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      Thx! I bet you will do as great!
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      Nice job on the comp You should join expert league in future comps
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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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      I understand. Lately on & off I have had some violent dreams. I think it's because I'm worrying about a project that could potentially make me some money from home. It's not a real job per say but it could pay some bills. This time next year we'll know for sure. Right now I'm just doing stuff for my grandkids but I see other ppl doing it so maybe.
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      You & Nebulus have deserted me, lol. I hope school is going good.
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      I like your new avatar, very cool! I saw Nebulus made one too. Darn you guys w/ the peer pressure. I'm gonna have to think about changing mine now, lol.
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    Keyboard and Pervert

    by DawnEye11 on Yesterday at 08:31 PM
    I was in my room trying to fall asleep when suddenly Im pulled up and my old keyboard appears next to me. I can see notes light up as it plays a song I use to play but forgot. The way it lit up was familiar and brought back some memory of how the song went. I became lucid but was a bit frightened and tried to get out the grip of what held me.

    The dream than shifted and I appeared in bed again but lost lucidity.I walked near the door than heard a light bulb break. Thats when a narrator voice appeared saying that the light was coming closer because of the disappearance of electric tech. Again I became aware it was a dream and held the door knob. I felt like I couldn't control my thoughts. The door than began to rattle but I kept it closed.

    For the third time the dream shifted. I was still lucid on my bed but vision was going dark.I did my best to remain calm but suddenly a dc who seemed like Eye fell through the ceiling than body slam me. I woke up after that. Lol


    This dream was kind of odd. I was in a supermarket sliding through the aisles on an invisible sled. I almost knocked down some boxes and soda but I managed to turn away in time. When I got up I was approached by an old woman who said that she had won 140$ dollars and wanted to give it to me. I didn't want to take it but I ended up taking it because I felt itd be rude to refuse.

    She than offered me a plane ticket after giving me the money. I took it but than gave it back telling her to enjoy the vacation with her family instead. As i walked away she began to follow me than change into Marge from the Simpsons.

    Next thing I recall I was in a new apartment cleaning a room with bleach and water because somehow I blew it up by mistake. I couldn't do enough for it though so I left. I was told not to worry about it so I went to the store.

    When the dream shifted again, I was a blond girl wearing a shirt that showed my belly and had my purple pantsu sticking out of my white shorts.For some reason it look like I had a orange tan too. I was waiting for my boyfriend to come out of the room so he could drive me home. But when he came in he try to convince me to stay. I told him I'd stay for a bit.

    But than he wanted to show me a game he apparently made that involved me following his words as I observed a cartoon. What he said to do made me think that he wanted to do it with me. I almost fell for it but than told him to stop and that I was going home. He looked at me disappointed and brought up that i could listen to the song he made for the game instead. However, when he sang it, it turned out to be perverted and made me want to leave sooner. I told him to stop and to just take me home. He finally decided to let me go and went out the room to get ready. As I put on my white sneakers I notice my shirt was open. I closed it and when he came in saying he was ready to go with me, I woke up.

    Updated Today at 12:36 AM by DawnEye11

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    Short Notes

    by DawnEye11 on Yesterday at 04:12 AM
    Yesterday I had a dream I was in the forest with a group of campers. We were getting ready to sleep but than it started to rain. I got up quickly and looked to see the place flooding. We hurried towards a place with higher height but than a big yellow fish that looked like a shark appeared and dragged a guy under. I wanted to save him but I couldn't swim and had no weapon. The fish than came for me and pulled on my feet but I fought back and managed to get to the edge before the dream shifted.

    ...Something about being at a old nursing home. I became lucid there and ended up summoning Dawn. We talked than ended up going somewhere else that seemed to be mostly sky but it did not last long and I woke up.


    I know I had the fish dream cause at times I think about how we live in a predator X prey world. There are humans who prey on animal body parts and torture them just to make money which I find horrible. It makes me feel less bad about them having a way to defend themselves but I still dont want innocent people to be hurt. Life is so complex at times but it'd be too much to worry about all these problems.

