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    DEILD - Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream

    DEILD stands for Dream Exit Initiated Lucid Dream. DEILD is also sometimes called "Dream Chaining." A DEILD is basically a shortened WILD. DEILD has the potential to let you have multiple lucid dreams each night. This technique takes advantage of the fact that as you awaken from a dream the brain remains in dream mode for a few moments, provided you don't move. Since your brain is still using REM waves, you can easily slip back into a dream without having to trick your body into falling asleep. However, if you are at the end of a REM phase you won't be able to DEILD. If you do this technique right you are almost guaranteed a successful LD.

    The DEILD technique had been around for a while. Many lucid dreamers have stumbled across this technique in their own in their pursuit of LDs. Dr. Steven LaBerge outlined this technique in some of his books.

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