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    spring comp night 11

    by obfusc8 on 04-25-2017 at 11:27 AM
    Rather obvious source for the visuals at the start of this dream...
    Spoiler for rogue one spoiler:
    The destruction of Jedha
    ...which I re-watched on Sat night.

    25/4/2017 7-7.45am
    The world is falling apart. Mountains are crumbling into rocks and flying upwards into the sky, along with trees, buildings and the ground. We are in a small plane. The interior is like a coach. No seatbelts. The occupants are all busy staring out the windows as the planet is destroyed. The plane flies over a cliff. Right on the cliff edge a group of people huddle together waiting for the end. We cannot stop to save them. They are dragged up into the maelstrom of debris. Consumed by the expanding dust cloud.

    The plane starts flying through a canyon of mountains which are slowly breaking apart. I realise this must be a dream and touch the back of the seat in front of me to stabilise. It has the thin almost carpet like texture of a typical coach seat. The level of detail of the vista of the crumbling planet is awe inspiring.

    I recall my new 3 step tasks, fresh in my mind from yesterday. Phasing out through the roof of the plane I grab it and start propelling myself and the entire plane faster, flying as quickly as possibly to get away from the dust cloud behind us. We are now ahead of the shockwave of whatever is causing the destruction.

    The mountains ahead are not yet falling apart and high up on the peaks there are enormous oak trees covered in green leaves. Amongst the leaves though are hanging bodies. For some reason the sight of the bodies dangling in the air seems wrong, so I sever the ropes holding their necks simply by pointing my fingers at them. Better they rest in the ground than swing like grisly trophies in the wind. The bodies fall down to the ground below. I don't know why. The whole planet is about to be blown apart so it doesn't make any difference.

    The destruction is now far behind us though. I land the plane (which is now a coach) on the ground and it starts moving along a road with me surfing on the roof. Crossing the road is a row of pillars with duck statues on the tops. This line of pillars reaches all the way to the horizon in both directions. Perfect for 3-step part 2. Wonder if I can lift them all at once... I gesture to the closest statues and they rise off the plinths and bob up and down in the air. Then I try to extend this as far as possible, seeing statue after statue rise into the air. They don't stay level or still, all of them start bobbing up and down as if floating on an invisible surface of water.

    Considering that a successful example of mass telekinesis, I then phase into the coach. There is no driver but I will the vehicle to start moving. The last of my 3 step is element manipulation, which I struggled to recall in the last few days. So I attempt to summon a fire by clicking my thumb and fingers together. After two attempts a small flame appears at the end of my thumb. Not good enough.

    I try to summon some force lightning, but the aggression is not there, I'm just too darn happy! Instead I decide to try something new and think about how to create ice. Well, my hands get cold riding the motorbike on winter mornings. Also, just thinking about the word cold, the lyrics to Foreigner's song Cold as Ice pop into my head. 'You're as cold as ice. You're willing to sacrifice our love.' So I start singing the song. My fingers start to turn white then frost forms on them. This spreads and my whole hands take on an ice like appearance. I put my hands onto the front dash of the bus and it slowly starts to freeze up the interior of the windshield. My hands feel numb. I wake up.

    Spring comp - nights 8,9,10

    by obfusc8 on 04-24-2017 at 12:07 PM
    22/4/2017 5.45-7
    The dream starts as a murder mystery event in a funfair. Several people have gone missing. There is an investigation. I am trying to talk to people to find out what happened, but they keep trying to get me to take part in various fun fair games. One game involves playing cricket, but instead of stumps there is a post with nails on it. The idea is to bowl the ball so it sticks on the nails.

    The DCs keep handing me all these tennis balls, more than I can hold. They want me to bowl. Their insistence starts to annoy. Look, people are missing. They might be dead or dying. This is serious, dammit!

