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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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      I understand. Lately on & off I have had some violent dreams. I think it's because I'm worrying about a project that could potentially make me some money from home. It's not a real job per say but it could pay some bills. This time next year we'll know for sure. Right now I'm just doing stuff for my grandkids but I see other ppl doing it so maybe.
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      You & Nebulus have deserted me, lol. I hope school is going good.
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      I like your new avatar, very cool! I saw Nebulus made one too. Darn you guys w/ the peer pressure. I'm gonna have to think about changing mine now, lol.
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      The book I was talking about is, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. It's a really good trilogy. You should read it, it's really good. Very good for lucid dreamers. I think I may actual go back & read it again soon.
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      Yeah I haven't died... yet. Just had mucky dreams not worth sharing. In fact I've been meditating like crazy lately. Maybe I post some art or something soon so people don't think I've died...
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    SpellBee Elements Competition #11

    by DawnEye11 on 04-26-2017 at 10:00 PM
    I apparently miscounted what night of the competition were on but yeah, this is the 11th night entry so no mistake there.^.^


    I was with my younger brother running from something I can't remember. It was night and we ended up in my old home where I felt somewhat safe. Idk why but I walked into a closet thinking about how something has yet to heal that I wanted to heal, maybe healing my brother, than Dawn appears in the closet in realism form wearing a gray/navy sweater with a hoodie over his head and gray baggy jeans.

    "You shouldn't be here"I told him in a low voice. "I shouldn't?"he replied back than looked to a gray television in the closet observing what was on it. I saw a anime girl with long pigtails on it revealing some of her chest as she cheered near a mobile suit in a blue sky background.Walking towards the door I felt embarrassed a bit thinking it would reveal something else but personal."Is he still watching?"I thought than looked back at his face to see his eyes turn towards me than back to the tv as if he was taking inside notes about me.

    "Uh...I'm gonna go" I said than hurried out and into the living room where the HD television was on. On it was a woman that made me think it was the Antenna TV channel but in color. She had red orange hair in a bun and she seemed like a maid in her 50's."Ofcourse, they've been together for four years, their ship has been smooth sailing since than" she said as if she was confirming a couple's good relationship. I found it somewhat interesting but than turned the television off and sat on the bed. The dream shifted after that and I became non lucid.

    I was now walking into a room where people were watching tv in the dark. Noticing that my legs were covered in a strange rash though I hurried to the bathroom to look for a cream. However, I couldn't find one and hurried back to see Steve from Blues Clues walk into the room and sit down on the floor sighing. "No one remembers me..."he said in a sad tone."Aw..don't worry. It'll be okay". I hugged him than got up to get some Italian bread to eat for us but ran into my brother's friend who stopped to annoy me. I ignored him though and than somehow ended up in my mom's car where my brother couldn't remember how to drive and was in a rush.

    "I don't have my official license yet but let me try"I told him. When the cars on the street began looking narrower I became lucid though.
    "Nice, I'm practicing driving in my dream. I should do this in rl"I told myself than stopped the car only to have it move up again till I could gain control .I wanted to park it . Woke up after that.

    Toy Monkeys In The AirPort

    I was at the airport with my mom thinking we arrived at another country but than I lost track of her and saw from an above view that toy monkeys with plastic big heads and tubular bodies were hopping around the airport going about their business.

    "I must be inside a dream"I told myself than flew out of the place through the walls. There a pigeon flew around me giving the impression of my guide. "Dawn is that you in pigeon form?"I asked curiously. I got no response though and wondered what form would be my signature animal."I guess I would be a bird too"I thought than changed my form slowly into a small brown sparrow. Flying around content with the pigeon and other birds I enjoyed what time I had left than woke up.

    Long Live The Scribe

    I was trying to figure out something to eat for breakfast when suddenly my brother comes in and messes up my attempt at making an egg. I shouted at him than the scene changed into the lion king. I'm looking above at a small cliff where Scar is about to push Mufasa off. "Scribe, you think it is your place, do you? Long live the Scribe". He than pushes Mufasa off the small cliff.

