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      Yeah, it’s a great paying job doing what I always wanted, or close to it. Programmer, but not game designer. But I’ll keep at game design on my own and maybe get my own business going. That’s cool that you have your own business. What do you do? And even better that you’re expanding.
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      Hi! Not much going on with me, been busy with work a lot, and a long commute, trying to keep up with some dreams. I'm glad you made it through those earthquakes ok. How are things going with you?
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      Happy birthdayyyyy ^^
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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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      Check Skype
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      It's been quite a while.
      Are you still hanging around here?
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      Long time no talk
      Hope you've been doing well!
      (ps- this is OctoberWind (name changed))
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      You mentioned the Gravity RC. I am very curious about that, and how you apply it. Seems like it has been highly successful for you.
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      It's going very good...not breaking any records but I am systematically progressing. Thank you again for your help and I hope you had a great birthday.
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    Creating a new persistent realm, claiming it and breaking the last seal I made back in the beggining of my journey are my goals right now


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    Yggdrassil Truth Bearer of Life, finally managed to fight them YES!

    by Hukif on 01-08-2018 at 09:39 PM
    Monday January 8th 2017

    The first dream of the night I was watching a movie by Stephen King, or based on one of his books. Became lucid as soon as the dream started and left the movie alone and went outside.

    Once outside started to search for something to do, eventually found a fight on the street and joined in but won way too easily so got mad and blew away their house as punishment. Was getting bored when I felt the dream about to end, so woke myself up.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something online, become lucid while reading and start to wonder what my goals were exactly. So went to the page online and tried to open my new DJ which is pretty much empty and it served no purpose.

    Walk outside and teleport myself to the current DW then start to search for something to do. End up in a place with a lot of people fighting. Also see that a war is about to break loose if something goes wrong so I start to shot down people for the sake of fun!

    They start the war right away and I teleport to the top of a tower to watch them, it seems like there will be barely any survivors, not many fighting anyways only like a few thousands.

    Back to sleep.

    Someone is grabbing me and letting me sleep in their lap, I wake up and feel the weight different, am dreaming. Let the girl know I am fine and she embraces me again saying I am not, since it seems to her I am one of the few survivors from the war.

    Get back up again and push her aside “I am fine” tell her again.

    She lets go of me and we walk down the tower, she wants to know who actually started firing first since this is a war that will probably take the lives of many. She is mad and wants to end it, but I want to keep it going.

    Go with her to the tribe where nobody recognizes me, she says I am a survivor and probably lost my mind during the fight to which I reply that I am fine, but keep going and exploring their houses.

    Back to sleep.

    Get on to a tent, become lucid while going inside and pulling off the tent. People get up and try to make a circle around me but the girl stops them… oh you again.

    I tell her that I shot first and then everone gets crazy and start to attack me. I fight them back and the girl starts to cry for whatever reason. One of them takes out a gun and is about to shot me when he gets shot from behind by me, grab his gun and start to massacre everyone.

    When everything is said and done, teleport above the other village and do the same, find it pretty funny that they both thought I was a survivor and didn’t figure out I was the culprit despite been a complete stranger heh.

    Back to sleep.

    Going towards a park, become lucid on my way and quickly get on the ground and make more things grow in this park.

    Sit down and enjoy the place until I feel something weird. There seems to be some kind of complicated plot in regards to some huge ass turtle destroying places.

    So…. Interesting. Teleport to the turtle and submerge it on water and then get back to the park but it seems like there is a fight between the top creatures on this planet and some humans want to meddle in.

    Teleport again and start to beat the humans but then the other ones join in and I wake up before getting made enough to destroy them.

    Back to sleep.

    Sitting in a big forest, look up at the sky and get up while getting lucid. So what exactly was I doing in this dream… oh yeah, the creatures fight.

    Teleport to them and then see a big bird fighting, push it aside with TK then with gravity push the ones down on the ground to the floor.

    They all get mad and try to get free but I force them still until they all submit. One of the humans tries to use this change to shot down the creatures so I kill him with the same fire arrow he shot and tell them to back off. The humans get mad and try to attack again so I crush them all and kill them. The creatures step down and stop fighting, so I go have my merry way at the forest again.

    Back to sleep.

    I get into the dream and am in a very dark place. Get lucid so don’t care much about the light. I want to fight a bearer now! Quickly teleport to a different location then try to think of how to find one.

    Use the first dream, the clowns as a link between the dreaming place and the world of bearers and force my way there.

    While getting to the one I want to fight set up barriers and seals and worlds on top of the one I am arriving to as if it were a layered barrier. When I arrive everything seems normal.

