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      Dang. So how do I figure out what the message was? Is there some other way you could get it to me?
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      저도 자각몽 말고 다른 걸 하고있지요 ㅎ 다음카페에서 황조롱이님 글 읽다보니 옛생각도 나서 다시 시작해보려고 해요.
      그나저나 황조롱이님 꿈일기 정말 꾸준히 쓰셨네요! 정말 부지런 하신듯! 예술 하시는 분이시라 그런지 꿈내용도 다양하고 풍부하네요 ㅎㅎ
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      황조롱이님! 엄청 오랜만에 다음카페에 들렀다가 황조롱이님이 보이지 않길래 마지막 글 보고 인사하러 왔어요^^
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      *_______* ur new avatar has ascended
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      Hey sorry for annoying you but maybe you at least have a bigger version of Als? I'm not much of a furry but they are really cute
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      Got any more pics of Als or whatever other characters you draw? Seriously, I can't stop looking at your ava for some reason
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      Red furry one LOL, the om nom nom is all over the internet. I guess since I couldn't find it with reverse image search you drew it or something?
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      Hey, what is/where is your avatar from?
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      Heya, I saw you're online. Atras recommends your WILD tutorial very highly, I'm about to check it out!
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      Oh. I see that you wrote in the cafe. 굉장히 열심히 하시던데요! 저도 내년 겨울이면 개인적인 활동을 할 시간이 생겨요. 그때까진 죽었다 생각하고 공부만~ 루시드드림 안한지도 오래 됐네요.
      매일 즐겁게 사시는것 같아 보기가 좋습니다. 내일도 행복하길
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    About [email protected]
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    I forget
    Hello. My name is Windhover and I've been practicing lucid dream since June 2009.

    I had always wondered why I dreamed since I was very young. That curiosity made the subject of lucid dreaming really attractive to me.

    So far LDing 'awakened' me with a very great resonance. My spiritual life turned upside down ever since I fell into LDing, and real life as well. My first LDs I had which led me to google about it were completely accidental. Coincidence? I think not :P

    I hope to wake even more with LDing in the future. I can feel it accelerating as time goes by. Peace and may all your dreams become lucid.
    Country Flag:
    drawing, character design, writing stories, game design, guitar, anime, punk rock, parkour
    Ascending Master
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    on wikipedia!


    Come to my DeviantArt gallery!
    International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Project

    "Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure it was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world... and the real world?" - The Matrix

    "From the perspective of others I am part of the world, but when I observe the world from my perspective I am nowhere to be found. To observe is to create perspective. I can never cease to be the point of origin from my perspective. I observe that which is not myself. This is the first principle to find." - Ergo Proxy

    "It's not about believing, it's about knowing. There's no escape from what you know. To know, you have to seek and find the answer by yourself." - Keara Crevan

    "Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we're bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, rebirth our future." - Cloud Atlas


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    01-04-2017  06:57 PM
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    zombie/ falcon

    by [email protected] on 01-04-2017 at 06:57 PM
    2 - I'm in a zombie astral world but the country is Korea. And I'm a fine looking guy at 20s wearing white shirt and kaki pants, with friends (3 guys and a girl, and older guy with a kid).

    At first we were at some kind of balcony inside a big room, probably in a hotel. We were already hiding inside this room from zombies.

    We were sitting on the floor, being nervous about zombies coming in. I have my bag in front of me. Then as we hear the sound of zombies' naked feet stomping on the floor, we pretend to be dead. I just lean over while kneeling, protecting my bag, and head sunken in my arms. A zombie comes into the room. He climbs up the stairs, but as he approaches my bravery becomes only stronger. I don't know why but I was convicted that I could kill him.

    The only weapon I had, probably in small pocket of my bag was toothpicks(!) so when he gets behind me, and then in the front, I quickly take the toothpicks and stab in his both akilles. I could see his dirty leg that had greyish green skin. As I hear his ugly screaming, he falls over the porch of balcony and dies.

    My friends lift their heads and ask me how could I even do that. I say "I knew I could kill one".

    But then the older guy wants the rest of us to hide in another room which was smaller that has only one bed, then closes the door tightly. It's a little hard to lie down since there were 5 people trying to lie on one bed.

    The guys kinda push me in the convo that I have a crush on the girl, but I deny it lol

    Suddenly these workers from the government come in and take me to another room that has plastic vinyl door, and shut it with zipper. I intuitively knew I got tricked in the past by these doctors that they were injecting cure inside of me, but it was actually a zombie virus. I'm now infected, and I see the govt workers wearing protective suit with masks.

