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      Increase Your Lucid Dreaming with Subliminal Audio

      Here's a really simple tool which you can use to boost your lucid dreaming efforts, and ability in all areas. We have been talking with the team at SubliminalMP3s.com about their lucid dreaming album, and finding out more about how subliminal messages can help improve your lucid dreaming skills, and we are pretty impressed.

      How It Works

      Firstly, it is important to note that subliminals don't work like they do in the movies bringing intense, miraculous or instant results. They work in a simple way really by gradually penetrating your mind with subliminal suggestions in order to change your thought patterns, and belief systems on a subconscious level.

      They have traditionally been used for areas such as improving confidence, or motivation, or boosting willpower to help people lose weight etc, but they can have an excellent result with areas such as boosting your ability to have lucid dreams, to be able to control them to a higher level, and to be able to remember them too.

      Subliminal audio basically sends simple subliminal suggestions straight into your subconscious mind and is best played shortly before going to bed so the messages are fresh. The suggestions it plants in your mind are very basic designed to plant the seeds of lucidity within your subconsciousness.

      One common method to help bring on lucid dreams is to think about it before you go to sleep, to remind yourself that you will be dreaming soon and that you will become aware and lucid during your dream. Subliminal audio simply works to plant these thoughts straight into your subconscious mind too.

      This means that rather than just consciously preparing for your lucid dreams you will be subconsciously aligned too, and you will have a much greater chance of going lucid.

      What to Expect

      It depends on your levels of experience with lucid dreaming already, and it is not intended to be the only tool you use you should still consciously remind yourself and try different exercises to develop your ability to have lucid dreams. It is simply meant as an aid to give you a bit of a boost and make things easier for you.

      Having said that, it can be a quite fast acting album and if you are new to lucid dreaming or struggling then it can help to trigger your first lucid experiences. Then, with time as you continue to use the album and pursue lucid dreaming you should improve in all areas you will be able to go lucid more frequently and consistently for a start, but there are also subliminal statements which will help you to gain greater control over your dreams while you are lucid, and also to help you remember your lucid experiences fully upon waking.

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