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      Post Chained Memories: Night Five (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)

      Night Five

      “Be careful,” Helios whispered, watching me as I faced an ‘evil’. The age of technology was amazing. “Watch yourself.”
      “I am,” I hissed, closing my eyes.
      The test was nothing like actuality but it was meant to train your mind, body, and reactivity. It was a poor comparison to a real encounter but everything thing that happened here, happened. Any wounds you received were real.
      It was a very dangerous test—one that could kill a mere human.
      Slowly, ever so slowly, I felt the familiar coldness of the evil careening towards me. A moment passed before I dodged the evil, my body freezing immediately.
      “H-Helios?” I whispered. “But…how? You’re in the…?”
      Helios hit me, managing to slice my arm and I let out a cry, flying across the room and hitting the rocks.
      “Helios, no,” I moaned.
      I looked at him, realizing the trick. It was sick that Hephaestus would do something like this—pin me against Helios.
      “Hephaestus, you jerk!’ I screamed, standing to my feet. “That’s a dirty trick! I won’t fall for that one twice!”
      The evil shifted shape to become the bottomless black abyss it normally was, screeching as it did so.
      “Lust!” I screamed.
      Slowly, I recited a chant I was working on, sealing the evils into myself but keeping myself pure in the meantime.

      Burning fire, burning ice
      Lives a fate I seek to defy.
      In the cold and unforgiving box
      Let the fates chose, take, and lock!

      The evil screeched, high and shrill, and I breathed in a sigh of relief as the burning sun and craggy rocks receded and the normal, gray metal cube I was in returned.
      Helios was at my side the moment the tested ended, checking my hurt arm and scolding me for being fooled by the ‘evil’.
      Two days ago, Hephaestus had showed up at my doorstep demanding I be tested. A facility was ‘delivered’ and classes had begun.
      Classes were every day, after school, and all day on the weekends.
      Why bother going to school?
      “Are you alright?” Helios asked me as we left the training facility. “That was a nasty cut you received from Lust.”
      “Oh,” I said, clenching my hands. “Let me get my hands around Hephaestus and let’s see how quickly the cut reopens.
      “That was a cheap shot pinning me against you! Like I wouldn’t see the difference!”
      He smiled as we rounded a corner and coming face to face with Epimetheus.
      “Epim…what are you doing here so late?” I asked, trying to stay calm. I was failing miserably.
      “I should ask you that,” he said, glaring at Helios. “And why you’re with him.”
      “Well…I…uh…I can answer that,” I said, trying to form words. “Well, you see…we were….uh…working on our project, for school. Yeah, our project and…um…”
      “We’re dating,” Helios said bluntly. “We were out on a date just now. I was just walking her home.”
      The glaring didn’t stop from either side and I sighed, stepping between them, looking at Epimetheus.
      “Is that true Av?” he asked, hurt in his eyes. I wanted badly to remove it but I knew I couldn’t.
      “Yes,” I said, quietly. “I have to go. Goodbye Epim.” I turned to Helios, leaning to whisper in his ear. “Play nicely.”
      He kissed me and I hit him, trying to pass it as a joke. Though, walking away, I knew Epimetheus didn’t think it was funny at all.
      A few minutes later I was standing in front of a full body mirror, looking at my tired form.
      I wore black track pants with a white tank and white tennis shoes. My black, zip up hoodie was in my hand.
      Even through the black material of the pants I could see the shine of my tattoo. I touched it tenderly.
      The tests never agreed with my tattoo. No one was sure why though I was pretty sure Hephaestus did it purposely.
      But, then again, who knew?
      The phone beside me rang and I blew out a sigh, looking at the clock. It was ten past eleven.
      “Hello?” I said, picking up the phone. “Avalon residence.”
      “Pandora, dear?” a woman’s voice said from the other side of the phone. “This is your grandmother, Mishael. I’m in Illinois, dear. I’m coming to get you.
      “Your grandfather and I won the custody battle with your aunt. We’re taking you back to Nevada. Isn’t this great Pandora? Pandora?”
      We’re taking you back to Nevada.
      “No,” I whispered into the receiver. “You can’t do that. I’m staying here. I’ll be eighteen next year. I have to stay here.”
      “Pandora, dear, see sense,” she begged. “You’ll die at your Aunt’s! You have to get out of there!”
      “I’m not leaving,” I said coldly. “End of story. I’m sorry, grandma, but I just can’t leave now. You should’ve called two months ago.”
      I hung up, staring at the phone.
      No, this wasn’t the end. My grandmother never went down this easily. No, she would win. She always did. No matter what it cost her.
      She fought until all fell. We were in for one Hell of a fight.

