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    When the body paralyzes itself outside of the REM cycle. Occasionally accompanied by hypnogogic hallucinations.
    Often confused with REM atonia (REM atonia happens while in REM sleep)

    • Sleep paralysis is a REM sleep parasomnia characterized by an inability to perform voluntary movements associated with marked anxiety and occurs either at sleep onset (hypnagogic form) or on awakening (hypnopompic form).
    • Sleep paralysis attacks last some minutes, do not involve respiratory and ocular muscles, are fully reversible, and often are accompanied by terrifying dream images.
    • Sleep paralysis may form part of the narcoleptic tetrad, but isolated sleep paralysis occurs independently from narcolepsy, sometimes in a familial form.
    • Sleep paralysis is polysomnographically characterized by the presence of mixed REM-like and wake EEG or EMG features.Polysomnography, if performed, reveals the event to occur in a dissociated state with elements of REM sleep and wakefulness.
    • Hallucinatory experiences may be present but are not essential to the diagnosis.
    Info from post #1, here http://www.dreamviews.com/f11/sleep-...ations-136721/

    Actual SP is a condition affecting less than half of the population (7.6% general, more with sub-groups).

    Aggregating across studies (total N=36,533), 7.6% of the general population, 28.3% of students, and 31.9% of psychiatric patients experienced at least one episode of sleep paralysis. Taken from post #2, here http://www.dreamviews.com/f11/sleep-...ations-136721/

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