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      I hope you are doing okay. I'm sure you are busy w/ school. Hope to see your amazing lucid mind back on here soon. I miss Dawn & Eye too!
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      Nice new profile picture!
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      Love the new profile pic
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      Um ok...I rarely if ever watch TV in wl
      Does this mean I get to dare you
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      Hey, I saw you like my DJ about the wave pool. I hope school is going good & life in general. Miss reading your DJ with all of your creativity. Keep on being YOU!
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      I understand. Lately on & off I have had some violent dreams. I think it's because I'm worrying about a project that could potentially make me some money from home. It's not a real job per say but it could pay some bills. This time next year we'll know for sure. Right now I'm just doing stuff for my grandkids but I see other ppl doing it so maybe.
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      You & Nebulus have deserted me, lol. I hope school is going good.
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      I like your new avatar, very cool! I saw Nebulus made one too. Darn you guys w/ the peer pressure. I'm gonna have to think about changing mine now, lol.
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      The book I was talking about is, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. It's a really good trilogy. You should read it, it's really good. Very good for lucid dreamers. I think I may actual go back & read it again soon.
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      Yeah I haven't died... yet. Just had mucky dreams not worth sharing. In fact I've been meditating like crazy lately. Maybe I post some art or something soon so people don't think I've died...
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    Almost Fell Off Bed/Where Are You Going!?

    by DawnEye11 on 01-09-2017 at 07:20 PM
    Almost Fell Off Bed

    I was sitting on the toilet than appeared on a bed inside a room that felt like mine.I was half aware it was a dream but it still felt like it was my room. I turned to move away from the person I felt next to me and thought about how it better not be my dad. But as I looked to the black carpet, desk and walls I wondered what would happen if I managed to move my real body through the dream. Than After moving my arm around curiously I felt myself falling out of the bed slowly bracing myself for impact with the ground. I didn't though cause someone pulled me back up. After that I had another false awakening but appeared in the same spot and after seeing someone hidden in the bed covers in front of me I became fully lucid.

    There was a small silver television on next to us playing the news and a radio that played classical music. I could see the t.v. at the corner of my eye but didn't look at where the radio was and focused on the person under the covers. I thought it was Dawn and hugged him but his face was covered and i became curious. "Why do you have that on you?"I asked. "I don't want you to see my face" he replied back. I decided to respect his space and leave it on.After I woke up I kind of regretted not taking it off though.

    Where are you going!?

    I was non lucid doing something that I can't recall.When I become lucid I try to place intent on having a AP kind of dream which I will call spiritual dream. I appeared on a familiar street I've walked many times. I could feel the usual heavy feeling I get when I attempt OBE dreams but it was just a vivid dream. The streets were empty and as I looked to the buildings and sky I called out for Dawn.For a brief moment no one was around but than Dawn appeared but I couldn't see him. His presence was rippling though so I kind of knew where he was. I also felt him touch me. He seemed to be in a rush though. "Dawn where are you? Why can't I see you?". I asked him as he kept pacing around me. He told me something but than I asked him to do the thing that we only know which is like a code for us to recognize each other.

    He than walked behind me which is the first step but didn't follow through with it all. I thought it was probably because he was distracted than focused more on what was around me and my senses so that I could see him. It ends up working and I can see Dawn's appearance. He is light skin, of course tall, he has light blue eyes, has what looks like a buzz cut and is wearing a navy blue shiny military or Navy suit with gold badges and a navy blue hat with a golden outline. "He looks so cool in that uniform"I thought but it just makes him more nervous. I also notice that there is a black limo near us and people stepping out and standing nearby. He than picks me up and starts running. I can see snow appearing and recognize Christmas decorations on a green truck with small elves on it. "Oo~It's Christmas"I say excitedly. He continues to run with me than turns left and enters a tall brownish red or purplish brick building. He runs up a slightly rotating bone white stair that goes up and lets go of me. There are people present too.

