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    September 12, 1989 (28)
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    I discovered dreaming years ago, but can't remember how. I saw it as a means to meet a fictional character I've been obsessed with, but discovered so much more. I discovered freedom, and enlightenment beyond anything waking life has to offer.
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    Brasschaat, Belgium
    Gaming, guns, transhumanism, dreaming...
    Currently unemployed.
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    I can't remember!


    Current projects:
    -Acquire the Aurora
    -Test galatamine, huperzine and choline
    -Find smartwatch app for RC reminders at certain intervals
    -Ressurect my dream log here, and become more active


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    18-01-XX Flying Shenanigans (Waterfall), Computer Simulation

    by Timothy Paradox on 01-21-2018 at 06:06 PM
    I was flying over a city surrounded by water. I think my brother was there too, flying an airship. We were kind of playing around. I tried to bring down enemies by manipulating the ocean water below me and pulling them out of the air, or by pushing them away with TK. Sadly, none of these powers worked. My notes say Yoda was somehow involved, too. At some point I flew low over the city, and ran sideways across a fence (an impossible wall run). Someone on the street saw me. All of this was accompanied by a loud Eurobeat soundtrack. At some point, people and buildings become huge (or I became tiny) and I had to start flying really, really high for some reason. Samuel L. Jackson?

    In a second dream, I flew along a coastline. But I felt strangely out of control. Spinning around my axis while I kept going in the same direction. An older person on shore noticed me.

    I flew towards another city. This one had a very specific 'feel' to it. It was near a big waterfall like the Niagara falls. I (of course) felt the need to fly through the waterfall at full speed. The soundtrack of this dream was 'Long Tall Sally' by Little Richard. I landed somewhere on the riverbank (sloped, open piece of land) and helped rescue a black kitty together with some other guys. Carrying bottles of compressed air? The entire time, I felt like I was controlling the plot.

    I was on a train. I looked out of window, and everything looks really weird. Everything was 'blocky' and in black and white. I thought this was evidence I was inside a computer simulation (rather than a dream). I was studying the environment because I was convinced there were patterns that were trying to tell me something. A sign, or something. The other characters on the train were very annoying, though. I hit one of them, and he vanished. I felt guilty because I hurt one of the simulations, and I felt like I wasn't supposed to do that. Like, my anger would make me fail the challenge. Later on, I had to solve puzzles. I moved through a shopping area inside a train station. I fantasized about blowing everything up if the DCs kept annoying me. At the end of the dream, I sat on a ledge of sorts, and threw something down to the DCs. We were solving a puzzle together?

    18-01-19 I See Dead People

    by Timothy Paradox on 01-21-2018 at 05:38 PM
    I was with a couple of family members at my late grandmother's house (moeke). My mom was there, as well as my brother. And a few others, but I don't know who exactly. Oddly, my grandmother was there too. She'd dead. I noticed her being there was... odd. But it still felt so normal. I wondered if anyone else could see her. I think they said they had no idea what I was talking about. But then I saw my brother in conversation with my grandmother. She said something, and he replied. I confronted my brother, and asked him who he was talking to - as what he said could only make sense in response to someone asking him a question. I was confused as to why everybody appeared to be lying. The situation didn't make any sense. Unless... And that's when I figured that they were *all* characters, and I was the only real person in the room. I forced myself to wake up, as I was already drifting close to full consciousness anyway.

    18-01-18 War PoW

    by Timothy Paradox on 01-18-2018 at 07:03 PM
    There was a kind of war going on. It was the modern day, and I was in a trench of sorts with other people of my 'side'. At some point, they were all gone and I was surrounded by enemies. I had my chest pressed against the side of the trench, which was odd because I wasn't being restrained or anything. I was surrendering, I guess. I still had my pistol in my hand, and for a second a tried inserting a fresh magazine (presumably to kill some of the enemies by surprise) but I decided against it because I knew I'd undoubtedly get killed myself. So I surrendered, but I still had my gun in my hand, and I couldn't drop it because my arm and hand were stuck between the wall and myself. To release the gun and show them my hands, I'd have to move. And I knew the slightest unexpected movement might cause them to shoot. Anyway, after a lot of shouting, eventually they got my gun and I showed them my empty hands. Curiously, they didn't restrain me or tie me up. In the next scene, I was at a large round/oval table where the enemies who had defeated us were seated. All of their head honchos were there, but everyone was dressed like regular people. Even more bizarrely, they gave me my gun back, loaded and everything. I laughed at their naivety. I think they realized and took it back? Not sure. Anyway, I sat down next to one of them, and made the finger gun gesture to their leader sitting across from me. I guess I could have blown him anyway, but I like living so I didn't. Both 'sides' had a colour. Mine was orange, theirs was blue. The 'meeting room' was bathed in orange light, which I thought was odd. At some point I heard reference to a Professor X, who I think was our leader. I think my side was into developing super-powered mutants, or something. The blue guys opposed it. They said something like 'Professor X won't succeed". My plan was to escape at some point and rejoin my own side. I really despised the enemy and would not let them win.

