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      Great run of lucid dreams !
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      Dang, reading your entries ( mostly DHL related ) I can tell that you're really good at LDing. For how long have you been lucid dreaming?
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    16-Jan - ND fragm / 17-Jan-2017 - Several ND/LD fragments + WILD: Jungle guerrilla

    by GenghisKhan on Today at 12:46 PM
    16-Jan-2017 - 3xND fragments

    - Fragments 1 and 3 forgotten - Fun fact about fr.1. I had it in mind, sit up, take pen/paper from the bedside table and forget what to write; it never came back
    - I am discussing with colleagues about pricing of some specific products, I cannot report details


    17-Jan-2017 - Several ND/LD fragments + WILD: Jungle guerrilla
    ND: I am using plants to defend an area
    2:20 AM - I wake up, attempt WILD, fall asleep

    FLD: Another similar fragment, using plants to defend, I am in a hotel, with many wooden doors. I am kinda aware this is not real
    4:30 AM - WBTB, another unfocused WILD attempt, fall asleep

    LD: (est. 5AM) - I am aware this is dream. I extract a small (50cm) Christmas Tree from a table, it's decorated with strings, balls and a pointed top. I place it on top of the table, shoot rays / balls from it to repel small and grey humanoid assailants

    Wake up 6:05 AM, I know I have little time to 6:30 work alarml, but I attempt WILD and I am successful
    WILD: After short visualization, LD stabilizes.
    I start in an army training center. I go to a metal locker, open it, find a camo suit, wear it (on top of my clothes I guess), then look at myself in the door's mirror. My face looks kinda deformed, then it becomes normal.
    I find an officer / trainer who provides me an automatic rifle, I play with lock / fire mode selector, then an automatic handgun. Again, I play with magazine, loader (english?), this further stabilizes dreamworld

    The officer tells me I have a mission to recover some secret document from a heavily guarded enemy base
    I will first go through the jungle with a group, then I should leave my heavy equipment to them, and rely on my powers
    He invites me to check my knife, it's strapped to my left leg
    I am on a boat with 5 or 6 comrades, going upstream in a river in the middle of a thick jungle
    There is a low wooden bridge above the boat, when we pass below it, a guy appears and drop a bucket of ice cold water on us
    I think that to be an ambush it's especially mild.
    However, one of my comrades gets incapacitated. We stop the boat, I walk up the steep river bank, there are a couple of wooden shacks which look empty; I use infra-red view to scan the interior of the closest shack, it's confirmed empty. I turn around me, a scan on a house farther away reveals few red-glowing human figures.
    I signal my comrades to take the injured guy in, then I move in direction of the enemy.

    I decide to become invisible. I watch both my arms disappear, then I look down seeing nothing of my body.
    I walk to the occupied house, do a super-jump and land on the roof. I melt/phase through the roof tiles, seeing the interior, then land inside the house, still invisible. There is a guy wearing a fluffy white jacket, looking out of a window, pointing a rifle.
    I think that they have made us no harm, they look like poor fighters, so I will avoid killing them.
    I get very close to him, suddenly take his left leg, hold and lift it up, breaking it. He shouts in pain.

    Another guy comes close, and punches the place I am. I feel his punches going through my face. This is a surprise, I meant to be invisible, not totally transparent...
    I move a bit to the side, he's still hitting air. I think about some creative way to harm him but not kill him.
    I transform into a tiger. I feel my body change shape, and walk on all four.
    I get close, give up my invisibility, and quickly assault him again on the leg, chomping it.
    He too screams from pain and shock, I think it's fair, he just saw a tiger appear out of thin air and bite him !
    Then I regain human form and exit the house.
    I am walking in the thick jungle. I see two enemy soldiers when they are very close (<2m), they see me at the same time
    I immediately shrink down to the ground, I see the leaves enormous around me. I may be ant-sized.
    A heavy boot passes next to me, I jump on it, and walk up the soldier's uniform, until I reach the collar.
    Then for some reason I think the best thing to do is stinging him in the neck with my arse, and that's what I do.
    Then I quickly move out of the way, where his hand slaps his neck. He stops walking, in pain.

