spider man from the past came and had told me a secret. Apparently it had happened at 45. The guy I was talking to laughed than told me quickly to pick a color and hide in it. I chose a red velvet color on the flooring than was guided somewhere that was supposedly important. But looking around I was on a bridge under the highway. Not much was going to happen there so I flew in a direction where there were stores. Next thing I know I'm telling a man to stay off the streets and to take a taxi home when its night. After seeing him leave I notice there was a huge hole in the ground near a stop sign than see a group of people in sweaters who call themselves panthers trying to instill fear in the public. I stay my cheery self and pass by them where I see other people wearing animal sweaters and standing a good distance apart from each other. They look like Graffiti Artists. Anyways there I'm told to choose my place. I went along with it and chose the green sweater girl who apparently had the snake sweater.We were told to draw our animals but I woke up after that.

    lucid , non-lucid