      “She’s planning on taking you to Nevada?” Helios asked as we walked to lunch.
      “Yes,” I sighed. “And, knowing my grandmother, I’ll end up in Nevada. She is a very sore loser.”
      Helios frowned as we sat at a table.
      “Then, if you move, I’ll follow,” he finally said. “It’s as simple as that. I have to protect you Pandora.”
      I looked at him, slightly confused.
      “What do you mean ‘have to’ protect me?”
      “Pandora,” he said, taking my hand. “You know what I mean.”
      I nodded.
      The rest of the school day was quiet. The biggest reason was due to Accea not being in the building.
      After school we were heading to the training grounds three miles outside of Wellston.
      “Helios,” I whispered, feeling a cold wave of darkness wash over me. “Do you feel that?”
      “Feel what Pandora?”
      I shivered, wrapping my arms around my stomach and looking behind me.
      “Evils,” I gasped as more waves crashed over me. “There are so many!”
      Something flew overhead, blocking out the light. The temperature decreased instantly.
      “Who are they,” Helios asked, pulling me to him. “Can you identify them?”
      I tried to focus, knowing the closest ones immediately. The ones lying farther away were harder to identify.
      “The closest to us is Violence,” I said, pointing to the overhead evil. “Then there’s also Disease, Strife, Disaster, Selfishness, Indifference, and Narcissism.
      “I think that’s it.”
      “You’re right. That’s all in a close proximity to us,” he whispered. “Now, the question becomes, ‘Are you ready’?”
      The evils took that time to attack. Selfishness and Narcissism attacked as a pair.
      Oh, look how pretty you are, one of them said in my mind. You too pretty to be with that. You deserve to be loved and be beautiful, do you not?
      Just look around, the other said coldly. If you weren’t Pandora and your mother wasn’t Pandora, then you all would be happy. You would be with her, not here, getting hurt.
      It’s all like an incurable disease. It’s a curse. How is it different from the other diseases? You still die.
      “You’re all idiots,” I laughed.
      Closing my eyes, I folded my hands and bent my head, opening myself to attack.
      I heard screams a moment later and I felt three violent strikes against my body, unable to stop the gasp that escaped me.
      “Easy Pandora,” Helios said carefully as I started to fall. “Don’t push yourself.”
      “I’m…fine,” I gritted out. “We still have four to go. It’s only four. I’ll be alright.”
      I stood up straight, waiting for another evil to attack.
      Disaster was felled quickly followed by Violence and Strife. Only Indifference remained.
      “Come get me,” I said tiredly, trying to stay conscious. “I’m ready.”
      Why should I care? Someone said, shrugging. After all, this is nothing to me. It’s too stressful. I could care less. It’s no different from life in the end.
      Why does everyone keep saying it’s so ‘important’ or so ‘hard’? It’s really easy. But, in the end I get hurt. How is that a fair trade?
      I felt myself shrug. It wasn’t a fair trade at all, really. Indifference had a point. But that didn’t matter.
      “Shut up and take your rightful place,” I sighed, pulling the evil towards me.
