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      Hey RedKali! We haven't talked in awhile. How are you?

      Thanks. Yes, I drew that. I actually posted the original to my art thread awhile back. It's the same picture as the most recent one on my art thread just with a different background. I realized I should probably put the most up-to date picture I had for my profile picture.
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      No problem!
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      I found it. I'll PM you the link since BBC url is disabled in VMs
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      They held a competition a while back between members who had graphic artist skills and had a vote. I'll dig up the old thread and see if that member explained how they came up with it.
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      Heh. Yeah, mirror magic, all very new and challenging.
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      Thankyou! ^ w^
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      Lol. Hmm. Not that I can remember. I have had separate dreams about being held prisoner and having bookcases moved around my room. But they were just 'in different places' and not actually 'moved' by me. Lol. That's pretty cool that you had a dream about me, though!
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      to Dreamviews and thank you for the friend request!
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    To be, or not to be, that is not the question—

    Nobility is only one facet within the human mind. The mind can be anything and everything when we cease caring of what it is we are.

    That's not to say it's unimportant what we are, only to say that we can be anything we desire.
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    “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates


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    by RedKali on 08-22-2016 at 07:42 AM
    June 24, 2016:

    After stealing the key to time there's a large group who tries to take it from me, but the group I'm with is successful in preventing this. Once the fight is over I use the key to take Sen back to his 10 year old self and I watch as he and his mother share frog legs at the kitchen table.

    June 25, 2016:

    While exploring a new world I befriend a man who escapes with me once authorities attempt to apprehend us. Unfortunately the metal ocean I use as a gateway is lethal to my new friend and he turns into a puddle as we return to a planet I'm familiar with. Oops.

    June 29, 2016:

    I sentence myself to jail time because I'm sick of the general population. In a turn of events, it seems I'm forbidden from taking my can of beer with me to the cafeteria so I skip a meal and take my drink to my cell.

    July 1, 2016:

    After starting in the garage of a business building, people are dying in masses. I struggle to understand the situation unfolding and after a lengthy night of terror and constant evasive movements do I find Mzzkc back at the beginning right outside that initial garage. He's layered in dirt and appears homeless, so when he tries to kill me with a gun, I shoot him in the face until my clip is empty. He's laughing hysterically, his behavior triggers lucidity for me, and then the dream restarts. I run out of the garage, past the pile of dead people, find Mzzkc near the entrance to the garage, say hi, he looks confused, then I run in a direction I hadn't tried yet. I skip through a backyard and take a back road where a passerby questions my sanity. I assure him I'm in excellent form and barely notice his disbelief.

    Later on I'm taken to my friend Alan and I'm viewing him in a moment of achievement. I've emerged just at the edge of the darkness to witness this moment and I'm feeling very proud of his achievement (lucidity). I make it an effort to remain unnoticed as he should remember this as a moment he's proud of himself without any outside influence.

    July 3, 2016:

    Shamanka is communicating with the spirit world. I intervene as she's led a group of followers to believe this is a sacred act which requires respect and authority. This annoys me. The ritual, protocol, and hierarchy are unnecessary. I end her connection and we're taken into a different room for mediation where I express my concern that she's over-complicating this process and leading people to false beliefs. The spirit realm is meant to be accessible to all, not to a select privileged few. The larger concern is her desire to withhold that knowledge when it should be shared and understood. The work involved with keeping it a secret is draining; there needs to be more people who do what we do to alleviate the burden from the few who can do it.

    In response to my intervention she causes natural disasters to occur. First an earthquake, then flooding. This causes everyone to leave, including me. I'd appreciate it if she didn't throw tantrums.

    July 21, 2016:

    I meet WG and Sen in a town with water (WG remembers this). There's discussion of neurons and how frequent excitement of the same neural connections results in increased usage--and how this relates to shared dreaming. I'm pleased this encounter has occurred. As she's preparing to end her night and leave, she mentions how long the drive is back home. I understand her to mean she hasn't found a shortcut so I try to explain it to her but there's not enough time as she's waking very soon. I tell her I'll show her later. I find SW in a separate area (which she doesn't remember, but it turned out to be related to a house she wound up moving into). Found JJ in the garage on my way out, he was struggling to enter so I helped him out and tossed some brick platforms up to him as he tried to crawl across the ceiling (he remembers being in a garage but doesn't remember me or the support pieces).

    July 30, 2016:

    JJ, in the form a bear, comes to visit me at my home. Given the unpredictable nature of bears I decide I don't want to put myself at risk of being harmed so I remain inside and plot a plan in the event he opts to break through my window. He moves along.

