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      Even tho we disagree on a lot you are one very thought provoking dreamer. Come back and be awesome more if u can
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      Merry Christmas, sivason! I knitted you a scarf:

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      You featured in my non-lucid dream last night!
      You made a voice recording for me, and you had also made some plasticine models of people, with armature skeletons inside like they use for animations. The dolls had a healing effect on the people represented, and by making one doll, you brought a girl out of a coma.
      I accidentally got one doll wet and it started falling apart, and I worried that I may have done some damage to the person like a voodoo doll effect.
      The dream was positive overall though, and one doll even helped to cure my high school bully, who I've been trying to make peace with lately in my dreams.
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      Happy Birthday
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      Happy birthday, sivi!
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      Birthday wishes to you, Sivason!
      I'm sorry to hear about your bad news today.
      May the following year have some nicer surprises in store!
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      Made me think of you ^^

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      Thanks for adding me as a friend !!
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      Hi Sivason!
      Check out Dreamer's Lucid Dares thread under Lucid Challenges - I've just put one up for you, hopefully you'll like it!
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    I started LDing in 1986 and have been a fanatic ever since. I also am very into Kundalini and Ki.
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    Zen Gardener, Martial Art Tinkerer, Fish Tanks, Meditation, Occult studies
    Better than I could dream, wait,,, exactly as I have dreamed, this is fun, glad to be me.
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    Random Chance, a strange thing that.


    Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

    "Instruction in Dream Yoga"


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    Recent Entries

    Purple Puppet Man.

    by sivason on Yesterday at 09:11 PM
    01/16/17 WILD. Not terribly impressive. I attempted a few times last night and this is all I ended up with. I started a WILD and entered darkness loosing bodily awareness. The background turned purple. I man was sitting in front of me at a desk. He looked like he was giving the news. I tried to look around, but the visuals were locked on this guy. I did not have a body. I tried to jump into this man's body, but still it stayed just the same. I tried to influence the actions of this man, and found out I could control him like a marionette puppet. I made him extend his arms one at a time and then wave them around. Soon everything went black again.


    by sivason on 01-15-2017 at 10:42 PM
    01-15-17 DILD I was in the midst of a long somewhat confusing dream that involved trying to sort personal possessions and move them. I was young and in what represented my bedroom. It was a mess and I heard my family talking from another room. I go to the door and realize I am naked. I think to cover myself with something. I look around and the scene does not look correct. I become lucid. I am now in the midst of a battle with Team Moon. I do not know any details but team members are running around blowing up buildings with weapons and I can tell tanks and such are involved. I run into one building to find enemies to fight, but only find allies. I know they are team members, but do not see them as specific DV members. This building is like a gym. I go through various scenes until I am in a warehouse and people are gathering supplies. I get in an argument because someone is grabbing things I want. I transform uncool items into cool ones and trade with the guy. I go out the door into the street and Team Moon member "He" is manning a rocket artillery battery. He looks like a big Russian trooper in winter gear and heavy boots. I see this with a mind's eye overview, as he is not actually close to me. Death from above rains down all around me. Buildings and troops are wiped off the map. I teleport to the top of a building near by and check out the battle. We are getting destroyed by "He" and his rockets. I see my team still has some tanks and helicopters that are about to be destroyed. I pick them all up with mass TK and float them over the water to an aircraft carrier. I get a telepathic thought in my head that this counted as a forfeit on my part. I walk into the destruction to try and make friends with 'He'. I find him (still huge Russian guy) inside a destroyed building. He moves to attack and I yell out that I have been defeated. He says, "No, you pulled your big equipment back before I could destroy it. That is not very brave." I tell He that we forfeited and that we should go destroy things together. We go walking through the city and it is so destroyed that I find little to destroy, other than some windows here and there. I use bolts of compressed air and blast it out of the palm of my hands to destroy windows. I take out the whole front of a store this way. I notice that I am barefoot for some reason. I shout out, "boots" and stomp my foot and instantly am wearing boots. He looks impressed and says, "very nice." The boots are not sturdy enough for my tastes so I stomp my feet and they become big rigid army boots. He suggests we go up to the corner where his rockets did not reach. We go there and walk inside a convenience store that has happy people shopping. We actually decide that we have destroyed enough and let the people be. I suggest we go to where the rest of his team are. We start walking... My recall fails at this point. The lucid part of this goes on in another scene that involves a totally different theme. I go into an apartment building and talk with a women, but details are few.