    There is no human life here though, but there are houses much like the ones we use. Except they all have no roofs, no windows and no doors. They do have openings.

    Find some stuff hanging from the ceilings and walk down a hallway with a lot of houses. I was trying to find dragon lady or Scott, but it seems they are not here I can not get their energy at all.

    I enter into one of the rooms and see that there is a huge wall, blow it away and go in and step on some grass. I feel the anger of someone so walk outside. They are in the other side and the place seems wide open.

    I go in and find a guy with spiky hair at the other side, much taller than myself. I look at him and ask him why he is angry “Do not mess with my land” he says and I start to piss on the grass, he gets mad and attacks me. A spine grows from his hand as he punches me. I do actually get thrown backwards.

    He fights well. I block and punch him back “Why not?” ask him, then see another guy from behind that was not there before “AH” he attacks with the same plants growing out of their arms.

    We start to exchange punches but I gradually get harmed despite everything because of these weird needles coming out of them.

    I tell them that we can both play the same role and start to grow spikes out of my body and push them back, we teleport and hit each other for quite a while.

    I end up pushing them to the ground and they sprout back to the place I am at, we hit each other and then I make a gravity wave take off at our location. They protect the place and I finally tell them we need to get serious “You have been offended fight me seriously” tell them “We don’t want to” they say “You are but one, we are getting nowhere like this” tell them again.

    Force them back into one consciousness and make the seals I made for this stronger “Fight me” tell her again “I want to fight you seriously”.

    They look at each other and fuse once again, revealing her. She looks at me from above and wonders why I want to fight seriously against them “You are my goal, I want to fight you” tell her again and touch her body, she pushes me aside and says it will be fine.

    She transforms into a big tree, I assume by nature that this is Yggdrassil-like, the one from mythology. She starts to sprout flowers and buds and the petals come after me, she then tells me to return the favor.

    I know she is going to fight seriously now, I can feel that frightening feeling that I had before when facing dragon lady and when seeing them go serious at all.

    I smile at her and thank her then go into nightmare mode. This time only sprout my claws and transform my hair/clothes.

    The petals start moving again and they attack, I take them off with dance and then attack the tree with a giant void. It does nothing and the branches come at me. Quickly create a black hole and absorb all matter within.

    It does not work, it seems like the energy is pouring over so strongly that the black hole does nothing. Crunch matter around and block her power then use my individual cells on this space to counter her buds.

    We start to eat at each other with our bodies. She uses her buds to eat me while I use my cells to eat her.

    Things get really complicated. As I eat her away create more cells and keep going, as she eats me more buds sprout.

    I am fighting several buds at once and trying to cut off her branches does not work no matter what I try. Normal methods don’t even do anything. Use some of my cells to keep at bay the buds from blooming.

    A lot of them already created chaos on the fight, they keep on blooming new life onto the fight which is fucking strong. I try to eat and destroy them as much as I can, when they are just born was big crunching them while they were still weak.

    Yggdrassil realizes this and then makes sure I will not be focused enough to do that. So I keep it by moving all of me and my cells and exterminating them accordingly.

    I eat using my nightmare mode and she eats using her large tree body, which springs from the center of this planet all the way up to the outer place of it.

    Thinking of that, I take a look at around us, and see something incredible. There are bubbles of universes and bubbles within them, entire infinity systems are been destroyed and created.

    You can see how the new universe system come as if they were waves in the sea coming ashore, washing and destroying away the old bubbles and creating new ones. That is what our fight is causing right now.

    I find that saddening and fun at the same time which seems to bother Yggdrassil. We continue to fight for a long time. I block most of her attacks and keep myself alive that way. Whenever I feel weaker eat away at her and continue going.

    She realizes this and washes over with light the whole place to prevent me from eating. So close my hands and absorb some of the light then infect her energy and return it. She blocks that and keeps going with her buds.

    Some of my cells are coming back and forth using dance and eating themselves along with the buds then exploding. I keep using her buds as source energies to counter, since it seems she does not get hurt at all from me.

    I finally get on top of her and infect her with some of my powers but she blocks it simply by changing skins, which I find pretty damn amazing for a tree. Wonder if that is her real form? Absorb the tree and use the strongest fire I can create to dissolve away their atmosphere but she blocks it easily.

    Turn all air within the atmosphere into a toxin, which she absorbs and returns as a wave of energy against me.

    I swirl the energy and shot it back, but she blocks. Use my cells to get on top of her and then stretch them towards the top of her. She gushes out some fruits. I eat them and crash everything I can with super gravity then create macro bombs from her matter.

    No matter what or how much we destroy in regards to other worlds, she is still protecting hard her own world, she must love it. I start to bomb her world and she absorbs the meteors like they are nothing.

