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      Recurring nightmare in childhood predicted future injury?

      Hey everyone! When I was quite young, about anywhere from 3-10 years old, I had a recurring nightmare. The dream always differed one way or another, and I'm having a hard time remembering how, but the one thing I always remember is the ending. In it, I would be chased by a blond ghoul who had morphed from a very good-looking woman in her early twenties, and who I knew was out to kill me. When she caught up to me, she would always thrust her arm into my lower back, which would cause me to go flying. I would land on my back in either a puddle or dewey grass or wet concrete. I would feel the most intense pain in my mid-to-lower back, which caused my back to arch, however the intense pain from that arching caused me to wake up, where my back would already be arched.

      But this is where this gets really fucking weird. About a month and a half ago, on September 7th, I was hit by a car while riding motorcycle. I was thrown 36 feet from my bike, and when I landed, my back was arched. But not like a slow arch, as if someone had thrown me down over a triangular object, and broken me in half. I felt like I was on a wedge, and I couldn't move my legs. Later I learned that the accident had made my L1 Vertebrae explode.I had surgery to repair it, and I'm slowly getting back on my feet. However I later learned the woman who hit me was a 19-year-old attractive blond girl.

      Are there cases of dreams proceeding near-fatal accidents? Or injuries in general?

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      Hi Joseph!
      What a very interesting post! It must make you certainly wonder about your self and your precognition. I've had precognitive dreams but none related to an injury. For what little it's worth here are my thoughts...

      My take on dreaming is different than many others. Here's what I think:
      * Each night when we go to sleep we leave our physical bodies
      * We do many, many things out of our bodies each night
      * This includes experimenting with probable futures, learning, communicating with our thousands of other lives, etc.
      * Each of us has what I call a "belief suit". These are approximately 200 different energy conscious filters that we use to create our personality with
      * These "filters" effectively reduce our conscious level interactions with the "greater reality" we come from
      * This is why most people awake and say they had no dreams
      * However, when times are stressful, like in your case losing a job, or when you're diagnosed with an illness or, some one you know dies or, there's a major catastrophe, or, in your case having a precognitive dream that actually happens, then the average person is left looking for "answers"
      * This is an opportunity for their greater self to get through the "belief filters" and communicate more consciously resulting in things like better dream recall, intuitions, visitations, etc.
      * Most people take a moment to consider this and then discount it and move on with their life - They're living in what I call a "digital daydream"

      So, an obvious response to what I've just said above would be "prove it". There are many ways to begin showing others there is much more than our physical bodies...

      The old hindi's of 2,500-3,000 years ago wanted to have out of body experiences. They did this by occupying the conscious mind allowing their inner soul to rise. Today, this is called yoga and the OBE portion is mostly an afterthought.

      When they were out of their bodies, they saw energy swirling into the body from the sun, from the earth and from the side. They called these main points "chakras". Then they saw that the energy went into small points they called "nadis".

      They then did something that amazes me to this day. They mapped 70,000 different nadi points and then it went up to 100,000.

      This knowledge crossed over the Himalayas and went down into China. It became adopted as energy meridian lines. Today accupuncture uses this.

      On the scientific front, one can read "Life Force - The Scientific Basis" and "the Synchronized Universe" by Dr. Claude Swanson. In these books he documents many different scientific studies about paranormal.

      Another way is to actually prove it to oneself. This can be done via meditation, dream journalling and lucid dreams.

      Another way is to use the hemisync technology that Robert Monroe pioneered to help people get to the theta state and have out of body experiences. You can go to the Monroe Institute to learn more.

      Another way is to go to a hypnotist trained by the Newton Institute. This was created by a psychologist Michael Newton. About 30 or so years ago, he had a woman under hypnosis who went to a place she called her "live between lives". He then found out that many of his other patients went to a very similar place. He then write three books and began to train psychologists how to do this.

