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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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      Check Skype
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      It's been quite a while.
      Are you still hanging around here?
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      Long time no talk
      Hope you've been doing well!
      (ps- this is OctoberWind (name changed))
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      You mentioned the Gravity RC. I am very curious about that, and how you apply it. Seems like it has been highly successful for you.
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      It's going very good...not breaking any records but I am systematically progressing. Thank you again for your help and I hope you had a great birthday.
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      Happy Birthday Hukif!! I don't know if you remember me but you helped me when I was new here by PM. I just had to wish u a great day and thank u once again!! by the way I am slowly attempting to add your gravity RC to my arsenal. Slow process for me but I know it will pay off in the long run.
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      Happyyy birrthday
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      Hi HuK
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    Oh I forgot this, I'm weird, like nightmares, have 1LD/night 6 my personal record, fight in dreams... and... ask me the rest <.<
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    Student <.<
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    Google is my friend <.<


    Check out my journal, Decayed, Horrid Tree journal of Hukif
    My LD count is since January 14, 2009
    Finally made a thread on my Gravity RC, anyone interested just drop me a PM.
    Yes, everything must be googled, after all it's top secret.


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    Trying to take revenge I guessthursday 24th 2017

    by Hukif on 08-31-2017 at 09:26 PM
    Hunting me down!

    I was home with my husband and we were talking about something important but pretty much forgot about it by now. Got lucid and was trying to convince him of going to crazy adventures with me, but he was refusing.
    Mostly due to the fact that he was sensing some kind of tremor. Eventually some kind of wood creature showed up, which I knew from another world.
    Educated him about the biology of this creature when another group of people I knew from other planets came by… where they trying to hunt me down? The tree would use its root to try and steal my energy while the others were mostly trying to stop my movements.

    Used a fire around me and shot it around, they flew a bit higher and thrust their spears at me, fly down and then hit the tree, which goes underground. Use the flying rocks to pierce the ones flying and then set the ground on fire, but the tree thingy sticks its roots at me to try and steal my energy, so make the rocks so hot that they become molten lava and the poor tree starts to burn slowly. YAY!
    Try to talk to him again about going out, but can feel I am about to wake up and give up on it, just teleport to a random mountain and stay there until the dream ends.

    Slowly getting back to journaling

    by Hukif on 08-21-2017 at 12:17 PM
    Quite forgotten…

    ANYWAYS back to dream journaling

    Monday August 21st 2017
    Why not make it happen?

    On the first dream was waiting outside of a big house, when I became lucid and decided to try something different. Not sure where exactly I was but wanted to explore like always. Started with the big house as soon as I could figure out how to open the damn door and then went in.
    Inside, could see how the sun would flare on the room, literally. It started to burn my clothes so made them a part of myself and went through like normal, why would this place have so much defense? Use Scan and discover that down below there is some kind of city.
    Teleport to the entrance, which is an abyss as big as a small country, jump down and start seeing that as I go down, will see several floors throughout the place filled with different species of cretures.
    Kept going down for a few seconds before I got to the lowest part. Just as I got down, some couple of guardians came over to my place, one punched me against the wall and the other one tried to set me on fire. They were expecting me to die I guess, since all they did was move to the other side and give me their back.
    Waive my hand their way and let a short solar flare go through them and the last floor, effectively destroying over half the floor. End up going further and getting threatened and feared at the same time, so they did not dare to attack me anymore and instead gave me a tour. A nice demon lady was the one to lead the way, and I was just laughing myself out while working on it.

    Aliens, really?

    by Hukif on 07-12-2016 at 04:09 AM
    I was checking something online, not sure why or what anymore.

    Remember that while typing became lucid due to the light feeling of my fingers.

    As soon as I became lucid decided it was time to take on the challenge thing again, but didn't quite remember what was exactly the goal for now and just teleported to that place before it was too late.

    When I first arrived, had some trouble thinking about what I had to do, clearly recalled that I had to only use two powers, one of them being use of hair and the other one being the ability to store energy within things, such as the hair so yeah.

