Cover your heart

THERE once was a queen who lived alone in a castle on the moon. Not quite alone actually, two tigers accompanied the Royal Lady at all times. Mostly the trio spent there time sitting in the empty hall watching the glow of the fireplace flicker against the great moonstone pillars that rose high into the darkness of the ceiling.. Other than the fireplace, the queen kept the entire castle in pitch black.

“The tigers are my eyes and why light a castle if there is no one who needs to see” the queen would often think to herself.

To her argument, the faint white moonshine that shone through her windows (provided the moon was in the proper phase) provided enough light to travel through the corridors and bedrooms. Still, the Royal lady was certainly a lonely wench, and had been ever since the day she broke her heart.

It was many years ago. Who knows…for when the heart no longer sings the days become dull, time ceases to matter and each day becomes a blurry repeat of someother day.

He’d told her to put the case back on. She was always been much to carless with her heart. Far to carless to not have the added protection of a heart case. Yet she always seemed to forget. Like most young Lady’s for she was young at the time, there is an aire of invincibility, Then add tto the fact that she is of royal blood and you have a blind woman in the delusion that she can ski freely down a mountain with no fear of hitting a tree.

filled with joy, and happiness the queen live in peace. her needs were always satisfied. There was nothing to worry because she had him.

at the end of each day before the moon had turned its back to the sun, king would pour his eyes into her heart. Yes literally pour his eyes into her heart, she would hold it up to him, the tip sharp point of course, and hed cast the blue color from his eyes into the heart replenishing her body, making her atoms come alive.

But when the day came any feeling of joy shattered upon the breaking of her heart. To make the story even sadder, she didn’t even break her heart in a dramatic way. There was no tripping and the heart slipping out of her hands off the balcony in slow motion.. she merely droped the heart one day and watched a crack electrocute the the red surface of the only source of love.

She didn’t tell him. This was the mistake. Hubris was the death of her. For each day she failed to admit that she had cracked hear heart, the heart grew heavier. And with time the crack grew bigger and bigger until it exploded into pieces.

He tried to sweep them up for her but his eyes burned when he looked at all the pieces. But she begged that he try and fix the heart for he was the one who sustained it in the first place. But he could not, for the burning was to soveir.

The queen cried “please plase, you must try harder”

So he did, and the prince let his eyes burned as he reached his hands towards the shattedred heart. But right as his finger tips touched the shards, his body melted into a puddle and caught a big flame.
The queen fell before her needs and wheeped before the fire

And that’s when the droning days began. The last thing the queen ever did before she spent the rest of her life perched in the throne was build a firce place around the puddle of her true love. And there she would remain for the rest of her life beside the 2 tigers praying that one day the flames would turn into the man that had once sustinaed her heart..

yeah theres spelling errors. its cause the guy who wrote this shit doesnt give a fuck