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      Kraft. Empty out your pm box. Nao.
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      Hey Kraft, check out this post in the Left 4 Dead 2 Blog:
      "Upcoming DLC
      So what happened with the third DLC for Left 4 Dead? Is there any new DLC on the way for L4D2? Where is the Mac version? Where is the comic? All your questions are answered, and more, next Friday August 20th on Game Trailers TV. The show airs at 12:30am on Spike."

      It's about damn time.
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      In contrast, the lucid plane can also lead you to places you know from the waking life, or collages of them, but you usually start your journey in places that might be very far away from where you're actually sleeping.

      Anyway, I think it's just a vibratory difference of some sort, with lucid dreams having a slightly lower frequency than the astral plane, with a myriad of different planes that precede and ensue them. It might very well be that at one extreme, in "sleepless sleep and dreamless dreams", the unconscious rests, and at the other, astral and onward, the clearest consciousness shines. Needless to say, though, that both are needed and one extreme probably shouldn't be the sole destination for a seeker. Then again - it's a game. So why not. Let's all give it our best shot But it's probably quite impossible to cling on to just one pole.
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      When me and a friend of mine were experimenting with mushrooms, I was thinking out loud, only about 20 minutes after eating them, whether some change had already taken place in our perception. But he said: "Oh, believe me - you'll know when the trip begins." And my goodness, was he right... So in the case of astral projection, I'd like to say, with a touch of coolness to my voice: "Oh, you'll know when you're doing astral." But I really can't, since my limited experience seems to show that the lucid plane is, indeed, pretty similar to the astral one. Though I think that the surroundings in the astral world usually resemble the waking plane, probably the immediate surroundings of where you're actually sleeping - everything is just skewed, you see the different facets of things, as is often the case when using psychedelic substances.
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      I thought I'd share a bit of information concerning your post: "The problem I have with using lucid dreaming to astrally project, is you can't tell whether you've actually projected, or if your just dreaming."

      I've heard that true astral projection is always accompanied by loud crackling sound. An occult master of some sort even used this peculiar phenomenon as a means by which to see whether his students had really reached another plane or not. I don't know if this is true or not, but oddly enough the two times I've thought I've had an OBE were both accompanied by loud... auditory anomalies. And that's before I'd read anything about their existence or alleged nature.
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      Apprently Valve can release a ENTIRE, PROFESSIONAL game out of the blue, with no cost at all, but they can't release a single trailer for Episode 3 OR somehow note progress on the Crossing....
    7. Thank you. :3
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      the music is...SO FREAKY. yeah I think I found that ep "troubling." I'm surprised at some of the stuff early nickelodeon aired. there is actually a part in that scene that got cut where he says other stuff, like "I'm gonna tear your eyes out of the sockets" and there's this awful cringe-worthy sound. anyway. I like you. you're...nice.
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      fuck yeah, Ren & Stimpy. best episode, best MOMENT imo. check it: (youtube) watch?v=1TnuA5WFReo 8D
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