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      I tried 3 times to sign in; 7 different websites with 7 different passwords yet this particular site always gibs me problems. @Universal Mind: Has DV changed much over the years, or is it basically the same?

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      "Having a little too much wine!!" says the wine who could.

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      No 2017 posts? Well, whatever. Man, I sometimes wonder why the fuck I still hang around. Not here in particular, just in general. I'd like to ask why drinking causes you to think this way, but I'd be lying if I tried to act like I don't think this way all the time. I don't actually wanna kill myself or anything I mean, in fact I'm pretty indifferent in general. It's just a legitimate question, you know? People acting all crazy, violence against people with different political opinions is suddenly the hip cool idea going around, what's up? Then again people are always acting all crazy, and this is far from the first time something like this has happened. I live in a pretty privileged time period for me to be appalled by such a thing like it's so crazy for an idea like that to be popular.

      Then on top of all this, I've got the fact I've been a NEET for a year despite putting in over a dozen applications to places and the problems my concussions have caused me in general, seems like I just can't get my shit together. Makes thoughts like these pretty easy I guess. What's worse is knowing this whole NEET problem and troubles with jobs and whatnot aren't just common in America, but across the world now. I'm not the only one, and I suppose that's usually something people take solace in, but it just makes me feel worse. I guess that's only a position I can take when me not being the only one is a given though, it's possible I'd feel completely differently if I really was a more isolated incident, I'm probably just being dummy lacking self-awareness or whatever. Don't know why I'm posting this in particular, guess I just lack someone to talk to about it who would even care so I came to vent in a drunk ranting thread cuz I'm drunk.

      edit:Oh right, music is why I hang around. Music is fuckin amazing I tell you hwhat
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