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    Regular Dreams - Morning of Dec 10, 2017

    by noseplug on 12-12-2017 at 05:32 PM
    Bad dream recall on Dec 9, nothing I can remember (went out drinking).

    On December 10, it started with a really hazy dream, probably mixed in with deep sleep.
    Next I was with some mobsters from The Sopranos (they've been showing up in my dreams lately since I'm watching the show -- Chris Moltisanti, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, sometimes Paulie). It's nighttime or early morning, and we're on a bridge.
    Cut to underground tunnel hangout. I understand the tunnels to be either under my house or between the bridge and my house (childhood home). They are sewer-like tunnels with ankle/waist deep water and track lighting. All of the sudden we're under siege -- tunnels are being infiltrated -- men are throwing grenades and shooting at us.
    Some of our guys made it out, others didn't (there's only one exit). Paulie might have been shot/blown up, I don't clearly remember (I remember a grenade going into the hole of a cinder block and lighting up the tunnel).
    Chris and Pussy are around a corner. I (as a disembodied spectator) warn them of the attack. Pussy is sitting, looking off at the ground and shaking (in DJ I wrote "having a hissy fit"). Chris is in a recliner and has earphones in. He takes them off and is visibly ashamed of being distracted, saying something like "I don't know what happens. I just miss these things, big things."

    Cut to my childhood home from the front door. The driveway is elongated, and is torn up with caution tape and just dirt w/ dirt piles, like a construction site. Still dark outside. A girl from high school years ago is talking to a guy and is talking like a valley girl. She says "I wish I could listen to a CD song!" Next she's dressed like Catwoman and I'm jumping gracefully (backflipping) like a cat over by them and into the construction site where my dad's car is parked. I get in and turn it on local Christian and pop stations from my childhood.

    Next dream -- I am in my hometown walking around warped but similar grassy landscape.
    Cut to the inside of a building with some of my WL coworkers. I show them the "remove kebab" meme on a large plasma TV and they laugh and do that Indian head-shake thing, then say jokingly "remove Harish".
    Outside again. It's daytime, overcast. The Indians are being genocided for some reason -- I remember being in the backseat of a car with some of them, ducking to avoid someone who's coming to kill us with a handgun.
    Cut to warped grassy landscape again, there's crime tape everywhere. I jump over it and walk down a hill. There's a small mini-scene about real estate, maybe an open house? It's a white beach-looking house with no decorations, white walls, wood floors, and a huge sliding glass door opening to the back (the same grassy hill I jumped from).

    Next I'm indoors at night (maybe raining outside) in an upscale high-rise apartment with Hermione Granger. There is a white Mac with white & clear plastic on the monitor and keyboard -- there's a red glow around the clear plastic. I'm talking to Hermione as we arrange shoebox-sized features of my gymnasium from high school. As I am trying to place the bleachers, I start questioning Hermione, comparing myself sexually to Harry Potter... I'm just not gonna psychoanalyze that.

    Overall they were some interesting and quite vivid dreams, if a little weird.

    Updated 12-12-2017 at 11:44 PM by noseplug (poor wording)

    non-lucid , memorable

    Various LD snippets during Thanksgiving break (Mornings of Nov 23 - Nov 27) Part 1

    by noseplug on 12-10-2017 at 06:24 AM
    Unsure what happened before becoming lucid. My field of vision is flat like a computer screen, alternatively flashing between blue and red flashing (like a computer screen) - there is a thin white rectangular border. Centered white or black text reads "Obek" (may have been in Cyrillic) and another word, but each time I read it the word changes. I can feel myself sliding along a fixed path. I pass into a small office building with a desk and a man to my left - reminds me of college. The man sitting at the desk has a scary face, not just intimidating or creepy but instilling great fear. I overcome it and reach out to touch his hand as I pass by him in the way I'm being pulled. Can feel the sensation of touching it distinctly. I slide through an open doorway and to a hallway leading left and right, the track takes me left. I am then turned around and taken backwards (in the same direction as I was coming from while going through the office) and I pass into a warehouse/art studio/garage type building (lots of stuff here - canvas draped over boxes, easels, concrete floors, foggy windows with light coming through). I go forward until I stop at a distorted mannequin standing up against some stacked crates. In retrospect the face was disturbing, but I didn't think about it at the time. I use my hands with pinching gestures to change the facial features into an attractive female (her body changes from mannequin to living flesh). She is wearing a tee shirt and panties. There is a brief sexual encounter and then I wake up promptly (after a feeling of closing my dream eyes).

