Ive been writing a book off and on
for the past few years, not too far
into it currently. but soon I'm going
to dive headfirst and finish it. Im
actually going to see about using
lucid dreaming as a means to
develop it. Without further delay
here is Prechapter.

note: Still in a raw un edited form.

The woman stood at the mountain peak, her black and red blood stained hair blowing across her face. At her feet lay the first dragon to ever be slain. Still uncertain of how she had killed the beast, the past few hours were all a blur. She bent down to check if she really was dead...

.She could tell through her gloves that the dragon’s body was searing hot still but laid without motion, its hearts last beat had passed. KIRA! A shout came from around the mountain face...

...the woman quickly turned to where the voice had came, from behind the snow covered fallen crag, and worry flushed her face. "Jerith!" she rasped rushing to the man dragging his crushed limp legs across the ground...
... upon reaching him she surveyed the extent do his legs 'by the powers' she thought ' they are crushed to oblivion; he'll never use them again.' “WHERE IS KIRA!!? The man screamed frantically in her face. A deep pain in his eyes, not from his wounds. "I’m not sure, she was with me just at the peak" gesturing up the mountain face....

There at the top far from where there stood a small figure that could only be kira. She lay face down in the blood stained snow small flakes begining to cover her. What color left in the mans face left him KIRA! He tried to get up so he could get to her. But his legs compleatly useless the pain in his eye grew stronger tears filling them. Freezing to his face. Stay here commanded the woman Feeling his pain for the young woman. Unable to argue the man sat against the nearby ice rocks. With s new found energy and urgenc the woman began to scale up the mountain side to where kira lay motion less still. Please be alive prayed the woman. She still had a long climb to reach her.

the snow was starting to pick up again coming down in large clumped flakes. jerith looked up the mountain unable to see any one now. looking out on the plateau he saw the dragon. The beast was a leviathan! worry flushed over him. was it dead? did it crush kira? shivers running down his spine and unsure if it was from the frigid weather or the thoughts flooding his mind, he dicide to try and look at the dragon. wincing in pain he dragged himself through a slurry of dragons warm blood, slush and mud. the plateau was rather small with the dragon taking up most of it its tail hanging over the leadge. the behemoths crimson scaled body steamed as the snow fell apon it and melted. gritting his teeth and struggling through the mess jerith could feel the heat radiating off the beast. having not moved he was sure it was at least unconcious but with all the blood spilled it was most likely dead. he crawled under a massive wing and looked up the mountain side once more for any sign of movement. snow in his eyes he passed out from over exertion and loss of blood.

The snow fell thick and heavy as the woman scaled the mountain side. She had new found energy and warmth even after the lengthy battle with the dragon. Pulling herself up with ease to a ledge she look up to see kira a few meters away on the slope of the mountain. Almost completely covered in snow. The womans heart pounded and lept in an instant she was at kiras side. Uncovering her from the snow. She was un harmed and alive! But unmoving. She picked her up over her shoulder with ease and slid down to the ledge below. Looking out to the valley the woman could see tira terrah and the plains surrounding the city. Torn and destroyed from the battle of loas not quite a year ago. Wincing at the though she glanced back down the side of the mountain through the snow she could clearly see the dragon but no jerith.

worry flushed over the woman. where could he have possibly gone to she though he could barely move with his crushed legs. looking down again to see if he had been buried under the snow she could see nothing but the steaming body of the dead dragon. taking care she re positioned kira to free up her mobility for the climb down. the snow had made the mountain side slick and icy but the woman moved down the cliff faces with such finesse that it was if there was no snow at all. not missing a single hold. halfway down she forgotten about kira limp on over her back. a strange feeling came over her. she wasnt cold, nor was she tired or sore like she should be from the battle with the dragon, remembering being slammed several times into the jagged rocks she rubed her side where one had cut her. it was no longer bleeding and the pain had dissipated. as much with the rest of the injuries. for being in the cold she was remarkably warm as well as still having feeling in her gloved hands. passing it off as adrenalin rush she continued down the last bit of mountain to the dragons ledge.

The ledge farthest from the dragons body had large snowfall stacking up. As the closer to the dragon it dwindled and the ground became compleatly dry. The woman upon reaching the ledge took kira from her back and gently layed her at the base of the mountain wall nearest the dragon. Kneeling down she checked again to see if she was indeed alive before searching for jerith. Her breath slow and heart steady satisfied the woman. Standing she turned to the dragon and the half snow covered ledge. From under the dragons wing she caught a glimps of jerith, passed out. rushing to him the woman lept over the curled tail of monumentous beast. "Jerith" shaking him to. " im up um up stop shaking me". Slowly. Opening his eyes and gazing around seeing the dragon, mountain and woman he remembered where he was and what had happend. " Kira! Where is she!" Worry coating his face once more. " shes alive but unconscious." Pointing over the dragons tail to wher she had layed her down. Jerith jumped to his feet, ran and leap over the dragon tail to the girl.

the woman stood still staring out to jerith kneeling at the girls side. 'how? his legs were destroyed!?' she thought blinking. " Jerith!" lunging over the dragons monstrous tail. He looked at her then back at the girl. Shes ....ok shes .. going to be ...ok. She has t..o be.. ok. he spoke between sobs. As he picked her up and stood to face the woman. Tears rolled down his face creating tracks in the dirt and blood that covered it. I sho.uld ... have nev.er let her rr come this. Far. The tears fell to pools on kiras slow moving chest. Jerith? The woman puzzled your legs!? Realizing what just hsppend he stared blankly at the woman. Then his gaze went to the dragons body over her shoulder.. his jaw dropped . The dragon was moving

Looking at the horror in his eyes gazing past her. The woman turned to the now quivering dragon body. Its scales twisted and chattered. Its head never lifting. It wasnt alive. Something else was happening. The woman not sure what to expect pulled on the flux source in the area. It was cold and rusty from the old mountain some thing else stonger and more potent than anything she ever felt was present in the flow as well. " he lives" i voice rang out. Turning back to jerith. Kiras eye were wide. She had sat up in jeriths arms. Her sight direct into the womans. crimson And sapphire swirled in her eyes the she spoke again "he lives" it rang out over the mountain as well as in the womans head as if it was her own thoughs. The dragons body creaked and crack. Jerith stood frozen in place a stuper on his face. In a loud blast the dragons body burst into a flaming oblivion. dissipating it sent a wave of energy knocking back the three elves. In a white flash if light jerith and the woman fell unconscious.