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      When will we get to read about your forest giant battle ? ( remember to post it before the 15th of this month so you get the points and your golden star on the board )
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      Going to dedicate my time to your RC, I hope it pays off in the long run man!
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      Check Skype
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      It's been quite a while.
      Are you still hanging around here?
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      Long time no talk
      Hope you've been doing well!
      (ps- this is OctoberWind (name changed))
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      You mentioned the Gravity RC. I am very curious about that, and how you apply it. Seems like it has been highly successful for you.
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      It's going very good...not breaking any records but I am systematically progressing. Thank you again for your help and I hope you had a great birthday.
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      Happy Birthday Hukif!! I don't know if you remember me but you helped me when I was new here by PM. I just had to wish u a great day and thank u once again!! by the way I am slowly attempting to add your gravity RC to my arsenal. Slow process for me but I know it will pay off in the long run.
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      Happyyy birrthday
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      Hi HuK
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    Finally made a thread on my Gravity RC, anyone interested just drop me a PM.
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    Aliens, really?

    by Hukif on 07-12-2016 at 04:09 AM
    I was checking something online, not sure why or what anymore.

    Remember that while typing became lucid due to the light feeling of my fingers.

    As soon as I became lucid decided it was time to take on the challenge thing again, but didn't quite remember what was exactly the goal for now and just teleported to that place before it was too late.

    When I first arrived, had some trouble thinking about what I had to do, clearly recalled that I had to only use two powers, one of them being use of hair and the other one being the ability to store energy within things, such as the hair so yeah.

    Look down and see the robe I had before, then look up and see some kind of forest... forest... OH YEAH! Forest giant, it is nowhere to be seen and the only obvious sign of it is some kind of big footprint on the floor next to a destroyed village.

    "Yo!" say to the people on the village and ask them where exactly the giant is moving towards the city, or at least they say that it was like an hour ago and start to complain about me being a terrible hero, meh.

    Move using my hair over to the city and when I arrive, see other people fighting the big giant, it is made of moss that for some reason reacts to my power, so assume that is the hair of the giant, alright.

    Use my robes and transform them fully while hovering above the giant and then create a giant spear, making the hair condense enough for it to pierce through and wait for a bit because the silly giant is moving a lot and I don't have enough energy to spam the spears.

    One of the heroes from teh association is aware of my movements and makes the giant stop moving by hitting it with a barrage of attacks from below, then just pierce and start to absorb the power of the giant and make it onto a nice pair of boots then go down to the other heroes.

    We start to talk and try to repair the problems with the destruction caused by the giant, and then discover that it was sent by some kind of alien... alright? They start to send more and the hero I was with knows that I can fight them off, so sends me over to the aliens.

    When I arrive they make a giant descend upon me and quickly destroy it using the hair of the last giant to break the new one from the inside out, then make the hair go upwards and bring down three of the ships. The rest run away quickly and then send down some kind of zombies which will explode soon and kill a lot of people.

    I try to take them down along with the other heroes, but we can't hurt them at all they just regenerate. Some other hero says he hears something and recognizes the zombies, they are actually our own people! They tell us that they need their heart to be eaten in order to get killed and not explode and me, not having enough hair to protect everyone or move them start to munch down the chest of the zombies and lament myself for not having my other powers with me in order to make it not taste like rotting meat... or fresh meat f or some of them, EWWWW.

    Silly kid.

    by Hukif on 06-19-2016 at 05:36 PM
    Sunday June 12th 2016

    Was walking down the street, become lucid when walking and then turn around and go back home… no wait, goals yes.

    Teleport back to the hero world and then start to seek for the man with the… uh… something else? Forgot what it was when I see someone with a metal bat come at me, stop his bat with my hair then use the hairs of the bees I had in my hand to make a small spear and cut open through his chest while at the same time taking control of his hair and using his fleeting life force to strengthen the hair I already have.

    Back to sleep.

    Walking around a big, thick city… become lucid while doing so and decide I shall continue on with the goals.

    Teleport back to that city and use the hair to move through the air to the town in which the big spider is at. At first didn’t’ want to kill it but whenever I tried to tie it down it somehow got away… so finally when it started to spit its own acids at me since I was pretty much floating from its perspective got mad.

    “Fine, I won’t help you out then” told the spider before sending out the bee hair out and using it as spears that went through each of the legs of the spider, making it fall through the trees it was on top of to fight me to the ground; when the spider was on the ground made a bigger spear and a smaller one, sending the big one to its book lung and the other one to the brain, killing it and at the same time taking control now of its hair.

    In order to keep that much hair along with me and its sticky/acidic properties made it condense all into a super dense carbon-fiber (hair follicle) ring that I put in my left hand.

    It isn’t all that hard, uh?

    by Hukif on 06-19-2016 at 05:36 PM
    Saturday June 11th 2016

    Was checking something online, became lucid while browsing the net and once I was lucid went outside and started flying and recalled about the goal of the day… alright.

    Didn’t want to mix the FA world and the Hero thing since I dislike being a hero a lot and so just went to a new one.