    On a brighter note after googling yellow shark I found out they exist but their rare.[Not sure if the fish in the dream was one but it looked like one)I decided to post another photo and found out about lemon sharks. It turn out their color does help. Interesting.

    Updated Yesterday at 04:40 AM by DawnEye11

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    Remembering In A Dream

    by DawnEye11 on 10-17-2017 at 05:23 PM
    I was inside my dad's house surrounded by a group of strange guys. One of them gave me 3 small flowers with the stem almost dry. He than lit a candle and told me to let the flowers touch the flame. I let them touch and suddenly a orange closed box appeared floating in mid air next to my brother. "Now the box will over flood with blood". I watched as the outer appearance changed to blood than pondered if it was representing my brother's future. But than I felt like it was to see what level of fear I had around blood.

    Fast Forward and the dream had shifted to a apartment where I was married to a guy. A three yr old whom looked like a child I had seen before was present and I was helping him get his jacket on. He felt like my child though. But as I was doing such, a random person approached trying to touch me. I tried pushing them away till I became aware it was a dream.

    The dream than shifted and I was on my bed near a wall covered in decorations,writing and colored paper. My five year old self was in a yellow dress asleep next to me facing the ceiling. I than turned to the t.v. and saw a power puff girl show on. The power puff girl was fused wearing a outfit like the crocodile hunter. A voice of a narrorator than shouted " for martyr's dream!"

    Dream #2

    I was on a moving wagon with my dad and another crowd of people. We were holding on tight on the outside of it and trying to get ice cream from a dispenser within the wagon roof. I managed to get out vanilla with chocolate chips in a cup and asked my dad if he wanted it. Knowing he preferred chocolate I was willing to change it but he told me to eat it.

    I than focused on the street and became semi lucid.
    There was a string attached to me so I jumped out and let it pull me to the end of it. When I reached it the end was attached to a lady's back.She was tall, tan and average, with black wavy hair in a pony tail. She was wearing a short salmon colored spring dress.

    I followed her till she met with a group of guy friends near a skate park. A random person tried jumping to touch me again but I made them leave. I than went another way and saw a D.C. who called me over. He showed me through a narrow place and told me to pay attention to what I was about to see.I made a joke when he said that though and his response was "are you really saying that to me?Ha". I said yes than asked him about Eye. He said Eye couldn't appear now though.
    Afterwards we ended up in place where people were in a line. I didn't know what to make of it other than that the people's personalitys were made apparent through their actions.I left the place and ended up in a mall next, where a guy asked if I knew how to make allesana. I said yes, than he asked if I could join their group since they needed a good cook.

    The dream than shifted and I was in a nursing facility for old rich people. Still semi lucid it felt like they were dreamers too.I floated through the place looking at a dining room filled with home made sweets prepared by the old woman getting ready for a party. The cookies than reminded me of a cookie I use to eat a long time ago that taste like gingerbread cookie. I had forgotten about its existence. I than flew away and went through the wall. I ended up warping above some gold/pearl stairs though.I continued looking around but I forget what happened next.

    I just remembered the name of the cookie!I feel like buying them now...>.< They're called windmill cookies.

    Updated 10-17-2017 at 05:31 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Interesting Scenario

    by DawnEye11 on 10-13-2017 at 05:47 PM
    I was in my father's house thinking that someone was looking at me through the window. But I decided to ignore it cause I wanted to go to bed. As I was walking to my bed the house began to change form and shake. Hearing my brother playing his console game, I looked through a rectangular window And told my brother "I think were having an earthquake". Looking out the window closer I could see Chinese architecture/ tall traditional buildings."If it happens again should I try to jump out and onto those buildings? No, Id probably just end up killing myself quicker". When I began to pace left and right the house shook again" Its a earthquake! We have to get out of here!"We were on the second floor so I doubted we would get out but I still tried.