    They open the zipper again and take me to a lab. I feel betrayed. I'm already wearing thin clothes of patient. As I'm walking I feel my body getting paralyzed. This doctor completely looks chill, as if this isn't wrong at all. He says something like 'you will die anyway', injecting another shot onto my left waist, and I feel the poison spreading throughout my body... my waist feels weird. Then I wake up.

    3 - I'm with my brother, and this lady who has falcon pets. The falcon looks really cute. It has red colored feather on its eyebrows, beak not looking intimidating.

    The time is night, and the lady takes the falcon out of a window and it flies away. When it spread its wings, it spreads huge cloth of flags of all countries along with them. It was amazing to see. I don't see the crowd underneath, but I hear people cheering seeing the flags. Feels like soccer game.


    by [email protected] on 01-03-2017 at 06:53 PM
    Hi soul fam <3

    Last few weeks I learned quite HUGE lesson of my own and would like to share with you guys...

    Some of you might know well already, but through this lesson I integrated so much stuff.

    Basically, I got rid of so much misconceptions about energy/ spiritual training, and how to let go of attachments and thoughts in the most efficient way. So I hope this help you with anything that you're struggling with!

    1. Energy work becomes only easy when you LET GO and become ONE with nature.

    Because energy IS natural, you're not supposed to 'control' or 'move' the energy by physically working.
    It's best to do this when you sit for meditation, close your eyes and just breathe naturally.
    Don't even try to 'feel' the energy, just feel a bit of ends of each breath.
    Because that feeling itself is the movement of energy.
    Energy is not 'worked off', rather feeling, and combining the consciousness and feeling into one.

    I guess the best description is, just observing your body as a spectator. Then you might feel the vibration or tingling which means you felt the movement of energy. In this way, you become more sensitive to everything you might even feel the tiny circular movement of energy/blood in your face.

    Now being told just 'let go' doesn't really help. I know that well. We know we have to let go, but it's easier said than done.

    One thing I found that helped me was: know that if you attach onto something, there's nothing 'good' you'll earn.

    Another thing is 'gratitude'. Feeling gratitude for all those attachments that gave me lessons, made it easier to flow, like people passing by in the middle of city.

    So personally for me, the mindset of trying to 'achieve' something so hard fogged my consciousness, trying to 'control' energy from the ego, which what the hypnotherapist told me the exact thing...

    I'd do the hand exercise everyday at specific time, do the grounding and do soul expansion every moment consciously which burned me out eventually.

    Ironically when I truly 'let go' and became one with natural energy, before bed my hypnagogic imagery became MORE vivid and even the smell and taste became so strong. I also heard beautiful flute sound, and this time not flimsy 'inner sound' - I really 'heard' it physically! It took no effort at all!!!

    And now this is the BIGGEST part:

    2. INHALE more than usual.

    Oxygen is VERY important for the brain to function and release hormones for the body properly.

    Check now, if you are breathing equally:
    Are you exhaling longer than inhaling?
    Is the breath shorter than 5 seconds?

    If you exhale longer than inhaling, that means less oxygen is coming in, and more CO2 is being produced.

    Therefore there's more CO2 in your blood, causing rib cage to contract, which deactivates blood flow in lower abdomen aorta(the source of 'true energy'), which then the blood goes upward and concentrates in the brain.
    this is what also causes a lot other diseases like muscle pain, especially in shoulder, chest, stomach area, headache, and even diabetes.

    This causes more thoughts, attachments, ego, anxiety and annoyance, etc.
    The physical state truly affects the mind!

    More thoughts -> more energy consumption.

    So stilling mind makes higher vibration just like Michael says! (this is SOOO important)

    But trying to get rid of them doesn't help either because if you don't think of elephant, what do you get? You think of more elephants! lol

    Rather than resisting thoughts, 'dance' with thoughts they say. That's true, but before dancing, the breath work is FIRST imo. The more oxygen your brain receives, the thoughts go away naturally

    Inhale and exhale with equal amount of air, slowly, slowly, and naturally. That's all.

    Not necessarily inhaling 'more' - I meant that most of people today do exhale more because their 'heart' is closed because of attachment and stress in modern life, therefore rib cage contracts, so you do have to inhale more than usual

    The point is, don't 'force' to inhale more, otherwise it's counterproductive to the body. If you feel uncomfortable breathing, then that probably means you forced it.

    At first, it takes a little effort to inhale as much as exhaling because you're trying to expand contracted rib cage. But if you do this at least 30-40 minutes, then surprisingly you start unconsciously breathe 'normally' again, just as when you were infant!

    Even doing this for 3 minutes calms your mind drastically, being in alpha wave state.

    The more you do it, you will notice that all of your muscles starts relaxing and eventually feel the aorta at lower abdomen 'activating'. For me, I have a sedentary job so it was the first time I felt smooth blood flow in my legs.

