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      Advice on a short film about false awakenings?

      Hi guys!

      I'm a first year film student currently working on a script for a film to be shot in September. I have a verrryyy restricted budget and only 3 days to shoot so I need a film with minimal locations.

      I really want to explore the dreamworld in the short so my idea was to do a film about one main character who is constantly having false awakenings. Each scene would be the same but slightly different obviously. He would slowly start to go mad trying to wake up and the puzzle of the film would be finding out why he is stuck in the loop.

      This is where you guys come in, I need to figure out an ending to the film, a reason why he is stuck in the loop. I've thrown around ideas of him being in a coma, him being moments away from death or perhaps him reliving the same moment over again trying to do it differently.

      Is there anyone out there who might have any input on what could work for an ending or expand upon one of the ideas I've already mentioned? The short film would be about 7 minutes long so it would have to be something that could be revealed fairly quickly.

      Thanks heaps everyone! Your help would be much appreciated!

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      I pondered this for a bit and I'd say that since most filmmakers are afraid to touch upon the sensitive idea of being stuck in a coma, it would be a bold and good idea to make the ending of the film where he gets into an accident of sorts which leads him into an ER, and slips into a coma. Therefore the ending would be the beginning, a paradoxical effect which goes well with the False awakening idea.

      I myself am a professional actor, and have been in quite a few well known television shows and a couple of movies as a lead (not bragging just stating my credentials) so if you need anymore help or have more questions with regard to casting someome in your film, feel free to ask. May I also ask what area you're filming locally to?

      Hope I helped,

      (PS - I keep my identity undefined because people would probably get a hoot out of knowing the shit I dream. Haha!)
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