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      Post Chained Memories: Night Eight (Mythology related, mild language, mild sexual conduct)

      Night Eight

      I stared at Pain in utter disbelief, mind blank.
      I watched as Pain tried to form words but failed. That’s when I saw them.
      His eyes flared a bright, deep crimson red—the color of blood—and he looked at me, grabbing my wrists while his eyes bore into my own.
      “Calleah is a demon in disguise,” he said coldly. “She’s not who she is.”
      “What are you saying?” I said, frightened slightly, as I tried to pull away from Pain. “What are you talking about?”
      “Calleah wants to kill you.”

      I stopped breathing, stopped moving, as Pain held onto me. Neither of us spoke.
      “Calleah…wants to kill me?” I managed. “She’s…evil?”
      Pain didn’t say a word, tears flowing nonstop as he pulled me to him, wrapping me in a hug. I remained still.
      “I…thought she was dead,” he whispered, his lips at my ear. “I…thought I…killed her.”
      “Pain…how old are you?”
      He didn’t answer. He didn’t make a sound.
      I repeated my question and he pulled away, eyes looking down at the floor.
      “Nineteen,” he whispered. “I’m nineteen.”
      So he was a year older than the two of us. He looked younger but then again…
      “Why…did you think you killed her?” I managed, trying to breathe.
      “Because,” he whispered. “If I didn’t kill her she would have killed you.”
      “She would have…killed…me?” I breathed. “And you…saved me?”
      Pain nodded slightly, eyes finally meeting my own. His tears were finally gone.
      We stood, staring into one another’s eyes, for what seemed like forever before he took a step towards me.
      “Pandora,” he whispered. “Can I…say something? Tell you something?”
      I nodded.
      “Pandora,” he said gently, surely. “I love you. I’m in love with you.”
      And then he kissed me…and I kissed him.
      We were out of the view of the cameras so I knew this was no performance. When I realized this I froze as he continued to kiss me.
      Finally I pushed him away.
      “No,” I gasped, hands on his chest as he took a step back to steady himself. “I…can’t.”
      “Because of Helios?” he whispered, taking my wrist and pulling me to him. “I know. But…how do you feel? What do you want? Not as Pandora from Greek Mythology but as Pandora Avalon?”
      I stood, rooted in place, eyes wide, as he let his words sink in.
      What did I want? When was the last thing I had wanted something for myself? Everything else seemed trivial compared to my life now.
      I wanted…
      I blinked.
      “You,” I said after a moment, tracing the hidden muscle in his arms. I looked up into his blood eyes. “I want you.”
      Pain wrapped an arm around my waist, securing me to him, while his other hand rested on my neck.
      I lifted my arms to put them around his neck and tried to pull him closer as he held onto me.
      My eyes drifted closed and a gasp that turned into a moan escaped my lips when he kissed my neck, nibbling lightly before he kissed my collarbone then my lips once again.
      “Pandora,” he said, eyes half closed, the red in them a seductive alluring color. “I love you.”
      I kissed him, unable to speak and he lifted me, setting me on the sink.
      Carefully, without any hesitation, I took off my shirt, his quickly following, before he pulled me against him.
      “I love you,” I managed as he kissed my neck, threatening to go lower. “I really love you, even if you don’t believe me.”
      My eyes closed and we jumped together.

      I woke to the sound of water running.
      My mind was fogging as I tried to remember what had happened. Then I saw him.
      He was standing half concealed by the shower curtain, as he washed his body.
      I was now in the bedroom so sometime through the night I had fallen asleep and he had brought me in here and put me in the bed.
      And then I remembered everything.
      I had…slept with Pain.
      The one thing I had sworn to kill and finish off had been the one thing I had fallen in love with.
      But what about Helios?
      I looked down at the too big shirt I wore and pulled the covers over me, hiding me from the cameras watching me. The blanket was the only thing that his my tears.
      I was a slut, a whore. I had cheated on Helios after I had told him I loved him and only him. After everything that I had put him through, I had betrayed him.
      Pain’s voice was like a punch in the heart. How could I tell him I regretted last night? How could I tell myself I regretted last night?
      He peeled away the covers, his body shielding me from the view of the cameras. It took only one look before he lifted me into his arms and took me to the bathroom.
      “What’s wrong?” he asked, taking off my shirt and running the hot water. “Are you alright?”
      I nodded tiredly.
      “I…” I paused and thought of a quick lie. “I had a bad dream. That’s all.”
      Pain looked at me, worry in his eyes as he helped me beneath the spray of water.
      Another punch. I had done practically the same thing with Helios.
      Neither of us spoke as he helped me wash myself off. I kept my eyes closed as he helped me.
      We finished after about fifteen minutes and he helped me out of the tub, turning the shower off, and drying me off with a towel. He helped me stand and fit into a fresher, too big shirt.
      “Pandora,” he whispered as I looked at the floor. “Do you…regret what happened? Do you…hate me?”
      I shook my head, closing my eyes.
      “You should hate me,” he said quietly. “I took advantage of you.”
      I shook my head again, opening my eyes and looking at him, before carefully speaking.
      “No,” I managed. “I don’t regret anything. And I don’t hate you either. I hate myself.”
      When Pain said nothing I continued.
      “I’m a slut,” I whispered, closing my eyes. “I’m a whore and I cheated on Helios. I betrayed him.”
      “Pandora,” he said carefully, looking at me. “According to the other evils not inside of you…Helios…Pandora no one can find him.”
      Of course no one could find him. Helios was a skilled hider. He would never be found easily. For hundreds of years he had hidden from the evils, undetected.
      A door swiped open and both of us tensed as someone entered his room.
      “Pain,” came Doubt’s voice. “Bring me Pandora. I know you are with her.”
      I threw a cautious glance at Pain before nodding. He kissed me and we left, hands linked behind us, as we faced Doubt.
      “There you are,” he said. He still wore the white lab coat combo. “Good. Pandora…come here.”
      I reluctantly let go of Pain’s hand and walked over to the other, more threatening evil.
      “Congratulations,” Doubt said with a smile. “I’m so proud of you.”
      I resisted the urge to look at Pain and tilted my head to the side.
      “What for?” I said sarcastically. “Not breaking under the influence?”
      Doubt laughed. He was deep and throaty and echoed off the walls.
      “No,” he said, smiling widely. “You, my dear, are pregnant.”

