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      Night terror or sleep paralysis

      Hi,I hope someone can shed light on what happened to me.I suffer from severe depersonalisation and dissasocition.In fact it's been like that for the majority of my life.Recently I started to come back to reality and then this occured.
      I was asleep,I think,it's fuzzy.Some creatures came and started hurting me.I felt pain in my chest and choking,it felt like I was dying.I was yelling,and my wife shook me out of it.I should mention that I have so much anxiety in me,bottled up fears,bottled up anger,pain,sadness which I never experienced or "feel" becouse I didn't want other people to see me like that.
      Is this sleep paralysis or night terror,or what is it ?
      Thank you for any input.

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      This sounds like night terrors to me, likely induced by your heightened levels of stress and repressed emotions throughout your life. Do you get panic attacks while you're awake? This sounds quite similar, although from what I know of panic attacks, there are never visual hallucinations. There are however physical manifestations of the pent-up anxiety that isn't being dealt with in a healthy way. I induce sleep paralysis intentionally, and although I do get pressure on my chest and head, it's not physically painful, and does not feel like death. Above all, when in sleep paralysis, you are unable to move or speak, however waking up screaming is very typical of night terrors.

      Have you tried seeing a professional about these issues? Not the night terrors, because that's just a symptom, but the root cause, which appears to be your anxiety. I get anxiety too, and it can be difficult to seek help, but letting it build up inside is simply not an option; it will only get worse. You don't have to feel like this though.

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      I'm really not sure what to make of it. When you have night terrors, apparently it's highly unusual to remember what causes the terror. As a matter of fact, many people don't remember having the night terror themselves, and it's a family member or a roommate that notices the issue. This is what separates them from nightmares--they usually occur during NREM and they aren't the result of a scary dream. The fact you remember creatures attacking you and that you felt a pain in your chest and being choked specifically makes me think it was a bout of Sleep Paralysis, even the feeling of dying/impending doom. All three are highly common symptoms of it. Given you are exhibiting three symptoms that are common of SP and it seems rather uncharacteristic of night terrors (if anything it would be a nightmare simply sharing the same symptoms of SP), my bet is on the SP.

      If this becomes a regular occurrence, it's something you should see a doctor about. Whether night terrors (which are extremely rare for adults in most cases) or Sleep Paralysis (not normal for anybody under the circumstances you've described, given we're talking about a regular occurrence), it could be indicative of some kind of underlying issue in need of addressing.

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