      “I could care lesssss,” Indifference said, shrugging. “SSSShould I sssscreem or not?”
      “Right now, Indifference, I could care less,” I said tiredly. “I’m—no pun intended—indifferent right now.”
      “Okay,” he sighed. “I’ll sssscreem for good measssure.”
      “Sure,” I said, rolling my eyes.
      Indifference screamed and I let out another sigh, turning to Helios. He was the only evil I had actually talked to. He was nearly…normal.
      “Are we finished?” I asked, stretching. “I just want to go train and then take a nap…what’s wrong?”
      Helios stared at me—lips parted, eyes wide—rooted in place.
      “Helios,” I asked again. “Is there something wrong?”
      “Let’s skip training,” he said abruptly. “We can go somewhere.”
      I froze in my own shock. Helios was the one who insisted I take lessons. Skipping gave me ‘punishment’ which was not talking to me.
      It was a worse punishment that it appeared.
      “Let’s skip,” he repeated. “Go to the movies or do something fun. You more than deserve it.”
      “But…why? Won’t you get in trouble or something? I don’t think Hephaestus would think to highly of skipping.”
      “Who cares,” he said, smiling as he grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. “Where do you want to go?”
      Half an hour later, I was in the park sitting on a swing, looking over my shoulder and skyward as I waited for Hephaestus to magically appear.
      “Relax,” Helios whispered, kissing my cheek. “We’re okay. Hephaestus isn’t going to try to kidnap you and take you back to training.”
      I bit my lip and nodded, still unsure.
      “Okay,” I said finally. “Push me?”
      “I can think of other things to push than you on a swing,” he said, eyes flashing.
      “Shut up!’ I yelled, slapping him gently. “But, I have things of my own I can push on—”
      His lips silenced mine and I felt my thoughts melt away.
      “Easy there,” I said, pushing away from him. “Later, maybe, now, not so much.”
      He smiled.
      “I wasn’t going for anything,” he pointed out. “I was just kissing you. You didn’t think…”
      I felt myself blush and I hit his chest as he laughed at me.
      “Fine,” I said, crossing my arms. “But you don’t have to tease me…”
      He laughed slightly and led me to a tree.
      “What are you…?”
      He lifted me into his arms before sitting me in the tree and finding a spot beside me.
      I leaned into him for his warmth and let out a sigh. Maybe this was right. Maybe Indifference was right.
      Who knew?
      “So, what is our next move?” I asked, looking over at Helios. “I mean, in August I was attacked by jealousy, kidnapped by you, attacked by Lies, Greed, and Lust, destroyed your house, rode a dragon and end up in the Carpathian Mountains.
      “Now, its September…so what’s going to happen this month?”
      Helios was silent, looking down at the ground. His jasper eyes were sad and lonely-looking. I touched him gently.
      “I’m sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “Something feels off. I think I’m tired.”
      He looked at me and smiled, taking my hand and kissing it gently.
      “I promised you a date,” he said simply. “But I don’t know a thing about dating.”
      I laughed, jumping down from our perch in the tree and looking up at him.
      “I’ll show you.”

