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    Recent Entries

    Short lucid from a week ago

    by Nefets on 05-25-2017 at 08:27 PM
    I got lucid by talking to a girl I haven't talked to a long ago, like 4 months I think.
    I confirmed it by looking at my hands ,that had 20 finger approximately.
    Then I stood up from the computer, walked to the window , and tried to float out , at second try I succeeded.
    Outside the weather was kinda bad , it was a about to rain, the street looked a bit different than irl but there was no major differences.
    My vision was bad, as always, and the dream started to fall apart. I tried to stabilize it by touching myself, rubbing my hands together but I woke up in the end.

    Fragment numer (?)

    by Nefets on 05-11-2017 at 10:13 PM
    I was in my house, in fact near my bed , I got semi lucid, or well , I was not lucid, its like muscle memory, my subsconcious just knew that its a dream and can do anything.
    So I tried to do force lightning on a cabinet.
    But instead of lightning, fire came out of my hand as I concentrated the energy on the tip of my fingers...
    Then shit was on fire.
    And I woke up.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Short frag

    by Nefets on 05-07-2017 at 01:25 PM
    I've been using telekinesis to drag people around and drop them.
    Nothin else..

    Nightmare frag

    by Nefets on 04-20-2017 at 08:57 PM
    I was walking around with my friends in the city, and then some army men and magnetic fields come to take our phones, we are now in a dictatorship ridden country, they want surveillance over everything. I somehow save my phone and fly home, and there i wait for the police to break in, im panicking heavily.
    Then I woke up , I felt really bad , so nervous i even felt it in my legs . it was painful

    3 dreams, one lucid

    by Nefets on 04-05-2017 at 11:06 AM
    Early morning , around 4pm

    At a point in my dream , I smoked weed, and it felt soooo goood , I didnt felt anything bad and when I smoked into this bong like thing, i felt the taste of the fragrant plant it was like some herbal thing, and it was not bitter or bad, it was kinda like inhaling fresh air and some fresh plants air , I started to see in green and exhale green smoke sometimes . I strolled around in my city for a while in that state then I woke up.

    I never used the said plant, so its really interesting how my brain imagined it would be like to smoke it...

    Late morning 7-8 am ,
    Another lucid, low lucidty.

    I didn't plan to do a wild now, or well, I have completely lost lucidity before transition, I became lucid after a hand RC and saw that i have more fingers than I should.
    I screwed around with telekinesis ,then I wanted to go outside , but I couldnt ,the doors were closed, then I asked who the heck closed the door .
    A girl answered , I hear her voice outside, just infront of the window, so I peeked out, with my neck elongated I could see her.
    She was almost olive skinned, skinny girl, brown hair that was a little bit curly , black eyes, cant tell if her complex was asian or latina , beautiful lips and a qt turn up nose. She wore an orange shirt, and jeans I think or a short.
    She said " I'm your guard. You can't get out of this house."
    Then I asked why and she said something like I broke rules and if I try to get out I will be kicked from "the server" that is I presume the dream. I was really aloof and didnt give a damn, so I said " go on ,try to kick me out" . She tried to say something but she suddenly disappeared.
    I checked the doors then , they were still closed "damn it " I omitted, then tried to float through the wall, and then suddenly I had an FA.

    Remembering that I did a hand rc and realized that I'm still dreaming. My lucidity started to decrease at this point
    , near to semi lucid.
    I suddenly found myself in a supermarket, in a sport shop, I spent the rest of the dream with throwing things around with telekinesis.

    Last dream , ended at 10 am, not lucid.

    I was in a bus, with a group of people we were going somewhere, the landscape was somewhere sandy, somewhere green, there were mountains similar to german ones.
    Then at a point the bus driver got nuts ,and wanted to push out a cat or some animal from a hole with the bus and said that if we dont liek animals we can just simply get off the bus and walk away, everyone was pissed at the woman because that was stupid and it was just a waste of our time. I got off the bus and then I faced some army men getting big dogs ( they looked like a mix of collie and german sheperd, and all of them looked the same) and torturing them killing them, on this way up to a hill, there were a lot of bees and hornets too, the dogs got tied up together and dragged around , some were shot, there were a pile of them, and some dog tried to attack the men, they kicked the dogs, sometimes shot them, and the bees also attack them. It was a horrible sight, at a point , i ran away fastly ,cuz I started to step in bees and I did not have shoes.
    At a point I got to a city that looked israeli. And I met a woman who agreed to house me, I saw she has a guitar , a weird one, and wanted to play with it. She gave it to me ,then I started to play the israeli anthem ,hatikvah , with profficiency I never did. No matter what frets I hit, it just sounded right, and it was awesome.
    While playing the woman went into her room and I just continued to play on the street until the end , when I woke up finally.