    I land on the other soldier, I look in the face and it's a beautiful girl, with black hair and sharp face features, but very nice looking. I am very surprised by this. I tell her not to worry, I will not hurt her. I ask her name, I see his mouth from very close distance saying the word "Rachele". Unfortunately just after this, work alarm rings.

    15-Jan-2017-2xND+2xWILDs-Fly rocket to Mars, saucer Pluto, fight aliens, blackhole, mess hotel lobby

    by GenghisKhan on 01-15-2017 at 04:35 PM
    15-Jan-2017 - 2xND +2xWILDs - Fly rocket to Mars, build and animate red dust man, fly saucer to Pluto, fight aliens, sink into black hole, meet PvsZ plants, make hotel hall tables and guests fly and disappear

    ND#1: (3:10AM) I am playing with my son, I sit, he's laying on my legs, I spank him to make him laugh. Do WBTB

    ND#2: (est.5:30AM) Fragment; something to do with military aircrafts, and also money exchange between Russian and Hungarian currency (?).

    Wake up 6AM, attempt WILD, success

    WILD#1: (6 AM ~1hr)
    Poor recall of beginning. I meet a nice blonde girl who is very keen to have fun, who am I to refuse it ?
    After that, I am in my tower. On the right wall I notice two paintings I didn't remember. I focus mostly on the one on the left. I memorize its details, very white skin girl, red lips, brown hair, blue dress; looking left, surprised by something not visible in the picture; brown blurry background. Also the right picture is a girl, skinny, I did not capture much detail.

    I exit the room, which is now the girl's room at my uncle's house. I cross all the house, go outside, see the house, garden, tank, go out of the gate. I take a cableway up the mountain, then a lift down to the main crater. Lift has glass walls. When it reaches the magma lake, I open the door and walk on the lava, it's very liquid.
    After this, I decide it's time to focus on tasks.

    I am looking for a spaceship. I find a rocket like THIS , near a platform. I use the walkway to enter it. I take the seat; it's looking upwards, to a black sky spotted with stars. The rocket leaves, I see the movement of the stars around me. After some pretty dull space flight, we land on Mars.
    I descend the rocket, and see the red planet around me, lots of dust, rocky mountains few kms away; it's totally deserted.
    I take some red dust and create a red-dust-man, complete with red-rock eyes and nose.
    Then I use some white light power with both hands on it, it becomes alive.

    I ask the red-dust-man, since he knows the place, where can I find anything interesting. It points to a nearby area.
    I reach what seems a "cars cemetery", although cars are very new, I notice some big white SUVs, and more.
    All of them are parked nose-down in the very short slope of a large depression.

    Then I notice a partially buried white disc. I know it's a flying saucer, although it's very small, like 30 cms. The top is made of white metal, bottom is black plastic. The bottom has few mumbered buttons and the instructions to make it normal size. I press the buttons in sequence, the disc pops open, it's now a proper saucer, 15-20m diameter. I use the catwalk to get inside.
    The interior has many instruments, monitors, button panels, "flying" touch screens and more.
    I notice a twisted violet / black basin, from which I pick am object having same color patterns. It envelops my right arm. I understand it's a kind of armor. Since it looks cool, I put my other arm in it, and I get both my arms and my shoulders covered by it.

    A guy comes inside. He's wearing a sort of space uniform, light gray, I notice a small crescent moon drawing on his chest so I now he's a teammate.
    I ask him to take care of this room, while I look for the pilot deck. I notice two curved staircase going up, I use one and find it.
    The pilot panel has many cluster of buttons and instruments, I click random stuff and we take off.