    When I arrived got to the main city where the bees sighting was at and then took a strand of hair off my head, then sent it off the air and used it to tie down the intestines of the bees while also taking out their stinger.

    At the same time, used the other ability of storing energy to conquer the hair of the bees and later on get more and more hairs to eventually wipe out fully, the stingers of all bees so that nobody should have to kill them anymore, they can’t sting after all?

    Meh, only one dream worth recalling.

    by Hukif on 04-25-2016 at 06:05 AM
    Sunday April 24th 2016

    Was going to a super market, become lucid midway and try to do a goal… but can’t remember them, instead just get super upset at myself for being an idiot and forgetting my other dreams due to the call problem.

    Silly brat, stupid brat, dammed brat! Get so mad that think it is a good idea to talk to a DC, who tells me about their life problems. Quickly get bored of that and tell them that they should worry about other stuff and then see a damn nuclear bomb falling.

    For whatever reason treat it as a real problem and go hide, then when the fire does nothing to me but melts the building I’m in remember this is a dream, so set back time and destroy the thing before it touches the ground.

    Also learn something really important, that where I was going to hide, several people tried the same and you can see a lot of bodies of dead kids who hid in the wrong place, make a small Scan and find a super big bunker below, but it is really hard to access unless you are really small or a kid of 3 or 4 years, the original author died inside because he grew a bit fatter… damn.

    Dragon lady and my husband ~……~

    by Hukif on 04-25-2016 at 06:00 AM
    Saturday April 23rd 2016

    I’m going to the store for food, become lucid midway and then remember something important! I want to eat sweets because damn yesterday I couldn’t have any and here I don’t get fat hahahahaha…

    Go to the sweets store and kill the attendant then start to take as much food as possible. Keep on eating until everything is gone from the shop. Go outside and see some people selling some more stuff so go over to them and ask about directions and try to get them to talk to me and give me free food but it doesn’t quite works.

    Get mad and try to get some but they want me to pay for it, so transform them into gold and start to eat because their weight in gold should be able to give them enough money yeah, prepare some stuff by breathing fire onto it and other stuff just gets eaten raw.

    Back to sleep.

    Talking to someone on the street, become lucid and then decide that I should go to another planet. Teleport right away to another universe and then while falling make a cushion of air.

    Can see several mountains in the distance, so fly over to them and watch them from afar, some creatures are looking up to me so go down to them and start to play with the creatures.

    We jump and run around, from place to place and end up falling down the mountain; at the start it is quite fun to be rolling down… that is until the damn mountain I realize, is a bit too tall and so will keep falling for a long time and what not.

    Use plant control to make a small platform and send myself flying away from the mountain, stop midair and then go back to the creatures.

    As I’m going to that place, a big meteorite falls down the sky and is going towards one of the mountains, stop it with TK and then crush it with gravity before sending it back to space. In fact am a bit annoyed and want to destroy something so try to do that before waking up because I can hear my husband starting to snore, but fail to beat his wake up techniques of doom.

    Back to sleep.

    Going outside the house of my mom, become lucid midway and then fly over to the sky, make the clouds around fall down and scare people some before teleporting to another world.

    When in the other world search for someone relatively strong to fight against with Scan, find a good place of knighthood and fly over there at the start, then realize it is too far away for me to get there flying unless going at super high speeds and feeling too lazy to fly faster than light so just teleport again to the place.

    When I arrive at the scene start to yell, that makes some people show up and some want the knights to help me. Instead what one of them does is point his spear at me and shot, make a barrier and then start laughing, smart move from the knight.

    Since the guy attacked with spears, make it rain the weapons under their population but more of the knights show up and stop my attack from harming their population.

    So let the ground absorb the people and quickly turn over to them telling them that if they want to save humanity they’ll have to stop me; that however is basically a lie, already killed everyone but won’t be telling them that now will I?

    See the guy from before next to me trusting his spear at me, how did he get this high so fast, no idea. Stop his spear and then two others appear from behind, make them fall from the sky with gravity then go through the body of the other with my claws then toss him to the side.

    See something swirling around my head and then falls from the sky an energy beam, stop it with my hair then proceed to kill the guys down with my hair. Another knight who seems tobe their leader shows up.

    This one jumps and tries to hit me so stop his spear with my finger, he pulls back and trusts again and keep on defending like normal when suddenly his spear starts to get hot, oh? Things keep on going and the further he uses his spear the more heat it produces, eventually it becomes red and he unleashes his power, just teleport behind him and kill him with a much greater heat.

    Back to sleep.

    Going to the bathroom, become lucid midway and then remember my goals! Oh yeah! But first float over the house and think that I should get rid of this sensation of going to the bathroom and so try to do that right here, right now.

    Float a bit higher and then try to do my business but for whatever reason feel that this time doing so will only make me dirty the real bed, so stop myself and get down to the ground again, then wake myself and do things properly.

    Back to sleep.

    Going to school, become lucid on my way there and then think of something fun to do. Raise my hand and make it rain fire on the planet, but it is a weird kind of fire that only works on buildings.

    People start to panic when their giant buildings start to fall one after another and they can’t do anything about it.