    I run up after him calling his name than notice the people behind me who want to catch him. "Dawn! Wait! Dawn!"I call out noticing that I'm getting slower and heavier. He is also leaving me behind which is kind of disheartening. I don't give up though and continue running up. But than his appearance fades and becomes rippling again. When I finally reach the floor he is on I watch him enter the apartment than turn the stove on. Something is on it and I take note that it looks like a studio apartment and the lights are dimmed.

    "Dawn!"I call out than look to the people who were after him. But they turn around and leave. I than notice two old ladys sitting on a chair with boxes of chocolates on their table stand. "Oo~ Candy~"I say but than push back the urge to go for it. I try moving but I still feel heavy and can't really see Dawn. "Dawn! I can't see you! Dawn!"I call out again. He exits the apartment than touches my arms with both his hands than reassures me that he is there and to not worry. I calm down since he came back than watch him reenter the apartment. After waiting the dream shifts and I'm on a pink bed with a fat man who is holding me down with both his legs. "I'm not Dawn"he says than starts laughing. I grab both his legs than flip him out of the bed after standing up. He hits the ground than I think about how this could work for a Dhl mission. But than after I punch his arm he punches me back and I fly back after blocking.
    Woke up after that.

    (I do not own pic)

    Updated 01-09-2017 at 08:39 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Subtraction, Criminal, Basket

    by DawnEye11 on 01-07-2017 at 08:14 PM

    I'm non lucid in a hall and observing a few rooms where I see my old best friend and someone else raising their hands while laying down. "Why are you all raising your hands?" I ask confused. A dc than comes by and walks me to a living room where a man approaches me and asks me if I'm ready to see the results of my test. I say yes and he hands me a paper with math problems that has a 30% circled on it. He than walks me to a classroom where he sits with me and tells me that its important to pay attention to the small parts so you can complete the problem as a whole. The problem he showed me looked like it was algebra though and looked something like (8X-2) and something else.

    Criminally Despicable

    I was non lucid in a classroom, sitting behind a desk. I had finished writing my two page essay and was ready to hand it in. However, the teacher refused to take it. She was also a sassy 12 year old girl who reminded me of the main character from the Disney show "Ant Farm". she wanted the papers to be finalized so I hurriedly tried to rewrite it on a clean sheet while she was talking and cracking jokes but than students started getting up and leaving. I begged her to wait but she wasn't willing to so I just decided to finish it up during the weekend. I left the class and ended up in a lunchroom. I took note at how vivid the scenery was than thought about where I should sit. I couldn't think about it in time though and lunch was now over. The lunchroom slowly changed into a classroom setting where students were pushing up their desks to make a circle. As I was about to walk out I pondered whether it was period 4,5 or 6. That's when a girl with black hair and purple highlights got my attention. She wanted to know what was going on. I said it was the start to another period and to not worry about it. I than tapped her on the hand and said goodbye.

    As I was walking through the halls I felt embarrassed by the way I tapped her hand than said goodbye. "Why did I do that?"I asked myself. I than shook that thought and looked around thinking where my class might be. I observed the walls, doors and people to try and remember my class. Oddly enough it reminded me of a school dream setting I had before but it did not trigger lucidity for me. I walked near the stairs than entered a room with escalators placed in unsafe spots. I walked down, went around and jumped over another as if they were obstacles so that I could get to the side. But I stopped and watched as a girl tried to slide down one . The teacher watched her slide down so I quickly shouted that it was probably broken. Her feet began to be crushed by it so I and the teacher helped pull her out. The teacher began to complain that she knew it was unsafe. I just looked at her baffled and asked her why she let the student slide down if she knew it was broken.