    Another space travel, this time I am heading to Pluto. To quicken things up, I activate hyper-speed. The black starry space becomes blurry for some seconds, then it turns back normal, we arrived at destination. We descend on the planet, it's dark and grey and empty.
    Once I take few steps on the gray dust, from the ground emerge 4 or 5 grey Alien-like monsters.
    I use the purple alien bracer on the closest one, three tentacles fly straight into its body, which shrink, like sucked by the inside, evidently dead.
    I use my left arm on another alien, which dies in the same way, plus tentacles emerge from my shoulders, killing a third one.
    The remaining aliens disappear, most likely they dug back into the ground.

    I say to myself that this was too easy, and my dream immediately proves me wrong.
    An enormous crab-like monster comes out of the dust. I imagine it has been called by the survivors.
    The giant alien crab immediately attacks me with its legs, I evade its attacks and jump on one of its leg. I draw my sword and thrust it down deep into the leg, cutting part of it away.
    I avoid another attack, jump on another leg, this time I thrust my sword at the junction between the leg and the body, severing the entire leg.
    I jump on its body, it's very hard and bumpy. I use pirokinesis with both my hands on its body, which hurts it.
    Then I somehow get stuck by my back on the body. I free myself, get up and attack it again.
    I can't recall the end of the fight, but I survive, so I must have won

    I return inside the flying saucer.
    I want to get sucked into a black hole, so I fly in space looking for one. I find it, it's a dark mass of black. I observe it for a bit. I see things getting sucked in and disappear leaving no trace.
    Then I decide it's time to receive the same treatment. I lower engine power, and the black hole starts sucking us in.
    When I get on its border, everything becomes black (of course!)
    I also become bodyless.
    In the blackness in front of me, I notice some patterns. Small speckles of light start appearing. I recognize in one of the light patterns a couple of eyes. Then another set of eyes. I think I may be seeing phosphenes for the first time.

    Then another dream scene forms around me. I am in a PvsZ garden, with square grass tiles and plants, peashooters, sunflowers, coconuts and more.
    I am where the house is, so I see them from the back. I want to look the plants from the front, so I walk among the plants, then turn around.
    It's nice, the plants are staring at me. I plant some, like an exploding jalapeno, which leaves a trail of fire, I remove some others.
    I also plant a smiling green jalapeno which stays there.

    I decide I want to fly, I jump up in the sky, and fly above an autumn landscape, many yellow trees.
    Recall stops here, but dream may have continued a bit.
    Wake up 7AM

    WILD#2: (7 AM ~20 min)
    I decide to attempt WILD again, it goes through, I enter a dream almost immediately.
    I am in a hotel room, door is open and I see two happy girls with light colored dresses walking from right to left.
    I decide to just follow whatever the dream will present me.
    I get out of the door, look right, just a short empty corridor, so I follow the girls to my left.
    After awakening I notice this hotel looks like a Marriot I've been at in Nov

    The girls enter an elevator, doors close before me. I phase through the wall and door into the cabin. We go down.
    Elevator doors open into the lobby. There are many people sitting, drinking and talking. I decide to do the same and just have a seat.
    I look around me, everything looks very stable. I decide it's time to spice things up a bit, and I make some tables, chairs and people lift and float up in the air. I also decide to make few of them disappear, just for the fun of it.

    Poor recall after that.
    A fragment of a warmly lit dining room with a Christmas tree, and some big plastic (LEGO-like) french playing cards on the ground.
    A fragment of rubbing hands for stabilization in an industrial environment.

    Then me kicking something / someone, my WL right leg does the same and I wake up, 7:30AM

    Updated 01-15-2017 at 04:39 PM by GenghisKhan

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    14-Jan-2017 - 4xNDs +2xWILDs - Three transforms, fly car, telekinesis house, gift LEGO, more..

    by GenghisKhan on 01-14-2017 at 12:57 PM
    14-Jan-2017 - 4xNDs +2xWILDs - Three transforms, fly car, telekinesis house, gift LEGO, more...

