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    About Diamondec
    I normally never look the same in my dreams because I like to hide my true appearance.I do this because I like being a mysterious character in my dream. I also go the name of "White Diamond" in my dreams but sometimes will give out other names. My favorite thing to do is to become random creatures. My favorite is becoming a dragon; but it never turns out how I want unless I become a black dragon. I also can create items by thinking about them while either silently singing in my head or singing out loud. The coolest things I have done is becoming a rainbow unicorn and stopping a destruction beam with my horn. I also managed to cleanup a really yucky ocean by using singing ability. I also enjoy helping on the sidelines without people realizing I'm there helping.
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    Writing, drawling, reading, etc.
    Student going for degree
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    Searching the internet


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    [] Create device that will make me instantly lucid.


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    The Dream World

    by Diamondec on 04-04-2016 at 11:10 PM
    There are many dreams and many different worlds which people create. Dream worlds they are called. But there is one dream world that is different from all the rest. I call it simply the dream world but I don't know its real name. I do however know what it is like to be there in that place. Like most other dream worlds one can be lucid or aware of the fact they are dreaming when they are there. But there is a tangible difference. I could never really describe it but I could feel it. The very air, the scenery everything just felt different. It wasn't long till I discovered some of the differences of that place. You could feel any pain while there and if you said or did anything that seemed out of the ordinary you would be immediately chased. That world was as much of a danger as it was a mystery. Why did it exist? Why could I go there sometimes when I dreamt? I really don't know the answer. The only thing I did learn was how to blend in and disappear if discovered. It was a skill that took many years learning to control and it came after only much abuse. Being shot, being cut, being stabbed. It never hurt like it did in real life but I still felt it. Do you ever know what it is like to feel a saw cut you? Oh sure it felt more like a metal rod was dragged across my skin but that's not bothered me. It was the image of blood dripping from my arm that always kept me from getting back to sleep that night. But it was experiences that taught me something don't get caught and if you do hid, run, or fight. I also learned what I could control and what I could not. In my regular dreams I could do anything but in the Dream World I was limited. The were certain things one could do and things one could not. I also discovered other dreamers could come to this world and they like me were hunted. I also discovered that unlike me most choose when they dreamed of that place. I eventually could do this too but it was mostly a skill I learned to stop going there. I still end up in that world every now and again but things are different now. I have learned. I now know things about that place that I can only guess few others do. I also make it my duty to protect anyone who is in trouble. I think this is mostly cause I wish there was someone who rescued me. I really don't know. All I do know is that it's a world were dreamers like me aren't meant to go.

    Base infiltration.

    by Diamondec on 11-24-2015 at 04:38 AM

    What I remember:

    I flew and some how had landed at a base of some sort. Of course no one saw me land but I was a face no one recognized and was on a secure base. One guy accuses me of being a dreamer(which I was) but I deny this fact knowing if they knew I am a dreamer something bad will happen. As the get closer I tell them I can prove that I am not a dreamer and can prove I belong at the base. I pretend pull something off of my shirt and form it with my imagination/thought into a badge. I notice it is invisible and also imagine/ think then when inspected it will look like an official badge that states I can be at the base. (Normally, I hum or sing objects into stabilization or being but somehow just the thought stabilize the object this time this was the first item I have been able to do that to my knowledge). One of the guys in charge (general?) looks at the badge and states that it is signed by some person who supposedly some important big shot and that I am supposed to be on the base.

    Not sure what happens after that a lot of me moving around bases inside.

    I do remember I try to a line clock with real world time and set it to 3:00 but when I wake up it is 1:30. Then I continue to wonder around until people start getting suspicious of me at which time I force myself awake.

    A Little Creepy

    by Diamondec on 07-27-2011 at 08:03 PM
    Ok last night I had a dream where I got out of bed. (The moment I got out of bed I knew I was dreaming) I went down stairs and saw my mother. I tried to ignore her as I went to the door to open it. As soon as the door was open my mother said to me "you have blood all over you". In response, I said "where?" When I woke up I could still smell blood and later in the day I had a nose bleed.
    lucid , dream fragment

    3/ 28

    by Diamondec on 03-30-2011 at 04:52 AM
    Ok, in this dream. I was in some sort of neighborhood and my car broke down, however I decide to go ask some people for help. Somehow in doing this, I manage to make a lot of mistakes causing all of the people, that I asked for help from, to get angry at me. I say I'm sorry but their still mad. Like they never made a mistake; plus it was small stuff like over watering plants or stuff like that. Finally, I meet this one guy and help his over watered garden by identifying that one of the plants he has is actually from the rain forest and that the plant natural collects water into pools. Next thing I know I am in some guys house and some people from the neighborhood are there and they want to attack me because they are still angry about my little mistakes. However, the guy that I had stands up for me and asks them to give me a break because we all make mistakes. I was so grateful. However, the neighbors were still mad and coming toward me. Unfortunately, they had managed to back me up toward the window and I could not get to the door which was like a foot away. Just when the neighbors took a step forward I remembered I could go through windows, so I go through the window to the outside (at this point you think I would know its a dream). I then start fling into the sky and then realize its a dream so I turn into a phoenix (for some reason when I realize its a dream I turn into the weirdest things). Suddenly the neighbors realize that I not one of them (a DC) and come after me. The dream ends.

    My only thought when I awoke was "I swear if I go through one more window and not realize right away that I'm dreaming I am going to scream."

    I go through solid objects a lot.

    Things I have turned into upon learning that I am dreaming:

    A Fire Phoenix

    A Black Dragon

    A White dragon

    A voltorb a type of pokemon (see below)

    A Man (while still secretly still being a woman)

    A Bird

    A Snake ( to escape a trap)

    Updated 03-30-2011 at 04:55 AM by Diamondec


    on 3/13 Dream last night

    by Diamondec on 03-14-2011 at 07:38 PM
    Ok, I don't remember how it all went but from what I recall I went out my front door and went into the lower court near my house. I went into some guys house but was in spirit form not body form. I did this so he could not see me but somehow he could still sense me. Anyway, I snuck out of the guys house and ran into some woman. I tried to get away from her because she knew I wasn't like the others within the dream. Then when I thought I got away I noticed my dog out of the house so I took her back home. Somehow the woman followed me to the back of my house. She then said "oh, this is where you lived". Somehow the way she said that and her aura made me feel like it was not good that she knew where I lived. So I followed her up onto my deck, placed my hand on her head and wiped the memory of finding the location of my house. However, I wanted to make sure that she had forgotten because I knew that the mind erase may not have worked because I am a dreamer. So I used my watch and called the SSA (a secret organization whose job it is to protect dreamers and the dreamed) and they came and wiped her mind of the location of my house. I then went toward the SSA and explained the situation. I then suddenly got a pain in my chest and rolled around on the ground until the dream ended.

    P.S. A dreamer are those who dream, and a dreamed is someone who is not real or a dream character. there are also spirits (ghosts)
    non-lucid , dream fragment