    She did not answer that question though and walked the girl, I and another girl near a wall where there was an office window. There she took a phone and began complaining to her boss about the situation. I looked to the girl's feet and she had a bag on it that was holding in her blood. This made me cringe from the thought about how it could have easily been avoided. After waiting there a bit the room and dream characters changed. We were now in a orange cavern as a 5'0 short dc guy was trying to get the English department on the phone. A lady answered but she wasn't responding well to him so I decided to take the call. "Is this the English department?" I asked while holding the now amber colored cell phone. "I don't...I don't understand"she replied back. "Were trying to call the English department. Is this the English department? Yes or No?" I asked her seriously now. "No...Wrong number"she said as if she was really confused. I said okay than hanged up. That's when I noticed the cavern had an opening now and in the distance I could see a sunny desert. "They are gonna find us..."I heard the guy say. I looked into the distance having a feeling that I should have called my dad. So that if I die trying to get away at least he would know what happened to me. However, I ended up not calling him. The guy than shouted that they were coming and we dispersed.

    As I ran I saw Batman and Robin running into the park. The guy with me before mentioned that they were running to the burning hot sun which would slow them down. He said it in a narrator tone though.
    I became lucid now thinking to outsmart the dream characters by going my own way.I flew until I saw a museum that reminded me of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After flying towards it the guy dc mentioned that it was a good idea to go into the museum to cool down. I knew he would follow me so I tried picking up the pace but I wanted to see what kind of objects the dream would come up with. There was a cute mouse/bunny purse or doll that got my attention. It was white with a light yellow and light blue shirt and pocket holder. "Isn't this cute?"I asked a little girl dc next to me. She nodded than I ran straight to the bathroom after noticing the criminal presence behind me. I ran into the mens room and looked under the stalls to see that the dcs were all black suited men."This isn't good"I thought than jumped to go into the wall but a few guys came in and started spraying me with a liquid. After that the guy from before pulled me back and changed my actions so that I beat up the people chasing me as he narrated that I was into cute things but a feisty woman at heart that wasn't going to let anyone mess with me. He than tried feeling me up but i pushed him away.I also looked slightly cartoon and totally different. I was white with red lipstick with a light blue cap, casual clothes and had light brown and puffy short hair.

    What's In Dawn's Shopping Basket?

    I was non lucid in a unknown house and was about to play yu gi oh cards with my younger brother. I picked up from the deck and put it in my hand. It was a sword card for offense. I than looked at my hand and took out a ball of light card and put it in defense position. I asked my brother if it was okay to put it with the sword in offense. My brother was pleasantly surprised by my move. Yugi's voice than appeared and light flashed us until it consumed everything.

    The next thing I recall is i'm moving my birds to a different room angrily after someone mops the rooms carelessly forgetting my birds were present. After taking them to a safe room I notice unnecessary materials inside my parakeet's cage. I quickly pulled out crayons and markers from their cage as a guy with black spiky hair and glasses watched me from behind. I'm complaining in front of him than notice its a dream.
    "Wait a minute...I don't have to do this even though I really want to and care about my birds."I say out loud after realizing its a dream. I watch the parakeets disappear than look to him. "Why not?"he asks in a nonchalant manner."Because i'm dreaming" I say than get up and walk away from him. As I walk around I notice Dawn is present along with some other faint looking dream characters. I look into a plastic bin curiously and find a yellow/gray glove. It oddly feels familiar. I than try going up to Dawn but 4 of his friends grab me and hold me up while swaying me side to side. Its slightly fun but I'm also annoyed. The setting changes into a supermarket now and i'm contemplating trying the cereal. But the friends take me to Dawn who is on a huge line. I look in his basket and see what looks like a clear bag of cheetos chips and plantains.
    "Don't tell me your buying just that? You should get something more healthy"I tell him teasingly. He tells me its not that big of a deal than his friends drop me in his basket. I look closely and the cheetos chips change to baby carrots while the plantains open up and become watermelons. I lick the watermelon even though its piled with black seeds. "This is so good"I say amazed by the taste. It kind of tasted like watermelon candy though.

    Notes: It felt kind of disheartening to see my birds disappear in the dream after I was so determined to help them. But at least it serves as a dream sign now.

