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    Rescueing a baby

    by DeDromer on 04-19-2017 at 08:02 AM
    Last dj entry was ages ago, I have to get back on track (also because I'm not having lucid dreams anymore, me fool!).

    I'm at a very crowded koningsdag (day of the king, in The Netherlands) in a village in Italy (?), at a certain point I see a baby almost falling from the roof of a van. I start to run as a crazy to go there and secure the baby, but he falls down just a second before I can catch him. I check how he is and it seems that he's still fine. I look around, I ask if the baby is of somebody there but nobody seems to know the baby, so I decide to run to the doctor. The scene shifts to the doctor's office which says that the baby could be undesired because of some body or mental problem. I say then that in any case he will find better parents than the ones who abandoned him and if he was ok I could adopt him and give a new brother to my little daughter.

    I could experience very strong feelings in this dream. Fear, adrenaline, parent feelings, attachment, love, apprehension, charity.

    Creepy and just plain weird

    by DeDromer on 01-28-2017 at 09:07 AM
    All non lucid
    - I attend a drive in mass. There is a choir of very low bass codes that chants "oh Rihanna" (I guess that osannah is old fashioned nowadays). This causes an earthquake that moves the land all around the desertic field where the drive in mass to place. (Eh?)

    - I'm attending a course where I like a woman. In the course there are other three women, and I have sex with all of them. Then I let this know to the one I'm interested and add that I want to have sex also with her.

    - I'm in vacation with my girlfriend in a place at the borders from the Netherlands and Portugal (eh??). The people look Portuguese but generally speak Dutch. The place is corrupted and the streets very dangerous. While I wait for my girlfriend to order food, I hang out with a big blue Teddy bear. He wants to explore the area but he cannot fly. Fortunately he has telekinesis and can see through the eyes of other creatures so he uses a bit as a drone. I finally decide that I am too hungry to further wait for my girlfriend so I other a six courses menu for two people.

    All regular right?

    Paralyzed on a lucid

    by DeDromer on 01-20-2017 at 11:50 PM
    This is my second success with a wild. Sort of let's say...

    Also for the second time I feel like I have a long delay from falling asleep and discovering myself in my room lying on my bed but in a dream.

    The first time was shocking and didn't know what to do, also doubt about being actually awake. Not this time. But I was paralyzed. I could touch my body without being able to move my arms, or to better say: I could feel being touched where I wanted to put my hands. Then I could finally move but with enormous difficulty. I realize not being in my bedroom because the wardrobe with the big mirror was gone. This is a big problem for me because I always use the mirror to go out of the room. So I go through the door and I find myself another time in the bed. The movements become more difficult as they were not difficult enough. I decide that this time I try using the window, but as soon as I am out of the bed I find myself belly in the bed. Ready check, I'm awake. I can now move normally.

    Prostitutes! (DILD)

    by DeDromer on 01-03-2017 at 09:56 AM
    I had a very long dream about me going around a city with other guys, presumably on vacation. At a certain point a guy convinces me to go in a house with prostitutes inside, where I can see people having sex and this kind of things. In the dream I was feeling awful and thought that if my girlfriend knew that she was going to dump me.

    At a certain point I watch out of the windows, and I discover that the house is located in the square of the village where my parents live. That is not possible! Hey, but... You are trying to say that... Of course! It's a dream!

    I can leave that depressing place. I do it by passing through the windows as I am used to do with the mirrors. I'm now outside in the square. The square is full of people and when I start to float in the air all the people turn and watch me full of surprise. Everyone is staring at me and commenting how incredible it is! I then say "Hi everyone, for who didn't know me, my name is X and yes, I can fly! But I have also a surprising news for you: you all can fly too!". At those words all the people try to fly, but without success, lol. I fly away and look for a bike. I open a door and no bike. I close it, I open it again saying "now there is a bike!", But instead the room is now very dirty but no bike. I give up and find a small sport car. I invite my friends to come with me for a ride and start to drive like a crazy, knowing that nothing bad can happen in a dream. I then wake up.

    4 lucid dreams last night!

    by DeDromer on 12-15-2016 at 01:21 PM
    Wow. I mean. Wow. I'm coming from a period where my effort for lucid dreaming is the minimum possible. I had a long sequence of false awakenings. I have a theory about it. I wrote it at the end of the post.

    - I'm in front of a mirror and I decide to reality check. The mirror works fantastically, but my eyes appear deformed. Thanks to my long effort to overcome my fear of mirrors I have now a fantastic tool! I realize I'm dreaming, and I enter in the mirror. I'm in my parents' village in Italy. I started to fly and I want to fly to Saturn, that I can see in the sky. I change my mind when I see that the village is full of people (in my last dreams people were almost nowhere to be found and always enemies). I land back and i want to interact with them. I find a colleague of mine, and in the dream he shows a very outspoken personality. I decide to ignore him though. I remember about an old task that consisted in asking the name of the characters. I ask a man what is his name, and he doesn't want to talk at all. I force him to say his name and he eventually say that his name is Nahem, and he goes away. I let him go and I lose my lucidity, and I wake up.

    - I reality check: still a dream. I enter in the mirror, I'm in Naples. My parents are there. My mother complains about something useless, I told them that I have to go because I have more important things to do. I fly away, but I lose the lucidity and I wake up.

    - I'm in front of another mirror. Reality check: deformed eyes. It's a dream. I jump inside the mirror, I'm in the Dutch city The Hague, in Grotemarkt. I talk to a girl, I ask her her name. She answer "I'm Lesa". That word in Italian means damaged; if an Italian woman says "I'm Lesa" it means something like "my brain is damaged". I made them a joke about it "oh, I see, both as a name and as a fact". She facepalms and smiles for my horrible joke. I ask to the other woman in her table "and you? Are you also Lesa?" And she answers "no". I reply "oh that's strange! You look like you are!" The crowd finds my jokes very funny and laughs or loud. Then I ask another woman "and what's your name?" "Samantha" "oh that's a beautiful name!". I then lose lucidity and wake up in my bed.

    - but when I reality check I discover that it's another dream. This time i invite my girlfriend and my cat to join me in the mirror. I cuddle my pet a little bit before he decided to come... But then I don't find him anymore. we are in some very boring place in the Netherlands. i invite my girlfriend to fly with me. I explain her how to do it. She manages to do it and she is enthusiast! It works! It works! I then lose lucidity and I wake up for real.

    I check the tube, 4:30. I think that the long series of false awakenings was due to the fact that my phone was empty and it was under recharge, but turned off. I was worried about not being able to wake up on time.

    Updated 12-15-2016 at 06:23 PM by DeDromer