    The other investigators are about to leave to check another part of the fun fair for clues as to where the missing people might have gone. One of the DCs who wants to play the tennis-ball-cricket game is an enormous guy in a pair of dungarees. Looks like Nick Frost's character from Into the Badlands. Finally losing my temper I dump all the balls onto him (most fall on the floor) and leave, running across a field to catch up with the other investigators.

    Beyond the field is a tunnel with ladders and pit traps to climb through. I become lucid and start trying to move faster through the obstacles. Despite moving at sonic-esque speeds, I can't break out of the loop of ladders, gaps and slides. I stop and consider teleporting, wondering where to go, but wake instead.

    23/4/2017 5- 7am
    I am on a dinosaur-killing rampage. There are dinosaurs all over my house - upstairs, in the rooms, on the landing. They aren't even scary dinosaurs, these are the cute depictions that you might see on stuff for young kids. A group of the dinosaurs are four-legged with large wide necks and tiny heads, like a really simplified brachiosaurus. Anyway, I am stabbing them mercilessly with a metal spear. Kill the dinosaurs. Kill them all.

    Then I get up to a level of the house which doesn't exist in RL. There are tiny little baby dinosaurs here. So my rampage ends. Yeah I probably just massacred their parents, but something stops me short of murdering babies.

    Back downstairs there are people sitting and watching the TV. The dinosaur corpses are all gone. The DCs that are watching TV make a joke that supposedly relates to a recent massacre of civilians in a war zone. No one laughs. "Too soon?" The guy says. Yeah. No one is laughing. We sit and watch TV for a bit.

    Eventually it is time to leave. I head out on my motorbike. After riding around a bit I become lucid, due to trying to turn right but being unable to turn my head to check the way is clear. Despite the revelation of it being a dream, everything is too life-like. The bike is behaving right, responding as expected. The scenery is nice, a little country lane, and I'm zipping along quite happily. Glancing down the motorbike is free from any typical dream weirdness - the bars are normal, the mirrors. The noise and feeling of the wind passing by. Is this really a dream? I start to doubt it.

    In fact, the realism of it all brings on a feeling of panic. What if it isn't a dream? How can I do a reality check without potentially endangering my life? Caution wins out and I slow the bike down, then wake up moments later.

    7- 7.50am
    School/Work crossover - in a classroom but all the other students are current RL co-workers. The mouse mats have been replaced with new ones. There are two on the desk in front of me. I try to offer the spare but no-one else needs one. NJ walks up to my desk with a zip-loc bag containing several sticks of (typically English) pink seaside rock. Apparently half of it is mine, but I am not really a fan and suggest she should have all of it.

    After speaking to my manager about a problem with a report I spot a bed in the office. Bit weird, but whatever. I lie down and fall into a different dream. A beautiful dark skinned lady approaches me. I am lucid, recalling the action of falling asleep. She doesn't speak, just runs her hands through my short hair and starts to kiss me. The scenario escalates. We ahve sex. It's very sensual.

    ~NSFW lucid

    Spring comp night 3, TOTM Basic II and Bonus

    by obfusc8 on 04-17-2017 at 02:38 PM
    Morning of 17/4/2017 6- 7.30am
    Typical motorbike dream, riding along country lanes. A guy rides past in the other direction with his jacket open and one of those modular helmets where the whole front panel flips up - also fully open. I continue riding but the motorbike is misbehaving. There isn't much power at all.

    I stop in a small village and see a black and blue sports bike in a car park. It is parked slightly on a slope. My own bike has vanished so I just climb onto the new one. First I have to sort out my helmet, which in the dream is a bright sky blue and has a sort of 'ninja mask' section at the bottom making the visor tiny, barely large enough to see through.

    This motorbike must be electric or something... the engine is completely quiet. Just up the road there is a crashed police motorbike and trailer. I pull over and spot the police officer in the middle of a field talking to a couple more people. They all seem fine and the officer waves that everything is okay.

    I start riding again and go around a corner, trying to shift up through the gears but finding the sensation really off. Wait. Well, this is a dream. I knew it already, but it suddenly occurs to me that I need to earn some points. But what was the next one in my 3 step task? Can't recall.