    Smile at her and use void eater, she finally responds with blooming of flowers that stop time, space and continuity. I make phases of myself to block those flowers and then eat them away.

    Use the power from the vectors to touch through the inside of her and get stabbed from all sides by spines, use my other cells to use dance and eat the spines from within then continue by creating big spikes with my hair to stab her with.

    A new creature is born from a bigger bud and then she blooms a lot of them all at the same time. I use dance to kill most of them all at the same time but the other creature escapes.

    It comes at me, it is human shaped and transforms into a blade along the way. I stop the blade and get attacked by one of the branches. Eat the branch and get tossed back by the creature. Block it again and see the branch coming again.

    Make a swirl of energy to block both attacks and see another one of those big buds.

    Teleport there using dance and eat it then blow away the force of the bud to the new creature and suddenly all of the world is covered by these stupid buds.

    Quickly use void eater and take them all out in combination with dance. Start to eat away at her with my void eater and she finally moves despite been a tree. She is somehow able to block the eater using her branches which start to spread out.

    Use the dancing arts to take off the branches and then create a sword using the branches themselves to hurt her. The buds keep going and creating more life and I keep on destroying and eating it away.

    She seems to be getting mad and impatient and then the bud itself attacks. I block with layered shields and toss it down. It stops mid air and I have to dodge the attack of a new creature. A dragon is also been born on top of her.

    Teleport on top of the dragon and cut off its head and use its body to seal the other one. Also use my body to seal the other buds from blooming and stop her branches from moving using my void eater.

    Grow my jaw larger and start to attack her with everything I have. She makes the grass down grow like blades so use my hair to block it and crunch the space we are at. She stops that with her roots and I poison them. She absorbs the poison and counters.

    My cells start to block some light I didn’t realize was coming before and then all of them start to burn. I eat away at her and create more and start to punch the tree. Which falls a bit backwards then toss her down with everything I have.

    I don’t know what happens but she is suddenly back up so I start to devour at alternate realities like they showed me and then she is back on the ground but uses some sort of power to be back up. Her roots are starting to eat away at MY reality so destroy it and create a new body.

    Just to find that at that point she has created much more life than there was before. I plan to fight them all! I Start to get overwhelmed by all the life forms and fighting her personally. Finally start again nightmare mode and start to eat them, also go ahead and use my blood that was running down to create a giant magic circle then seal some of them in time.

    She unseals them and keeps fighting me. Use a song in order to entrance the other creatures and then quickly teleport along with my cells to start eating. Finally use that energy to encage the big tree into a sphere of defense that takes out her specific power frame.

    She dissolves this barrier and keeps on fighting me. Then all of a sudden her trunk becomes completely immobile and somehow only 20 or so buds come to light. They all emit a kind of barrier and I stop moving, can’t move at all.

    Use another kind of “movement” in 2d and dance in 0d in order to try and prevent the creatures from been born but most of them are born before I can do anything.

    I concentrate higher amounts of cells in all of the “morulas” and have them fight against the creatures while I try to take care of the tree but she has made it so both of us are actually unable to move. So this will be between my cells and the creatures DAMN.

    We keep going like this for nearly an hour when we feel something. There is a crack in the seal and she stops right away her attacks. I feel her been pushed back by some of the other bearers and she is slowly been forced to “restart”.

    I get mad at this and create more layers that serve no purpose as they get destroyed.

    So go to her and take a bud, protect it with my energy and steal her memories from there, making a new spell to prevent anything from been lost.

    Onto the world of sex war II! Wait no, got it wrong.

    by Hukif on 12-17-2017 at 05:27 AM
    Saturday 16th December 16, 2017

    Forgot most of it already, but on the first dream of the night was watching dream porn because its much better than real porn and because I can just pick it up for myself and started to pick dream guys out and fuck them.

    Back to sleep.

    The dream starts in a mountain, and me on a bus. Become lucid and teleport from the bus to the top of an airplane, ridding it. When I am on the plane quickly open up a random portal and expect for nothing to happen again but weird enough I am taken to a world where the WWII is still going on.

    The first thing that happens is that the machine I am on, or airplane gets shot down. Right after I see that they have weird weaponry… uh, no actually they seem to be living beings?

    Apparently, the people are fighting using experimented on creatures from nature because why not? I get mad at this and decide to participate in the fight. The people who are Nazis are against it while the others are pro it since they have nearly won the war by using them and plan on keeping the experiments.

    I get mad again so join the Nazis, or try to because they try to capture me. I keep killing their military people and they keep getting further and further away from victory, they currently hold only a few weapons and a few islands with military might.