    July 31, 2016:

    In a world, at a school, stuck in crowds. I'm trying to leave when a young woman picks a fight with me. I decide I'm in the mood for a fight, having been agitated by the large crowds. She whips out a lighter, causing me to laugh. Something possesses me, causing me to black out. When I come to the pair of us are on the ground and I notice her shorts are slid down to her thighs and her tank top is inadequately covering her torso. I conclude sexual relations had occurred and swiftly attempt to leave before she wakes. She comes to right before I step out of the dream.

    August 4, 2016:

    Little gray men invade an industrial warehouse. One waves me over and telepathically invites me to escape, an offer I take him/her up on.

    August 7, 2016:

    The reality I find myself in is very dense, almost like the astral plane. My long night of running from pursuers is drawing to an end as I've run out of steam and worlds to run to. I telepathically call for help, Sen answers, I explain my situation and he agrees to help. We end the connection. I wind up on a large building still being constructing, fling myself over the edge to force better lucidity, mid-flight I finally gain some dream control. I tear open a portal in the ground below me and fly into it. I emerge in a very small-town neighborhood which I hide in until I wake (was later able to confirm this was Sen's safe place in dreaming when he was younger).

    August 9, 2016:

    Simon's house, a whore house really (okay, a house that smelled of cheap sex), is the place I decide to take a nap. It was safe and the girls were out. It was just me and a place I knew most wouldn't look for me. While here Alan finds me, though I don't answer his knock at the door. Instead, I follow him into a different dream which he enters via the door of the house next door. The dream he enters is my childhood home, this surprises me. I find him staring out the kitchen window. I edge closer to view him when he turns around. The attention spooks me, I run down the stairs, he throws a katana at me. The fuck? I watch it bounce off the wall in front of me and grab it from the ground to prevent him from throwing it at me a second time. I manage to escape the house and slip into the darkness where I lose him entirely. Once in the darkness I'm contemplating how to return the sword while preventing him from attacking me.

    August 11, 2016:

    Alan and I stroll through an Asian town near the sea. Later a woman addresses him, she seems to be scolding him for lack of presence. She wanted to see more of him but due to his engagement with my reality, he's been missing in hers. He remains silent and doesn't offer an explanation, though I feel his emotions in a manner I wish I didn't. It's a complex issue--I'm the reason he's been absent from her reality. Yet he's in my reality as there's larger concerns to be addressed. It's similar to living a small town life or opting for the city life; is there satisfaction with a simple existence or does life demand engagement and inflicting significant change? Alan's been experiencing the larger picture and what the woman offers is similar to nirvana. I feel guilty about her suffering and recognize if not for my intervention she would be satisfied with her existence. However, it was not my choice or advisement for him to leave her. I presented him options and he's chosen to fight for a cause--at the expense of a future she wanted with him. Was it right for me to do this? The end justifies the means? It's not something I'm pleased with, but we all make sacrifices. Though I think I'm so jaded that I don't fully empathize with her loss, though I recognize it's a great loss to her and feel bad I was responsible for that.

    August 12, 2016:

    I take a man's body and engage in sexual acts with another man. Though when I took his body I sense something was off. There was a constant pain, a pain which reminded me of the early stages of cancer. I made a note to recall this when I woke as it was a detail I very much wanted to follow up on as I knew the man I was possessing.

    August 16, 2016:

    I take the body of a man immediately prior to him being lethally injected. Concerns over informed decisions are present seconds before I pass out. When I pass out I manage to communicate with the body I was pulled into. I explain sometimes our physical selves are unaware of the intent of our spiritual selves. Over a lifetime we're intending certain experiences for this life and he's managed to opt-out before he's accomplished something very important to him (which I couldn't recall upon waking). I inform him of what he had wanted for himself and told him if he wanted to continue to die I wouldn't stop that process any longer. But he wasn't aware of what he was forfeiting. Moments later I awaken to find myself still in his body, as a co-driver, and we're stumbling into the doctor's office (a different room than where we were killed). We're tearing off the mask on our face, leaving it to hang from our chin, as we're trying to catch our breath and explain that we're not going to die yet. I'm abruptly ejected from the body.

    Later, someone tries to kill me with a bomb in my mail. The attempt fails but I'm curious as to motive; was it due to mental illness or was this a contract? I don't find out. While I'm keeping a low profile by a police gate, Mzzkc pulls up in a black vehicle and gets out. I'm wondering why he showed up and why he's wearing a serious expression. (note: red mailbox blew up instead.)

