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    by Xanous on 07-22-2017 at 05:20 PM
    #513 - IDWILD (In-Dream-WILD)

    I am in some strange SciFi dream and sleep lab with a huge viewing screen of some mountainous scenery with some woman. The Doc/scientist gives me a list of items. I read through not sure why I he gave me this. Someone states that its to see if these things will pop up in my dream. We lay down and start to WILD.

    I immediately and lucidly transition into another dream which feels just like a real WILD. I am in some version of my house but its way too dark so I phase out a window. My vision is nothing but bright white light for a moment, but I concentrate to see. Quickly, I notice that I am surrounded by deep thick snow. I laugh and play in the snow a bit. I notice my house is almost covered completely in snow but there is also a huge mountain or hill right behind it covered as well. I shout and a small chunk of snow falls. Now I want to see it I can be loud enough to start an avalanche. I shout again. More falls but then it changes course and hits my face. I laugh and shout even louder giving it all I've got. The whole thing comes down on me. I try to move out of the way but I am quickly buried. I struggle a bit but quickly relax because I know this is a dream and I can just make it all disappear if I want. I try to think of something, but suddenly I "wake up" in the dream lab.

    I lose lucidity and go back to believing the whole initial scenario (did I ever question it?). I recall the dream in the dream and tell the man that none of those things in the list appeared in my dream.

    It's worth noting that I have had two other LDs that I didn't record but have added to my count. They were just my typical OBEs with my normal G-forces and trippy things happening to me. It's still amazing when it happens but I didn't feel the need to DJ; maybe I was too lazy.


    by Xanous on 06-16-2017 at 04:41 AM

    There is a large brown bear that was sort of a pet but itís now becoming too aggressive. It wants in the house but I wont let it. I see itís face pressed against the kitchen window then pawing at the back door. Itís going to destroy my house so I decide itís time to get the hunting rifle. I load strange looking bullets into the gun. I note the bullets look awfully odd but assume it will work. I go out back and see the bear in out field. My kids appear and I tell them Alysha will just have to understand that I have no choice. I aim and the scope looks all weird but I fire anyway. Iím surprised the sound was so quiet. Looks like a miss so I try again. This time the gun fires 5 or 6 shoots at an incredible rate. The recoil throws my off balance. I look in the scope again and the bear is cut into a bloody mess.

    I noticed there were some wolves with the bear earlier so I figure I need to see why. I go around front and find a pelt of some animal under the front deck and decide that must be attracting them. I drag the pelt to the road and toss it across into the ditch. I am walking back to the house and spot the bloody bear in the back. I think I should dispose of the carcass as well. That's when I see it get up and start charging at me. I think werebear though its more of a zombie bear. It seems bigger now with massive tusk like teeth. It's charging fast on its hind legs. I am terrified looking for a way out. This is were I suddenly become lucid.

    I smile and tell the bear to bring it on while I stand there waiting. When it is close enough I punch it straight in the chest and send it flying high into the sky.

    I look down and see the bear charging at me again. It looks more humanoid this time and just as monstrous. I smile and stand my ground. Again I send it flying only to meet another. The next one looks more like a mass of blue plastic that mildly resembles the beast from before. I am still not worried. I put a shoulder down and charge back at it giving it a massive shoulder check sending the beast again high into the sky. I watch it get smaller and smaller. Then it stops, hovers and forms into a ball. I force push it to send it on a little more. There is something like streaks of blue magic like when a Jedi would use force push. I say, "Now your are a balloon." The beast ball calmly floats higher and higher until I can no longer see it. The beast does not return.

    I shout, "Whooo Hooo! Yeah! I love this!" I am happy about my victory but also very excited to be in a lucid dream. I start toward my house to find something else to do, but the dream feels finished and I wake up.

    I try to recall the dream but quickly find myself in FA. Canis Lucidus is doing dishes, scrubbing one of my pots. Some how the scrubbing action is tickling me and in the FA I wake up laughing because of this. This scene quickly fades and I wake for real.

    From The Matrix To Skyrim

    by Xanous on 05-14-2017 at 03:07 AM
    #509 - DILD - 12:50AM

    I am in something that I associate with The Matrix. There is some sort of leech looking thing that I somehow pull out of my body. I know that if I can hold it without breaking the membrane I will stay in the Matrix. I know my environment isn't real and it's a dream but I believe the back story.

    I get up off the couch and am supposed to do a simple task of finding some teeth whitening mouthwash. I move into a bathroom that has a lot of items on the counter. While searching I break the membrane of the thing in my hand and know the Matrix will find me. I give up and go back to the couch.

    Mary from work is at her desk. She tells me that I still have 15 min. Something about this makes me fully lucid and I get up off the couch again. For fun I go ahead and find the mouthwash. There is a small vial on a TV stand. I take it and taste the cool minty taste and then leave the house.

    I am on some countryside and I want to be in a Skyrim environment. The dream fully fulfills this wish. I run through grassy meadows and hillside and take in the vivid detail. For some reason I think I recognize this part from the game and feel happy the dream is taking on so much from it. I enter a shadowy area with a few trees. I have a sword in my hand held up high. I wonder why there are no monsters to fight. Suddenly, a two headed dragon appears. It shoots fire at a tree. I hulk leap at it ready to strike it will a sword, but at that moment I wake up.

    Goverment Shared Dream Project

    by Xanous on 04-20-2017 at 12:43 AM
    #508 - DILD (IDWILDish) - 1:23AM

    Started taking a new muscle relaxer for my RLS so I don't have to take Kratom all the time. Dose was cut in 1/4 of 500mg pill. This may or may not have played a part in such a crazy ass dream.

    BTW before anyone judges me... I took no sides in the last presidential elections in the US.

