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    1. I took a break myself. I had to take a break so that I didn't miss out other aspects of my life. Glad to see you pop in.... I made Meesha my profile pic cuz she's driving me crazy! I shut the door today after being woke up way too many times & jarring my recall into nonexistence.
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      Thanks! :3 I'am busy but at times I admit I felt like I was about to abandon dreamviews for a longer time. I'll still visit from time to time though. Oo~ I see Meesha in your avatar. Very cute~
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      Awww miss ya ^^ sort out the world already , so you can come back a whiles, miss ya
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      Great to see you back dreaming waaaaaaaaaa those dreams blow what little mind I have
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      My titanium wings, protecting me from unhelpful thoughts and concepts, and cats
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      I haven't seen you posting your dreams lately. You could still be sick but I hope everything is alright.

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      Hi Elainey. I dared you on the lucid dare thread too. The dare was for you to prank call a dc.
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      Thank you for the comment on my profile. You're too sweet
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      Hey. Thanks for the nice message.^.^ I have my ups and downs but so far I've been good with school and life in general. Have to go through some changes now like moving but I'll get through it. ^^"I can't think of anything to write in my dream journal now but hopefully I'll get a memorable dream soon.
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    I had a work related spinal injury so I don't work anymore. Over the last few yrs I had had nightly terrifying sleep paralysis with entities that scared me so bad that I started praying frantically every night. Then I was reading a fiction book & it talked about weavers, so I looked up weavers & stumbled upon lucid dreaming. That was when I realized not everyone dreams like me. I'm a lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming is a lifestyle, not a passing fad for me. Therefore, I restructured my lifestyle around this & like to connect with others who understand what I'm talking about... I've made good friends on here who understand a different way of life.
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    “The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.”― C.G. Jung

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    Lost in unsavory areas

    by Elaineylane on 02-23-2017 at 02:41 PM
    D1: I was searching for my grand daughter in this restaurant that catered to kids. It was very large & had one level but the big rooms where u had to go up a couple of steps through the doorways into each of the birthday party rooms & games rooms. I searched for her everywhere. I stumbled onto some unsavory characters as the place branched out into some other rooms. Then I woke up.

    D2: I was back searching for my grand daughter by I notice the place has changed w/ more unsavory ppl. I did run into a church group so I asked them if they had seen her. They said they'd help by it looked like the real leader of this group were some more shady characters. I kept coming across drug dealers & a room where they were doing some nasty shit to some little kids but I was so out of my element that I just wanted out of there. I had an idea that maybe my parents house was only a couple of hrs away & maybe the church guy at least could at least point me into the direction of a phone or some ppl who could give me money to get there. I finally got outside & was walking down the sidewalk when I woke up w/ a horrible stomach ache.

    Nothing for the last few days

    by Elaineylane on 02-21-2017 at 10:44 PM
    I haven't had good luck w/ recall for the last few days. I finally had to shut my door again to keep Meesha Cat from abruptly waking me up & messing up my recall. She's all kinds of needy lately, even w/ Mike. Sorry to disappoint.
    side notes

    I'm dead- An elegant reception- A seaside restaurant

    by Elaineylane on 02-17-2017 at 07:46 PM
    #1: I was dead. I was looking down @ my partial body body laying in a marsh along a river. I see my legs & feet. It's disturbing. Locals are saying they accidentally killed me. I'm watching all of this unfold. I see a cop handling the investigation. I feel like he has got this & there will be answers. He says she'd been thrown off of the bridge & ended up in a marsh. I rarely see any part of myself in a dream & I don't remember ever looking at myself like this, especially in this context.Meesha Cat woke me up.

    D2: I was w/ my parents & we were @ some kind of reception area. It's circular & you walk down to a row of tables & down again for the next row & down one more time for the bottom row. It reminds me of "The Love Boat" tv show on the cruise ship for some reason, lol. It was really elegant. It was just normal family conversations that I would've had as a child going somewhere w/ my parents but we are all adults here. My mom is worried about what ppl will think & are told not to embarrass her, lol. Thank God she is more relaxed & enjoying life now & not all uptight. Meesha Cat woke me up again.