    August 20, 2016:

    A woman and I are swimming in a pool. Wolf annoys us. Chases the other woman then comes after me. I've been waiting in the darkness of a large room, near a balcony window. He tells me to put on a piece of lingerie. I ignore him and fix the sheets on a bed that were done wrong. He leaves as it's clear there'll be no sexytime. Sen calls me, Wolf eavesdrops, then calls Sen, then I eavesdrop on their conversation.

    Updated 08-22-2016 at 07:54 AM by RedKali

    lucid , non-lucid

    Uh, the Time...

    by RedKali on 08-22-2016 at 06:32 AM
    Where has the time gone? Feels like I haven't been here in forever. Guess that's a good thing? I'm not entirely sure what I should post or why I should. Maybe in hopes of inspiring those I follow to update their DJs? Where have my favorite writers gone? Have they grown a life? That would be disappointing. In all seriousness... perhaps that is the issue. The rising of responsibilities which detract from the amusement of dreaming and journaling. Who's got energy to dream when things like sustenance is of great importance? There must be larger issues we face than working on lengthening dream recall or dream control. Right? Perhaps that's my issue. I enjoy reading entries from people with depth of character, a sense of humor and impeccable wit. Those who are suffering as those are the people who know the vast spectrum of emotion. However, those are likely the people who must focus on survival and don't have the luxury of wasting hours of their life dreaming and documenting. A Catch 22, really. Where my peeps at?

    Eh. Guess I'll update what I'm doing, even though I see this as a pointless attempt to re-grow some connections. I wrote a pretty spiffy paper on the Psychology of Dreaming (using scholarly, peer-reviewed research to link mental disorders to dreaming ability ((schizophrenia and autism to name a couple))). I was actually proud of that paper and shared it with my autism friend. Unfortunately one of my schizophrenic friends is out of contact so I haven't shared it with him/her (yet?).

    Hmmm.... what else?

    Oh, more shared dreaming. I'm surprised it's evolving and becoming more frequent. When I say more frequent, I mean it happens at least once a month, but no more than four times a month. It also has happened with three people on a couple occasions, so that was a rather nice development. It's definitely progress in the direction I want. However, now I'm running into quality of dreaming issues--similar to quality of life issues. Do I really care that I'm having confirmed dreams with people for the sake of scientific advancement? Maybe? Rather, that's not so much my focus at the moment. I mean, telepathy is a thing, as it spans across different people, occurs at varying times, so it's neither a hallucination or a mental illness (as the four Ds are absent xD distress, dysfunction, danger, and deviance). So yay! However, if telepathy is real does that mean some of these experiences are real too? Sure, I mean, it's an experience so it's real on a subjective level. Yet is there meaning assigned to these experiences--are there long-term consequences? For the sake of being honest, I think there are long-term consequences but denial is certainly a viable option for some.

    Anyway. That dreaming group I'm a member of elsewhere has turned out to be a very rewarding investment of time and energy. What I wanted to achieve has largely been achieved. Except of course for making shared dreaming a reliable event--eh, that seems to do with two people being in an optimal state at the same time. Given the number of experiences I've had thus far, I'm less concerned with having shared dreams and more concerned with the meaning of existence. Also, I'm somewhat concerned with why I'm still being hunted in dreams. It's like I've suffered tons of trauma and constantly feel insecure regarding my survival and safety. That's my practical interpretation of things. Though given the validity that dreams can be shared experiences, I wonder if there's more involved with the open hunting season occurring in my dreaming.

    Other news. Life stuff has become unbearably busy and somewhat stressful. Hence why I'm back here and writing; I find this very relaxing and a soothing experience. Weird, right? I just finished a ten page paper and I want to write MORE? Some people are weird, I guess.
    side notes

    Ice Shelf

    by RedKali on 06-12-2016 at 12:22 AM
    The Man Above

    While in a winter environment, I take it upon myself to self-entertain. After gaining momentum I launch myself onto an ice shelf. Sliding across the ice is simply exhilarating. I glide over patches of rough ice without any resistance. While on my back I look up to the sky, it's maybe a little overcast, but comfortably so. I sense the wind against my face, then realize I should be cold. Yet, I don't feel the chill; this encourages me to stay. When I slide near a short wall I notice others here. A puck whizzes past me. Then people. I realize they're playing something like ice hockey and try to scoot away from their playing field and it seems like I'm directly in front of their goal. Oops.