    (I do not own pic)

    Updated 01-08-2017 at 03:36 AM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid

    Twisters In The Sunset

    by DawnEye11 on 01-06-2017 at 10:31 PM
    Parakeets In Abundance

    I was in my old house closet looking at a small purple cage shaped like a house. There stood 4 big parakeets in the cage along side babies and new born babies. In the dream I thought that I had forgotten to feed the birds and get them safely in the cage. Picking them up gently I hurriedly put them back. I wanted to care for as much as possible to give them a chance in life. A few ended up dead because they were too young but I managed to save some newborns. When I stopped I took the cage out of the closet and it was suddenly transferred to my cell phone. I felt reassured that they would be safe in the memory disk and that I could transfer them out when I got to my room.

    I noticed a guy talking near me though saying that he was interested in me for 2 reasons and that I had surprised him. I ignored him and continued walking. I ended up downstairs near the entrance to the yard. A boy than jumped in and said he was going to steal the data from my phone. I ran to the bathroom and closed the door as he was laughing outside the door. Putting the towel and shower on I pretended I was going to get in but it wasn't enough to make him leave so I opened the door and pushed him away. I ended up going somewhere else but I don't remember what happened.

    Twisters In The Sunset

    Something non lucid was happening. Next thing I remember I'm on a bed than in a black car and I realize that i'm dreaming as I watch a turtle that looks like the turtle similar to the turtle from Kung Fu panda.I'm in the back seat looking out the window and watching as he walks close to the car in slow motion while smiling at me. His smile is creepy to me even though it looks gentle. I push his face back in a non aggressive manner repeatedly than decide to go through the wall to get away from him. I go through it and dissolve into the wall than continue flying through a dark place until I reach the end of a light.

    I'am now in the middle of the ocean flying above it. The sky is a beautiful sunset and there are twisters above the ocean that look like tornadoes. I fly around them gracefully than notice a anime woman in one of the twister. She looks evil and like a good candidate to fight for a Dhl mission. But after trying to kick her I lose interest because she doesn't seem like a worthy opponent. I than fly in another direction and another dc is following me. I try ignoring them since I want to look for Dawn.

    However, the dream shifts and I'am back at the old house inside a room. The dc that followed me had caught me and looks like one of my oc but with green hair. He tries making a move on me but I push him away and tell him to take me to Dawn. He agrees but first he wants to show me something. I follow him and he leads me to the yard exit. He's taking his time to open it with a key so I tell him to just open the lock than to push the door open. He unlocks it and shows me to the yard that is covered in garbage bags than changes into something small and flys away. I jump on the fence feeling confused. "Why do they always bring me to the yard?" I think than notice someone near the window.
    Woke up after that

    *There was also a part where I was drawing in the dream lucid. I was drawing a girl anime character while thinking of Dawn. I just forgot when it happened during the dream.

    lucid , non-lucid

    Elegant Dream Restaurant

    by DawnEye11 on 01-04-2017 at 07:27 PM
    My recall was foggy but I managed to remember certain things so it's good now. :3

    Parakeets Out Of Their Cage

    I was having a non lucid dream than appeared in my old house where my old parakeet Marisol was out of her cage. Holding my finger near her she flew to it. I tried getting her in her cage after that but she flew away again. I held my finger out once more near the mirror dresser and she flew to it. I was than able to quickly put her in the cage. However, I noticed that my current green parakeet Rupert was out of his cage. There were two of him too. One had a black bar under him labeled illuma and the other Illumi. I assumed the one named Illumi was the right one so I caught him with my hand and put him back inside. There was a opening to the cage though and they were getting back out again.

    Old Black Dream Cell Phone

    After thinking about how I appear too many times in my old house I decided to try having a dream in my new current house.
    I was non lucid, dreaming about something related to running off the streets when I noticed I was in my current house room now sitting up on the bed.I became lucid and thought about how I wanted to call Dawn, Eye and possibly Kiro. Finding a small old black cell on the blanket I looked at the screen for Eye first. I saw the text of his name on the screen than pressed the call button. Putting it on my ear I could hear it ringing but no one was answering and the leave a message after the beep thing came up.I tried again but it kept ringing and no one answered. Next I tried Dawn but no one answered either. Giving up a bit I called Kiro but than hanged up to call Eye again.