    The only reason why they have not been wiped off by bombing is because they have hostages from all over the world, but the others plan on using their creatures to get them back.

    I get captured on purpose but wake up, damn.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around somewhere, become lucid midway and teleport back to get captured again.

    In the process kill 2 other guards and find a few guys who are in hiding… wait I was supposed to be captured GAH! The guys get really close to me and tell me to help them run away, I try to explain to them that I am trying to get captured to free the creatures away and then most of them leave.

    Out of the 10 team people I found, only 2 remained who agreed with me. One of them wants to talk it out with the government and I say that’s ridiculous. The other one says that he heard they experimented on humans here and that if one of the human experimental warriors defeats the creatures they will stop the whole thing, since they will be inferior goods.

    I agree with him and tell him I can help with that, he asks me if I am an experimental warrior and just… agree so that we can understand each other. The guy is kind of cute actually and has a good body and I feel a really bad need to fuck him but first things first!

    Tell them we need to get captured but they are afraid they will get killed or tortured or experimented on. I tell them not to worry and that I will protect them so long as they stay with me.

    The first guy says he will not partake and he wants to run away because the union is already coming together to exterminate us so I just help him out and wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    So there is this cute guy next to me, I try to get up and feel heavy, become lucid and then get up and kiss him. He pushes me aside and I am like “What?” then recall… oh yeah.

    He asks me what was that for and starts to go about not swinging that way, so I just force him to swing whatever way I want him to by controlling his brain chemistry and memories then just tell him I understand, caress his face and get outside the cavern he took me into for protection.

    “We have a lot of work to do dude” tell him and bring him outside with me. He seems to get nervous and I feel victory is mine already. We get into sight of a… uh, one person from the Nazis. He shots at us and I grab the bullet then we continue walking.

    There is someone behind who shots at the guy so I take the bullet for him, there is no scar even but he gets worried so I let some blood out and fake been hurt. He asks me if I am okay and I say yes then smile at him and keep going towards the other guy and explain to him the situation while keeping his bullets in my hand.

    The other one would have shot again but made sure to thoroughly trash him before continuing. The guard says alright but they will take us to their prison. I agree not to kill him so long as he keeps my companion safe who keeps getting more flustered by the minute as we move on.

    When we arrive to the prison, I wake up again.

    Back to sleep.

    Talking to… oh yeah, get lucid when I see the guy and feel my weight. So what were we doing? Where is the guy I was trying to fuck with? Ask the guard and he says he was taken.

    I go pursue and the guard tries to stop me so just zap him. He thinks that zapping is my ability and tries to come with gloves made of plastic but just punch him out of my way. When I find the guy he is tied and in a weird looking room, so just untie him and ask him what he is doing there.

    He said he was taken hostage and we are to be killed, give him a barrier and teleport outside. When I am outside find a giant whale coming so zap the water and it looks weak, why? I feel weak in this world so do it again but with my hand inside the water which leaves the whale out of it and they retreat.

    Feel another presence and teleport there, on the backside of the island there is another one, a mole this time. Make an earthquake eat away at their troops and take out the mole just to make sure they understand the position we have been placed unto.

    Now that everyone is aware of human experiments been stronger they will stop carrying out stupid experiments on random animals from their planets, make sure of this by mind fucking all the humans on this planet then get back to the cell.

    When I get back his cell was half destroyed from the outside and they can see inside. I make sure to erect a new barrier to make us invisible except for a small window. Ask the guy when the guard will come and explain the situation.

    He says it will be a good 2 or 3 hours so take my sweet time explaining to him and he says we should leave. I agree with him and fake tripping while standing up and falling on top of him. Look him in the face and kiss him again then retreat.

    The guy grabs me by my hand and so I kiss him again, he does not resist me anymore ha! We start to make out and as soon as possible start to remove his clothes. He gets all shy so make sure to brainwash him again and push him against the wall.

    Eventually get him to have sex with me and what not, but a stupid guard comes cause he heard weird sounds which gets him down, I get mad and create another barrier but the guard seems to be able to see us.

    I make us both invisible and explain this to the dude but he is sweating and makes us visible to the guard again. So take us out of there, fly to the nearest location and see that the Nazis are following.

    So again get mad at them and drop bombs on them to destroy their last nests, try to nuke them but it seems nukes do not exist in this world so just keep bombing them.

    We finally arrive to a peaceful site and I brainwash the people, force my way into an empty house and everyone believes that is my house. Made clothes for the guy on my way there and once we arrive start to remove them again.

    I have my way with him before waking up and take such a sweet time fucking him, wake up quite content.

