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    Thread: My lost brother's Dream Logs

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      My lost brother's Dream Logs

      You are welcome to comment on here with your thoughts.

      Part One:

      I needed to post this somewhere. Maybe someone will have an answer to why my brother ran away from his house. Worried sick, if you can make anything from this I would appreciate it. This is his dream log we found.

      July 7th- Dream Log #1: Canít remember my dream. I know I dreamed, but I am unsure what it was about.

      July 7th - Wake Log #1: I went to visit my friend today to help him with his homework. I came home later and eat dinner. I wonder if diet makes a difference in recalling dreams.

      July 8th - Dream Log #2: I vaguely remember a group of people I was talking with. We were up in some snowy mountains. They were wearing some fur coats and where old people. I have noticed a figure on top of a mountain in the distance. The dream had a good feeling to it, I didnít lucid though.

      July 8th - Wake Log #2: Went to the community college today, class went well. I think this one girl I like is starting to warm up to me. I really should ask her out on a date. I did some research and found Vitamin B6 to be a dream enhancer. I am going to see if any of my local stores have it in stock later.

      July 8th Ė 11:37 pm- Dream Log #3: I was in a dark room with a lady facing a corner. I was looking at her for roughly around two minutes. I canít recall anything before this.

      July 9th - Dream Log #4: The rest of my dreams where just me flying and walking to different towns. The dream was pretty vivid. The people where amazed that I was flying, and the girl I like in class was there as well. I could see the color of the flowers and grass in great detail. It was so real; I havenít had this kind of dream experience in a while.

      July 9th - Wake Log #3: I woke up in the middle of the night after experiencing that nightmare with the lady. I wasnít particularly freaked out; it was just weird more than anything. I wrote the rest when I went back to sleep and woke up. Hopefully I get more of those fun dreams and less of the nightmares. I havenít had nightmares in a while. I will go to the store today to pick up some groceries for the house. Called my friends to see how they were doing.

      July 10th - Dream Log #5: I was dreaming I was back on the mountain top. This time there was no one with me. I felt how cold it was up there; I looked down to see the snow on the rocks for a mile down. There was fog on the ground so I couldnít see the land below it. I suddenly became lucid remembering this land scape from my previous dream. I got excited and tried to fly with no luck. It seemed like everything I tried to do just wouldnít work.

      I've felt isolated on top of that cold mountain and I was having a hard time breathing. I noticed that figure again on another mountain peak. I couldnít make out who or what it was. After about six minutes I woke up to my bedroom early in the morning.

      I scanned this piece of paper I found hidden in his room. Might hold a clue.

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      I don't really think the dreams would help you much. Also the picture probably won't help much since I have stuff like that in my room which I drew up for fun and just liked it too much to throw away, but forget about it and just have it slowly get lost.

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      I know what you are trying to do here; a fictional horror/creepypasta type thing with LDing. I honestly think that leaving the picture out would be smarter early on. Show it later as you go more into 'researching' his dreams and getting curious as to what the nightmare is.
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