    Quickly the house collapsed though. I managed to hold onto the other building as I fell but than that collapsed and I felt my form shift from the floor to the sky. "Damn, I'm dead. Oh well, time to explore". I flew away to look at the amount of ruin till I found myself at a factory and became aware that I was in a dream.
    "It feels like someone is watching me again. Maybe the old man". I decided to say something in a different language to see if I could catch the attention of who was there. But than a chubby guy flew towards me and tried to lead me somewhere. The dream shifted though and I was on the bed now. After the guy who I saw popped up again and pulled me a bit, he disappeared and a wolf, black with purple eyes began ripping my clothes as if it was trying to devour me."Is this some sort of dream test"I thought than grabbed the wolf mouth with both my hands.I wasn't fully lucid though so what came next is pretty extreme. I held the top and bottom part of the wolf mouth and ripped it into two."Did i pass the test?" I asked than got up to hear a bell. Thats when the guy who was with me before came again with my mom. I was told to follow them but i couldnt cause I was missing my bra. I was told i didnt need it cause we were in a dream but i still wanted it. Than i woke up

    Dream 2
    I was looking at my bird's cage but this time it was black and I saw a small new born parakeet in the form of a spirit trying to get down the cage. "Am I hallucinating or is that baby real? Could my parakeets have had a baby without me knowing?" As I saw it struggle and about to fall, I put my hand to catch it than noted that it had tiny blue feathers that reminded me of my old parakeet. "Aw, don't worry. Ill take care of you the best way I can"I said to it but woke up after that.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Strange, Strange Place

    by DawnEye11 on 10-08-2017 at 10:07 PM
    For this lucid I will use a purplish color since the dreams were eerie and like a nightmare.


    I was lucid crawling in a long narrow blue tunnel that represented my mind. As I crawled in there I saw my mother pass by and quickly followed her. I lost her for a moment but I chose which path to go through, ready for whatever came. The last thing I saw was a small hole on the side of the tunnel. A red/yellow eye filled the hole and peered at me as I looked. The scene changes to my room next.Someone is positioning me in the right place but I move away than wake up

    Strange, Strange Place

    I was non lucid trying to find my way out of a preschool. The principal was trying to make me stay because I found out about them abusing children.Somehow I managed to get away though.

    Next I recall being with a group of guys in a different place that felt like the Caribbean.I was given a empty gallon holding pill drugs. Apparently it was our source of power and would keep us away from the cops and people who wanted to get rid of us. But as we were walking outside a group of cops were called in and they were searching for those with our power. I quickly took the drug in an attempt to get away but ended up in the same place with time turned back. It felt like I died many times before that so I asked my friend next to me "how much longer do we have to do this before we find our home?". He said he wasn't sure but to follow him. I followed him, hoping this rick and morty dimension jumping thing would stop. (I don't watch the show but did see a few scenes on youtube before).After following him we spread out cause of the cops again. I ended up running into a crowd of cannibals."Stay back or taste my fire!"I shouted than burned them all. They didn't burn completely but it was enough to get away.

    The scene changed after that and I was watching a video of my mom's old friends on vacation in a Caribbean water park. I than stopped watching the video, saw a image of a bloody scene and turned away to notice I was by myself in a small wooden house. It felt like I was in Africa alone and I could feel a presence waiting to jump out from the dark room.

    I quickly ran out and held the phone trying to message my father but I noticed I was now in a huge parking lot where people were selling and buying things from swindlers or those trying to make a living."I better hide this before someone steals it and I'm left on my own". I put the phone under my shirt and pretended to have a hurt stomach as I walked. A tall, slim dark skinned man sees me and approaches. "What do you have in there? Take it out right now".I dont take it out and reply "It's a box with ice inside. I have a stomach ache". He doesn't believe and continues to follow me. "Look at the shape of it. You going to tell me that's a box?Take it out right now" he said. I didn't trust him so I still didn't. Than suddenly a chubby pale boy wearing orange takes out a huge gun and begins arguing with his mother near a crowd. The mother pleads with him not to shoot but he starts shooting her and those in the crowd. I run away to behind a fence than look quickly. After that I crawl quickly on the ground to get further away without being noticed. The guy who was pestering managed to get away as well.

    Last thing that happened was I ended up in a hotel trying to call my dad on the phone and wondering
    how much more distance would I have to run to get away from the danger.

    Updated 10-08-2017 at 10:09 PM by DawnEye11

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