    I became somewhat lucid than ran up to Mufasa and picked him up. "AWW...That was so mean. Why did the creators have to make scar push him off like that?". I than kissed Mufasa's head somewhat intrigued by how i was watching the scene from within the dream than gave him a big hug. He started to fade a bit though. Woke up after Simba ran up to us and his father moved slightly.

    Notes-I haven't practiced driving in a while and would like to do it again. I really want to pass the test already. Also, I was surprised to see Steve from Blues Clues. I was thinking of another Steve yesterday but not that Steve. O.O

    lucid , non-lucid

    SpellBee Elements Competition #10

    by DawnEye11 on 04-25-2017 at 05:18 PM
    The Hang Out Tree

    I was a kid and hanging around a tree where a boy with mysterious powers caught my attention. Being the one who could hang on trees just by holding onto it with my feet or legs I felt pretty special too but I wasn't special as him. He told me a time to meet him where we could discuss a secret that his maid wouldn't hear. I left thinking about it than appeared in a facility where a woman was hunting down people from her ancestry.
    I became semi lucid and tried avoiding her but she came up to me pretty quickly and pointed at me since I was one of her target

    Follow Me

    There was a non lucid part that I can't remember now so I'll just skip to the lucid.I was in my old house, laying on the bed where my old room use to be. After thinking of Eye I sat up and he appeared behind me giving me a hug. I hugged him back than told him to follow me . Jumping up and going through the wall I found myself in a peculiar setting though. It was like a world covered in painted swirls within space. I had a feeling it was there because of my thoughts on the possible earth sized planets in outer space but I wasn't going to stay longer.I flew around curiously till I used intent to appear back in my old room , on top of my bed,where Eye still was. Standing on it I asked him"Why didn't you follow me?". He told me he wasn't sure so I let him be than flew out the wall and ended up on a different city street.

    For some reason I began thinking of a demonic story I saw on television though. The setting began to change to a home where a possessed woman stood beneath the red carpet screaming. I changed the setting back to the city than hopped back into the wall where I appeared in my old room with Eye again. After taking his hand and jumping back out I asked him to guard me. He said okay but I ended up waking up after that.

    SpellBee Wouldn't Do That

    I was playing a game with a woman and her daughter that involved 6 chocolate cookies stacked on a 6 squared black and dark green board. Beneath the cookies were dots where you had to connect points. Whoever made the most squares with the points would win. After being taunted though I pretended to move the cookies out of place by mistake to distract them. They fell for it but than something I can't recall happened.

    What I remember next is looking at a computer and seeing the scene expand on JadeGreen's Dream journal. I typed something on Jade's journal that he was a bit offended by though.After SpellBee entered the entry I became aware it was a dream and pondered if this scenario would end up giving me de ja vu in the future. lol
    "Here are my 6 layers of notes"Jade typed than opened the spoiler button to reveal huge blocks of texts. "SpellBee contributed to it too" he wrote next.""Are you kidding me? I would never write a list of 100" he replied back. Jade than closed it than opened it again revealing the "100 list" part. "Oh, yeah...I forgot I wrote 100 things to the list". They than laughed about it and I woke up after that