    Chivis, been so long!

    by Hukif on 12-16-2017 at 08:31 PM
    December 10th sunday 2017

    I am walking on the house. Become lucid wen I realize my weight is wrong and quickly teleport to DW.

    Once I am there start to think on ways to finish my goals, but like normal it is quite difficult to remember the stupid goals, especially when there is a little kid following me around and asking for something, end up telling him to go away and teleport somewhere within the planet. Forgot what I had to do, but remember it is something important, try to remember but wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something online, become lucid while doing so and get back to DW. Not sure what I should be doing, so just go with whatever the people from this planet are playing at.

    Find that they are actually quite immersed in finding some kind of super drug for war, even though it is peaceful right now so help them out and transform every single of their beloved experiment subjects into really powerful war foes.

    The only problem for them is that well, they are going to fight against humanity now. They start to pull their weapons and try to take them out but I made sure to give them a carapace that can withstand bullets easily and start to watch the massacre.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking on the street, don’t see much other than the beautiful moon on top of me, become lucid while walking and remember about the last dream. Wonder if this is the same place? Maybe it is.

    Keep on walking and find a few buildings abandoned and a lot of people in hiding. Also find a lot of military people with heavy artillery.

    They do not know why the hell I am out there and tell me to hide but I refuse to, so one of them shots me with his anti-tank gun and I stop the bullet with my fingers, then toss it aside “Why so aggressive?” ask him, he assumes I am one of the monsters.

    Well yeah but not really, tell him that I was the one to create the creatures after Scanning and confirming that they are the real ones.

    Anyways, end up meeting some of the creatures and patting them for been so good at cornering humanity, then let them have a new power that allows them to spread the disease on other creatures to corner humanity once and for all, wake up shortly after.

    Back to sleep.

    Sitting on a park, because parks! Get lucid while standing up and start to see that the place is more… green? Oh nice!

    I AM in the same location and it seems the disease spread super quickly since they first worked on spreading and then on cornering, most of humanity is right now too weak to fight back and only the military are holding their own.

    Some people were compatible with the disease and are helping to fight back, so I start to teleport randomly to help out my little ones to kill those special humans.

    I take out all but one, cause she is a bit far from my location and I want to be dramatic. First to arrange for my babies to bring me to her, so while we are at that I wake up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am riding on a really big dog… which makes me scared and nervous and stop thinking for a few seconds until I feel too heavy. First think it is the fear then get lucid from it, stupid big dog!

    It is one of the creatures I created to fight back humanity. The girl is not yet close to us so tell the doggie to be faster and he runs instead of walk.

    She is a few hundred miles away from us, so I give him even more speed.

    When we arrive the girl has already achieved a great deal by giving powers to humans so I go with them for a few minutes and see what they are doing.

    They are fighting back, since they have the same strength and speed right now. I am doing nothing pretty much, they think I am incompatible with the powers Eventually followed through and when they were about to kill one of them I go ahead and rip apart the arm of one of the persons in the group.

    The girl takes a look back instantly and all of them get pushed through with TK away from my doggie. I quickly grab him and teleport him to safety “Do not hurt him” tell them, the girl jumps at me to punch me.

    I prepare to dodge when she teleports behind me and gets stabbed by an ice spear from behind, along with every single human compatible with the disease I spread around the world, do not want them to be in my way.

    Back to sleep.

    On the top of a mountain, become lucid while walking down and then remember about the ToTY from DV, so quickly make the mountain become snowy and then start to slide down. Before I reach the end, make a hole on the planet and continue going forward.

    I expect to arrive to a new location but… this is DW, just get to the other side of the world while forcing myself to go faster and not go back up when reaching close to the center and making a protection. How boring!

    Back to sleep.

    Transfer myself back into a dream and then force it onto the memory lane. I start to gain some memories back and then… wait what? I forgot those were fixed memories! Wonder how would it be to release the final seal.

    Keep on walking, find myself before second dream death quite depressed, didn’t know I was depressed over that? Take that back, go forth to first dream death, nothing notable there other than me been weak due to too many seals.

    Find in my childhood a few memories from been mad at the world and scared at reality at the same time, I remember only half of it, so take back what I must and continue down when I see Chivis… CHIVIS! I remember have to fight her.

    Quickly take that step on memory lane and then teleport myself to her in BW, take her out of there and break BW as a sealed place.

    Forget completely about coco and just bring Chivis with me, she seems to be mad about last time but I just say sorry and allow her to fight back.

    She throws several feathers at me which I stop with my hands while changing myself, my arm dissolves and dissipates, create a new one and shot at her some bombs… everything seems weaker? I quickly realize that this is but a WILD dream so make a small shield and layer it before waking up and going back to sleep.