    Transformation/ Body Jumping/ Large Cats

    by sivason on 01-15-2017 at 08:12 PM
    01/15/17 WILD I did WBTB 3rd time but take this a little more serious. Lay on back until right on edge. Roll over and instantly am asleep. I go into a dream observing a desert scene about large cats in Africa. A lion has a Cheetah cornered and she is defending her cubs. I take the perspective of the Cheetah. In the cat body I look back and will the cubs to climb a tree. They do not. I switch into the body of one of the cubs, and climb the tree. This feels somewhat realistic and have a neat view of the dry grass below. I do not see the lion, but see the Cheetah. I switch back into the cheetah's body. I am now a human in animal skins, like a Viking berserker. I am starting to feel my body in bed, so I try to ignore it. I go through a werewolf like transformation back into a cheetah. I look around for the lion and realize my form is of a female lion and not a cheetah. The lion does not seem to be around but I can not see well because I am on all fours in tall grass. I become fully aware of my body in bed. I am now in both bodies at one time, and soon have lost the dream and in void. A new dream does not form before my awareness fades.

    Same Girl in Skirt? Non-lucid-ish

    by sivason on 01-05-2017 at 05:57 AM
    This dream is interesting because it came sometime after the last dream in this journal. I was prowling through the darkness and felt primitive, like Tarzan. I was not lucid, but there was a depth and reality to the dream beyond normal. Across a field I can sense people coming and I am afraid of being caught. I go across a small ditch and climb over a fence. A small girl is pursuing me. She is wearing a school girl outfit with the skirt. She is not running, just clearly following me. I hide between a building and a fence and hold the gate I just went through closed. A man comes out on the other side of the gate and talks to the girl. I sense that he is telling her he did not see me. I can see through gaps in the fence. The little girl comes up to the gate (she looks very much like the girl in the last dream, but non-lucid I do not know what this means.) She laughs and says she can see me. I am afraid. She says I am not hidden at all. Her hand comes through the fence and rests on my neck. I panic and attack her. I am now on her side of the fence. I grab her ankles and cause her to fall in the mud. I am now holding her down in anger. the shocking unreality of me ever harming a child is like a lucid bringing RC. This cannot be real. It is a dream. I am lucid. Oh shit! I am attacking the girl from the last dream. Bad Eric! OMG! No! I wake up.

    Updated 01-05-2017 at 06:01 AM by sivason


    Shocking Face to Face with ???