      Then there is the "way out there' stuff that is not so "way out there" anymore. Some physicists now hypothesize we live in a "virtual reality". The bottom line is we are bits of code. This theory does the best job at explaining things like the double slit experiment, string theory and quantum mechanics. On a free website I create a year and a half ago "learningfrommydreams" dot com, on the resource page, there is a section on science and under it several links on digital physics with some youtube links as well.

      So, you are the captain of your own spiritual ship. What you believe is the reality you create.

      You might want to scan the resources page on the free website I created at learningfrommydreams.com. There are many, many different resources to assist a person in learning about themselves.

      To dive a little bit deeper on my thoughts pertaining to your experience...

      We live in a virtual reality which is a gigantic probability field. At each moment, we have an almost unlimited number or probable futures to select from. We select one and it becomes our new present. The other probable futures now become our probable presents. The old present becomes our past. The old probable presents becomes our probable pasts.

      All of these realities exist. This is a mind bender. However, if we live in a virtual reality, it's not that hard to imagine it.

      As we spiritually awaken, we keep sending ourselves "signals" about our virtual reality. If you've ever experienced a deja vu, then you'll know what I'm talking about. I think that each night, as one of the many things we do out of our bodies is to experiment with probable futures. The rules of our virtual reality don't usually allow these bleed throughs to occur, unless they are for us at a learning stage in our development.

      Then there is the kind of precognition you painfully experienced. My interpretation is you were dreaming of a probable future when you were young. At that time, you were likely more open to experiencing this.

      The point I want to make is you didn't have to be on your bike at the time you did with the girl you did. All of this was simply one of many different probable realities. HOWEVER, both of you choose to experience it.

      In your case, it is leading you on a spiritual voyage to this place to have this type of discussion.

      In my own case it was a near death experience.

      There are many, many other ways we send messages to ourselves and our society to, in effect, spiritually wake up. On learningfrommydreams resource page there is a section for near death experiences. There's also links to children who are born accurately recalling past lives. There's also a section on multiple personality disorders.

      I believe that all of this is simply ways to say "Hey world! Spiritually begin to wake up! You folks need to learn to listen to yourselves!"

      Well, enough of me babbling here. i hope I have given you something to think about.

      With kind regards,

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      Although in order to provide a more accurate interpretation of the connection between your dreams and the terrible accident you suffered it would usually be best to have some additional general background information about you, it’s safe to say that childhood recurring dreams can have various underlying causes.

      In your case, it’s probably extra important that the dreams were recurring instead of you just having only one striking dream which is also a common occurrence in childhood.

      The fact that they were repeating dreams with some small alterations points to the possibility you were in a set of family and societal circumstances etc. which somehow could affect some aspect of your personality over time, unfortunately with the potential result of some kind of physical and/or psychological damage happening at a point in the future.

      In this sense, the dreams could have been what’s called “Prospective” dreams which say something like “If you continue doing such-and-such, then such-and-such could possibly occur”.

      Of course, as a child, you would have no practical way of understanding what the dreams were trying to express.

      And as the famous psychiatrist Carl Jung writes in his autobiography “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”:

      “I was never able to agree…that the dream is a ‘fašade’ behind which its meaning lies hidden - a meaning already known but maliciously, so to speak, withheld from consciousness. To me, dreams are a part of nature, which harbors no intention to deceive, but expresses something as best it can, just as a plant grows or and animal seeks its food as best it can.”

      So even though you were a child, very deep natural and instinctive processes were able to “see” a potential future “event” or at least the possibility of it, and were just automatically, as it were, trying to tell you about it.

      This is partly because every living being’s mind is the result of millions of years of evolution and has at its root what can be called the “Collective Unconscious” where countless repeated life experiences have been somehow encoded into our DNA. These aren’t “memories” of events per se but are some kind of abstracted residue of events.

      These are awakened in our own minds and shown in dreams etc. when certain situations arise that have been “seen before” in the past, as it were, in order that, for survival’s sake, the person can hopefully take any appropriate actions to protect themselves if a negative event is involved.