    Eye ended up answering this time. I shouted at him to answer his cell from now on. He muttered something like it wasn't his problem than appeared in my room. The setting was changing a bit so I got up to stay close to Eye. But he started walking away till he encountered a girl dc and started making googly eyes at her. I shouted at Eye to not get distracted but than thought about it more. "If Eye is trying to make me annoyed I should ignore him". I than turned away from him and called Dawn but the setting was getting Darker. I feel like I reached Dawn but than something non lucid happened.

    A scene of Ed, Edd and Eddy was happening where Jimmy had shown the funny Edd some kind of new found kindness. This made the neighborhood change the way they acted and they started to come together. Next thing I know I'm walking in a street filled with shops and market places. Its sunny and feels like its the afternoon. I'm also holding the old black cell that I used to call Eye, Dawn and Kiro.

    I became lucid than thought about how it reminded me of the dream meet up place I wanted to go to. Everything was also vivid and felt sturdy enough to enjoy without any nuisances. However,hearing a voice coming out of the cell phone I put it close to my right ear to see who was talking. Hearing the voice I assumed it was Dawn's boss who was telling me to enjoy myself and that Dawn would pick me up later. I told him to tell Dawn to meet me now though. He said alright so I just clicked a random button with the thought of making the cell hang up on the call. It worked so I focused on which store I would want to go in. The one that caught my eye had a traditional old Japanese/Chinese style to it. It was a dark green building with green posts holding the roof up.The posts had a white swirly line on them and somewhere near the roof there was wooden carved dark green dragon heads.

    I went inside thinking that they would probably have Chinese dream food in it. But to my surprise I was getting a ice skating vibe from the place. People were looking for their lockers to pick up their shoes while others were buying shoes. I didn't want to wait for Dawn where I was so I made a left instead of a right and entered what was a elegant restaurant with red carpet flooring. The lights were dim and made the room have a yellow tint to it too. The scenery, formal dressed people and food made me feel excited enough to take a seat at a long rectangular spiffy table with a red table cloth on it and candles. However, after taking a seat a man came up to me and shouted at me that I was a thief. I looked to the table seeing a golden necklace with small cross on it, a golden chain and silver jewelry.

    The jewelry situation made me lose lucidity as I became distracted by the women walking up to me from behind. "I wasn't trying to steal anything" I told the man. The women than picked up the gold and started pointing out that it was theirs. Observing the Jewelry closely I noticed that there were pink jewels on the silver earrings and ring. I took the ring and told them that it was probably mine. The women taking most of the Jewelry said no, that I needed to look closer cause she was sure it belonged to her. Looking closer I saw the earring and ring change shape. One creating a unique heart shape and the ring adding a third row of pink to it. "Yeah...Its not mine even though it looks like mine" I said out loud than walked out the restaurant since Dawn was taking long.

    I was now in what was the shoe area using the black cell to call Dawn. When he answered the phone I told him to hurry and what was making him take so long. He said that he had changed his mind about coming. I told him he shouldn't go back on his word and that I was still going to wait than hanged up. As I was waiting there was a tall black girl looking for her shoe. While she looked I thought about how I didn't need shoes but I still wanted to put them on.I picked up a black shoe wondering if it was mine than suddenly Dawn came in telling me that he was here. But when I turned to look I heard him scream and saw that a girl was chasing him with a shoe.

    That wasn't the only thing that caught me by surprise though. He was a small white hamster with a big light brown spot and a smaller black spot on him. I hurried to grab him as this sparked me into full lucidity but he kept running around screaming. "I'm not gonna hurt you! Come to me!" I repeated but I guess he was afraid I would squish him with my hands. I eventually caught him with my right hand before he got between a pair of shoe boxes. He was still scared so I came up with the idea to sing since years back i use to sing to them a lot in my lucid dreams and that it would help him recognize me as not a threat even if it came out bad. I quickly started singing to him so he would calm down. He stopped trying to get away and calmed down closing his eyes as he lay in my hand. I felt good with this and stopped singing.Turning around though he jumped off my hand and ran out through the entrance. The girl dc followed him so I decided to run after them but than I thought about how he probably didn't want to be here anyways. I stared at the people and shoes a bit losing lucidity again. The people moving to and fro made me feel like there was a drill going on and that I should hurry out. I picked up a black shoe and put it on even though it didn't match with the gray shoes.I than hurried out but after exiting and seeing people gathered in a crowd I got a feeling that something was off. I asked a boy and he pointed to the sky. A large yellow ball of light floated onto the ground. It was supposedly the sun that lost its fire and was now harmless but needed to be repaired.