    The next morning when I woke up I felt my entire body so light. Even for the sleep it was very deep and sound, feeling more energized

    So that's all I had to share, just for the breath part, the more natural and slower, the better.

    It's not that I'm entirely doing nothing, rather when I do soul expansion for example, I'd say I put a little bit of conscious effort but as a mustard seed, then let the nature do all the work.

    After I finally learned how to LET GO and breathe more, all of my blood rush in the head got instantly cured and felt more blood flow in the spine. I can feel the energy MORE now, and became MORE sensitive to everything which actually ACCELERATED all energy work (resting is also energy work!)

    So the easiest way to progress for energy lessons is to unlock yourself into freedom and just let it be!
    Do not care! lol

    Thank you for reading this long post, and I wish you guys TRY it out and EXPERIENCE how it will instantly get rid of any blockages you're facing now.... Well alive/true energy, or masculine/feminine energy - it's all BALANCE. Namaste <3

    Updated 01-04-2017 at 04:06 PM by [email protected]


    Parkour/ Fat Mikasa

    by [email protected] on 08-03-2016 at 02:58 PM
    1 - I'm with Wisher, him sitting on a bench and I'm standing right in front of him. It feels like I'm in the city. Suddenly a group of crowd including us run to somewhere, opening a door of a building, then we go inside and climb up the stairs real fast. I start doing parkour.

    We eventually get out of the building, and I'm at completely different place with Wisher. It's huge green field under a purple sky. I meet my character Namu trying to hang out with me, but for some reason I check my sketch, seeing her original design... she has different eyes.

    2 - I see a Yellowcard show at really small rock cafe but they are doing really good. Ryan seems out of gas while singing but the song's still good..

    3 - I'm Sasha from Attack on Titan. I'm looking through a hole of a bow, pulling the string really right aiming at a ugly male titan. I'm on the roof and the titan is slowly lingering around the town. I shoot the arrow with fire at his head. I take out another arrow and shoot at him again. 'This isn't gonna kill titan anyway.'

    So I jump off the roof and shoot the wire hook at the titan, fly around in the air a little, then shoot another hook at him, accelerate towards him and slice him with the swords. I haven't attacked his weak spot, but suddenly the titan screams in pain and run away from me. I notice his weird behavior and carefully look at him.

    He runs towards a wall that has big hole, but somehow it's covered with black oil. The titan gets stuck in there, shrinking in size, then suddenly he dies.

    A scene shifts to Hanji inspecting the wall with oil and I'm with her, and Mikasa, Armin, and a girl(somehow half-Krista and half-stranger).

    Hanji carefully scrutinizes the smoke coming out of the wall left by the dead titan, and black oil dripping from above. I see this huge light blue painted ship right near the wall and I can see some black oil on a floor leaking out of it. For some reason on the ship, there's huge white painted name in Korean called 'Han Nam Canal'.
    Hanji sits down and stares at the oil on the wall. I'm thinking, maybe she wouldn't taste the oil? And she touches the oil with her finger and just takes a sample of smell. I intuitively know that she's convicted that this is indeed oil. How could oil possibly kill the titan?

    I don't know why but I just wanna fly with the 3D gear. I snatch Krista's hook gun and pull the trigger at the top of a building in front of me. It doesn't work 2 times. 3rd time I shoot the hook and go up there. Mikasa follows. I can see Hanji, Armin and Krista below me, and Hanji is talking to them about the oil.

    Mikasa approaches me and puts her hands around my right ear and says something to me. I'm like 'what did you say?' and then she says in clear voice 'Krista cheated something and wrote it on a piece of paper, which is in your hook gun.'

    And I'm like whattt? I shake the hook gun, and a tiny piece of paper falls out of it, and Mikasa lightly takes it. While doing this, I can see Krista missing us seeing it by casually closing her eyes and turning her head to Hanji. We're both suspicious at Krista doing something secretly. She's somehow a spy. I throw the hook gun at her and she hits it so the gun bounces up in the air. Then she looks at us with dirty eyes. Mikasa and I finally know she's onto something. We're both mad at her. My point of view shifts to Mikasa and suddenly I shoot a hook at Krista's face really fast. Right before that I hear 'wait!' and the scene snaps into black.

    I'm now Sasha again. The whole crew from previous scene is at some kind of huge cave but there's regular town in it. Eren is here too. I realize the person who's lying on a bed getting treatment in the eye isn't Krista, it's Armin. He protected her. He got the hook shot in the eye and for some reason he's still alive and Hanji is trying to take the hook out of it. I'm like oh shit. I turn my head around not to see it and I hear him screaming with gory sound, seems Hanji is cutting something to take the hook out... I look at Mikasa and for some reason she suddenly has gained a lot of weight. It's really funny that she has more chinky eyes.