      My heart dropped and all color drained from my face as I looked at Doubt.
      I was…pregnant. I was going…to have a baby.
      My heart fell as I realized this was what Doubt had planned since the beginning.
      Find an evil I was compatible with, stick me alone in a room with them, and try to make me pregnant.
      “How do…you know?” I managed, trying not to look at Pain. “If I’m pregnant how do you know?”
      “It’s a power we evils and, yes, even Gods have,” he explained, looking at Pain. “The moment the fetus is created, we can see it. No one is really sure as to why.”
      “Who is…the father?” I whispered, touching my stomach. My mind was swimming and I tried not to get sick.
      “Pain,” Doubt said.
      I felt another punch to my heart. Not only had I betrayed Helios but now I had a symbol of my betrayal growing inside of me.
      “Why don’t you tell her who the father is?” Doubt continued.
      Pain looked down, eyes closed, as he spoke.
      “Celfior,” he whispered, head turned away from me. “Celfior Dashkoff.”
      “Cel…fior?” I breathed. “Your name is…Celfior?”
      Pai—Celfior nodded, resigned to whatever fate his mind had spun for him.
      I looked down at my stomach and it was then that the anxiety hit.
      I was going to have a baby!
      My breath left me in a rush and I fell to the floor, my knees buckling, as I held my stomach.
      I was going to have a baby!
      “Don’t,” Doubt said, stepping in front of me separating me from…Celfior. “It would be wise to stay away from the test subject. You knew your job.”
      My head lifted as Doubt spoke the last line.
      You knew your job.
      He planned to get me pregnant?! He planned on tricking me to sleep with him?!
      I stood, fury boiling my blood.
      “You planned this?” I hissed. “You planned to get me pregnant? You planned on having me betray Helios?”
      “No,” he said, trying to step towards me. Doubt cut him off. “This here—Doubt slitting us—is proof enough that I didn’t plan anything!”
      “Liar,” I whispered, tears slipping down my cheeks. “Die, Celfior.”
      I lifted my hand and was immediately jerked back by someone.
      “No!” I screamed, fighting against my captor. “No! Let go of me! Let me go! I have to kill him! He used me! He betrayed me! I have to kill him!”
      “Will you shut up?” Doubt said. “Indifference, you know where to take her.”
      The evil—Indifference—said yes and I was taken back to my chamber and put back into my glass prison.
      I didn’t know how long I laid in the glass cage. I didn’t know how long I cried. All I knew is it never seemed to stop.
      Not until someone came in.
      “Go away Celfior.”
      Celfior paused and the silence was thick with tension as he walked towards me.
      “I’m sorry,” he whispered. “And, before you say anything, I know you won’t believe me. But, I am. I’m truly sorry.
      “But…Calleah…I didn’t think you would know her. And, it doesn’t matter that my human name was Celfior.
      “Celfior died when he killed Calleah.”
      I said nothing, silent tears falling down my cheeks as he continued.
      “But, if you only believe one thing I say, believe this,” he whispered. “I love you. And I will get you out of here.”
      Celfior left and I curled into a ball, holding my stomach.
      How could I trust him? How could I believe him? How could I listen and believe he would help me escape when he was a prisoner himself?
      I closed my eyes. Maybe…he had told the truth. He had been brave enough, trusting enough, to tell me about his life as a human. Some of it, anyway.
      And what had I done in return? I had betrayed him.
      Two people in one day. Another punch to my already beaten and bloodied heart.
      Maybe, just this once, I could trust him. Maybe, just this once, it would be alright.
      I fell into the world of dreams after that.

      Please reply. I apologize in advance for any incorrect phrasing or wording. ****It is copied directly from the microsoft word document so font variations have been canceled out****

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      Interesting. I always thought Calleah bore some hidden role, though I will admit I did not see this coming. And jeez, I really feel bad for Pandora.

      Only one typo I spotted:

      Spoiler for Typo:

      Hope to see the next entry.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Aristaeus View Post
      Interesting. I always thought Calleah bore some hidden role, though I will admit I did not see this coming. And jeez, I really feel bad for Pandora.

      Hope to see the next entry.
      Yeah...about Calleah...you don't even know the half of it, honestly. Wait until the final Night. There are only two left if memory serves me. Pandora's currently lost, hurt, and a mix of other emotions. I'm not going to lie--writing it was fun. Well, I might post Night Nine this week or Monday. I'll message you, like always, when I do.

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