    I shove myself to the edge of the ice sheet when a somewhat familiar voice speaks to me from above. Not like God, just directly above me. As though the man was outside of the dream and happened to be situated directly above. As I'm sliding and pondering the lack of cold sensation, he draws my interest to an area I'm about to slide over.

    Be careful, the ice is thin here. He words are absurdly clear.

    Hmmm, that voice again.

    I remember the voice has been around in other dreams, like when I was running through a bath house, it told me to breathe. Another time it informed me of sharks or gators in the water.

    As if on cue, I fall through the ice into the water. I become fully submerged and in the distance, notice something black within the darkened water. It's a sea lion and noticed my fall. As it approaches me I use a small amount of telekinesis to gently guide it over the ice shelf ledge. Taking a quick glance over, I notice our ledge is considerately high and its fall will likely kill it.

    I turn from the ledge and take a relaxing swim below the ice. I discover a larger creature swimming, resembling a whale, and I attach a handrail to its belly and hold on; I'm tired of swimming. The whale-thing takes me below a bridge and I let go to inspect a flight of stairs. Having decided to leave the water, I go to say goodbye to the gentle giant when I notice a second dark sea lion in the water again. I don't know if it's the same one or not. I use the handrail and guide the whale toward it, lining it up like a bowling ball taking out a spare. The sea lion swims in the opposite direction.

    There's a man at the top of the stairs. I stand in line after him, looking to see who he is and what he's doing. We're looking over the ledge and instead of the ice shelf, we're looking into a factory. Lots of items, dolls? being made. He seems like a serial killer, he has that odd vibe about him but I don't feel weird by it. This is likely because I can't isolate what sort of serial killer he is. Some forms are beneficial, I prefer to wait before coming to any sort of judgement.


    Somewhere during this I'm inside a large building. I step into an elevator, attempt to figure out where I am, somewhat make it up that I'm on the ground floor, then push the level below it. The elevator spins, I become disoriented, walk out. A man walks in after me and I turn, trying to sorta warn him the ride may be a bit turbulent and I manage to utter something to him but given the state I was in, I doubt what I said made any sense. Have a talk in an almost empty conference room with a man I vaguely recognize. Leave this then exit to a grocery store.

    Grocery Store

    In an Asian environment I'm helping usher people in a death van. The old Asian women are already dead, but were lost inside the store. I took them out and patiently waited for their ride (the death van) to gather them. Once they were safely situated inside I walked around a parking lot where I find my car. Their facial expressions as they sat there were peaceful. I felt good about this.

    Kris & Serloco

    I find her on a patio and we're in a deep conversation regarding dreaming matters and things I'm working on. There's this man seated on the table behind me, obviously eavesdropping on the conversation I'm having with Kris. I keep having to look over my left should at him because his gaze and attention have this very weighted feeling, creating stimulation over my left shoulder. I can't shake it, no matter how much I focus on Kris. I never wind up discussing what I wanted to, given the extra set of ears, but Kris has a friend arrive. The friend is incredibly hot, wearing a black and red uniform.

    The friend demonstrates how she appears in the darkness, by stepping into a non-lit area of the patio. She's very well vanished, except for the outline of red eyes. I'm thinking of how useful that skill would be for myself. She then shines a flashlight on herself and she's suddenly wearing a t-shirt instead of her black and red uniform. The friend does this a few times and I watch her intently, thoroughly entertained by this concept and her, she's adorable.

    Then I'm reminded of the second set of ears and realize he knows I very much enjoy what the woman is doing. With simple entertainment I can be distracted for hours; and there's something I dislike about him learning this about me. It's personal in a way, something genuine about my personality and I don't entirely feel comfortable with him seeing this.

    (Upon waking I realize that man was Serloco ((a member from the dreaming group)))


    by RedKali on 06-11-2016 at 06:58 PM
    June 9-10


    I'm traveling to Samoa, can't remember getting off the plane but I've arrived and a church leader picks me up. We're walking from the airport to the village I've been to years ago. We pass unfamiliar areas, but the vibe is accurate. It feels like he's taking the long road to my final destination, we walk past a park, hungry children are playing. He points them out. I care, but yet I don't. This is their culture. I'm not about changing entire cultures. Also, it's useless to help young children if their parents refuse to support more conventional methods of child rearing. I don't share my thoughts with him. The church elder asks for money, for the children. Unfortunately, I see it as him asking for money for the church via tithing. I allow him to show me whatever he wants, for normal people I guess this would pull at their heart strings, but I feel nothing. Sure, it's sad and unfortunate, but this is their lifestyle. He's asking me to help treat the symptoms while ignoring the cause. That's not how I function. I'm in it for the long term fix and if they don't want that, I won't enable them.