      Contrary to the modern scientific approach which believes it can explain everything rationally, Carl Jung (and the many brilliant analysts that have been inspired by him over many decades) also allows for the presence of mystery and “not knowing” even though he and his followers employ in addition various scientific methods which confirm their findings in a reliable way. It’s also clear that many of Jung’s ideas have been corroborated by independent scientific research in various other fields such as biology and brain research etc.

      A couple of other quotes from Jung which may help in approaching the meaning of your repeated dream include:

      “Dream symbols are the essential message carriers from the instinctive to the rational parts of the human mind, and their interpretation enriches the poverty of consciousness so that it learns to understand again the forgotten language of the instincts” (“The Red Book”, p. 236)

      “Science comes to a stop at the frontiers of logic but nature does not” (CW 16 par. 524)

      So in your dream, your were chased by a blond ghoul who had morphed from a very good-looking woman in her early twenties.

      Symbolically speaking, a girl in the dreams of a guy usually represents a part of his psychology which is the opposite of his usual conscious everyday side.

      Although not meant to be a stereotype, generally speaking, even as a little boy you probably weren’t all that sensitive to the emotions and values of others for example.

      Maybe for some set of reasons, your ability to accept and handle emotions was made difficult so that the possibility existed for them to move from being part of your everyday awareness (as symbolized by the attractive blond woman) into being a part of your unconscious mind where they would be mostly unseen and uncontrolled (as represented by the blond ghoul).

      If so, certain self-hurtful feelings for instance, could potentially “kill” you.

      Luckily, the dream always ended in you landing on a soft area even though you did suffer excruciating pain, pointing to the idea that you would be able to perhaps learn from some kind of very unpleasant experience and move on, maybe actually by learning more about how to let in and accept various emotions in a conscious way. If this does seem to fit with your own situation in some way, you may like to read a couple of books about the subject such as “Emotion: A Very Short Introduction” by Dylan Evans and “Nothing's Wrong: A Man's Guide to Managing His Feelings” by David Kundtz.

      How the dreams were apparently able to foretell the nature of the accident and the presence of a blonde girl are, of course, the central part of the mystery involved.

      I often feel that this type of experience, at its root, is meant to make us humble by realizing that there are forces in life over which the ego has no control and which therefore it should “worship” in some alert yet critically aware way.

      Although the dreams and the accident were separated by many years, the idea of a “synchronistic event” or more simply, a “meaningful coincidence” could be involved.

      This type of experience occurs when two events aren’t related by “cause and effect” (i.e. the dreams did not “cause” the accident), but instead they’re connected by “meaning”.

      For example, it looks like you maybe hadn’t thought about the dreams for years but immediately connected them with the accident because they had visualized a kind of similar event.

      If you’re interested in learning more about “meaningful coincidences”, reliable books about this subject by professional analysts include “There Are No Accidents” by Robert Hopcke, “The Tao of Psychology” by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and “At the Heart of the Matter” by J. Gary Sparks.

      Anyway, I’m glad that you’re recovering from this frightening accident and hope that these ideas about your recurring dream can be helpful in some way.

      Please feel free to comment on, or to ask any questions about this particular way of looking at your dream.

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      Arrow Broken In Half

      Adding to Athanor:

      I wonder if in a lack of emotional support or such ability that became so painful you looked to how this would be in your future when you were older.
      Yes wherever you'd land it's wet - whether in a small amount of muddy emotion, potential for growth, or plain hard to be set in this way.
      Arching your back seems an effort to straighten up or support yourself so much so it swings the other way.

      Those childhood problems possibly didn't go away with the dreams, though maybe lessened or were more accepted.
      It's no co-incidence then your back was arched when flung, as you even physically had done waking up when young.
      Also that you may have still felt broken in half. So it actually could manifest physically, especially if you are of the age you looked forward to.
      As for the "killer" in the real world being a blond: I might say: How else could it be? Though chances are about 1 in 3 or 4, but more if you include grey.

      What broke you in half originally? The pain in the lower half could reflect this feeling.
      The severe action of the dream was as if to break your back, which means breaking your support.
      Maybe it was parents splitting in half, that tore you apart. In which case the problem could have gone away, until you became the age close to your parents when they started a family.

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