This is just something I threw together in 20 minutes on my train home from school. I wouldn't personally say it's amazing, but it was emotionally charged and I hope some of you can maybe relate.

I have her,
in all her stunning small stature,
her sapphires of eyes soft as snow,
the fluent silver river of her hair.

Is it all you know to pursue her,
of all people? You who has never
had anyone and rages in your
desperate desire of a fleeting shot
at something special. That's how you rot.

Perhaps you wish those peerless pupils dilated
With the framed image of you?
There is nothing you can
That I would not do.

Go on. Idolise her.
Intelligence, innocence, whatever you wish.
Let me assure you, my best of friends,
you know her better than me, although
I struggle to see how that claim might stand
in light of what you've seen.

Ring out for calamity, bells of disaster,
Who foretell the breaking of hearts:
Move on my enemy, my best of friends,
Pluck out that painful love dart.