    Provide It With Knowledge

    Something non lucid related to school happened than were taken to a classroom where a entity from outer space is shining down a bright light upon the person that brings it the knowledge it desires through a circular window on the roof.

    I become semi lucid because the situation is too exciting and scifi to be truly happening. But I'm still fairly not there as I think of something to provide it knowledge with.I eventually shout at everyone to quickly provide it with something before it leaves. Quickly getting into the light of the entity I decide to stall it with my determination. It shines on me for a prolonged time as I'm randomly thinking of things but than it stops and turns off its light. No one can come up with anything at all. Suddenly a guy who gives off Dawn's presence walks up to me and we start thinking of something we could do. But than someone gets an idea and the entity shines it's light on him but it is not enough to receive the true prize. We do get a little something for reaching the next stage but I forgot what it was.

    As I'm thinking I start to recall things and become fully lucid. However, I'm still interested in seeing the end result of this dream, especially with Dawn beside me even though he had a different appearance. He was light skin, wearing a white shirt, navy shorts,with medium spiky black hair and glasses. Kind of like how Eye should look in realism form but he did not give off Eye's presence or personality. Anyways I couldn't come up with much and the entity was about to leave so I shouted "Wait! I know 3 languages! English, Spanish and Japanese! ". Even though I know as much Japanese as a 3 year old probably would. The light shone on me than I ended up blurting out random nonsense desperately. "Hi in English. Hola in Spanish. Konnichiwa in Japanese. Goodbye, Adios, Sayonara!". As I was shouting whatever came up I took note that everyone had a surprise look on their faces but they also knew I was blurting out something mostly people knew.

    "Say something not much people would know now"I thought than started saying different words in Japanese that most English people wouldn't know. I can't remember some words I said but I'm pretty sure I said "Mou ii!" and " Kimochi ii na!" randomly. As I was shouting random words the light stood on me for a while than turned away. It seemed satisfied with what it got but it wasn't enough for us to receive the true prize. After it left I sat with Dawn on the floor and the setting began to change into a anime classroom. There were cute young girl anime characters talking to each other. Kind of like how lucky star characters look like but with alien skin. One of them asked how they would get the entity to stay longer. The others said they weren't sure in English but with a Japanese accent. I than looked to Dawn who was in front of me as we sat on the floor. In the corner of my eye I could see a screen with a circular ancient calendar that had a golden outline and blue color inside it. I assumed it was suppose to be a calendar for when the entity came back.

    Dawn than caught my attention fully when he asked me if I wanted to go to a restaurant with him to eat waffles. "Yeah okay"I said content. But than I thought about how I wasn't in the mood for something sweet like waffles. Before I knew it I was putting a waffle drenched with syrup into my mouth. "What the?". There was a white plate with cut waffle pieces in front of where I sat now. "What's wrong?" Dawn asked. "How did I start eating waffles without knowing I was eating waffles? I honestly was thinking about how I didn't want to eat waffles but now I'm eating waffles" I replied still baffled. "It's okay. Your senses were just focused elsewhere is all" he said calmly. I could feel a slight numbness of my legs when he said that but I felt it was slightly true. I continued to eat the waffles even though I didn't want to at first though since they weren't as bad as I thought it would be.
    Woke up after that.

    Notes: After I woke up I had the urge to eat waffles. O w o) But just as I turned the knob on the toaster it broke in half. Its funny how the one moment where I choose to eat it I can't.

