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    Strong Christian warrior prophet poet dancer gymnast martial artist figure skater. I love studying math and literature and dreams. I do gymnastics in my basement and am working on a few novels, my main one is called Beautiful Madness. If you want to read it and critique it let me know. I am also working on two other novels called Strays and Unbroken and a long time ago I wrote "Magic Kirna" and lost it and am re-writing it as Kirna, I just have some free-writes and plotting out for it. I am focusing on my main project. I want to write a book called "Book of Dreams" some day. Each chapter is a dream. Some chapters have dream interpretations. I had about 5 pages written but lost it. Got to collect some dreams of mine first. The most important label I have and need is that I am a Christian and I am an archangel-faerie-elf. I live in Heaven, and you might call me crazy, but I don't really care. If you want to be my friend, accept me the way I am. :)
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    USA, NZ, Aussie
    gymnastics, dancing, martial arts, reading, writing
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    by rebeccaprophet on 06-25-2017 at 11:24 PM
    I was at an orphanage. It was like I was watching a movie (this happens often. I wasn't one of the players). All the children were Thai. One was adopted. I forget
    if he or she was male or female - maybe that part just doesn't matter.
    Then, that one wanted to see his or her real mom. And then she showed up,
    with white skin that looked wrong, as if the Thai skin was dyed white. She looked
    like a monster. She looked like she was wearing a costume, someone
    else's skin. I interpreted this dream to be a vision for all mankind: those who don't
    believe in Jesus, who love evil and hate good, who have lust or greed, they are wearing
    a costume of evil, and they merely need to shed that second skin, take off that costume,
    and accept Jesus as their Savior and say goodbye to sin forever.

    trip to a party

    by rebeccaprophet on 06-23-2017 at 10:45 PM
    I don't remember much. I let my dreams slip away, but what stayed with
    me was I was in the back seat of a van and Jenny is in the middle seat. My parents
    are in the front seat and I wanted to ask them to let me and Jenny switch seats because I'm tall but I sensed hostility from Jenny. Then my dad said that we are
    going to pull over for a food break. I think we are driving to a party. I wake up and
    then fall back into the same dream, I am in the same van but I don't become lucid.
    Since the van is the only symbol I remember, and what you manage to remember is usually the most important part of the dream, I'll focus on that.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Long ago

    by rebeccaprophet on 06-20-2017 at 03:08 PM
    I showed up at my foster cousin and his girlfriend's house in Pensacola FL. I was outside and there was green grass and I was peaceful. They didn't let me inside.
    Then I was walking around and started walking down a staircase. The staircase was granite and was off-white and hard. I think I was barefoot and in my pajamas.
    I ended up in Tampa FL and started looking for a friend from a psych hospital
    who lives in Tampa with his parents. It was dark outside. I was a little scared.
    Then I woke up. Later, I wondered if it was real and if the staircase was a way to teleport to a different place. I'm still not sure if it was real or a dream. When I dream,
    I feel sensations, like taste and my body flying and doing gymnastics. Sometimes
    I feel pain in dreams, and weather.
    memorable , non-lucid

    Dreams dreamed

    by rebeccaprophet on 06-20-2017 at 02:38 PM

    I was on a balance beam in front splits. I saw the beam and felt the splits, though I didn't feel like I was stretching. The beam was a tannish color, like most balance beams are. Then the dream slipped away, and I was surrounded by black and thought I was in Greenland. I thought it was near Russia. I was talking to some woman about New Zealand. I thought, 'I have to fly to NY to practice getting on an airplane.' I forgot that Peter wasn't in New York yet, I called him, which I normally wouldn't do because part of me is afraid of him. I realized where he is really living. I thought about getting my passport out of my safe, even though I lost the key to it.


    I was walking with a random guy outside. I think he was a symbol for my twin Stephen. We found a bright blue pool, still waters. The guy suggested going in and I said it's illegal we'll get caught. There was a black, grayish gate/fence. The fence was straight, not in a circle. There was no barbed wire on the fence. Suddenly, we were in the hotel that the pool belonged to . We asked the people if we could buy the pool. They said yes it/s 10,000 dollars. We said okay we put the money in your crack account. I don't remember what the hotel looked like.


    I was at a peaceful, light blue beach. I didn't see the sand, just the water There were no waves. I swam and walked around. Lots of people were in the water. I think it was a Florida beach, I've had Florida beach dreams in the past. Michael, Simon Peter, Jenn, and Andrew were there. Before being in the water we were in a random house or hotel. Then suddenly we were in peaceful water not thinking about the sharks that might be near us. Then suddenly someone announced that there was a crocodile in the water. It was huge, bigger than most crocodiles, and was red with bright yellow eyes. It wasn't moving, it was just there. I knew I was faster than it. I tan out of the water. All I was thinking about was getting to safety and getting my family to safety. And all the other people in the water. Part of me was afraid and I should have become lucid, but I didn't. I was/a,m faster than the crocodile. Is the crocodile my shadow side? A symbol for my fears, a symbol of whatever is blocking my family from being who we really are, my dark side, weak, unable to move compared to the bright blue waveless water representing my peace and tranquility? I found the shore and suddenly we were in a hotel room. A window was open and I was falling out of the hotel, head first. My waist up was in the air and my feet were in the hotel. Michael grabbed my legs and helped me get back in the hotel room. There was a bed and a couch visible. I knew the couch could roll out as a bed. I knew there must have been another bed somewhere. Jenn and I were arguing about who would sleep in the bed and who would sleep on the roll out couch. The fight subsided and I told her that I'd take the couch. I assumed we weren't in Florida anymore and were in New York helping Peter move in to his shared house in NY for graduate school. Maybe the beach was a NY beach, but I'm pretty sure it was FL because I've had FL beach dreams before, though those dreams happened a long time ago, The dream was both nightmarish and peaceful. I'm praying I have the dream again and become lucid and explore the sea and the monster crocodile and fly down from the window doing a flip and not getting hurt. Alas, that didn't happen.

    A different night I dreamed I was at a martial arts cult like group. They were teaching me martial arts and weird things happened. The dream slipped away all I know is they tricked me into thinking there was one true martial art. There's one true God, but as for martial arts, all of them work. I just happen to choose Kung fu and Okinawan Karate.


    by rebeccaprophet on 06-13-2017 at 07:26 PM
    I was in Greenland talking to someone. I wanted to fly to New Zealand so someone told me fly to Peter in New York. I called Peter. I forgot he's not in NY yet. I needed to practice getting on a plane by myself. It didn't happen. I thought okay I'll fly to New Zealand I can do it girl power. I wanted to make a home for myself there. This is my daydream too. But I want my whole family to be there. I started to realize my siblings don't really live in VA, unless they do. It was a blind dream where everything was a vision of black and I was talking to people. I realized Peter hadn't moved to NY yet and was still in VA and thought I'll fly to VA. I needed to practice getting on a plane and realized I needed to get my passport out of my safe (I lost the key)