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      I peed in a dream, and then I woke up and found myself peeing in waking life

      Two nights ago I had a dream where I was using the bathroom and I was peeing, and after a moment I became very aware of it and felt a strange warmth - and to my surprise, I noticed that I actually had started peeing in the bed!
      Thankfully not too much, it didn't seem to have made contact with the sheet or anything, although I did of course change underwear and washed the bedclothes the next morning (they seemed dry, but I am not taking any chances, lol).
      I don't think that this is anything age-related, since I am 31 years old and I really don't consider that to be particularly "old" at all, so hopefully it was just a one-time thing that was caused by a particularly powerful dream scenario.
      I did feel a great urge to pee when I woke up, so hopefully it was that combined with the dream scene itself.

      Has this ever happened to you?
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      Hahahah oh yes, it's happened to me!! Shocking and embarrassing, ain't it? I believe it happens the other way around though - I think first you feel the strong need to urinate, which might show up in the dream. For instance I've dreamed of looking everywhere for a place to pee and was unable to find a suitable place so I had the sense of incredible urgency and suddenly couldn't hold back anymore and with a great rush of relief started unloading in some inappropriate place. Then of course I felt the warm wetness on my leg and the spreading puddle under me soaking into my underwear. Gross!! Woke up already knowing that it was happening for real. In my case it went quite a bit farther than what you describe - I mean to the extent that I had to initiate an immediate load of laundry and put fresh sheets on the bed and even then had to lay way over on one side to avoid the wet spot. Yuck!!

      When your sleeping body experiences certain kinds of powerful sensations they will filter into your dream as a sort of warning system - like a "Hey buddy - better wake up quick and here's why!" I suspect it's related to the ancient warning system that will kick in if you're sleeping and you hear a lion or something approaching. There needs to be a fast wakeup system in place for those situations and obviously it would help if you wake already understanding what the danger is.

      My 2 worth anyway. Thanks for creating a fun thread!

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