    Back to sleep.

    As soon as I get inside the dream there seem to be explosions in front of me and also my weight is weird… right! Quickly Make another barrier and teleport above Chivis to strike her but she moves away and then shots me with her feathers.

    Teleport in front of her and bring down a sun to explode in front of her. One of her feathers repels all hydrogen and another one all helium making her immune to my solar explosion but destroying the planet we were in. Contract the sun into a white dwarf and explode it for a supernova but she blocks heat and matter altogether while shooting more feathers at me and then teleports in front of me.

    She starts to attack with her beak and throw more feathers, I keep changing my powers and barriers while dealing with her, eventually she gets one hit in and manages to dissolve my arm; barely make it on time changing my DNA to avoid further damage and then heal myself.

    Throw a black hole at her but she blocks gravity using her feathers, then go ahead and make a big bang out of it which she blocks the same way while attacking, we keep going back and forth until I get a bit bored.

    “Hey Chivis!” I say, she gives herself a power to use voice as a power and then enhance sound to be able to move at the speed we are moving so I can hear her. I block that fucking loud noise coming from her and then absorb that energy to shot her back, which she dodges hm?

    OH right… she is still from back in DW, I was sealed and she has not had any upgrades from me. Clap and make ice chards come at her, she blocks them with a carapace created right on time and then make teleportation with earth control and go through the carapace, she goes at me full speed and I make suns explode all around me, we get away from the explosion range while fighting and finally condense all matter in the universe where she is moving at to make a big crunch. She tops time from flowing and this way manages to escape the big crunch but I create so many more that she actually has to escape the other way around.

    Make a changing barrier around her and wrap her with it, tell her I want her to fight Brandon and that if she manages to win against him will give her an upgrade.

    She does not believe her self to need an upgrade and gets mad so the real fight starts with her. Too bad however that I got even stronger since unsealing myself 3 times.

    She flies at me in a straight line. I prepare a big crunch when she tosses a feather to stop time and one to teleport, goes straight through it and then throws another one that creates dust and another one to dull the senses. I fly back slightly and make a movement to create enough matter to push everything around. She is above creating a wave of feathers to attack so I raise my hand and create a magic circle, a barrier and start to shot the wave of feathers with a wave of different powers then run through the barrier and start to read each feather with my DNA and dissolve it, then wrap her in my DNA. She tries to crush it and I keep changing it, so she creates a wave of lava around us to dissolve my body. I absorb the heat and move it over to her who then creates an absolute zero layer, I end up destroying all matter in this universe making everything go into absolute zero and finally reach her, tap her with my hand and block her powers temporarily “So you gotta win ok girl?” tell her before letting her go and waking up.

    Goals, goals everywhere.

    by Hukif on 12-05-2017 at 06:53 AM
    Monday December 4th 2017

    I’m reading something online, become lucid while trying to figure out why my vision is so blurry and then just take off the glasses I had in my eyes. Get outside of the house and then jump over the wall, not really caring about anything at all.

    Summon a planet above earth and get in there, then start to travel in this planet. Still trying to figure out something to do, fall asleep within the dream and end up waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Going outside the house, become lucid while walking outside and then wonder what I should be doing. Quickly get out of the house and get lucid once outside.

    The dream once again feels weird, so I assume I might wake up any second and start to think hard on my next goal.

    Can’t remember anything so just go and sit down, the street is so solitary… I was planning to do something too, but forgot what.

    Remember about the horror challenge and then remember about the hooded man. Quickly get out of that planet and then re-enter the planet through a portal, find someone stalking from outside what looks like a giant metal dome on the ground, half destroyed.

    The person stalking seems to just be investigating casually and has a hood, so I get next to him and look him while he stalks. He turns around abruptly and stands up straight, revealing a really tall guy. He looks down to me and wonders when I arrived I assume.

    I realize that there is something gathering around me so just squash it with gravity then wait again, he takes out a big-ass sword that’s black and is about to swing it when I teleport behind him, grab him by the shoulder and teleport us both to DW.

    He finishes swinging and finds we are in a different place. He teleports to the sky and I teleport with him, smashing him down. I get my hand cut off with the black sword and can’t heal properly so just use my cells to cut the damaged section and reattach it.

    We are now on the ground and the guy is coming at me with his sword, I teleport my head next to the sword and take a good bite off of it, then push him with a shockwave and set the landscape on fire.

    The guy starts to grow larger so I make a quick binding spell and seal him in his current form then get over to him and find a lot of shadows around me. I welcome them like normal and feel a bit giggly, then summon a meteor to strike down on the planet and then find a strange feeling.