    I do some fast flying down the road to get into a town. There is a junction and a high street. People are walking along the pavements and next to a shop there is a small long haired dog tied to a lamp post. Recalling my previous failed attemtps at the TOTM I untie the dog and ask it to fetch. This time I keep talking to the dog - "fetch, c'mon, good dog, fetch it." The dog vanishes amongst the legs of the crowd but then returns. There is clearly something in it's mouth but it doesn't want to give it up. I have to hold the dog and try and gently open the jaws. A circular white thing, like an LED light, drops out.

    The nearby building seems to have a party going on inside. I decide to take a look and see people dancing. A girl starts pulling off her trousers and getting changed in the middle of the room. I stop and stare then try and make a move on her. She doesn't seem up for it. "Just a kiss then?" She stretches up and kisses me but doesn't really seem in the mood so I let her go.

    I try to think of other tasks and recall the bonus TOTM about flying into space and through a black hole. After phasing out through the wall I try to get to the sky, but it keeps being obscured by large plastic shapes. It starts to piss me off, so I start shouting at the dream about how easy it is to get to space. Why is the dream making this so difficult? Then straight away I am teleported into space. It is freezing cold. :shiver:

    It feels like being plunged into ice water. Well, I am only wearing boxers! Still, I try to tough it out, shivering, but trying to convince myself it is a dream and it is not cold at all. Instead I just close my eyes to end the scene and end up back on Earth.

    I recall my personal goal to try and split the sky to reveal the night. The sky is cloudy. Not that it matters. A woman with golden hair descends out of the thick clouds. She is holding what looks like an unconsious woman in her arms. Cool. "Hey, can you help me fly into space? Just hold on. One sec."

    Focusing on my goal I point a finger at the horizon and then lift it up, cutting through the sky. It dutifully splits the clouds and reveals the blackness of space and the stars. The two halves of the cloudy sky fall down to just above the horizon, so it is a mix of day and night at the same time.

    The golden haired woman takes my hand and we fly up towards the stars. It looks really cool. "Look for a black hole."

    We continue flying through space past galaxies and planets until a spinning circle of even darker black appears in front of us. We fly into the black hole and after passing through the stars around us are exploding like fireworks. Hanging in the blackness ahead of us is an enormous clear domino with the numbers one and seven on it's halves.
    lucid , task of the month

    Spring Comp nights 1&2, TOTM Basic and Advanced

    by obfusc8 on 04-16-2017 at 11:30 AM
    Morning of 15/5/2017 - 7-8.10am
    There are small insects on a table in the corner of the room. I approach it and see an even smaller insect with a shell. It looks sort of like a preying mantis. The insects retreat as I get close to them. The table looks suspiciously like a motorbike tank, black and rounded edges. A gecko like creature crawls up from the leg of the table and it starts drumming claws on the tank and hissing agressively.

    This causes me to become lucid. I count to 10 and do a hand RC to confirm it, seeing my fingers growing and shrinking. Remembering my 3 step tasks I then phase through the wall into the street. Beyond is a village. I start flying down the streets. There is a building that looks like a tower. I manipulate it's appearance to turn into the famous London landmark Clock Tower - 'Big Ben'.

    After this I recall one of the tasks of the month and see a woman walking down the street. I point and yell 'Abracadabra!' at her. She screams and starts running. It didn't seem to have any particular effect so I shout again. This time her clothes change colour from blue to black. She runs out of sight.

    The other task of the month requires a dog, so I start searching for one. Finally spotting a small terrier tied up outside a shop I go over to it and untie it. 'Fetch!' I ask. It rolls over and plays dead.

    Well there are a few RL dogs that might be more obedient. I summon AB's sister's dogs by yelling their names. They show up and I pet them before asking them to 'Fetch.' They run off.

    In the meantime there is a fridge and I open it to see what there is to eat. Turns out there is a box with a block of butter and ice cream mix. It's tasty. Then, to entertain myself, I start singing a song to start some music and shortly after backing guitars and drums start, and vocals that are not mine.

