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    Recent Entries

    From The Buick

    by Xanous on 03-21-2017 at 04:22 AM
    #506 - DEILD - 12:11AM

    I have a moment where I am in between dream and wake. I'm not quite sure if it's another In-Dream-WILD or an actual DEILD. I relax and rely on "muscle memory" to effortlessly transition.

    Apparently, my alternate self has been sleeping the back of a 50's model Buick. I am in some show room full of classic cars. Not being particularity interested, I pass them by and enter a big open room like some sort of carpeted gymnasium. The place feels familiar like something from my past. I am so excited to be in a lucid dream that I let out a big whooping shout as I explore the area.

    There is a spot with some benches and I see my mother sitting there. Next my younger sister and my brother materialize in adjacent seats. We've had tensions in waking life and I feel the desire to avoid them, but I decide they showed up for a reason. I approach them all and for some reason, I great them with a handshake. No one speaks so I feel like I don't have to deal with whatever my subC is throwing at me. I move on....
    "Hey Mike." It's my sister.
    I sigh and turn around, "What do you want?"
    My sister blandly states that my mother 'really wants my company'. I guess really need to call my parents in waking life. I nod and turn to the spot where my mother is setting, but she has vanished. Sweet, I don't have to talk to some robotic representation of my family anymore. I'm totally off the hook here! As I rush away from the area the dream fades.

    I remain focused and transition back into the dream state actively climbing back out that same Buick. This time the cars disappear and I am some cheaply rendered deep space nebula field. I move on and I renter the gymnasium. This time the dream fades for good.
    lucid , memorable

    Trippin on SP

    by Xanous on 03-17-2017 at 03:12 AM
    #505 - DIELD - 3/13/17

    I am walking my back field and find all sorts of berries growing. Blueberry, blackberry and something that looks like small apples but I think they are grapes. I sample one and note how sour it is.

    I wake a little and try to DEILD but think I am sitting in a chair facing an odd part of the living room. I try to WILD though I am dreaming (one of my famous in dream WILDS!) I hear T from work and expect to see her but remember it's just WILDing noise. I don't want to see T anyway. I feel deep relaxation some over me and I sink out of the chair.

    Suddenly, I feel like I am laying on the couch. I open my physical eyes and find myself in SP. Movement of the ceiling fan spells out random words that I can't focus on enough to read. I hear something like cartoon music. I close my eyes and open them to see cartoon images in black outline. First its dopey dog's face that becomes a repeating pattern on the ceiling. The images spin and I close my eyes. I open them again and see a ninja turtle cartoon in the same manner. I always feel like SP is a type of psychedelic experience so I just take a moment to enjoy tripping in the dream state. I can hear my wife snoring but wonder why since I am on the couch. I hope her snoring hasn't got that loud. I have various geometric patterns swimming in front of me though my eyes are closed now. My body feel like it is floating. There is a rhythm to it like I am riding waves. My head begins to wobble. My hands feel numb and I realize I am sleeping with my hands up near my face. I chose to ignore this.

    After what feels like a really long time, I decide to try to transition OBE style. There is some resistance, but I manage to move out without too much trouble. I start to walk to the bedroom door, but see a strobe light from behind me. I turn around, but it is dark now. I decide to peak at my sleeping self, but see my wife and son there only. They are both on there backs but my son is sleeping perfectly lined up on top of my wife. Then they disappear and reappear in rhythm from left to right and back again. This is dissenting so I turn away. The bathroom light is now on so I go in there. The door is a sliding door and warps and bends as I open it.

    The bathroom is brightly lit but my vision is extremely distorted like I am viewing the dream through a convex lens. I try to look around but my peripheral vision is motion blurred in long streaks. This is also disorienting so I move out the other bathroom door into the hallway and into the kitchen. I wonder what I will do in this dream and hope I don't wake up too soon. Bad thought. Suddenly I can't move for several moments. I try to be patient and wait, but that's when the dream fades away.

    REM atonia is the same as SP. I've talked to sleep researchers and scientists face to face on this subject and they all say it's the same thing.
    lucid , memorable

    V's Soapy Crotch

    by Xanous on 03-07-2017 at 04:29 AM
    #504 - DILD - 3:20AM

    V is at my house. He's afraid of something. He mentions something about holding a lot of drugs. I ask about a certain purchase but he becomes more agitated and says he can't sell or get rid of the drugs because they will get him. I let the subject go.

    For some reason we lay down to sleep on the floor and he's way too close to for my liking. I feel like all of this is very odd and I almost start wondering if I am dreaming, but I hear an alarm clock. I get up and have some confusion about the time and stress that we need to hurry because we will be late for work. Some random woman gets up from the other side of V and gives me a friendly, but timid smile. I wonder who she is, but become distracted again when my mother approaches me, wearing a Starbuck's apron. She looks thinner and way younger. Something still feels off, but I don't have time to think it through.