    Prank Call

    I was non lucid in my house babysitting a little girl. Ecstatic she got a new dog she kept coming up to me to show him off. I became lucid though and pushed him away as he started to fade."I want to try astral projecting and summoning Eye" I told myself than opened a door where a cat suddenly jumped at my hand and bit me. It was white and orange. I looked at my hand that didn't appear to be bleeding than walked away. The cat soon let go but dogs came out of no where running towards me. "Astral project!" I shouted than appeared on a moving vehicle that had a big play background of a sky. The vehicle was speeding up pretty fast so I jumped out with astral projection in mind than flew really fast down the road. I ended up high in the sky after that and began falling down fast now towards the top of a black car on a road near the desert. Thinking of appearing below the car I ended up under it and saw myself as a transparent rippling entity. "This is my astral form?"I thought than lowered myself a bit more underground as I heard the sound of the roaring cars. "Hm....No point in staying here. Take me to Eye!"I said than appeared in a unfamiliar house where someone who looked somewhat like Eye was sitting on the floor."Um...Can you call Eye for me?" I asked. "Sure" He said than took a black phone and dialed the numbers 5 and 6. "Just tell her your from puny"he replied. "Is that short for puny unit?" I thought jokingly.

    "Hi, whose speaking and how may I help you? "A lady replied. "Uh...Yeah, I'm from the WildLife Zoo Association and I'm calling to see if your interested in making donations". I said that jokingly to see what reply I would get. She responded "Oh, that's great. I can send you to puny 2 where they have the animals interest-" than I looked to the guy who looked like Eye and asked him to take the phone instead. But right in front of me he changed into a ginger ale bottle. I put the phone back to my ear to hear the beeping noise when there's no one on the line and laughed. Waking up after that.

    Updated 04-26-2017 at 08:41 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid

    SpellBee's Elemental Competition #8 and 9

    by DawnEye11 on 04-24-2017 at 05:42 PM
    I didn't feel motivated to write for the contest for a bit. Sorry guys. I did end up getting lucid though. I just need to recall what happened...

    Night # 8 Lucid

    I was in a house that resembled my old house and listening to a dc trying to convince me of something. I had enough of it though and walked away. I can't remember anything else now.

    Night #9 Lucid

    I was with someone I know in a snowy mountain. He was with another guy figuring out how to get across until he came up with an idea to use his invention. He ended up sliding clumsily downwards and almost crashing though.

    Fast forward and I was in a preschool with my mom and brother. For some reason I got soap on my face and tried cleaning it off. I met with someone who said to remember Alex than ended up in a college principal's office. The principal told me I couldn't attend even though I signed up. I asked why and he wouldn't tell me. Angry, I said I was okay with it sarcastically, took an important paper from his desk than let it go outside.

    The assistant screamed that it was important like I thought she would so when the wind pushed the paper back to me I gave it to her. She was very surprised that the paper wasn't lost and I was kind of since I was non lucid than. However, after walking down the hill with my mom I became lucid when a girl dc approached me putting her hands on my shoulders and looking at me directly. "Do you remember who I'am?"she asked."uh....You were that little girl I met a long time ago" I replied. I felt she was familiar but didn't remember for sure if I met her or not. Anyways it helped me become lucid.

    She told me her name was Mia but I couldn't remember I heard that name in rl. After a little girl came next to me and replied "comment ça s'écrit?" and something else, I was baffled by how she was speaking french. My dream characters hardly speak anything but English and I know Spanish and Japanese too.It must have been there cause I've been hearing it more lately. Anyways, I didn't trust the dc acting like she was an old friend and than she began to change form for a split second. I didn't want the dream to go violent though so I kept thinking of her as a positive dc. Next a guy came into the scene but I asked for them to leave. Woke up after that.

    Notes- :3 Hmm....Besides school I also hear people speaking french on the train at times.

    Updated 04-26-2017 at 08:42 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid

    SpellBee Elements Competition #7

    by DawnEye11 on 04-22-2017 at 03:42 AM
    Like Ice Skating On The Ocean

    I forgot this dream but when I read Elements on SpellBee's competition thread I remembered. There was a small moment of lucidity at the end.

    Anyways, in the dream I was with a dc that was telling me what story he wanted me to make. He apparently wanted a story where power would be the main theme and there would be a character that resembled him. I was animating for him too but after I sketched out a animated scene of a girl dancing in the ocean I felt myself be pulled into the scene.