    I call the dogs back but they do not return. Have to search for them... but there is no sign of them. I remember another task about finding a new species and look around. I see a street with a weird ruin type building at the end. Out of the ruin comes an animal that looks like a pig crossed with a dog, maybe a boxer. I decide to name this new animal a Pixer or maybe a Boxig. It has a pig tail but the face is a mashup of both pig and dog.

    Morning of 16/4/2017 6-7.30am
    In a computer game, something like Assassin's Creed. A Templar is running towards a tower that I am standing on. He tries to climb a ladder to reach me and I try to do a killing strike down. Instead the game glitches and he is stuck in the wall of the tower. The tower is now surrounded by archers. Arrows fly through the air from all directions.

    At this point I find a spellbook in my inventory which is called Fly. Sounds handy. I try to activate the spellbook and it swaps my assassin's outfit for multicoloured wizard robes.

    The dream skips to a pub. I am holding a cardboard box with a gap in the bottom covered in parcel tape. The barman refuses to lend me some tape to fix it. The whole box just falls apart into two pieces.

    I walk away through the pub still holding the broken box and become lucid. The place is filled with people chatting, drinking, a whole range of people including a hot blonde woman in heels. So I went and 'interacted' with her.

    Saucer TOTY: A che ora la fine del mondo?

    by obfusc8 on 03-18-2017 at 04:19 PM
    I'll just skip the earlier, NSFW lucid...

    Feel whole body shaking sensations and my face being crushed into the pillow. After this fades I can see the bookshelf next to the bed clearly, in a presumably identical state to real life. I stand up and phase through the curtains to get outside. The phasing results in black shapes obscuring part of my vision. It takes several attempts to clear it - cleaning an imaginary visor/lifting a visor, rubbing my eyes.

    At this point the last Task of the Year comes to mind - the saucer one. So I hum a song that an Italian work colleague shared with me yesterday - a cover by an Italian singer of It's the End of the World as we Know it by REM. The sky fills with fighter jets involved in aerial battles with smaller, round, saucer-like alien vessels.

    I spot a small round drone which looks like a smaller version of the alien saucers. Leaping high into the air I grab it and disassemble it, making the battery run low so it will return to the mother ship and take me with it. Sure enough the drone flies off and me with it.

    We reach an empty warehouse. There are other people inside, moving around the wreckage of various space ships. All sort of weird aliens start arriving, but there doesn't seem to be a usable saucer here.

    The dream destabilises and dumps me back in bed. I don't fall for it and remain lucid. This time I use the door to exit the bedroom. Four guys, room-mates - are making breakfast. One is holding a frying pan. The other side of the kitchen there is an open window. I climb outside and start looking around for another alien space ship.

    A silver saucer swoops down and lands on the lawn. It is large enough to stand on, so I just jump on top and surf it. Controlling the saucer with my mind, I make us fly higher and higher through the skyscraper buildings around us, looking for empty sky. Then, up through the clouds, we emerge into space.

    The blackness is filled with distant stars and a collection of larger planets. I fly towards one of the planets and surf down into the atmosphere.

    Strange buildings formed from orange clay surround an open square. The ground is also a reddish-orange colour. Two humanoid looking women walk past. They don't look that weird - tattoos on the sides of their heads but still pretty. "Hey! I'm a human. From planet Earth!"
    "No way!" She replies.
    "Yeah true story! I come in peace too. Teach me something!"
    "Um, like what?"
    "Well, uh, what's your name? Tell me about yourself."
    "My name is Blancmange" She replies.
    *cough* (trying not to laugh) "Neat."
    She then introduces her friend by singing a song. She explains that in their culture everyone has a song that describes them. It changes over time. The two alien women take me on a tour of their city which is all made from the same red-orange clay.

    Blancmange continues singing her friend's song. The other woman looks very unhappy at her 'private' song being sung and taught to me.
    lucid , task of the year