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      Where angels fear to tread...

      Poem: 'Coming Home'

      okay, someone said i should post more of my work, but this is a long one.
      And i don't want to post too much of it, i'd feel like i was inflicting my ego!

      ‘Coming Home’

      I walked away from you,
      Thinking I ‘d got it wrong.
      I thought I didn’t need you anymore.
      I looked at you and my heart was
      Still and cold, the blood had
      Stopped burning in my veins.

      On a warm autumn day,
      I met someone else.
      My heart sang and my skin
      Burned at an invisible touch.
      A voice in the night drove me wild,
      And for a time, I forgot you.
      Forgot you even existed, though
      I saw you every day.

      But soon I grew discontent, my heart
      Stopped singing, and the invisible touch
      The voice was no longer there,
      And I began to remember.

      I dreamed of you again,
      And you begged me to come back.
      Told me you wanted me.
      I dreamed of you and remembered
      I needed to come home.

      One winter day I saw you again,
      As if for the first time, yet it was better,
      For knowledge of the past, and what we
      Had already shared.
      The conflict and the near broken dream,
      All were and still are precious reminders of you.

      I realised I’d been fooling myself
      Denying the truth of my heart.
      I looked in your eyes and I knew.
      That no one would know me,
      The way you do.
      The way you read my thoughts,
      My heart and my soul, wordlessly
      And without justification.

      That which I have been seeking,
      Had never really gone away
      You were there all the time,
      Knowing I would always come
      Home to you.

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      I'm Not Sure
      This writing is oddly structured. Makes it unique. I read it out loud and felt the flow of it better though. Do you have a gap in your soul that you need to fill? Or is this about how it was healed? Don't stop writing/posting poems. It's a good habit. good poem

      Are we dreaming?

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      Where angels fear to tread...
      It's not so much as a gap that needed to be filled, or about healing.
      I think it's more to do with coming to terms with something that there could be no more denial of, and in order to do that, i had to walk away to realise what i was missing.
      If you get me.
      'all of the moments that already passed/
      try to go back and make them last.'


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