    We reach a point in the mountains now, walking past a school. We're very close to our destination and I see it up ahead past a few fences. He walks me through a narrow walkway and then pauses, like a tour-guide might, and shows me the artistic beauty of some piece of outdoor artwork. I gaze at the piece of art. It is beautiful, I admire the effort and artistic vision of the wall. Though as he goes on to explain what it is, he's not using the proper term for it. I keep thinking the word is montage...this is a montage....say montage....you cannot critique art if you don't know the terminology...

    Now I'm wondering if I'm just being an asshole and this may be a cultural difference between him and I. I don't think I should judge him for his lack of appropriate terminology, yet I'm having trouble taking him seriously because his overall sales pitch is terrible.

    I wind up with the family I can come to see. They are living in poverty, it's sad. I consider giving the family themselves money, though I never do. For the same reasons why I wouldn't make a financial donation to the church. Money isn't the underlying issue. It's the appropriation of funds and they aren't willing to modify that vision. It's sad, but outside of my realm of responsibility.

    I stay with that family waiting for a flight out; I'm very eager to leave. I struggle endlessly trying to figure out why I came here. I hadn't done anything, there was no task, nothing was done. All I had done was observe. While I'm waiting for the flight out I go to the neighborhood park, watch kids, lay on the beach. I remember it feeling horribly hot, over 95F, and I was all kinds of uncomfortable. Yet I was determined to at least see and experience as much as possible since I was stuck here anyway. Seems like a waste of time to sit around waiting, so I hung out and did stuff.


    I realize observing the central issue may be why I went there.


    Quick notes: in a classroom. Taking a test. Some of it is math, but the five rows of numbers I struggle with adding (I assume the portion of the brain association with logic and reasoning was still asleep lol). One section, has multiple choice answers. Sen answers outloud to the teacher the answer is Papa Legba. Teacher tells him he's wrong. I notice he doesn't want to answer more questions, being unsure of himself now.

    Side-note: I sent Sen more recall than what I wrote here. He remember the test, the wrong answer, and having oddballs in the class (lol). Symbolically, I knew Sen had a question and the answer is not Papa Legba. I asked him after the dream what his question was. He was trying to figure out who an entity was regarding a personal inquiry. Heh, it's funny it's not Papa Legba. Anyway, that was interesting.

    Escaping the Dead

    by RedKali on 06-09-2016 at 11:29 PM
    There's a group of us playing a game with the dead. I never see the players well, but I vaguely recognize one as Alan. We've taken a compound as ours and secured it, but further into this I abandon the building to retrieve an item from an area I can't access from the inside. I head out with a couple others, turn a corner, and notice a horde coming up. I pause for less than a second, assessing. I decide to keep moving. They're not real enough to do any serious damage. As I pass one of the dead it turns to face me. I turn too, to stare into his cold, hungry gaze. Not today. I move along, enter the building. I'm not sure the status of those I came with but I get what I need, though I can't remember what it was.

    I exit, head back to the compound which is quickly becoming unsecured. A man slams a door on one of the dead, a man with blue skin. He's now stuck between the door and its frame. The entryway is beginning to crumble. We'll have to abandon this location; this saddens me. I wanted to remain in one place. I've grown tired of traveling.

    There are things I think of like people. Moving. Though I sometimes travel with others, they often leave for one reason or another; often unrelated to myself. I leave too, I suppose. We're all on unrelated paths, each pursuing our own goals, in our own realities. Sometimes though, those realities merge. Those moments are very nice. Especially those who stay for a while, or allow me to stay for a while. I miss a couple of those people, very much. Sometimes I go to check on them. It's nice to see they are alive and still around, even if not around me. I wonder too, especially with spontaneous visitations, if our realities will merge once again. I likely would enjoy that.

    In the mean time, I notice the losses have been more numerous than the gains. Instead of recruiting fresh meat, I'm more interested in salvaging old meat. Even at the expense of being alone. I've developed the taste for quality over quantity, and would rather starve than compromise. I fondly miss the characters from my past; those shitbags were wonderful. I have yet to meet others who come from the same caliber. I've searched for replacements and now come back empty-handed.

    Where forth art thou shitbags (these days)?