    18-01-17 False Bus Awakening, Wolfenstein Punch-Out

    by Timothy Paradox on 01-18-2018 at 02:16 AM
    I was having a vivid dream, which I have forgotten now. When I woke up from this dream, I found myself on a bus. I was standing, and when I woke I mumbled something as I was still finishing a sentence in the dream I was having. A man gave me a weird look, and I felt embarrassed. I told him I could sleep while standing, as this is apparently what had happened. I looked out the window, and saw it was the street leading to my old high school (Prins Kavellei, heading north). I felt very confused. I didn't know how I got there. I didn't remember getting on that bus. I knew there weren't supposed to be any buses on that particular road. In fact, I had no idea what day it was, what time it was, or what I'd done earlier that day. Then, I woke up again. This time, I found myself back in 'reality'.

    I was having a "Wolfenstein: The New Colossus" themed dream. I was in a small town vaguely reminiscent of the Roswell level. I was supposed to go on a solo mission to do something important. I'd have to enter a manhole in the street. Someone wished me luck. An old colleague, Patrick Sevenans, approached me and reluctantly (he hated me) wished me luck. He handed me a handful of small change, for some reason. Just a euro or two in small coins. At some point, I saw an übersoldier attacking a civilian, or friend. I rushed in, trying to protect this person. But I was too late and (s)he was dead. I had no time to pull out my guns, so I just punched the armored übersoldier with my bare hands. This was 'realistic', not game mechanics. I had a kind of super-strength, apparently. I knocked off his helmet, revealing its horrific face. I hit his face a few times until it died. Before long, there was gunfire everywhere and the 'stealthy' mission became a massive shootout.

    When I woke up, I had Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" in my head.
    non-lucid , false awakening

    17-12-XX Bank Robbery, Turkey Disaster, Barcelona

    by Timothy Paradox on 01-01-2018 at 05:08 PM
    I had money issues (as I do in real life, been unemployed for too long) and I'd agreed to take part in a bank robbery with a few professional bank robbers. I'd never committed a crime before, so I was very nervous. In the car on our way to the bank, I got cold feet. And the rest of the crew, not exactly nice people, noticed. They said that if I got nervous, the deal would be off. So I said I was good. We all had carbines, but they assured me we'd rob the bank at night and almost no one would be around. They lied. They used a lot of force and violence and I think people got hurt. I complained that this wasn't what we agreed. I was worried enough about being charged for robbery, and I didn't want accomplice to murder being added to that list. And I'm generally speaking not a murderer. These other guys... were nothing like me.

    I was in a city in Turkey, and suddenly some kind of earthquake shook the ground. People assumed it was a nuclear explosion for a while, but then we realized it wasn't. Don't know what it was. Just a quake, I guess? People were standing on this rickety bridge above a pool of water (in the city center). I wanted to get off as I realized it might collapse.

    We were traveling to Barcelona in a big bus, like I did a decade ago with school (twice). We got out to take a break, on an empty road somewhere halfway to our destination. There was a massive raging fire on the horizon. One of our teachers (math teacher Van Achteren) came up behind me and talked about a kind of app for merging pictures on her phone? For photographing the fire, I guess. My notes say our history teacher Peeters was there too, but I don't remember him. Notes also say "chocolate egg NL". Yeah, no clue what that means. In a later scene, I was in a hotel room, presumably in Barcelona. We had to share rooms with other students, just like how it was in real life. I realized I'd forgotten a lot of stuff back home, and I had almost nothing on me (just my wallet). I walked on a balcony outside of the hotel, wrapped in a blanket. The wind was blowing so hard, I could barely stand, let alone walk. I couldn't keep up with the others, who had already left. I was terrified of being left behind.

    Something about Doom savegames?