don't judge me i like writing things ok

This was another school assignment - had to write a ballad that dealt with some sort of grisly theme. Maybe someone here will get it.

“Mother, may I go out on this hallow’s eve?”
“No,” Says the aged woman to he;
“But mother, can you not see how I’ve grown?
Why can’t I leave this house of old?”

“I let you out before, only one word I spoke,
You went into the night, and soon gave a croak!”
“Even so, I had done as I was told
Now let me leave this house of old!”

“Oh did you, oh really, had you truly done such?
For when you came back, you needed a crutch!”
“Mother, I did not disobey your word,
Now let me leave this house of ol’!”

“Mother, are you yelling?”
Says another son to her
“Why must you fight
And cause such a stir?”

“He wishes to leave,”
Says the mother to him
“And I tell him no
And he gets defensive!”

“Mother, your yells only
Make your heart seem cold.
Please, mother,
Let him leave this house of old.

“He left before
And you didn’t care then;
It’s time to let go.
Just give in.”

With a sigh, she does,
And her tongue did roll:
“Go on, my son,
Leave this house of old.”