    Apparently the shadows around us made a distortion and space and we are brought back to the same place as before, except this is after passing a small mountain and everything seems redder, like there is some kind of fog… I still drop my meteor down and then see a lot of giants appear and grab the meteor to try and stop it. So I summon a second meteor planet sized above the first one and then feel like I will wake up… DAMN! Destroy the meteors and make it rain fire to try and do something before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking down the stairs of an apartment complex, become lucid while going down and then wonder what my goals were again! Damn, so much to do and so little time and I still dislike using time dilation because that is cheating.

    Anyways, find a bunch of people and then find a school, where I was working at before as a teacher so just go there and try to find something interesting to do.

    Once I am inside, figure that the place is much bigger than it used to be and actually it is completely different. So start to search around and find a lot of giant lizards and actually it seems I Just left what I was at before… hm! Scan the place and find myself in dreamworld but why? Out of instinct? Maybe I have business to finish here oh well.

    Back to sleep.

    So I am talking to a random person, become lucid while saying bye to him and then figure I should go back to DW and see what I am needed over there for.

    When I arrive to DW find a lot of people running from the lizards which I actually find cute, they look so much like dinosaurs. One of them comes at me running and jumps at me, so I grab a hold of it and hug it.

    The little thing tries to escape and struggles with me but once it realizes that it will be impossible it attacks instead, trying to munch on my head which also fails so it just stops there and flails its tail for a while.

    I eventually let it go when I hear a familiar voice. Teleport next to my husband and punch the lizard out of the way, then spend the next two dreams having sexy time with him cause yeah.

    Back to sleep.

    I am at the shop of the school, already took care of my hus… oh right got to check on what happened with the lizards.

    Quickly get over to the top of the buildings here in the school and then Scan the place, the lizards were apparently some kind of experiment and that is the reason why they are causing so much havoc right now in this planet.

    So what I have to do is simple, kill the stupid humans playing and then been babies about it and give their land over to the lizards before waking up.

    Back to sleep.

    I am talking to someone on the street, they tell me a lot of things but I am not listening and instead paying attention to the weight of my feet, so become lucid off of that and then remember my other goal.

    Teleport quickly to Zodra.

    The first thing I see is a big island with a big tree in the middle and think right away in FT and Tenrou island, of course my instinct tells me to destroy the place, so while falling down place my hand on the tree and blow the island away onto the ocean.

    Teleport to the place I find closest with people. There is a big white building and people are inside, like 7 or so DCs I find in there and I present myself. They don’t seem to understand me so I start to speak in English, that makes it better.

    Tell them that I come basically to defend them, but they wonder from what. Their world is in the verge of extinction? Oh who cares, I will do my thing. Extend my hand to destroy their castle-like white house but before that happens start to feel something.

    “The shadows are coming” says the guy whom I feel is the strongest, he is with a few other DCs and there is 1 kid. They say that it will be the end in a few minutes and prepare for the worst. They go inside and gather some food and I go ahead and sit at the front door.

    Some people show up, they do look like shadows at the start so I go ahead and blow their cover and more DCs show up “Survivors” I say and then stand up, go next to one of them and Scan his memories.

    Right now, they call themselves luciferians or people of the shadows, they do not know their purpose but they are having strong feelings of killing the ones I am with right now, I try to do something but wake up midway.

    Back to sleep.

    I am falling down, get lucid from the weird gravity and teleport back, grab the hand of the luciferian I was with before and let him know that he will not be allowed to fight it out with the new guy.

    He tries to punch me so I make a barrier and send him flying back, more of his group show up and tell me to move away. I quickly put them down and they wonder what I am “Of the former 12 luciferians” tell the shadow people, they however seem to think I am lying. They believe their world was created recently and that such history does not exist, is that the reason for their conflict?

    Their leaders try to fight me, I punch them and subdue them, so they fuse all together into a giant white dragon who breathes a flame of rainbow colors.

    I twist the air around me and grab the flames as if they were flames converging into my stomach as a blade, then condense that power and use it as my own to blast them away. They are thrown off into the forest and I look at them from above, all alive.

    The people behind me tell me to end this already but I tell them not to bother them anymore, anytime for I will kill them if they dare to, that I will fix this issue with their world.

    Quickly jump to the sky and fly out of this planet, look at the world around and it seems the planet was sustaining itself… not even a solar system!? GAH Brandon you idiot don’t do that its annoying for the inhabitants!

    Sit on lotto flower position and start to change the world. Zodra becomes much larger, the world around starts to stabilize and I create a universe for them, try to create it and create life on other galaxies as I am expanding everything but feeling everything at the same time is a bit tiresome. Use clockwork to finish my job and before waking up, make new plants and new creatures grow within the land of Zodra before leaving and waking up.