    (I do not own the pic)

    Updated 01-04-2017 at 10:09 PM by DawnEye11

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Fear And Control

    by DawnEye11 on 01-03-2017 at 06:51 PM
    If I felt Like it

    I was in a room drawing with my brother sitting next to me. What I created was a monster that looked like a mutant crocodile. My brother flipped the monster after it came out of the paper and I asked if I put the nose in the right spot. He told me if I felt it was a just reason to go with it but that if I put it there he wouldn't be able to breathe. I than changed the monster again and asked him. He repeated that if I felt it was a just reason.

    Control Through Fear

    I was walking on a street holding a long black bazooka than turned around to look at my mom. "Why am I holding this bazooka?" I thought, fearing that the worst had yet to come. Suddenly as I was walking,what looked like bowling bowls shot out of the gun and some rose into the air. I panicked while holding it and ran to the other side of the street telling people to be careful.But just as I fell onto the ground I thought they were bombs and that I wouldn't be able to save the kids playing on the street. However, the dc began playing with the balls and as I looked to one in the sky it formed to a soccer ball. A girl helped me up after that and asked if I wanted to play volleyball with them and a group of old actors from Disney. I said sure and followed them to what looked like a wave pool set up as a volleyball court.
    The wave pool sparked some lucidity in me when it reminded me of wolf lodge water park but i was still not fully lucid.After getting in the water I splashed a bit, feeling the wave on my legs than started thinking about sharks. I thought that if I thought there would be a shark there would be one but it was more likely because sharks populate florida water even though I don't live in Florida. I ended up running to than jumping on a talking floating orange air boat out of fear. He seemed like he was about to play though so I jumped onto the sand until I walked and ended up randomly in a dirty public bathroom in a building.

    I was unable to get out because the exit was blocked by Urine and parts from a toilet but I could see a small opening in which I wouldn't mind crawling through so I pushed a part away and forced myself out. I ended up outside near the roof of the building. It was night and there was a character that reminded me of the show " Star and The Forces of Evil" even though I don't watch it. I made the peace out sign to her than leaped off the roof and back to the place I was before. However, the wave pool was gone and a strange couple and their son walked up to me and pulled me into a corner. I had a feeling they were demons even though that is highly unlikely. They showed me a plate and asked me if I hid anything under the plates.
    I said yeah, that I hid stuff all the time under the plates. (I don't though. It just proved that I was not lucid enough) They than showed me to a counter where they wanted me to do a task for them that involved setting up cups first. I shook my head and walked behind the son and father, holding onto their shirts. They looked at me snickering than the father pulled out a table with a blade hesitant to hit me with it.

    The dream than shifted and I was now in a anime rpg style where the boy was showing me his decaying garden that he had locked up inside his house. (I felt more lucid here and remember looking at the ground and taking note that the ground was pink with green grass and the house was pink and reddish pink. The boy had a light blue robe with white hair and a slight purple tint to him.)He said that the plant's hearts belonged to him as they cried out that they were in need of something. I didn't let it bother me though and went outside with him. It was raining in the rpg world and before stepping back in the boy paused and said that it rained like that because of his sorrow and that not even the plate could stop his tears. I thought about it and told him that I would be the plate that holds all his tears in. He acknowledged my kindness and than I turned into a white cat in a basket while he turned into a white bunny and kissed me. A text saying 5 points than came out. I assumed it was 5/10 compatibility.


    I was in a classroom but stepped out to use the bathroom but when I arrived in the bathroom it was dirty and I could see blood in the sink.
    I became lucid but still felt a bit scared by the sight of the bloody sink. Once I entered the classroom I said goodbye and took off flying after going through the walls. A girl ended up following me with a knife in her hand though. I kicked than grabbed her as we flew thinking if I could somehow do a DHL mission with the girl but nothing came to mind.After landing on a high platform I saw a few interesting dcs but I forgot what we did. I think I fought with them for fun and lost lucidity but I can't recall.

    Notes: I've noticed that my actions and reasoning can easily be manipulated through fear in dreams. I plan on trying to get it under control so it does not.

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