    A regular white girl with 3d gear suit comes to us (for some reason she has purple dot on her brow chakra) to deliever a message to Hanji. She sees the gory scene behind me and winces. Hanji is like what's up? and then I wake up...

    Updated 08-03-2016 at 03:04 PM by [email protected]

    lucid , non-lucid

    Dreaming while awaken

    by [email protected] on 08-02-2016 at 03:32 AM
    I sit up right to meditate

    I tap the midbrain so i quickly fall into deep alpha. (My head kept knocking down so the dream wasn't that consistent.)

    But the dream is 80% immersed. At first I hear my friend calling me and saying something to right, so I turn my head to the right -
    I move my real head so I wake up.

    Although I'm aware that I'm stting upright my dreams are non-lucid.
    I see a DC running so fast and exploding light of supernova fom his body. I get amazed how this dream control is this quick.

    I wanna simulate my light body activation. So I try to be aware of my body. I first look at my hands and legs, and then do something that makes me falls into non-lucid again.

    I wake up again, and then tell my subconscious to remind me to do light body activation.

    I dream again and become non-lucid again. I'm watching this green-field. Then this girl with weird hairstyle, that made up of some mossy vines slowly stands up from the bottom, and tells me 'hey activate your light body now'

    I wake up cuz I got surprised the sc actually reminded me to do it.

    I somehow have been underestimating the power of sc lately... I wanna work with sc again. This time I'm giving it a candy so the deal is made.

    I read this quote today from spiritual forum: "every moment has to be significant and slow. If you felt time just flew by without doing anything, doesn't that mean you weren't really 'conscious'?"

    That seems true now. I was lazy with lucidity...

    this is LD from last night

    I look up the sky and there are 2 suns. I wonder myself, wut?, what does this mean? lol

    I try to morph into vOx. I shake my hands and suddenly I have cool lightning speakers in my palms. I dance a little.

    I fly and now I see 7-8 suns in the sky. What! What is this now lol

    I wake up...

    Found out later that this meant lots of divine enlightenment coming into my life. Yep true.

    I feel intense tingling in my crown chakra right now.

    Tiny Space of Heart attempt 2?

    by [email protected] on 07-22-2016 at 09:12 PM
    At first I'm wilding and wondering if I can see my astral body in HIs again.

    I see a little bit of phantom contour of my hands moving but it doesnt really show like before...oh whatever.

    I'm at some kind of dance practice club, and there's huge mirror in front of me. I try to morph into my character vOx. At first I'm wearing huge white t shirt, and my face was still the same. After 2-3 attempts I morph into vOx completely, except I was wearing another t shirt.

    I rip it apart and I see my cool vOx silver armors. I have his cool headphone on helmet. I turn my head a little so I see every angles of the helmet and headphone. The headphone had overlapped shapes of squares and cirlces but it looked really cool. I dance around and test bunch of my speakers.
    I go outside the room and venture the building. I fly and I can feel some kind of third type of electricity, pushing underneath my feet. I can go backwards by simple intent and the electricity pulls me in.

    There's a man in the hall in front of me. I try to attack him with my horns on the helmet, but this girl suddenly appears and blocks him which I kinda have expected, so I dodge her and stab the man.

    I push a bar of emergency door and get out of the building. I try to imagine huge sci-fi buildings so the dream atmosphere settles. I fly upwards and see some nice buildings in the distance.

    Since I got out of the building, there was this ambient music playing in the background and the sun was up in the sky all along.

    I eventually notice the sun, and it reminds me of Tiny Space of Heart. 'oh that's the place I want to go, it's the same place in my heart as well'

    So I activate wheels on my belt and grab, turn them so I can rocket through the sky. At first it's slow but the speed accelerates.

    As I get closer to the sun, the music gets louder and louder, which sounds like grand tone to it but at the same time it's beautiful.

    I can hear and feel the sun rumbling with the heat, but as I'm about to fuse with the sun, suddenly it said through telepathy(it's like voice in my mind, but almost sounds like 'it' talks to me)

    "You are not ready."

    I stop my momentum once I hear it and surprisingly, I completely agree with it.

    I then intuitively know that I didn't do something in the Sacred Space first.

    So I go there and when the vision gets blurred as usual, I ask 'can I hear something gradually....can I see something?' but somehow the scene slowly fades into it. I realize I don't even need to ask for it, the imagination is the crucial part for entering it.

    I'm in some kind of round wagon like the one that Cinderella rode it, made of glass. The wall is painted with deep red and yellow. I open the door and there's stairs leading down, which is not steep, but it's raining outside. The raindrops hinder my vision. I think there's some grass field and narrow river in the distance, but I wake up because I slept too much at this point.