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    Thread: Task of the Month for April 2017

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      Those who have wings, please go and vote for May´s ToTM!!!

      You can do it clicking here

      Please: Remember to not add dashes, or difficulty rank (basic, advanced, bonus). Just add the suggestion plain as it is easier for us to process it!

      Since we have a lot of suggestions and maybe you have already an idea what to vote, I am adding to the following spoiler the NEW ideas suggested this month, in case you change your opinion:

      Spoiler for Latest April 2017 Suggestions:


      Cook something..Anything..Do your DC's like it? (woblybil)
      Do a 360 naturally . No superpowers. Letaali
      Ask a DC to tell you a short story. (Saizaphod)


      Become a cloud and rain on at least one DC. ()Noell
      Accompany Harold and Kumar in their journey to White castle. (Man of Shred )
      Fly to the end of the universe in your dream, see what happens. (Nefets)
      Have someone use TK on you and report what happens. Competitively
      Spawn and merge with an f5 tornado in New York City at its most populated hours. Be sure to cause destruction Competitively
      Haunt a DC by possessing their body. Then fly into the sky and free-fall. Competitively
      Float on air like you do on water IRL. Report feelings. Competitively
      Throw a pokeball at a DC and capture them. Competitively
      Become a caterpillar and go through the full cycle. Competitively
      Transform your arms into wings and fly. Report feelings of your wings you have created for yourself. Competitively
      Create a barrier around you that sucks everything (besides you and whatever your walking on within 100 miles. Anything that gets sucked in increases miles by 50+. Report seeings. Competitively
      Make the lucid dream 'lag' Competitively
      Acquire unnatural flexibility and make the letter of your first initial with your HUMAN body. Competitively
      Become water and let a DC see you flying in the air as it. Competitively
      Levitate towards a light in the sky and vanish while your family and friends see. Describe reactions. Competitively
      Add a magnetism affect to yourself but the magnets pull in DCs. Try flying once you have 30+ DCs Competitively
      Suck the color out of the world around you. Shuffle the colors like a deck of cards and send them back. What does the world look like now? (Letaali)
      There's an invisible rope in front of you. When you grab it, it will pull you somewhere. What do you find? (Letaali)
      Make the stars of the night sky fall down. Find one of them. Is it a person, a power-up or something else? (Letaali)


      Make your mind a tower, get into an elevator, go to the deepest levels. (Nefets)
      Right click the earth (while in space). Report and run some of the commands shown. Competitively
      Oveclock your human body (like how you would overclock a computer/monitor). Competitively
      Everyone can move forward or backwards through time, but what about the other directions? Move perpendicular in time. (Letaali)

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      I summoned something that was like a 12 foot long turtle/crocodile hybrid. I call it a turtledile.

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      Completed Advanced Task I....DC's don't make very good parachutes!

      4:30pm The last time I chatted with Gab she said that when I was stuck on a high building I should have grabbed a DC for a parachute and jumped off!
      So I did!......Right after reading some of this stuff and a half hour of meditation recording I found myself again on the roof of a skyscraper. I looked like NYC...Remembering Gab's idea I asked a girl sunning herself in a lounge chair to do it with me and she said "Are you nuts?"..I said "This is all a dream so you won't get hurt" and took her hand to help her along toward the edge, I grabbed her by the ankles,held her over my head and jumped...She instantly turned us upside down with her in the lead and me holding onto her ankles heading for the ground like Superman,
      I tried to turn us right side up but it turned the ground upside down and we were falling upward toward the bottom of the earth, It did slow us down to make a soft landing with her head first into the ground and me headfirst up her skirt and she said "Wow, That was fun, Do it again-do it again" Then I flew us to a green bar where everything still seemed to be upside down and I wanted beer too but I was waking up dammit...

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