    by sivason on 01-05-2017 at 05:35 AM
    This dream started in classic DILD fashion. I entered aroom and saw objects there that did not make sense. They should have been in another room and looked as if they were sort of disassembled. I don't remember any RC, I just knew it made no sense, so I must be dreaming. I spent perhaps 10 minutes doing various fun things like practicing levitation skills. I decided to practice summoning DCs and then causing them to act as I wanted. I decided to look for pretty girls who would appear as I changed scenes by flying. After I found a pretty girl I would exert will to cause the DC to take her shirt off. Then I would see how quickly I could repeat this task chain. I was actually not being a pervert, but this task just seemed a fun challenge.
    I was doing great, very rapidly completing the challenge and repeating, each time a new setting and DC. On about the 3rd or 4th time something weird happened. I approached a small group of people. I saw a younger girl in a school girl outfit. Nope. No way. I caused her to age in front of me until she was adult. I tried to use will to cause her to remove her shirt. She reacted like I was attacking her and shied away. I got a weird feeling as if I was suddenly in an astral type setting rather then alone in my mind. I said something like "please don't worry. I would not make you do anything you don't want to. I will leave you alone." I then flew up into the air to demonstrate that I meant what I said. The whole group flew up into the air in pursuit of me.
    They started taunting me. I could tell (if you want to believe in such stuff) that these where not DCs but more like what ever my Dream Guides are. Perhaps this is now an astral world? They said things like how does it feel to have things you don't want done, done to you? After each comment like this I would get hit with something like a petronis from Harry Potter that they were projecting at me. One of them said something like, "that doesn't feel good, does it?" I responded, "No, it is definitely unpleasant, but this is stupid and I will not run from you any more." I then landed on a roof top. They were no where in sight.
    I was feeling defiant because I have a long history with astral entities pushing me around when ever my actions turn sexual. Can you really blame them? Assume that somehow I have achieved a level of dreaming that allows me to go to astral realms (or laugh it off if such things are to far out there) and sometimes I go there with out realizing it. I then act out as if I own the world. However, this time I got mad. I addressed no in particular, sort of like screaming at God from a mountain top. I said something like this. "I want yo all to understand this! To me much of this is confusing because I a dreaming from a physical body somewhere else. I am subject to the drives associated with being a form of ape. I often think I am alone dreaming of things when suddenly I am hear and you are all offended. In my dreams I have almost ultimate power. In this hand I may want a drink," I flourished my left hand and a swirling cloud forms above my palm and becomes a glass. "While in this hand I may want breasts." I flourish the right hand and the torso of a woman floats above the palm.
    "I do not ever mean any of you harm, so try to forgive me!" I then take off up in to the air with a great deal of showmanship, copying the way Magneto does this. Chest out, arms back and all. I feel good and powerful.
    As soon as I start to gain height an image forms in front of me, like I am floating up to a sky scraper or cliff. There is an open area inside the structure. Picture if you took all the glass off part of one floor on a sky scraper. Inside this area are about 12 entities all looking at me as if in judgement. They seem relaxed and look a bit as you would picture Nero and his court deciding the fate of a gladiator. Some of these beings radiate large amounts of power and are very intimidating with out trying to look tough.
    They do not say anything, so I do. "I am an honest man who is involved with a very confusing thing. I want to be part of this but sometimes I do not realize what is happening and can not always control my behavior when I am dreaming. I will even meet each of your eyes to show I mean well." In my travels I have found that direct eye contact in this place opens you up to psychic attacks or contentedness. It is a very rude thing to force on anyone and has deep meaning here, far beyond what we would make of it in waking life. It somehow is like plugging two computers together with a usb cord. This gets their attention! A few of them shift forward right away. A voice in my head asks, "you will meet or eyes?" I affirm that I will. Three men approach. The first stares into my eyes. He then smiles and says, "I am Beelzibub." I am a bit taken aback as this name is something I have heard before as a lord of hell from gaming books. I assume at the time this is said to shock me (basically a lie to mess with me.) I interacted with the second on, but can not remember what happened. I know he made the contact and also introduced himself. The next one seems friendly. He quickly makes eye contact then breaks it and introduces himself as "Midas or Minos." I think to myself that Midas is a mythological name. He sees my thought and smiles. A frost covers his skin, but it is metallic and gold in color. At this point my memory is completely gone. If the dream kept going I can not recall any of it.
    ***Important note afterwards*** I wondered at the name the 1st being gave me.My thought was that it was a joke. I have been addressed by a being claiming to be Horus and on claiming to be Siva in the past, however these are figures from Egyptian and Hindu stories. I had thought this seemed a bit like something from Star Gate the tv series. Like maybe these are old special beings, but not really Gods, maybe beings that started being worshiped but are more like just seriously powerful forces. However, the name Beelzibub struck me as a Christian demon. My thought had been that he was messing with me. I look up the name and like so many other things this was a pagan god who the Christians demonized. It is actually the name for Ba'al a popular god in Canon the land the Hebrews invaded. Of course any of this could be made up in my head and mean nothing, but if we are open to my belief that this stuff is real, then this now makes sense. That name would certainly go right along side names like Horus or Siva in a list of important gods of ancient races.

    Updated 01-05-2017 at 06:10 AM by sivason