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    Too much Bates Motel, probably

    by notHuman on 03-26-2014 at 04:55 AM
    There was a skinny teenage boy that lived with his mother in a big house in the country. Sometimes I was this boy. The mother and son both had some extreme mental conditions that made them do crazy things for strange reasons. They were constantly seeing things that weren't there, but it was so real to them that they never knew what was real and what was in their heads. The boy (Me) took a nature walk through a beautiful landscape on his property. The whole time, the top roof of my mouth was throbbing and burning, as if someone had taken a razor blade to it. I could feel it completely. during the walk, my "brother" was occasionally beside me, however I did not have a real brother. I/He lived a crazy life at home. There were always new "visitors" or a "new Mom", all of which sought to harm the boy. The mom experienced the same situations. Sometimes when the mother was having a spell, she would feel the need to kill her own son, and it was always justified in her head in some way. Other times, she was a normal, caring and lovable mother. one day, the mom spotted a hooded figure walk swiftly past the sliding doors that led to their patio. The mother, son, and "friends" all searched outside, but never found any trace of the scary man who they knew posed a threat. Later, the boy found another boy that looked identical to him in a spare bedroom. System of a Down was playing in the background, and we fought for a long time. We wanted each other dead for some reason. I had always had the upper hand (which is weird since they both were 'me' (the boy).) I was on him, throwing punches like mad and trying to stab him with a wire. Somehow, the fight ended but was never resolved, but it got me thinking differently and set the entire dream in a different tone. "I'm going to escape. Mom wont even notice." I quietly crawled out the front door, and once i was outside, I immediately began to sprint to my car. However like most dreams where you are trying to escape something dreadful, it was like i was treading through cement. I was yelling "We're going to be fine, Mom! We are going to make it just fine!" Unfortunately, my mother was trapped in this sort of bizarre fantasy land of terrible and strange things, and she was in too deep to escape. In fact, the visions only got worse when she tried. However i decided i did not want this to stop me from living a normal life, because i knew i would have a chance at it if i escaped and she didnt come after me. I finally made it into my car. I turn the key and I wake up in a sweat.
    memorable , non-lucid

    Drug Test

    by notHuman on 02-08-2014 at 05:18 PM
    There were random drug test going on at my high school. They chose me and about 4 other people, including my boyfriend. We were all sitting in a white waiting room on wood benches, and i say "Quick, chug a coke!" because i had heard that was a way to cheat a urine test. I picked up an opened, half drank coke and chugged it down. It was flat and disgusting. I saw my friend Dustin do the same. A girl i know said "eww, that is gross."
    A doctor came in, i was the first to be tested. The test was very unusual, and did not require peeing in a cup. Instead, i had to make food for someone, and feed it to them by hand. Then part 2 of the test required me to be the one being fed. The doctor opened up a white cabinet, where my boyfriend's face appeared. I could only use what was on the table in front of me, so i put a hot dog on a piece of bread and stuck it in his face. He was very cooperative. We worked quickly, because it was unsure if we were being timed. When i was finished, i asked to use the restroom. Instead, i went out to my car. I noticed a little yellow lab puppy running around, sniffing and barking, and i knew it was a drug dog. I had a decision to make. I took out a little glass pipe (named Ursula) from my glove box, and after intense contemplation, threw it down a hill. I decided to come back for it when everything was over with. I went back to the waiting room for my second portion of the test. I ran into Dakota(boyfrd) and i told him what happened. He said he had to do the same thing with his, except he threw it down a hole.
    non-lucid , memorable

    "I'm here to wreck your world"

    by notHuman on 01-24-2014 at 02:07 PM
    It started off in the band room of my school. I was having a strange conversation with someone, so i knew i was dreaming. Even though i was already lucid, i still did the finger through palm check, and it went through. I started hearing the loud voice of my friend, but it seemed to be coming from no where, and was only directed to me. I looked around for the source of this voice until I found my friend Andrew. I kept feeling like people were touching me, which inspired me to punch someone in the face to see what would happen. I punched Andrew, and he got a little upset and punched me back, but i told myself i wouldnt feel it. I floated around and found my boyfriend, and told him i loved him. I got piggy back rides from some friends. I asked some DC i couldnt recognize why they were here, and they replied, "To wreck your world." I made my old friend appear like i usually do, but this time i decided i didnt need him anymore, and i pushed him down through the floorboard. I decided i wanted to change the scene, so i became a monkey hanging on a tree branch. This didnt last long however, because i soon found myself floating around the band room again. Everyone seemed to be in slow motion but me, and i felt like i had complete control. It was extremely vivid and the whole dream felt somewhat abstract, like time didnt exist and we were all just a picture being painted with each action. At some point i decided it would be really neat to have a dream inside a dream, so i decide to test it out. I lay down on a couch and try to close my eyes, but i got distracted because i started to feel like my fingers and toes were falling off, like they were losing circulation in my waking body. I started to this my whole body was falling apart because i wasn't breathing in real life. I started to hurt everywhere, and i felt like i could hear myself gasping for air, but not receiving any. I started to panic because it did feel 100% real, so i try to wake myself up by slapping myself and thinking really hard. I went through a few short false awakening until i was in my real life bed. I fwlt fine, but i was not sure if i was actually having problems breathing or not.

    Jan 12, 1:00 pm - Attempt to jump through mirror

    by notHuman on 01-12-2014 at 08:23 PM
    I was in my room, when my brother came in and was being a jerk, so i punched him in the face. Since the dream began i knew it was a dream, but at that point i was totally lucid. I made sam disappear, and i looked into a mirror i had. I couldnt see my reflection clearly; it was like looking at my reflection in a moving river. I thought, since I am dreaming, i should be able to jump through this mirror! I tried, but i ended up just ramming it with my head, and falling to the ground. I started to feel my actual body waking, so i did somersaults around my floor to stabilize. I found it to actually be really fun, so i did it for a long time. It felt so real, and for some reason it felt really good. I felt like my actual body was rolling around with me, but i pushed this thought out of my head because i knew it wasnt. I Led myself into a weird and vague false awakening, but i knew i was still dreaming. I found myself on my floor again, but i sat up and thought about the task of the month. I tried and tried to remember what any of them were but i couldnt. so i gave up. I started to feel myself breathing in real life, and i was overwhelmed with feeling like I was two people at once, so i just woke up.
    lucid , false awakening

    Transformed into a Dolphin

    by notHuman on 01-01-2014 at 07:28 PM
    Wasn't really trying to lucid dream last night, or recall anything, and i hadnt taken the vitamins i usually do so it's hard to remember:

    I was about 30 feet underwater, just swimming around in an empty ocean. I remembered I needed to breathe, so I just took in a deep breath. That was a dream sign for me, and I became lucid. I decided I wanted to become a dolphin so I could swim faster, and I did. I didnt want to stop because it felt amazing. After an unclear amount of time, I started to lose some lucidity so I tried to stabilize. I usually look at my hands to do this, but I was a dolphin.... So I just turned myself back into human and was on land. The stabilization kind of failed, and I had a false awakening.

    That's all i can remember.
    lucid , false awakening