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      concerning love and marriage


      I found a photo today and made this.... my heart was sad. Marriage has been in the news so much lately, and so many people are getting married lately....probably because its spring.... I just don't want people to forget the truth. When you fall in love and you decide to become one, you know the truth, but then everything gets political and legal, and the truth gets buried under social titles, licensing, what the world thinks is right. And then you get lost and forget what its all about.

      My time with the love of my life is treasured more than I can ever express in words, and we will probably never get legally married. I wish everyone respected and loved their partner, and could make that the focus of their future instead of choosing the dress, the date, the flowers, the honeymoon, the house - just choose to love and let the rest follow.

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      I think that marriage does not have to be a legal burden though as long as one is married to the right person for one. And if one is with the wrong person, I am sure that can be hell, whether one is married or not.

      Personally marriage matters a great deal to me, but it is not be the right thing for everyone. If you do not wish to be married that is your choice, however I do and that is my choice. I do not regret being married, have been married for 12 years now. For me my vows matter and I know they matter to my husband, and I would feel less secure raising kids without that kind of security. However, I know that marriage does not mean security for everyone. being married to an abusive husband for example or one who did not care would of course be worse than not being married. Although abusive or uncaring relationships happen outside of marriage as well. Marriage without love and respect is a problem. A relationship without love and respect is a problem too. I would not throw marriage out with the bath water, for many of us it does work very well. But not for everyone.

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