    Look down and see the robe I had before, then look up and see some kind of forest... forest... OH YEAH! Forest giant, it is nowhere to be seen and the only obvious sign of it is some kind of big footprint on the floor next to a destroyed village.

    "Yo!" say to the people on the village and ask them where exactly the giant is moving towards the city, or at least they say that it was like an hour ago and start to complain about me being a terrible hero, meh.

    Move using my hair over to the city and when I arrive, see other people fighting the big giant, it is made of moss that for some reason reacts to my power, so assume that is the hair of the giant, alright.

    Use my robes and transform them fully while hovering above the giant and then create a giant spear, making the hair condense enough for it to pierce through and wait for a bit because the silly giant is moving a lot and I don't have enough energy to spam the spears.

    One of the heroes from teh association is aware of my movements and makes the giant stop moving by hitting it with a barrage of attacks from below, then just pierce and start to absorb the power of the giant and make it onto a nice pair of boots then go down to the other heroes.

    We start to talk and try to repair the problems with the destruction caused by the giant, and then discover that it was sent by some kind of alien... alright? They start to send more and the hero I was with knows that I can fight them off, so sends me over to the aliens.

    When I arrive they make a giant descend upon me and quickly destroy it using the hair of the last giant to break the new one from the inside out, then make the hair go upwards and bring down three of the ships. The rest run away quickly and then send down some kind of zombies which will explode soon and kill a lot of people.

    I try to take them down along with the other heroes, but we can't hurt them at all they just regenerate. Some other hero says he hears something and recognizes the zombies, they are actually our own people! They tell us that they need their heart to be eaten in order to get killed and not explode and me, not having enough hair to protect everyone or move them start to munch down the chest of the zombies and lament myself for not having my other powers with me in order to make it not taste like rotting meat... or fresh meat f or some of them, EWWWW.

    Silly kid.

    by Hukif on 06-19-2016 at 05:36 PM
    Sunday June 12th 2016

    Was walking down the street, become lucid when walking and then turn around and go back home… no wait, goals yes.

    Teleport back to the hero world and then start to seek for the man with the… uh… something else? Forgot what it was when I see someone with a metal bat come at me, stop his bat with my hair then use the hairs of the bees I had in my hand to make a small spear and cut open through his chest while at the same time taking control of his hair and using his fleeting life force to strengthen the hair I already have.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around a big, thick city… become lucid while doing so and decide I shall continue on with the goals.

    Teleport back to that city and use the hair to move through the air to the town in which the big spider is at. At first didn’t’ want to kill it but whenever I tried to tie it down it somehow got away… so finally when it started to spit its own acids at me since I was pretty much floating from its perspective got mad.

    “Fine, I won’t help you out then” told the spider before sending out the bee hair out and using it as spears that went through each of the legs of the spider, making it fall through the trees it was on top of to fight me to the ground; when the spider was on the ground made a bigger spear and a smaller one, sending the big one to its book lung and the other one to the brain, killing it and at the same time taking control now of its hair.

    In order to keep that much hair along with me and its sticky/acidic properties made it condense all into a super dense carbon-fiber (hair follicle) ring that I put in my left hand.

    It isn’t all that hard, uh?

    by Hukif on 06-19-2016 at 05:36 PM
    Saturday June 11th 2016

    Was checking something online, became lucid while browsing the net and once I was lucid went outside and started flying and recalled about the goal of the day… alright.

    Didn’t want to mix the FA world and the Hero thing since I dislike being a hero a lot and so just went to a new one.

    When I arrived got to the main city where the bees sighting was at and then took a strand of hair off my head, then sent it off the air and used it to tie down the intestines of the bees while also taking out their stinger.

    At the same time, used the other ability of storing energy to conquer the hair of the bees and later on get more and more hairs to eventually wipe out fully, the stingers of all bees so that nobody should have to kill them anymore, they can’t sting after all?