    ND#1: (est.2AM) I am placing plants from PvsZ, and carpets as well

    ND#2: (3:10AM) I am with my wife abroad, it seems Korea. We are in a small hotel room, there is more people with us (colleagues?) We discuss something with those people, then they go away; when me and my wife remain alone, we love.
    We go to the airport, there is a dark central corridor, light turn on when we approach; I look for the sensors, and don't see them. Near walls there are many metal frames depicting rockets and spaceships, with relevant space mission names. My wife comments about huge fuel consumption.
    We stop by a gate, there is noone else around.

    Wake up 3:30, do WBTB and write above dreams

    WBTB/WILD#1: (3:30AM) Failed - I do not succeed in directly entering a dream, but manage to get lucid afterwards

    LD#1: (OBE-like, 4-6 AM) I am standing in my bedroom, wife is sleeping. I don't want to wake her up, I pick my phone from the high drawer and go to dining room. It's dark and even if I wish more light, everything stays dark. I turn on the phone and do something with it, can't recall what

    ND#3: (4-6 AM) I am driving my car, I have passengers, most likely my parents, surely my uncle R
    I recognize the road, before a uphill I strongly accelerate and feel the pressure against my chest. After the uphill, I turn right

    LD#2: (4-6 AM) I am in a city, a dark road. On a wall, suddenly a light appears. I notice a woman wearing just bottom underwear, entering a secret door rotating. I run towards it, and manage to get in through the breach before it closes.
    I find a square room, strongly lit, many work benches at the center, seems like a laboratory. The woman is working at one of the benches. I approach her naked body, and molest here. She does not oppose resistance, so you can imagine the rest. Details snipped. Lucidity fades afterwards

    Wake up 6AM, do another WILD

    WILD#2: (6:30 AM) I put more effort and focus in this one, I successfully enter a dream
    Since it's a very long LD, I've split into sections

    Part I - Lucio Dalla - Caruso
    I am in a hotel hall, I recognize it's the beginning of Lucio Dalla / Caruso song video (his most famous song perhaps; listen it, it's a wonderful song ) I have watched couple of weeks ago.

    As in the videoclip beginning, "Bad boys" is playing, LD enters from the right and approaches the hotel reception desk.
    Unlike in the videoclip, though, I get close too, and turn off the radio playing the song.
    LD gets room key (a classic metal key), for room number 410, I ask him if I can accompany him in his room to talk (important precisation, as he had made outing as gay). He unlocks the door, I open the door and let him pass, I enter the room.

    I sit in a chair. We talk about himself, I compliment him for his great music, he goes to the bathroom, from the door I see him washing his hands while we talk. In the meantime I pick up two cherries from a bowl on a nearby small round table. I tell him I am sorry he's dead, he looks sad too.
    Then I ask him if he can sing "Caruso", he does, and I undergo an incredibly strong emotion I cannot describe in words, I shiver violently and for long time while I listen him sing. Interestingly, as much as I like the song, it has never provoked anything remotely like that IWL, but I know it's going to be very different from now on...
    To thank and greet him I kiss him on both cheeks, I am sensibly taller then him

    Part II - Transform into a squirrel
    I approach the window, the sun is setting in the bay. There is a tree near the window. I jump and grab the trunk with both my arms, and legs too. Then I climb on a branch. I attempt squirrel trasformation. My viewpoint slowly descends closer to the branch, then I feel my legs get bigger. It has worked. I start running and jumping on branches, even belonging to different trees.

    I find a hole in a tree, I enter it, there are many walnuts inside, it's a true squirrel lair. Inside the hole, I think that it would be funny embracing my own big, soft tail, I do it, it feels good ! Then I pick a walnut and I ponder that I am clueless on how a squirrel would open it.
    I use my big middle tooth on the central fissure, and I manage to open it. I eat the nut inside, chomping it happily (no taste, though)

    Then I think about the "phase through object" task, I pretend knowing there is a branch on the other side of the trunk, then walk through the trunk. As a small squirrel, it takes some time in the blackness to exit on the other side. When exiting, something strange / new happens. I feel like my eyes get "stuck" in the trunk for a split second and get farther away from me than normal, then come back normally with the rest of my body.

