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    2017-01-17 11:52 -- Bomb-shelter, rail trip to coast city, restaurant and mall

    by Venryx on Yesterday at 09:46 PM
    =in bunker
    =look for exit down hallway
    =find exits, but all have people with guns and such
    =go back and wait in room
    =lose second gun
    =retrieve it finally from room
    =decide to go down halls again
    =see people running back
    =run back too, and guy comes in with huge gun
    =some people take shots at him, but he warns
    =he prepares to shoot at our far side
    =i run past and into side room, of school/hospital, someone coming with
    =i duck into closet room, other person falls at door
    =someone comes and takes fallen lady away

    =i stay hidden, now definitely knowing it's a dream
    =i wait, half-expecting them to find me, but nothing happens
    =imagination turns situation into of it now being part of train
    =i wait a bit more, then open up door, and fly out
    =at some point, turns into me using a hang-glider
    =fly a long way, following rail track
    =come to where i see the coast, but turn to the side as looks restricted area
    =head for city to the right
    =hang glider falters, and i fall to ground

    =i look for way to cross river
    =i see bridge, and try to go, but they say for upper class
    =i keep goingto the right, and they're for progressively lower classes
    =finally get to place they let me
    i can either go in narrow section next to one-step-up class' half-foot bridge, or go to line just next to it on the very edge in the water
    i look down lowest path, and there are many poor people on it, and to their right is a wall of machines (I think to process the water, or the equivalent of a dam)
    i watch as a boy gets sucked underwater and into it!
    i start going across anyway on second-from-right path, as I know I'm dreaming and it's not that serious, but a few steps down in line, i realize i'm still too nervous and want to turn back
    i turn around, and try going back, but the others are in the way and make it hard; try again, and finally make my way through, to negative comments
    as i make it out, someone in line says "You're not supposed to get to turn back...". Anyway, I leave the area and decide to just do something where I am.

    I look around, and walk toward a large building that appears to be a mall of some sort. Seeing the commercial district as more likely to be safe and civil, I head toward it.
    I step into a long restaurant looking back at the railway area. I continue forward and into the center of the mall.
    I look around a fair deal, but most of the other shops are actually less promising, as they're for briefer purposes--like one which was a carnival-like game of horshoes or the like, a public restroom, etc.
    I head back into the restaurant, and take a close look at the dream characters. My memory's faded somewhat at this point (it takes time typing this out), but I know I saw several people of significance--i.e. people from real life or past dreams.
    At some point, I either find or see enter my older sister and her husband!
    Now this is nice, I thought, as she's an inhabitant apparently of the city, and can get around.

    We talk for a while relaxedly, and eat various foods, including slices of red cake.
    At some point, a waiter comes up and asks if we want to enter into a lottery/random-drawing they're having. At first I hesitate, as earlier, in other places of the mall, people were deceptively charging prices for things without a clear sign signifying its price; but my sister and husband assure me it's fine, as a free drawing.
    I select one of four pieces, and in 20 seconds or so, they announce the winner to be me! I find this odd, but then am told that my sister's husband is the owner of the shop, and did it as a welcome surprise.

    A couple minutes later, we get up to head out, to go to their home.
    We cross a different bridge, onto the section of the city.
    Her husband leads us to a large outdoor construction yard; apparently he's stopping just a minute for work-related purposes. I wait with my sister.
    However, all is not well, as we hear a large boom/crack from deeper in the yard. This makes us nervous.
    A few seconds later, we see and hear a large shape moving up from the ground and turn in our direction.
    We start rhnning, but my sister trips and gets injured. I start carrying her, but she's actually heavy in this dream! (which I mark as unusual since it's a dream)

    Anyway, we struggle forward, but eventually the dream fades.
    Now if I remember correctly, the dream was in a hazy/faded state here, but I could still sense myself as being in the dream scene. While trying to get back in, with now increased lucidity, I realize I should make sure to get some actual dream goals done before the dream ends. So I think back, and remember the goal of finding the cause of a component in (one of) my sisters' book world. (which is a real dream goal, although I haven't listed it for this competition)

    I managed to get back in, and start seeing a video communication my brother-in-law was having with this large droid/robot. Apparently, he'll pay him or something to protect the people in the restaurant until we get there (as we had seen my sister there earlier). He tries to do so, by like launching objects at potential threats, but fails hilariously--his shots go all over the place, and he stops, with a funny expression.

    The dream fades again, so I focus on visualization, and with effort, recreate a scene of us making it back to the restaurant.
    I then look for my younger sister and her friend, and find them, but the dream fades again and I lose the situation! (I should really have done the goals earlier on, but my lucidity was low, and my concerns were very dream-influenced at that point)

    I then have a false-awakening, which I suspect as such but let pass, as I'm focusing on remembering my dream.
    I wake up for real a minute or so later, and continue recollecting the events.

    2017-01-17 6:40 -- Fighting hooded enemy

    by Venryx on Yesterday at 05:47 PM
    I'm in a group with 3 or 4 others, mostly from my family. We're on some journey, I think retreating from a place of higher danger.

    There's a building up ahead, and I briefly enter it and look around to see if it's safe. It's not! I look around a corner and see an anime-style necromancer or the like (not sure the correct term). This increases my lucidity, and I exit the building planning an exit route (I'm not yet good enough at dream control to just make negative entities disappear or the like).

    We rush off into the streets, and as expected, hear noises behind us of pursuit. We begin doing our best to form a counterattack, however since I'm not well practiced here, when trying to use my hands to build up power, it was represented by a weak, translucent orb between us, which grew with time but looked fragile. As anticipated, it actually broke from its fragility a few seconds in, and so by the time the enemy was upon us, we only had it slightly powered up.