    Why? I don’t want to

    by Hukif on 12-03-2017 at 11:50 PM
    Sunday December 3rd 2017

    I’m walking down the street, thinking about bread and baking and oh this is a dream yay!
    Anyways I have so much to do. First thing first, go eat something and practice a bit on my bakery skills, that doesn’t works out too much but I try it out for at least two dreams.

    Back to sleep.

    Reading something online, get lucid while starting to type and then start to wonder when was the last time I used a computer in a dream.

    Regardless, have too many things to do, just go outside and look around, trying to find something interesting to do. Its been a while too, so just teleport to DW.

    At the beginning am just floating around somewhere in space. Quickly go to the closest planet and land to find that there isn’t much of civilization where I arrived at despite been a huge city.

    Something seems off? The city looks a bit rusty, wonder what happened and try to use scan but at that moment get woken up by my cat.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around a street, become lucid as I start to approach the turning point and then look around. A lot of people everywhere now! But why now that it is night and not before during the morning?

    Wonder if I have been to this world before, but everyone seems to ignore me and assume that nope, never been here.

    Try to talk with someone about why they are out right now but the guy seems super busy. Someone pulls me by the side and tells me not to be on the way, so start to get annoyed and try to force things myself but then see people run around aimlessly and then just hide somewhere.

    A bunch of people come and they stand in front of me, looking down “What?” I tell them, they glare at me and try to push me to which I respond by pushing them back.

    They start to get mad and try to attack me so I happily crush them with gravity and then push them away, or what remains of them. People get happy about this and they make me feel good, generally everyone gets mad when I kill people for the sake of it heh.

    Either way, am about to wake up and I know it, so just tell them I will be back and then disappear into wakefulness.

    Back to sleep.

    Talking to someone about life in general, I get bored once I realize that it is a dream and tell them that they should probably try something else in life, then start floating and fly towards the place I was at before.

    When I land people receive me heartily and tell me to kill someone. Oh? Alright! I push my hand through the person and the group with him start to get aggressive, it seems they were using pretty strong oppression on the people from here.

    I don’t know the reason and do not really care what they think about me, but I can kill them yes. One of the girls on the bac steps out and waves her hand at me, which makes a strong wind come fort. She smiles and I smile back at her while stabbing her with earth spikes all around, then ask them where their general is at. They start to run away and I am about to pursue when realize that there are some kind of monsters underground chasing people too, oh!

    Get down using earth control and then find that the creatures lack a head, the place was a maze done there and I kept getting tracked down for some reason. Just got to study the creatures until I got lost… damn.

    Back to sleep.

    Sleeping in a pretty uncomfortable place, wake up and sense my weight is off so become lucid. OH! I am still in the maze. Walk around for a few more minutes and end up finding one of the creatures, I studied enough about them pursuing so just continue walking towards it.

    It runs towards me and I grab its head then push it to the ground “Now hear me baby” tell the creature “You will take me outside of this maze, now” she is mad but after realizing that she could not release herself or even hurt me at all, obeys.

    We get out of the maze like 15 minutes later and I see the sun in the sky, fly towards a big round building, a dome of a kind but wake up before arriving.

    Back to sleep.

    Sitting next to a yellow rock, the atmosphere feels nice. Become lucid when standing up and then see around me, mountain range or just general rock depression? Fly outside of range and see the dome so fly over there.

    When I arrive there is a large army and then some people point at me, what? Oh yeah! The ones I wanted to kill before with the wind girl.

    They say I am the one killing the officers and I nod, they want to know why I am doing this, simply respond that it is for fun then land next to the army.

    We talk for a few seconds when one of the soldiers comes out to me and tries to shot me. I grab the bullet and then kill them all with wind spears then look up and see that the enemy is here.

    One of the commanders is floating above me and throws gravity in. I smile at him and create a small black hole on top of him, he gets killed right away.

    More people start to gather to fight me and they start to throw random shit, like normal I clap my hands and create a shockwave of sound strong enough to place them on the ground, then rise my hand and throw down ice spears that kills over half their army, they say they are doing this to protect the people from the creatures.

    I look up at the one on top and ask him what of it? He looks terrified and then tells his strongest fighter to come and fight me. He takes out a sword and tries to slice me, so punch him with gravity down to earth, he comes out and uses a fire spell, grab his hand and stop the spell then punch him again. He uses ice from the ground and I melt it, then blow him away onto another world. Just see the faces of everyone scared of the monsters coming from outside the range, how fun! I wake myself after flying to space.