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    Thread: The world you belong in

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      The world you belong in

      my bitterness and hatred for the world in general expressed below

      cars race by, full of people for generations after horses
      but who can allow a proper form of transport without expensive fuel?

      he's intelligent to invent something so take it away
      Kick his door down, not allowed tesla.

      Internet and computer, all spying on you
      pay for your domain. monetize your opinion.

      We googled we won, we facebook, we youtube
      social media chaos, make another forum, collect your traffic.

      Wear a facemask and attack the website you dont like.
      it's a joke but then gets political.

      Wear a facemask outside of a scientology building.
      but who can understand the real issues?

      Build up a hive city and let no-one out into the country.
      Apartments on top of each other. The lemmings will managed.

      when they go walkies to get food, make some fast food restaurants.
      build up the shops. Can't do anything without monopoly money.

      numbers to get monopoly money if your lucky. A piece of plastic can also do things.
      you did your assignments, you in a suit. Endless bottles of cocacola is going to be there.

      You want to live on a bit of land. cost you thousands then.
      Millions if you build something. cause all the shops are sitting there for you.

      You had some children, 8 hours go to school except weekends.
      We want to teach them something about consumerism. Your a lemming that we manage you dont have time.

      Congrats your children are matured, now they are like you.
      Some of them deal drugs, that's undermining the monopoly money, go to jail in a more tiny cell other lemmings will pay for your torture.

      police pull you over, I'm going to give you a bill. sign it please.
      Haha, you just signed a bill without paying. go to court. I didn't want you to crash like an idiot.

      Look outside the window and the birds are chirping.
      Turn on the television, a different fantasy world for a rich person to fool you.

      Make a hollywood movie, put a girl in it and some products, make it a big add.
      wouldn't want people to start thinking critically.

      Build a total world army. You want world peace yeah? Here is our army.
      sell you an idea for your new prison.

      Build a fake world of the internet, fight the real thing with fake accounts.
      television disaster, only adds left on it now. Internet fight.

      make sure the lemming just walk around with their cellphone
      that they don't look up at other people. Keep them in the facebook world.

      You ventured out of the city, with your fourwheel drive.
      no-one lives where you are going, it's a holiday.

      Watch some games with a ball. dont worry about world affairs or what's going on
      your little bubble of existence is ok, remember its all about yourself.

      Go to court and get someone to represent you.
      how much cash maybe we can work your punishment better if your famous.

      World war soon and just be angry at the bible believing christians
      it's really all their fault afterall. they don't even want peace!

      World peace, with the monster sleeping underneath us.
      lets all clammer together in utopia and now fear.

      Oh no he's got a big sword, it was a trick. It wasn't world peace.
      Where are we....it was not the leader afterall.

      Says Denvor airport.
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      Hi deanstar,don't hate the players hate the game,come on give a chance to the new world order! Robots that's what we are becoming,no feeling no compassion ,human wright watch cares for u ,no harm will come to u ,accept ur cocoon,stop being a pessimistic and enjoy?

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