    Looking down, I notice a cartoonish-looking wolf on the ground, I chew the branch which falls on the wolf's head
    It gets upset, and it becomes a normal, dangerous-looking wolf; it howls, and suddenly a pack of wolfs is beyond my tree. Now I am scared (I chose not to use any dream power to get out of this). I run and jump on branches until I get to a tree close to a small, low house with a low, fenced perimeter wall. The wolves are close, but running fast I descend the tree, climb up the wall and run through the small space between wall and metal fence. I am now safe in the garden of this house.

    Part III - Materialize car, fly it. Floating island. Unwrap a Xmas present and gift to my son. Telekinesis whole house
    I become human again. Wolves are not there anymore. I exit the garden through the gate. I am in a classic American residential zone with low houses well apart from each other, wide road. No one is around.
    I decide to attempt "Advanced summoning": I go for a car. I look to the road close to the pedestrian walkway and wish to make a car appear at that spot. It materializes in front of my eyes almost all together; some smaller parts (e.g. headlights) appear a second later.
    When the car is complete, I look at it. It looks like a Corolla-ish, it's dark grey. I don't like the color, and recolor it in red instead. It comes out a bordeaux red, which I don't like either. I wish it a bright red. Now I like it. I open driver door, sit inside and drive it.

    I accelerate the car alot on the empty road, until it eventually takes off. I am flying a car on this urban landscape, slowly gaining altitude.
    I see something floating in front of me. It's a small rocky island. From the distance I can only see something white to the left and a tree on the right. When I get there, I have some troubles landing / parking the car. When I can finally get off the car, I look around.
    There is a small house, just a white cube basically, a tree and very little else.

    I open the door and enter the building. There is a Christmas tree with several presents under it. Yay ! This wasn't expected !
    I pick a 30cm gift, it's wrapped in red paper with golden ribbon and go outside. I slowly and purposedly open it, as I want to enjoy the surprise of what I fill find inside. I remove the ribbon, open and finally tear the paper. It's a mid-size LEGO set ! It has a small yellow excavator and two minifigures. I notice how the model looks small compared to box size. I wish to gift it to R, my son.
    I summon him in front of me, and he appears. I kiss him and give him the box, which makes him happy. Then I tell him to go, as I have to venture further. He fades out.

    I go again to the town below (how ? flying ? can't recall) and decide that I can attempt the "Big telekinesis" on a house. I point one to my right, perfectly similar to the others I saw before. It is also fenced and has some children playground, for sure a swing. I also look for an empty spot to land it on the other side of the road. (Interesting: I feel my eyebulbs move side to side as I do this)
    Then I focus on my target house. I raise both my hands in front of me. As I move them up, the house with surrounding wall and all the dirt below rises up. I notice the dirt is wet below, and look at the hole I created in the ground. I take note to explore it later.
    I raise the package like 10 meters above the ground and move it across the street in an arc.
    Then I kinda drop it on the empty spot. The big dirt mound below the house does not allow it to lay flat, it is pending to my right. I try to adjust it but I am not successful. Then I go to the big hole in the wet ground. I explore it but I find nothing.

    At this point I ponder whether to keep the dream alive or just go to sleep.
    The dream environment is totally stable so I decide to go on.

    Part IV - Transform into a fish
    I walk around, looking for a river. I find a small torrent, with super transparent water and a rocky bottom.
    I stand with my feet in it. I find my feet are naked, they feel cool.
    I attempt transforming into a small fish. Similarly to what happened with the squirrel, my viewpoint descends until it's just above the water level.
    I also experience something hard to describe, a sort of dizziness, as my head changes position in relation to my body.
    Then I am underwater. I see the water surface above me, just below me rocks and floating algaes.

    I swim forwards swaying the lower part of my body left and right. I try looking at my pectoral fin, but find it's too short for that.
    I swim for some time, hoping to reach the sea, but the river is too long. So I decide to use a sort of super-speed to quickly reach the sea.
    The scenery moves very fast around me, then I reach river's estuary. I follow a random branch then a small drop, then I am in the sea.
    Below me, dark, bottomless water, to my back a flat rock wall going down.

