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      So now what? Well, now that you’ve read the site and you know the basics of lucid dreaming, it’s time for you to begin your journey down the path to becoming lucid in your dreams, and eventually controlling them.

      Remember that as tedious as it is, developing dream recall is absolutely necessary—having a lucid dream and then completely forgetting it is a complete waste. You should congratulate yourself upon experiencing your first lucid dream. Even if you immediately wake up upon becoming lucid, you’ve made the first big step and that’s quite an accomplishment!

      Remember that lucid dreaming and dream control are just like anything else--they take a little patience and practice to master. Don't feel discouraged if you don't seem to make any progress right away. Try to think positively about your dreams and see each night as a fresh start with a world of possibilities.

      Dreamviews welcomes you to share your attempts at lucid dreaming with others on our message board. There are a lot of people there attempting the same thing as you, and they are more than willing to offer support, encouragement, ideas, and advice. The tutorials section provides some additional help with lucid dreaming, as well as a list of links that you may find beneficial. All members of the forums are invited to sign up for our free lucid dreaming classes and workshops.

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      Here is a Very Typical Introduction Post

      Hi MorningGlory, welcome to DreamViews! Love the name and avatar ( ^_^)

      I can see from your location that you're a fellow

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      A shared dreaming project.

      Due to the nature of this post, I would think it belongs in the "Beyond Dreaming" section.

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      How long was your longest conversation with a DC?

      My longest conversation with a dream character was with a beautiful girl which lasted like 30 sec.

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      The Unknown


      I am actually quite proud of myself for suggesting this show to you
      Glad you enjoyed it and brought some discussion from

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