    A small group of people try to calm people down and say that they have the kind of magic needed to stop the problem and demonstrate how they stop it. So then make it a new kind of fire that as it touches buildings they will become heavier and fall to the ground due to their own weight.

    They research again and get a new cure to this in the next 5 minutes… alright, so it takes them around 1 minute to analyze and then 4 more to make a change. Make it so that the fire will have a different effect every minute, vaporize, freeze, deprive of energy, super heat, transform into dust, make its atoms fall apart, make its electronegativity be gone, super charge them, devolve it, evolve it onto dust, make it levitate and then fall down, spin at high speeds, phase through the ground to the core of the planet, and so on and so forth.

    They can’t do much before every single building in the planet is gone due to this strange rain, randomly teleport new structures onto the places of the 7 wonders of the world and of nature and let them see that as the “starting” point again, then just wake myself.

    Back to sleep.

    Make the dream form around me, transform my hands onto a blade and then my whole body onto a bird and fly down to a random dream.

    When I arrive start to see some white, some black and feel some wind. Soon the white starts to change and then can see clouds instead and the black is no longer black, now this is blue, ah! I am in the sky of course, yay the WILD worked!

    Already had forgotten how easy it can be, anyway. While falling down remember about both of my goals, one of them is to fight Sensei and the other one a Bearer, sorry Sensei you know how I feel about fighting one of those guys.

    Quickly teleport to their world while falling then realize that I’m still mid-air… there was some kind of goal with falling I believe? Anyway when I fall there is no injury to me or their planet due to the construction of it.

    Go through the thick forest over to a big mountain with monster eggs. When passing through there see them fall down over to me so punch them and make them hatch at the same time making it a monster fest, also find some weird guy and Scan him, learn that he is to be married to the dragon lady against his human will and a lot of cool gossip so make sure I will ruin her memory of this yay!

    Then when thinking of that someone I know shows up, Scott is there and says it is a bad idea while tossing me an egg “So you are the kong, uh?” he just tosses another one “Will do it either way, and you know it” “No you won’t, it is a bad idea” he keeps on insisting and then realizes that saying such things will only make me want to do it more…

    He stops with that and then just takes an egg for himself, pockets it on his hand and looks at me a bit disappointed “Give me a video of whatever happens!” he says before leaving, just wave at him and say bye while going to the wedding announcement that will happen while taking the body of the human.

    Once in his body realize he is heavily drugged and so won’t notice a thing being said, they talk about how she is marrying him and everyone gives the applause except for the family of the guy, who are very angry about this.

    They want to stop them, they go outside and start to argue about this and that and want him to stop but he is incapable of saying anything “They did something to you!” says the mother who knows a bit of magic, she wants revenge!

    She somehow thinks that she can do something to them Bearers at all, and then goes to slam her feet against the door of the Lady.

    They have a familiar, who helps the woman who is being ignored to send some kind of bullet towards the door.

    A maid with bunny ears comes out and stops the bullet with her paws then looks at all of us really angry “How dare a human try to damage our belongings” she says really pissed off, someone from inside says something along the lines of “As if they could” and then just close the door with TK.

    I start to take over the body of the man and when the bunny lounges at us to kill the mother of the guy, jump in front of the woman and gently blow on the face of the bunny, stopping her on her tracks.

    She gets mad and wants to claw my face but is incapable of doing so; the man however can’t keep up and have to toss his body aside and step up while blowing again, which sends the bunny maid towards the door at full speed.

    The dragon lady comes out really pissed and stops the bunny from smashing against her door with her powers then gently places her on the ground “What are you doing here?” she asks me calmly while looking at her husband “Came to play” tell her; the bunny girls tries to jump at me again and fails to do so because her master tells her to stay put, she gets afraid and mad and sad but complies.

    “You are to leave” says dragon Lady “Why should I? Not invited?” she looks me in the eye expecting something like last time “This is for my husband and I” “He is human, won’t even last you at all” tell her jokingly, but she gets mad and throws a small danger sign.

    Teleport everyone around me away and stop that with my barrier to which the others answer by getting curious “Is he human?” they ask her, she nods and sips her glass of wine. Send her back the power, this time in the form of an invisible wind katana of super pressure along with energy of mine; she stops it with a barrier but her castle and all of her belongings behind her along with her maids get hurt “You know what this means?” she says while throwing her wine to the ground, oh YEAH! Then my husband wakes me up… damn it dude.

    Back to sleep.

    I’m with my husband, become lucid because… somehow he makes me lucid. Anyway this is an old dream in which he was present 5 years ago, before we had even met.

    This one starts in a mountain with Monkeys from a certain game, we talk about how this already happened and try to go through the normal pathway, but he falls to the abyss in front of us and have to take him out with TK, then fly alongside him on a cloud I pick along the way.

    We then teleport to the big pathway and move over to the center of the place, he makes really interesting questions about the place, and we discover that the masons have made a lot of new discoveries when it comes down to technology, along with a way to tamper with time that will also tamper with other realities; although instead of reading I’m just looking at him and getting caught in his body, yep.