    We tried to use it to teleport us away, but it failed. (it did make a sound, though)

    The enemy now holding our attention, we didn't have time, so I focused my thought inward and used a jolt of attention shifting to try to trigger a time freeze (to have the dream then fade to somewhere else). It... sort of worked. It successfully froze time, but only for the other members of my group (they were frozen a couple feet in front/to the side of me). Me and the enemy were still moving.

    Seeing that it didn't help, I focused inward again, and did another attention jolt, this time with intent to just wake up completely. In a couple seconds it worked, and I then lay in bed recollecting the events. Unfortunately, I also fell asleep again... (as represented by the sleep period from 6:40-7:40 on the sleep graph)

    Updated Yesterday at 06:27 PM by Venryx


    2017-01-15 13:15 -- Very short lucid at dock with kid

    by Venryx on 01-16-2017 at 10:26 PM
    I was floating above a scene of a dock, with a lake ahead, and a small boat to the forward-left. From the back-left, on a wooden walkway, enter 3 people: a young child (~6), a ~18y male, and a ~23y female. They appeared to be the kid's caretaker. I realized I was dreaming.

    The kid ran over to the edge excited, and started trying to get down or grab something from over the edge of the dock. The male caretaker grabbed onto the child to keep him from falling into the boat/water, however he was struggling to keep a balance, and called for help. The woman started walking over, but was doing so very non-chalantly, so I flew down and helped hold him on the dock. After a few seconds of sustaining this, the dream faded to a non-lucid dream where I started retracing my memories. After a minute or so there (in our downstairs), I woke up for real.

    2017-01-15 16:04 -- Float-flied downstairs after party, squeezed the brain

    by Venryx on 01-16-2017 at 01:39 AM
    Am in lucid dream (from an earlier segment, so only remember a fragment). Am in a room of a friend/relative's house with lots of other people. I think I also used some new ability, though don't remember what. (which makes it sad to have forgotten : ( )

    Had false awakening. Started writing down my lucid dream that just ended. Get most of it down, when a young woman comes into my room, saying I should knew her from forums online. She said she liked what I'd written so far of my book. I think back in memory, remember someone named "Ally0387439" (or some-such numbers), and mention so (not sure if real memory from earlier in dream, or false). She's happy, then goes out my room downstairs. I follow, and hear noise downstairs as I approach the stairs. Just as I'm looking downstairs at what sounds like a party, it fades and I snap back jnto bed.

    I know I'm still dreaming now, and try to get out of bed. Gently turning onto my side, and standing up, I succeed, and keep myself calm. I decide to go downstairs to see what happened of the party earlier. Walk to the stairway, and look down to see it quieted down, but my dad and brother near the tv. I jump over the railing, grab onto the bottom edge, and swing my way around the corner, float-flying to the family room at the back of the house (this was mostly just for fun because I've done it before and it feels great). Do another floating turn there, and my dad asks me to come back and help with something. I start saying, "Okay, be there in a minute" (I wanted to finish my flying route), but as I respond my dream fades.

    Have another false awakening, but this time I know I'm still in-dream (or close to edge, anyway). Try to do phantom rocking and wiggling, but those don't work. Try "squeezing the brain", and despite not knowing exactly what it means (it's mentioned in Raduga's book), it starts working! (I remember the sensation as feeling like your brain is compressing and being pulled slightly inward toward your chest--there were inward/downward sensations in the rest of the body as well) However, I get anxious for a moment from not having done this form of entry before, so hesitate--and in doing so give up the moments still possible to return (I tried it again but I could feel then that it was too late).

    2017-01-15 11:33 -- Read a scroll, unwrapped an unopened Christmas present

    by Venryx on 01-15-2017 at 08:53 PM
    Friends were skateboarding around fence area. I decided to go to a quieter area, and rested there with eyes closed.

    Wandering the halls of the large house, I realized I was dreaming.
    Kept looking around, but now had higher attention to interesting dream features.
    Found a small scroll, and found a really long text on jt describing a story land and its history. I read quite a bit (and understood it), and tried to store it in memory, but apparently failed--other than general knowledge like it had dates, the names of royalty, generals, battles, and a medeival setting.

    Had false-awakening, but rc said still a dream, tried to get out using imagined rocking left and right, then stood up and starting yelling/loudly-saying something, but as I was speaking, I sounded distant--and as I listened more, it faded into the voice of my number prompt app! (which is interesting, as if it was a real number prompt, brings into question my free-will agency at that moment, i.e. the real audio just made me think I was deciding to speak; however it could have also been the other way around, if false audio, or even if real but coincidental)
    Anyway, hearing the seemingly-real number prompt popped me back into bed, but I did an rc and I was still in-dream!
    Tried to get out with rocking again, this time falling onto knees onto the floor, and it worked, but without vision.
    Ran out of my room, and thumped my way down the stairs to ground myself.
    Downstairs, I decided I needed my vision, so called up the stairs for someone, so I could grab onto them and focus on their visualization. I heard someone come down, and my vision materialized on my sister C.
    Now with my vision, tried to remember dream goals.
    I asked her what some of my dream goals were, but she stuttered saying "Well, there was a river, and...", then stopping and acting flustered.
    I then remembered one of the dream goals: finding unopened present under a Christmas tree and opening it.
    Looked around and saw a tiny Christmas tree on a table. Ran over and started unwrapping. Got impatient and ripped right through the middle, revealing... kleenex tissues. Yep, someone got tissue for their birthday. (perhaps why it was left unopened)
    Dream faded shortly after.