    She gets in close and says, "You know, your brother is a douche-bag." This is way out of character for her and I feel confusion. All I can say is, "Yeah".
    I don't say it but I think, "we're all douche;bags; It runs in the family, mom."
    She turns away to a table with customers. I look around and see that I am in some diner or, apparently, coffee shop. My brother's wife is behind a counter and looks annoyed. I figure she must have heard what my mom said. Then, I see my brother taking a tray of coffees to a table of waiting customers across the room. I ask my mom why they are working here. She say's my brother has (something) illness.
    I ask, "So, he just moved and started working here? Why!?"
    Mom replies something, but I don't quite hear her. I am still trying comprehend the idea of my brother and his wife quitting their careers, moving halfway across the U.S., and taking up working at Starbucks over some mysterious illness to even listen to an explanation.

    Ok I have got to be dreaming. I do a nose plug as I turn to look back at my mom and blow clean through. YES! As I take my hand from my nose, I feel something like a cat rubbing the back of my right leg. I look, but there is no cat. In fact my foot is wedged right in V's naked crotch! I look up at him and we are in some bathroom. Luckily, V is clothed in a very thick layer of soap bubbles. We share a moment of him squeezing my foot into his crotch with his thighs while flexing both arms, smiling at me. I shout, "WHOA! OK NOW! THIS IS TOO MUCH! I AM OUT OF HERE!" Being lucid I know I can just walk right out of this situation and not look back and that's exactly what I did.

    As I enter the next room, I remember that I have been wanting to do some LD swordplay. The room is full of junk and I rummage around a bit, but my search is fruitless. I decide to blind summon a sword from around a large cardboard box, but only pull out a rubber bicycle grip. I decide to search the walls and something with a gold handle catches my eye; a sword. Nope, too swords. As I get close I notice they are way too tiny for me to have any fun. So, I decide to fake it. I take a sword, slap it on my left side, and draw it out with expectation of a full sized sword. Nope. It looks more like a letter opener than a sword. Out of ideas, I wonder into another room, but the dream quickly fades away.
    lucid , memorable

    The Ice Cream Shop

    by Xanous on 02-13-2017 at 02:36 AM
    #503 - DILD - Feb 10, 2017

    I am in an ice cream shop that V and B opened together. I was surprised they quit working at my job and opened their own business together without telling me. I was hurt that V didn't even talk about because I thought we were better friends than that. Plus, how could B even go into business with V? I seemed like such and unlikely paring. I also felt a little jealous they broke away and got to open their own business. It's something I've really been wanting to do. I decide to put all these feeling aside and decide to just be happy and supportive for them.

    The shop wasn't open yet but I began to envision what it would look like when the shop was actually open and suddenly everything transformed before my eyes. I notice a soda fountain and a coffee bar. I think this is a good idea. The decorations of the place look so nice and inviting. The lighting is just right and feels like home. I have some sense that what I am seeing wasn't real, but maybe a glimpse into the future. Somewhere in the back of my mind I wonder how I am seeing all of this so vividly, but I don't become lucid just yet.

    Some really ugly rednecks come in get into an altercation with another guy. I call the police but we all decide it was just some misunderstanding. The police call me back to talk about but I forget the phone conversation when I see my sister at a booth with my dad. I want to avoid them and start to sneak out. I think about why I want avoid them and for some reason this makes me become lucid.

    I decide that this might be a good time to confront some feelings so I go back and make my way to the table where they are sitting. I figure I'll at least see what they have to say. Suddenly, my way is blocked by a partition with a window. I see them eating ice cream but I can't get to them. There is a door to my right into a small hallway. As I enter the dream turns dark and I see strange glowing patterns in the void. I fight against it and continue to make my way forward expecting the dream to refocus.

    It was me that lost focus and I lose the dream. I get a visual about our cat having multiple pupils in one eye. I thing about having so many cats that have died. I worry about our puddy cat. Wake up.

    Climbing High

    by Xanous on 01-22-2017 at 05:57 PM
    #502 - DILD? - between 4AM and 8AM

    I woke up with a headache around 4 and take two Excedrin so I have have inadvertently use a lucid dreaming supplement due to the small amount of caffeine. Either way, I almost forgot this dream and the memory of it isn't as clear or as vivid and I would like from and LD. Still, I'm glad for it.

    Something triggers lucidity My old friend caffeine?. I do a quick nose plug and remember my goal to climb buildings and clffsides like the two video games I have been playing occasionally these last few weeks. (Shadow of Mordor and Uncharted 4) I look around and see some ruins similar to SOM and I start climbing. I get to one ledge and want to try to leap to another. As I leap I feel like I am pressing L1 on the PS4 controller but I don't let it bother me. I pull myself up to the top and think I'd like it to be more medieval looking but it all turns really cartoony and looks more like a texture pack from Minecraft. I become really wide-eyed and try to take in all the visual details. I don't fuss with getting the looks down too much and continue to climb, loving the ease of it all. I reach the top and I am really high up now. I look over the edge (I don't recall what I saw there) and take a leap. I end up flapping around clumsily in the void for a moment and get fooled by FA. I remember thinking there was a gap in my lucidity so it felt like two lucid dreams, but I'm not sure that is true.