      “Oh my God!” someone screamed.
      I sighed, trying to ignore Accea as she ran up to Helios and half attached herself to him.
      “Hel-Bell,” she said, smiling, eyes shining. “I haven’t seen you in forever! We just have to catch up.”
      I opened my mouth to protest but Helios shocked me by commenting.
      “Sorry Accea,” he said, pulling away and wrapping his arms around my waist. “But I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.”
      “Girl…friend?” she said, eyes wide with shock. I grinned happily. “She’s your girlfriend?!”
      He nodded and kissed me fully, linger a moment longer than needed.
      When Helios pulled away I felt the heat in cheeks for the first time and I looked away from Accea.
      But she was gone.
      “I don’t think she’ll bother you anymore,” he said after a moment.
      “Thank you,” I whispered, taking his hand. “So…up for that movie?”
      He laughed and led me towards the theater.

      “I officially think romance films have gone crazy,” I said as we walked away. “I mean, why did the vampires sparkle?”
      “The author had a dream about the story,” Helios explained as he walked me home.
      “And it dealt with sparkly vampires?” I said, slightly confused. “After that, I’m officially a werewolf fan.”
      “Just be glad I’m not the jealous type,” he laughed, holding my hand.
      “Hallelujah and Amen to that,” I teased. “Maybe I’d prefer you if you were jealous.”
      “I can be jealous,” he said quickly. “But I’m pretty sure you prefer me. Especially with the number of hours you’ve racked up showing me.”
      My cheeks blushed a knowing crimson and I coughed, trying to get images of him out of my mind.
      “So,” I said, attempting to change the subject. “How’s the weather?”
      “You’re…asking me about the weather?” he asked, slightly confused. “It’s…okay?”
      I nodded, trying to cool my fiery blush.
      Finally, we were at my front door, on my porch.
      “Are you staying here tonight?” I knew he was repairing his house but it was questionable whether or not it was finished. “Or…are the repairs finished?”
      “You are staying here tonight,” he said, hugging me gently. “Tomorrow we’ll move you into my new house.”
      “It’s finished?!” I gasped.
      He smiled widely and nodded.
      “Sweet dreams,” he whispered, kissing my forehead. “Goodnight.”
      I nodded and stepped into my house.
      “Pandora?” someone yelled from the living room. “Is that you?”
      I froze, knowing the voice well.
      “Oh, there you are,” my grandmother said, smiling as she walked to me and hugged me. “It’s so good to see you!”
      “Why are you here?” I asked, stepping away from her.
      “Why, to take you home dear,” she laughed. “I called you remember?”
      “This is my home,” I said coldly. “And no one’s taking me away. Besides, I’m going to live with Calleah.”
      “My friend, grandma.”
      She nodded.
      “I figured you would say as much,” she sighed. “Officer, will you come here?”
      A policeman appeared suddenly and I felt my stomach churn as I edged for the door.
      A cold wave of fear sliced through me as I turned the door knob.
      “Officer,” my grandmother was saying. “If you will…”
      It was as if I was in a living nightmare.
      My thoughts swam as the officer came at me. It was that moment I opened the door and tried to run.
      “Pandora!” something said gleefully.
      I turned and right behind my house was a giant shadow. My grandmother and the officer warped into endless blackness and joined the evil.
      “Nightmares,” I breathed, realizing the cold wave of fear that I had felt earlier was really an evil.
      Once I spoke I was sailing through the air and crashing into a house across the street.
      “Helios,” I moaned, trying to focus. I started talking to myself. “He’s not always going to be there.
      “Catch Nightmares and prove to him you can protect yourself. Or are you a child?”
      I pushed myself to my feet and glared at the evil laughing far above me.
      Nightmare attacked, throwing pictures at me, attempting to break my focus.
      I started the chant and was hit with an image of me covered in blood, evils behind me.
      “No!” I gasped, falling down and struggling to breathe. “No! That’s not going to happen. Helios won’t let it. I won’t let it!”
      It will happen, Nightmares laughed. And I’m looking forward to it!
      “No!” I screamed as loud as my voice would let me. “It will not happen! It won’t!!!”
      Power erupted from me and I let out a cry that blended with Nightmares’.
      You’re just like us, Nightmares said just before he disappeared. You are not different from us. You are like us. There is no difference.
      Then it was gone.
      “Pandora?” someone said above me as I started to slip away.
      “Hel…ios,” I whispered.
      But then I lost consciousness.

      Please reply. I apologize in advance for any incorrect phrasing or wording. ****It is copied directly from the microsoft word document so font variations have been canceled out****

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      Whom knows?
      Lost in pages.
      Nice chapter. It is always fun to see the main protagonist of a story overcome his/her need for protection or assistance.

      Only a small amount of typos this time:

      Spoiler for Typos:

      Hope to see the next entry.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Aristaeus View Post
      Nice chapter. It is always fun to see the main protagonist of a story overcome his/her need for protection or assistance.

      Hope to see the next entry.
      I love doing that, though I can't do it with most storylines. It's entertaing to write. However, things are about to get heated soon when you meet the evil Pain (and Death too, in a way). But, I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

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