Hello good people,
I had to write a piece about Blade Runner with the prompt, "Reality is a subjective experience", so I decided to write something about Lucid Dreaming! Let me know what you think. I have already handed it in, so suggestions are most definitely welcome, but they wont result in me getting a better mark unfortunately . So, without further ado...


“Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” – John Lennon

The wall seemed perfectly normal, until Reve slowly walked through it and breathed deeply, he was alive! It always began in this same bedroom, for some reason, but he didn’t mind; after all it wasn’t like he was limited by anything. He grinned wryly at that thought, and at the bitter irony of his situation. Reve walked through the wall of his house to get outside, and then started walking down the street. He passed a few people, but didn’t attract any attention, although he might have if he wanted to. Come to think of it, he did want to. He started slowly rising off the ground, still walking but on thin air instead. He gazed down at the street as he continues to rise, but none thought it was out of the ordinary, which was a bit disappointing; he still didn’t have complete control yet. He flew off into the cloud layer, and on a whim turned them purple, his favourite colour. The feeling of freedom swelled up inside him, like a glowing bubble of happiness which made him float even higher, above the clouds, soaring into the sky. Thinking of what to do, he absentmindedly flew for a while. He had already tried all kinds of manipulation before; after all he’d had plenty of practice. He decided to try teleporting today, and he descended from the clouds.
The air was streaming past Reve, the wind whipping through his hair and almost forcing his eyes shut. He was flying through the air, standing still yet moving across the skies. He sighted a large lake on the horizon, surrounded by mountains, and turned towards it. The ground got larger and larger as Reve descended, slowly taking in the sights. His mind never ceased to amaze him. This world was absolutely beautiful, one of his best yet. He touched down lightly on the ground and looked around. The location was serene, the lake tranquil, and there was nobody in sight. Reve smiled and relaxed. He laid down on the ground and stared at the sky, arms behind his head. He rested like that for a while, wistfully feeling the warmth of the sun on his cheek, something he hadn’t felt in a long, long time, before sitting up. Stifling a groan, he rolled over and pushed himself up, then walked over to the lake, stretching his back as he goes. The soft sand was warm under his bare feet, and he stopped right at the edge of the water, letting the little wavelets wash over his toes. He stood like that for a moment, motionless, before leaping into the air. He dived gracefully into the water and swum towards the centre of the lake, going deeper and deeper. He took in a deep breath, water cascading down the gills he had suddenly acquired, and surveyed his surroundings. This was the life.
Reve floated in the water and looked up towards the sky, seeing the bright, rippling twinkle of the sun against the deep blue expanse of the sky. He braced himself, shut his eyes and shot up, breaking the surface and flying up in the air on a funnel of water. Water stung his eyes, but he rode the spout up, up and up, until he was more than a hundred feet in the air. He stopped the water flow, gasping, and stood atop the tower or rushing water. That was exhilarating! Blinking the water out of his eyes, Reve stared at the heavens and burst into laughter. He bellowed long and hard, body shaking amid cries of mirth, until eventually the fit subsided. Wiping away tears, Reve lowered himself back down to the surfaced slowly, and stood atop the water. He realised with a jolt that this dream had gone for about half an hour, and realised he had to get back soon. Sighing, Reve readied himself, and spread out his arms, like wings, and stood tall. Standing on his toes, he felt the world around him shudder a bit, making the scenery almost distorted, and knew it was time to go. He braced himself, then leapt. He flew quietly into the air, higher than any mortal being could, for he was more than any mere mortal, and flipped over backwards. He arced gracefully a full ten metres in the air, raised his arms to a point above his head, and sunk into the water…
Reve woke up gasping. He clutched the metal bars of his confine, tried to focus on the concrete floor, and shuddered, his body running with cold sweat. He blinked it out of his eyes, then straightened and looked around. He was still in the black, featureless cage the like of which they kept him, and the rest of his brethren. He sat down, rested his head in his hands and tried to clear his head. He knew what was coming, of course. He’d known it for years. Today was the day on which he was to be paraded around in front of the frail, babbling scientists, prodding their tubes into him and taking down measured notes on his capabilities. All of these years of gene therapy, artificial simulations, bodily modifications and training had culminated finally into the day every Geher dreamed about, Auction Day.