    I am orbiting Earth in some open glass vehicle with a team of 3 or 4 people. We are talking about a one world government and I suggest we need to all unite but be careful that it's not a dictatorship. I tell them we need a president of Earth and it's needs to purely be a democracy. While we talk I am somehow wrapping saran wrap around the Earth with enormous strips (saving the Earth?).

    There's a weird segment where someone gets me tangled in an orb or saran wrap with ocean water around me. I feel claustrophobic so I tear my way out of it. There are then some jumbled images and I am now held hostage by a government entity along with my team. We are some place in the woods and men in black military garb are holding my right arm down on a stone table. I see the others are getting injected with some sort of brown liquid. I look down at my own arm again see a needle so in. Somehow I know it's pure DMT. I panic and ask if I am about to trip. When no one answers, I am assume this is what is really happening to us. I calm myself and decide to try to enjoy the ride rather than have a bad trip in the middle of the woods with my kidnappers. There is a warming sensation in my body and I close my eyes and just let go.

    I am in another place and instantly lucid. I know I am in a dream now, but still totally believe the backstory. I am in some abandoned building and it feels like a projection of the future. There is a newpaper of Hilary Clinton's face on the front cover and the headlines read, "QUEEN HILARY". I look and see the others from my team are with me as well as the guy in black that injected us. Someone suggests that this is whats going to happen if we don't stop her. Instead of President Earth we will have Earth Queen Hilary. That's when Donald Trump step past me and gives me a worried and defeated grin. I just kind of roll my eyes at him and walk into the next room.

    This is a big open room with a desk and the man in black uniform is standing there like he's about to begin some sort of meeting with us. There is a lot of talking about everything that is happening and I find myself in awe that we are all in a shared lucid dream induced by DMT. I think it must have been a really high dose to make this happen. I make several comments about all of this but everyone is talking over me and I can't tell if they even heard me or whats being said.

    That's when I realize that Bazil was with us but for some reason he didn't make it into the dream with us. I say this out loud and then turn to a guy that looks just like Bazil. I suggest that we should share code words and say them back to each other when we wake up to make sure this really happened (Dream logic ). My word for him is 'potato' and his reply is 'death threats'. It seems a big ominous, but I shrug it off. Some younger woman or girl wants in on what we are doing. I tell her that this is getting to be all too much and I want to remember the code words. However she is very persistent so I give in just to keep my mind clear. I tell her that her word is 'carrot', but I am not able to remember her reply because I really start feeling overwhelmed.

    Then chaos breaks out and we all start practicing dream control and battling each other. Some woman with purple hair is attacking me from a distance. There is a strong wind and she floats up with purple fire in each hand. I try to use some magic at her first, but I can't summon anything up. I comment how I always have issue with this kind of dream control.

    Suddenly, Newt Scamander appears out of a portal to my right and flicks his wand at me. I am hit directly in the abdomen and I laugh. I tell him I can't be hurt in a dream as I run past him teasing him.
    Bellatrix Lestrange yells at me from a balcony above and shouts, "How do you know [it can hurt you]? How big is it now?"
    Worried, I look at down at myself and wave my hands in a fashion over my crotch to create some sort of spell-canceling effect. I know she's probably just mocking me, but I want to be sure. I bother checking; I just have to believe my magic works, but works just a little differently.

    I walk back to the man in black. I notice it's very windy again. The man is still patiently standing there like he's ready to begin something. I say that we need to get to the point of this whole thing because this dream is starting to get a little unstable. The wind increases, but the man just stands there looking at me. Suddenly, the dream dims away and I wake up feeling thoroughly surprised to be in my own bedroom.

    lucid , memorable


    by Xanous on 04-16-2017 at 05:44 AM
    #507 - WILD - 2:40AM

    I've been having a hard time falling asleep at night so lately I have been trying to WILD at the first of the night, though it's generally a long shot, I figure the worst that can happen is that I actually fall asleep. Last night I was successful, but I think there must have been a period that I lost consciousness for a few minutes.

    I realize I am having very early stages of the vibes so I spend some time focusing on it and intensifying it just to make sure. I force myself out of body and there is quite a bit of resistance with strange sucking sounds and a feeling of being drawn back into my body. I push against it and the dream world quickly materializes. I find myself in a very strange version of my bedroom. It's daytime and there is a box fan in a window that doesn't exists in walking life. I naturally want to get outside so I force my body to shrink and contort through a hole in the grill of the fan guard. Then sensation is a bit odd, but I slip right through with little effort.

    I try to recall my goal but for some reason I think it has to do with the movie Coneheads. I hear music to Tainted Love and start singing the bits I remember. There are some wilds animals in my field that look like goats at first but transform into white panthers. For some reason I think the goal was to kill one with my bare hands so I quickly pounce on one before it can get up out of the tall grass on the hill. My hand clenches on the panthers throat and I intend to rip open the animal. Suddenly, the panther lets out a horrible whinning wail like a hurt, sad dog. I quickly realize this is not what I wanted at all and back away.

    I walk back toward the house and see some outbuilding close by. My older daughter is milling around in there next to an open fridge. I talk to her some and tell her how I'm actually dreaming. Part of me thinks I am in some ethereal form talking to the waking world from the dream state. I turn and see a woman that I think is my wife though she doesn't look like her and her face keeps shifting. I also tell her I am dreaming and she pretends to be excited for me though I can tell she is faking it. I try to think of something to do and complain about not recalling my goal. I ask her what I should do and she says, "Bowling".

    I go with that and blind summon a bowling ball. There is a cage in the middle of the floor with chickens and think to bowl into it but then I see my three kids standing in a line so I go for them. The bowling ball knocks to of them over and they ridged like bowling pins. I stare at the odd sight for a moment then wake up.