    I became aware it was a dream there and slid on the ocean top with my feet as if I was a graceful ice skating dancer. I did a twirl jump and continued but woke up after something else I can't recall happened

    Just A Tad Bit Creepy

    I was non lucid in my old house putting fresh peaches into a pot than mixing them together. As I slowly turned the spoon and fruit, it melted and turned into a smoothie like substance. I wondered if it was the same reaction you'd get by whisking an egg yolk than poured some oats and fresh berries inside. I wanted to make some sort of oatmeal with berries now. After putting some milk in I stopped though.

    My older brother was at the dining table and coughing as if he was about to choke on his food. He ended up being okay but I noticed his stomach was puffy and had a huge inner gap where his belly button was supposed to be.I was confused by how he got that way but than realized it was a dream.

    Walking away from him I thought of Eye and how in the past he would have what seemed like territory or a hang out downstairs. It's like all my guides had a room they appeared in often. Dawn and Eye were downstairs and kiro usually upstairs or outside on random streets. Well, after thinking of Eye he appeared and began hovering around me than towards the stairs. I found him to be somewhat creepy at the time. After noticing a white board in the kitchen with a french sentence "Elle Sapelle Charlotte or Chattate" I ran and watched as he jumped downstairs and began gesturing for me to follow him.I told him no but he just kept gesturing. Eventually I thought I would end up with eye downstairs and suddenly we appeared in a room downstairs. As I watched him, I heard a knock on the door and thought it was Dawn. "I know you two are in there" he replied. Wondering what to do I eventually decided to leave the room and gently pushed Eye out of the way and ran out.

    I ended up in an unfamiliar house where Eye also appeared flying towards me. "You can't run from me" he replied. My brother who also happened to be there got in the way and told Eye to stop.But Eye wouldn't back down so they started wrestling. Feeling unsure of what to do I put my hand on the ground and lifted it in front of me to shield myself from eye as I flew backwards. But Eye just flew closer to me when he pushed my brother out of the way. The setting also became wonky as this unfolded. What caught my attention is when a portal opened showing the statue of liberty in the ocean, covered all the way up to her shoulders. "Is this a symbolism of how freedom is going down the drain"I thought when it appeared. But anyways my brother jumped to Eye again so I used the opportunity to run and push myself through a wall and into a room.

    Eye managed to stop my brother from fighting though and went up to me telling me something about his authority.I didn't bother disagreeing with him though and let him say whatever he wanted.After that something I can't recall happened than I woke up.

    Updated 04-22-2017 at 04:03 AM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid

    SpellBee Elements Competition #6

    by DawnEye11 on 04-20-2017 at 09:53 PM
    I don't really feel like writing this dream down since I barely remember it or did anything but it was a tiny bit interesting to me.

    I was somewhere where I was discussing something with a group of dreamers and guides. We were trying to figure out how to fix a world that was ruined and lost its color. I tried creating some colorful blue, pink and green plants in order to give the place more life than realized I was in my old home where my dog use to sleep at. It was near the yard entrance and I became lucid but was distracted by a scene that began to envelope the setting.

    The setting became a black world with green lines that went horizontal and vertical. Kind of like a virtual world. On top of a circular platform blending into the background was a rectangular thing in the middle and Dawn in his anime form but wearing a lab coat and looking shorter than he should be. On the left to the platform sat a sort of transparent alien with a black cloak on. He was the height of two tall men stacked on each other and was kind of big.

    Dawn mentioned to a small group in front of him that the world needed a giant silent monster, the one with the black cloak, to bring out something of the world. He than passed the object in the middle and became invisible. He mentioned something about the invisibility afterwards but I can't recall.
    I ended up losing lucidity though and began drawing a anime girl with a ribbon in her long braided hair, wearing a Japanese sailor suit.I was thinking of making a story about her fighting off vampires to save her younger brother but than changed my mind .There was also something about blood being hidden in her hair.

    lucid , non-lucid