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      Thank you! x'D I'm very scared of posting pictures of myself online, but I'm hoping to post a few more (larger images) in the future.
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      Happy B Day to you!
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      It won't lete send you a private message you can email me at the email it gives on my profile (it won't let me give it here)

      and I just started getting back in to it about a month ago
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      Oh shit, thanks for telling me about that, I loved the show, I was hoping they were gonna make a new one, I never heard about the legend of Korra. Personally, I think that waterbender vs a firebender is the least exciting fight of all time. Earthbender vs anyone, and firebender vs firebender are the best imo.

      Also, try what I said in that post, or, if your good at keeping stable in a dream, close your eyes and try to see with the earth like Toph does.
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      Yes, I have done something avatar related, it was actually one of my favorite things I've done, and I forgot to say it in 2 of my DJ posts xD. I got a staff like Aang, and sliced with wind. Once I did to cut a boulder, then again I did it in my casino dream, and cut 8+ people diagonally. I didn't think it worked at first, till their bodies sorta slid apart, it was hilarious. I also think I Earthbended a bit, but I can't remember specifically. I know I made a wave once, waterbending style.
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      Hi, just wanted to say that I love your signature.
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      I think your signature is so freaking funny!
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    Lucid Dream #57 [#1 As Of 2014]: The Mansion

    by WarBenifit156 on 09-16-2014 at 02:31 PM
    Black is Non Lucid.
    Blue is Lucid.

    Lucidity: 3/5
    Vividness: 4/5
    Length: Short

    I was in a mansion, trying to eat a gigantic pumpkin that I found. It started to develop spikes all over it, like the inside of an artichoke. I saw a bug on it, but it didn't bother me too much. Then a spider that was black and spotted white, was jumping randomly, like it was drunk. I left because the spider was scaring me.

    After leaving, I gained lucidity. I flew to the upstairs, glad that I finally fell asleep after trying to for about three hours. When I reached the top, I was in this menu where I was choosing what I looked like. There was no option to get out of the menu, so I kept looking up, down, and around, willing a window to appear so I could get out. One did, eventually, and I flew through it. I was back where I was before I was sucked into the menu, the upstairs of the mansion. I came to a room that had the spider in it, somehow, but there was no spider. Instead, two frogs were trying to murder each other. I had two options, according to a dream character: Let the frogs kill each other, or kill them using a bird. I chose the second one, and a bird came down and scooped up one of the frogs. It came back after a second and was disappointed that the other frog wasn't there. I killed the other one, then got angry when I thought of how I tried so hard to fall asleep tonight, and punched the frog in the back of the head, it being as large a human being now. I then was in a restroom, looking at my reflection. I was very skinny and had scars on my back. My face looked the same as it usually does, though.

    After losing lucidity, I was in a DOTA game where I was Crystal Maiden with Tidehunter's E, dodging everything and hitting all of the other team with it. This took place in a field that was not textured at all.
    lucid , non-lucid , side notes

    Lucid Dream #56

    by WarBenifit156 on 12-28-2011 at 07:35 PM
    Lucidity: 6/10
    Vividness: 7/10
    Length: ~3 Min.

    I was with another girl when I became lucid. We were supposed to go somewhere so I ran, I hit the walls and everything. Then I found a bathtub, we both got in and then for some reason she turned into a doll. I was like "whatever" and started washing her up. At times I had to do the rubbing hands trick to become more lucid, but I still gradually started to lose lucidity.
    lucid , memorable , side notes

    Lucid Dream #55

    by WarBenifit156 on 12-13-2011 at 10:52 AM
    Lucidity: 8/10
    Vividness: 9/10
    Length: ~4 Min.

    A bunch of 343ís from Halo came down from the sky and I went lucid, I went downstairs and said that aliens are coming. I checked to see if it really were a dream by looking at my hand, I had 3 fingers. Then I screwed around with them for a little while and then for a walk. I walked to the mall and when me, my brother, and some random dude got there, I told Cameron that this was a dream, I expected him to smile and want to mess around with the girls and such. I just observed the scenery and sang to myself my favorite songs, not out loud, of course. I walked around and tried to do things like make people disappear and since I wanted it to last as long as possible, I did the rub your hands together trick, it was kind of strange doing it. I got the idea of finding my dream guide before I woke up.
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment

    Lucid Dream #54

    by WarBenifit156 on 12-08-2011 at 09:02 AM
    Lucidity: 7/10
    Vividness: 6/10
    Length: ~5 Min.

    I basically tried to do something epic and ended up trying to have sex, I felt things and smelled the air and it was epic.

    Lucid Dream #52

    by WarBenifit156 on 09-20-2011 at 10:39 AM
    Lucidity: 8/10
    Vividness: 9/10
    Length: ~10 Min.

    I was lying in my bed when my whole body went numb and I started to fall, I held on and I barley opened my eyes and I saw my window. Something that looked like a tree branch turned into a dinosaur, then I tried to turn it into a bird, it did. It was kinda cool, but very scary. I lied there until I couldn't feel any numbness anymore and looked around. I went down stairs to talk to my dad and he got up after I poked him a couple of times. He checked his sides and next to him were a bunch of pictures and one was with a kid that had a knife in his hand pointing at his neck, then he went back to sleep. I turned around and my dad's friend Steven was caught on something, I didn't help him and I jumped out of the window. I got caught on a part of the window, so I just untangled myself. My dream body looked like Ichigo from Bleach. I ran through the darkness of the night when I found a place where they caught somebody. I turned into someone else and listened in on their conversation. It wasn't that interesting so I left and went to a store. I started to feel hungry, so I didn't think about it. I threatened somebody, I saw a camera with a bunch of lazers and stuff in front of it. Then I saw this girl, while I was walking up to her. She started to bark like a dog, as an experiment I barked really loud at her to see what her reaction would be, as I expected. She barked really really loudly back. I thought that this dream was out of control and I thought it would never end, so I tried to wake myself up and I did.