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    September 12, 1989 (28)
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    I discovered dreaming years ago, but can't remember how. I saw it as a means to meet a fictional character I've been obsessed with, but discovered so much more. I discovered freedom, and enlightenment beyond anything waking life has to offer.
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    Brasschaat, Belgium
    Gaming, guns, transhumanism, dreaming...
    Currently unemployed.
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    I can't remember!


    Current projects:
    -Acquire the Aurora
    -Test galatamine, huperzine and choline
    -Find smartwatch app for RC reminders at certain intervals
    -Ressurect my dream log here, and become more active


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    17-05-03 Loser Guardians OTG, Flying in Santa Monica, 12:14

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-05-2017 at 03:32 AM
    I wrote down, but don't recall what it means: "no fate but what we make" (I watched Terminator earlier that day) and Ian McKellen. I think Ian said the famous Terminator line as part of a speech to 'us'. Us probably refers to several characters I met in the dreams I'll now summarize (they're all related, same 'continuity').

    I was doing some kind of basketball challenge. I had to dribble my way through a kind of trench (?), maneuvering my way past several opponents. Not willing to give up, I somehow outdid myself, and made it to the end. That would never work in real life.

    I remember being in a hotel, and getting into a dumbwaiter in the kitchen. It went up, and I ended up between the corpses in a morgue...

    Notes mention Rick Moranis, don't recall the scene.

    Throughout the previous dreams (of which I forgot key scenes), a team had been assembled of random people I met in those dreams. Like the "Guardians of the Galaxy", but even bigger losers. One of them was a waiter from that hotel, perhaps Moranis was another. And me, of course - the basketball guy. We all traveled in a cool-looking spaceship. We flew through a kind of wormhole, into a dark planet's atmosphere.


    First dream completely unrelated to the first bunch. I was at Santa Monica Beach, and I was wearing absolutely ridiculous clothing. A bloody skirt? Pink, no less?
    I was understandably embarrassed. I didn't want to be seen. I started flying to stay out of sight. I was having fun, so the clothes thing kind of vanished (if you don't focus on it, the dream makes it vanish) as it ceased to be relevant. Flying low through a street, a guy suddenly turned to me and asked something really weird. I think he asked me to record something on tape...? I kept flying, but everywhere I looked, there he was... asking the same question over and over again, in exactly the same tone. I flew higher to get away, but when I looked back (down), there he was! Somehow right behind me in mid-air, asking that question again! I was seriously freaked out at this point. I violently threw him off of me, and he fell down. I somehow had an injury in my side all of a sudden? I woke up, and for some reason immediately checked my body for the injury. Not sure why I did that.

    Right before I opened my eyes, I had a vision of a number. 12:14 (in green numerals). I finally woke up, and checked the time. It was 12:14...

    Bizarre Coincidence, Vision Matches Alarm Clock

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-05-2017 at 02:42 AM
    Shortly before I woke up, I saw a number. 12:14. My vision was black (dreams had ended, I was in the process of waking up), and this was the last image I saw before I opened my eyes.

    I looked sideways at the clock, and it was 12:14.

    I still don't know if:

    1) I imagined it, 'fake memories'?
    2) A complete coincidence happened.
    3) I've seen traces of a poorly understood mechanism in the human psyche, perhaps this "human clock" thing that allows people to wake up a minute before their alarm clock goes off?
    side notes , memorable

    17-05-02 School Again, Stabbing Kitten

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-05-2017 at 02:37 AM
    Another dream in which I have to go back to high school... it never ends. This time though, it didn't feel like a nightmare. I felt okay with it.
    I also recall having a heartfelt conversation with one of my former bullies, Max. That was nice.

    Awful dream. I was holding a kitten in one hand. I wanted to cause myself emotional pain by hurting the innocent, and losing my own innocence in the process. I wanted to do something awful, knowing it would hurt me. I repeatedly stabbed the little kitten with a knife...

    17-04-30 Nightly Swim in Deep Pool

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-05-2017 at 02:30 AM
    I was swimming in an outdoor pool. I was doing crawl, and going ludicrously fast. I'd lost track of the time, night had fallen. Someone looked at me with a look that said "you're still here"? Everybody else had already left quite a while ago.

    I remember diving in this pool, and it was impossibly deep. Like the closet leading to Narnia, this pool was at least a hundred feet deep, had rocks and algae in it, and had all sorts of fish in it... even some extremely large species the size of whales... it was actually kind of creepy, in the typical way deep water always scares me. The unknown, not knowing what's lurking in the dark beneath you. You could not see the bottom of this pool, and large beasts lurked everywhere.

    I got out of the pool at the end, and walked over to (presumably) my towel to dry myself.

    17-05-01 Too Many Dreams

    by Timothy Paradox on 05-05-2017 at 02:22 AM
    Boatload of dreams this night, a lot of it XXX-rated so expect to see a lot of "redacted". We start with a fully redacted sex dream featuring REDACTED.

    I'm held captive in a room up high in a skyscraper. I remember seeing a painting (?) and thinking the bad guys are the developers of the game "Hitman". Random, I know... The jail had bars that somehow "rotate" (hard to explain) which makes it impossible to break out. A jail guard sees me move and assumes I wanted to escape, so he comes in and installs an additional neck restraint which secures my neck to the wall. At some point I escape anyway, and jump through a window and fall down. But I somehow knew I'd be fine. The skyscraper looks quite futuristic.

    In this dream I was flying outdoors, using a poncho I was wearing as a cape that helped me fly (it generated lift, somehow). I landed, and continue a previous plot by talking to a Spanish girl (something about her high-heeled shoes?).

    Zombies attacked our old house. I was in the garden with my mom. I tried to fight, but my guns would not fire (I couldn't pull the trigger, typical in scary dreams), so I had to resort to using an improvised melee weapon.

    I remember REDACTED & a T-Rex, and I saw in first person from her perspective how it bit her, holding her in its maw (still on the ground). Her sight went black, and I saw her body on the ground with a bite taken out of it.

    I was watching TV, watching REDACTED by dinosaurs and giant wurms (like the ones from 2005's King Kong). REDACTED, thinking my dad and his wife Debby (who were in front of me, also watching the movie) wouldn't notice. I asked them what these wurm-things were. My dad simply said (in that typical tone): "Could you stop that, please". I knew he knew REDACTED." I simply replied "I'm not doing anything".

    I remember a scene in which I recalled I'd forgotten my bicycle somewhere in southern France... I figured I should leave it there, as the cost of retrieving it would be higher than the price of the actual bike.

    Dream that started in a gym and has way too many small random details, I will not bother to even *try* writing this all down. REDACTED on catwalks above the ground, waiting for them to start fighting (and REDACTED), but it doesn't happen.
    non-lucid , dream fragment