    D3: I was @ this restaurant by the beach kind of place. It looke like a version of an old clam bake except men were diving in to catch fresh fish w/ some odd looking sieve bucket or something. They were catching things like squid & yucky stuff. No seafood that tastes good like lobster or something. A man sitting at my table was going to get to try his hand at it. He finally gets to go in & I get to come closer. It looks like a cement wall is barely flowing water over it. It was really interesting how they utilized the sea/ocean in such a way to make an entertaining dining experience. Meesha Cat is waking me up a 3rd time tonight. I'm not happy with her.

    I didn't have a lucid tonight but lately I have been picking up speed again with them after my break. I just finished my second journal over this past year since March but most of it looks like gibberish until I put it on here.

    My mom in a LIMO, A magic tree, Gypsies herbal meds, Investing money

    by Elaineylane on 02-15-2017 at 08:50 PM
    I've been very busy IRL & had 2 of my grandkids all weekend so I've been rather busy & then I had to sleep a lot Monday & Tuesday because I pushed myself too hard this weekend. But I did have a whole lot of fun! Not much by way of dreams due to my pain meds.

    ***I was living in a cabin in the woods. I'm asleep & think Mike is in the room but instead it's my mom. She said she just dropped by cuz her & my dad were driving through in their RV. I told her I could make her some coffee & I looked into the refrigerator to find something to feed her. I said "hey, there is some beer in here if you want some." I say this half talking to myself & become lucid because Mike & I don't drink alcohol. There wouldn't be beer anywhere we would be staying. I say out loud "we don't drink anymore". I then notice that the fridge is almost bare & the food looks old. Almost in shock I look up on the top shelf & then lean into the fridge because I see there is no "top" of the fridge & I only see the cabinets above it. She tells me she is going into town for food. I'm still contemplating the fridge, kind of in awe. I laugh because I'm thinking, "well isn't this a strange dream!" I realize she is still talking as she leaves & adds "dad is out off doing something" just as I am wondering where he is. I go out the sliding door & I'm on a deck looking out & see a huge tree. I walk down & look at it in wonder. I know it's the magical tree from the book I'm reading. This is so cool!! I then look to the right of the tree & there is a limo. I open the door & my mom is sitting in the back seat behind the drivers side putting her feet up on the back of the passenger seat. I start laughing because I just saw a woman do this in a show I watched & my mom is all slim now like she was when I was a kid. I got woke up by Meesha Cat so I'm disappointed that I didn't get to play w/ the magic tree!

    **I was w/ a group of gypsies. I've been watching a series w/ gypsies & werewolves. I am in a kitchen sorting plants so that we don't eat the poisonous ones. The man in charge gives me a compliment & said "Now that's how people should be." He was talking about me caring about others & not just myself.

    **I was in a school where ppl were turning into dust after they ad found ways to invest money to make money to sustain an income instead of working. This was to free up time to enjoy life. They were sharing in detail how to do this but I couldn't catch all of how to do that. I had come in toward the end of the conversation. The leader & his followers would turn back to dust afterwards. Apparently this happened often here. I walked around the school inside & outside when they appeared out of thin air again. But unfortunately Meesha Cat woke me up.

    skating job interview & reality show survivor w/ 5yr old girls

    by Elaineylane on 02-10-2017 at 08:17 PM
    Sunday: I was in my home town I lived in when I was a kid but I was there for a job interview where I had to wear roller skates & work w/ this male friend I know IRL but he also reminded me of (JJ) someone else that I won't mention. I had others there to lean on & to give me good references. But I now had a boss who was flirty when other ppl weren't around. Mostly it was good though as the dream progressed. It was about how I'm okay now & have moved on. Reminding me that I'm a very different person now.

    Wednesday: On some weird reality tv show w/ 5 yr olds. We take a train on the way to a store & I see a familiar scene & mention it. It was a moment of lucidity but it fled after that. We had to go to a toy store & the girls were to pick out things to use to survive but they had to be in this weird Christmas section that only had toys. I remember this same scene from around Christmas time. We went back to these stables & each girl was in a stall. It was pouring rain. They had to make a fire & were using doll legs for logs. This dream was just weird as shit.