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      Ch. I of Novel for Young Adult Genre

      So I'm attempting to write a story that caters to young adult readers, but pertains to the concept of dreaming (naturally) and I would love to share it with those that are interested and get some feedback, but I'm a little nervous about just posting it here...so is there anyone that likes the young adult genre that could be interested in this? Here's a sort-of-but-not-exactly synopsis:
      The book revolves around Jason Tripi, a Junior in high school who loves to lucid dream. In the safety of his dreams he can temporarily get away from the catty high school atmosphere, escape the sadness accompanying the recent death of his father, and do impossible things that are only limited by the scope of his imagination. On the day that Jason finds the Door however, everything changes. When a darkness unlike Jason has ever encountered forces him to run through the Door, his escape soon becomes his prison. On the other side lies a world unfamiliar to Jason- a world filled with Watchers and Walkers, Kaos and Arkonia, love and war. To return to his world Jason will have to find the mysterious Door again and face a darkness older than time.
      I'll PM anyone Chapter I if they're interested, but anyway thanks for any and all help!
      New/scared writer

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      I'm interested! Sounds like a really neat concept!
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