    I decide attempting to escape a big fish in this form, so I think it's safer staying close to the rock wall.
    From the dark water in front of me, a pointy nose appears, approaching at high speed; it's a shark.
    Its first assault ends up as a hit on the rock wall. Then I swim upwards, he attacks again, and I manage to fly fast enough to escape its bite.
    At its third assault I see its hige open mouth in front of me, and I cannot escape. However, its open mouth hits the rock wall, and it cannot close it on me. Ouch ! That was close !

    I decide I had enough. I look for a gap in the rock wall, find it and swim it inside quickly. It's totally dark inside but I can swim anyhow. The channel makes a sharp upward turn, I follow it until I see light above me. I emerge in a small pool on the ground. I jump out and become human again.

    I think I am missing only the last transformation and pulling the sword out of the stone to complete my personal goal.
    I open a "zip" portal to my tower, it comes out purple inside. I enter it and find myself inside the tower.

    Part V - Transform into bird, pull sword out of the stone
    I approach the window, and easily transform into a small bird (transformed into eagles and dragons in the past)
    I fly up lighty, see a tree, land on a branch with my small legs, then hop on my legs towards a nest on that branch. I sit inside, there are some eggs.
    Then I fly up again. It's a relaxing flight. I am looking for the city where the sword is

    I end up flying above a big city, with yellow lights.
    There is a small garden with the anvil and the sword in it, I land there and return human again.
    I look around and it's looking a bit too cartoonish for my taste.
    I wish more realistic buildings around me, a high fence around the garden, everything appears; two guards appear, in medieval dressing with halberds.

    I say aloud that I want to extract the sword from the stone, one of the guards laugh, but some people crowd around the garden.
    I go in, then use both my hands and some force to pull the sword out of the stone.
    I raise the sword above my head and say "I am your king now, people !"
    Then I look at the sword. It looks beautiful, with a broad blade and a golden curved hilt.
    I say I will now use this sword in my next dreams. I sheathe it on my back.

    Then I take some time to return to my body, wait for some dizziness to pass, then wake up and move to my side.

    ND#4: Some discussion with my sister V

    ND#5: Forgotten

    Wake up at 8

    11-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Hawks vs Antelopes, Worrisome hotel + WILD: Lilliput Theater, Plane flight +ND#2

    by GenghisKhan on 01-11-2017 at 09:38 PM
    11-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Hawks vs Antelopes, The worrisome hotel + WILD: Lilliput Theater, Plane flight + ND#2: Car slides on ice

    ND#1: I am travelling with my colleague L, through an area with red/brownish dirt hills; he tells me some hawks and antelopes have been fighting here (!!!) Some hawks have taken antelopes away, some antelopes have ground hawks (!!!) At one time I get off the car and pick the body of a hawk; it breaks down in my hands (!!!)
    I wonder if this makes any sense or it could be a dream. I look at the digital clock in my car, and it consistently reads the same time 21:12, then 21:13 after many checks. The rest of the cockpit also looks good. I find it strange that it should be dark but it's fully day, but I attribute that to not adjusting the clock properly after last reset. Near miss, but I am more aware the rest of the dream, very good recall

    I reach an hotel; I look for restrooms, find them in a floor below ground level after many poorly lit corridors with several turns.
    First restrooms I find are not good enough, I find a second one. They look dark, but when I approach the orinal, I also notice two steel carts with corpses on them (!!!) I read these are the "Halls of the Dead". I do my business very quickly and go away, the place looks unsettling

    I find an elevator, I ask to a woman passing there if this will take me to the lobby, she says "Of course !", showing a convincing body language that says "Why do you even ask ? It's totally obvious"
    I reach a salon which looks like a lobby and bar, there are many round tables, many women sitting there, some wear old-fashioned clothes (19th century maybe)
    I notice a girl very shabby looking, brown skin, sitting in such a way that some parts that should be hidden are visible instead (!!!)
    None of them seem caring I am there or having an intention to interact.
    I make another tour of the salon then go away. I wake up, it's 4:30 AM