    I'm with my girlfriend at a party and we're holding a balloon that's shaped like lips (one of the shiny ones you get from Dollar Tree) and arguing. It's an outdoor party and it's night time. There are snakes on the ground and in the trees. The non-lucid portion of this dream lasts a while and I'm separated from my girlfriend. All of the sudden I sit down, touch the grass, and become lucid. Visual clarity intensifies, and I examine the dream characters more closely, especially a girl with black hair which seems to have this hazy red aura (as if it was a red underdrawing). I am looking around at all the characters when I look past the back fence at a house with a light on in one of the windows and the outline/silhouette of someone. I'm transported there and I continue to observe. It's a small room with a raised stage with white linen borders. There are several people in the crowd standing and watching, a lot of them dressed in white (not all though, some in normal clothes). On the stage there are three girls dressed in white. They begin to undress and I wake up.

    I'll add more tomorrow, trying to scrounge through my notes from that time.
    lucid , dream fragment

    Lucid Dream - Morning of Dec 8, 2017

    by noseplug on 12-10-2017 at 01:48 AM
    This was my first LD since joining DV!

    I was looking out of the front door window of my childhood home (the drapes were pulled back, and the . It was a foggy night or early morning outside. I see my mom leaning up against the van she used to own, talking on her cell phone - the yard was longer than in reality (most spatial areas tend to be skewed and expanded in my dreams). It's also dark in my foyer, so I walk through into the living room. The furniture is a lot more crowded than my real living room, and I'm still psyched out from a previous dream about people hiding in my home, so I scan the dark room for signs of life. All of the sudden, I look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming!

    Everything pops into vivid color. The dense furniture of the living room is gone and the only thing there is a long table close to the kitchen (the room is skewed longways). There's a huge amount of food on the table, so I approach it. I remember to rub my hands together, and the stabilization is amazing! The lights are now dim, but definitely on. I pick up a salt shaker, then a food item (an apple maybe?) remembering this tip, but it doesn't do much to stabilize the dream. While walking, my balance is kind of off (feeling all the sensations of my dream body is still new to me, as I've had plenty of brief moments of lucidity, but maybe 2-3 really vivid ones).

    At this point I'm scared I'm going to lose the dream, so I fall to the ground on my hands and knees, and it helps a lot. I can hear a faint Christmas song coming from the kitchen (where the lights are off). I try to draw a door on the wood floors, and I see a faint white outline there, like when you press down on a computer screen. I wasn't clear with my intentions though, and halfway through drawing it, I get stuck somewhere between visualizing a deep ocean, then a deep ocean with a rock below and above. Because of my loose convictions, the door fails. I stand up and read a Christmas card that my family has taped to the door (or it might just be a decoration - they tend to do this kind of thing come Christmas). I remember what everyone says about text in dreams and read it once (nonse with a few real words in no clear order), then close it and read it again. The text changed! I thought, "Wow, that's neat!". Rather than fading back into a waking state, I feel as if I closed my dream eyes and simply popped into wakefulness.

    As far as the process, I woke up about 5 hours into my sleep and used SSILD (I thought it was unsuccessful after doing it, as I was "too awake" and it took some time to get back to sleep). I'll definitely be doing this technique again! Although it was relatively short (20-30 seconds), it was one of my longest LDs yet! Very exciting stuff.

    I also wrote some other non-lucid dreams in my phone, but I don't have time to transcribe them here right now. I'll try to be better about DJing, but I might have to add all entries for a week on a set day or something as it takes some time for me to write these out. That's it for now!