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      A negative day..

      The sun dawns. The clock rings. The dream stops. It is over.
      You rise, with no smile. The dream never ended, it still looms in your mind, but you can no longer see it. It has disappeared and been replaced by the ugly face of your lover, with rings around her eyes and a tired looks upon it's face. Your mind has already forgotten about most of the dream, and you already know the plan of the day. As you get into your jeans and feel the coldness of your floor, you realise that you'd rather sleep, and hardly notice that you put different socks on. You march into your kids room to force the little fellow up from his slumber, you know how he will react, he will refuse, he will almost scream. To compensate from the stress that causes you, coffee is poured down your throat, wakening you with a grim taste.
      You spend 8 hours repeating chores at work, not sure weather it makes a difference or not, but at least you get money to spend from it. Money to spend on your lover, your child, your stomach, your bills, your future.
      When the workday is over you get home to a screaming kid, and a stressed lover, she has dealt with the kid for an hour now, and throws the kid over at you. No time for a nap, responsibilities call. Dinner is being cooked by your lover, the meal isn't very good, and the entertainment of the dinner is getting the child to open his mouth and swallow his spaghetti, which results in a nasty spot on your shirt. The child calls for attention, and getting him to sleep is a war you will have to fight long to win. You finally get to bed, and can either look forward to sex that your lover will reject, or hear complaints about how you never have energy for it...
      But then you dream...
      Slip inside my head
      Watch how my dreams unfold, watch my fantasy in work
      Watch the beauty, watch the details. Isn't it amazing?
      I love you, and I welcome you into my world
      If you are lucky, there will be music playing.

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