    WBTB/WILD#1: (4:30AM, est. ~30min over 1 hr of time)
    I start from previous dream. I find two more corpses in a dark corridor; For a moment I think about investigating, but immediately abandon the idea
    At the end of a corridor I reach a theater with many chairs. I proceed beyond the curtains
    I lay on the floor and imagine myself tied up by ropes, which happens. Around me appear many small men, mostly wearing gnome-like hats
    I have troubles reaching outside, I always find another wall or floor. When I succeed, I fly up on the landscape, until I find a small airport.
    I land, there is a small old plane, with only a central propeller. I sit inside, clicl buttons in the cockpit, then draw the cloche towards me and take off. I fly above the scenery, which unfortunately is not very interesting, trees and hills.

    When I try some tight air tricks I cannot pull them off. However, large maneuvers work fine
    After some time I see another small airport below me. I make an appropriate wide maneuver to line up with the runway.
    When I get very close I remember the final part of the task was not actually landing but opening a time breach
    I act very quickly. The time breach opens in front of me, consisting of a "hole" in the reality, covered by a cloth with many stamped analog clocks of varying size. Oh well !
    I fly inside the hole with the plane
    I immediately find myself grounded, in a field with many plants from PvsZ, mostly green peashooters, tall about same as me.

    From there I walk away and visit more places, houses and shops, trying to find a Christmas tree and some forgotten presents for TotM
    Last house I visit, owned by a bearded guy, has a Xmas tree, but no presents

    More short fragments, forgotten

    ND#2: Recalled while driving, by a strong sense of deja-vu

    I am driving my car, A and G are passengers. We've just got out of a place we've been for a whole day (FDM)
    The road is covered with ice, and when I carelessly drive at normal speed, the car slides forward
    My passengers don't seem too worried.
    I break and the car keeps sliding, then reducing gear and accelerating I recover the car
    I make a U-turn and drive in the opposite direction, finding the place where I had slid earlier
    I say after such long time inside I thought the ice had melted

    8-10-Jan-2017, ND + WILD: Spaghett, Sled

    by GenghisKhan on 01-11-2017 at 09:36 PM
    8-Jan-2017 - ND - Forgotten

    9-Jan-2017 - No recall


    10-Jan-2017 - ND#1: Medical visit daughter + ND#2: Forgotten + WILD#1: Spaghetti + WILD#2: Sled

    ND#1: We are at a heart doctor, visiting our daughter (really happened this days); she's laying in an awkward position (!)
    ND#2: Forgotten

    WILD#1: (6:20AM, est. ~5min)
    Despite the incoming alarm, I attempt WILD and I am successful although it's very short

    A bowl of spaghetti / noodles inside. I duplicate it
    I see a cloth bag with some writings outside, it contains food condiments, some mozzarella to be put in the past

    WILD#2: (6:30AM, est. ~10min)
    I stop the alarm and sleep 10 min more

    I teleport myself on top of a snowy mountain. There are some people with skiing suits, I ask one of them if I can borrow his bobsled, he's ok.
    It's very similar to the one I had when I was young, red with dark metal brakes and yellow handles, it has some colorful stickers to the sides
    I look it inside and at the bottom; the dream is very stable
    I place the bob on the snow, sit inside and descend

    I go quite fast, I have little time to look at the scenery, I arrive at a flat clearing very quickly
    I forgot to open the passage at the bottom (TotY)

    From that point, I descend again; this time, before reaching the bottom, I wish creating a black crack in the terrain before me.
    I fall inside the crack on my bob. Few seconds of blackness, then I reach a brown rocky area, lighted by lava below. I land on the bob at a dirt clearing surrounded by low brown rocks and lava outside.

    I would explore but need to get up